Because I love you more

than words could ever say.

I can live again

with no regrets of dreams that died before you came.

Because I know this time

this love is really mine.


Before, did life mean anything before today?

Was I contented in my way?

Sweet feelings are stealing all over me,

I'm feeling this is how I want to be.

Before, was there no laughter h ...

Comincero' Da Te

Comincer da qui,

la sola strada da prendere

per ritornare in me

comincer da te.

Fare quel che avrei voluto fare

io non so se mai ci riuscir,

ma se oggi c da riprovare, vorrei


Credo nella fedelt, io credo nella lealt,

in te, amante mia, dallanima pulita,

ed per questo che sto imparando a credere in qualcosa

attraverso te,

e credo nella verit,

nel bene ...

Die Bouzouki

First chapter

You stole my heart away from me

Showed me what true love should be

We were so close, you changed my life

How could a love so strong not go right

How do I even attempt to ...

Dolce Veleno

L nei panni tuoi ti ho sgualcita un po,

sembri un fiore che lacqua non ha.

Ed il corpo tuo steso accanto al mio

sembra un sole che caldo pi non d.

Non esiste pi la bambina che



There's a lucky man who'll take you faraway,

faraway, so very very faraway

he will come some day

To another land he'll take you faraway

faraway, so very very faraway

this will come th ...

Feel Like I'll Never Feel This Way Again

You say you want to be with me,

you tell me you're never leaving.

I can't believe you're here with me,

touching is believing.

Having you here is all I need,

an answer from the sky.


Fino Alla Notte

Non ti ho mai chiesto dove vai

quando al mattino ci lasciamo,

e due diverse strade noi due prenderemo

e i tuoi sorrisi porter.

Di giorno io ritorner

accanto a chi non sa capire,


Fiume Selvaggio

Resto qui seduto, guardo il fiume che va,

come un soldato io mi riposo un minuto.

Vita dove vai?

Come un fiume sei

che dentro me correrai.

Fiume selvaggio dove corri?

Nel tuo viag ...

Forever And Ever

Ever and ever, forever and ever you'll be the one

that shines in me like the morning sun.

Ever and ever, forever and ever you'll be my spring,

my rainbow's end and the song I sing.

Take ...

From Souvenirs To Souvenirs

A lonely room and empty chair

Another day so hard to bear

The things around me that I see remind me of

The past and how it all used to be

From souvenirs to more souvenirs I live


Goodbye My Love

hear the wind sing a sad, old song

it knows i'm leaving you today

please don't cry or my heart will break

when I go on my way


goodbye my love goodbye

goodbye and au revoir

Goodbye My Love Goodbye

Die Nchte von Athen verge' ich nie.

Wir haben hier gegessen und getrunken und gelacht


wie haben wir getanzt bis morgens frh

beim Klange der Bouzoukis

die fr uns Musik gema ...

Gypsy Lady

When I was only a boy

And the world was so new

Then I long to see it all

To explore every place

To get on with the race of my life

Then it all seem to change

There was no time fo ...

Hey Friend

Anytime you see me

acting kinda mean honey,

don't take it hard,

you know it ain't what it seems.

It's just one of those moods,

everybody gets into,

well I'm feeling like a trumpet

I Just Live

I just live every minute and I just love

and I love to live,

oo-hoo and I love to love,

let me tell you now.

I just live every minute and I just love

and I love to live,

oo-hoo and ...

I'll Be Your Friend

I will never leave you,

I will not deceive you,

I will always be your friend.

I will never leave you,

I will not deceive you,

Ill love to the very end.

Ill be your friend and I w ...

Il Mago

Esser mago vorrei e riempirei quel vuoto

in quegli sguardi che han visto tutto gi.

Esser mago vorrei per cancellare il grigio

di questa realt con un pastello blu.

Il cielo accenderei d ...

Il Mondo Degli Uomini-Bambini

Pensa a un girotondo di colori,

mille arcobaleni intorno a noi,

pensa a un mondo dUomini-Bambini,

volar via su palloni blu.

Pensa ad una scuola sotto il sole,

dove i sogni sono i lib ...


Fatale incontrarsi io e te

in fondo al viale del tempo perso.

Sorridersi, capire gi che

sarebbe stato un giorno diverso.

Poi basta osservarsi un momento

e accorgersi di colpo che c ...

It's Five O'Clock

and I walk through the empty streets

thoughts fill my head

but then still

No one speaks to me

My mind takes me back

to the years that have passed me by


It is ...


Hr den Wind, der Dein Lied Dir singt,

er wei, da ich heut' von Dir geh'.

Weine nicht, wenn der Abschied kommt,

denn Trnen tun so weh.

Goodbye, my Love Goodbye,

Goodbye, auf Wieder ...

Let It Be Me

I bless the day I found you

I want to stay around you

And so I beg you, let it be me

Don't take this heaven from one

If you must cling to someone

Now and forever, let it be me

Life In The City

Living in the country

far away from home,

how I miss those city lights,

yes I'm lost when I'm alone.

Grew up on the sidewalk,

always had a friend,

every day was something new

an ...

Lovely Lady Of Arcadia


We met one magicsummer day

A dream cametrue and blew a way

For as your love began to grow

The time had come for me to go

Now all that Iam living for

Is ...

Loving Arms

If you could see me now,

the one who said that he'd rather roam,

the one who said he'd rather be alone.

If you could only see me now.

If I could hold you now

just for a moment.

If ...


Con gli occhi suoi,

lei mi tocc

e il fuoco mi arriv,

per me ball e cominci la festa fra di noi.

Il sole messicano sopra il corpo si ferm,

mi prese piano ed io non dissi no.

Un ...

My Friend The Wind

My friend the wind will come from the hills

When dawn will rise, he'll wake me again

My friend the wind will tell me a secret

He shares with me, he shares with me

My friend the wind wi ...

My Reason

Musique. Musique.

I sing to you ma jeune fille,

a sense of main is deep in me,

I hope you like the sound of my musique.

I saw you pass by on the walk,

ink in and find the words to tal ...

Paloma Blanca

When the sun shines on the mountain

And the night is on the run

It's a new day

It's a new way

And I fly up to the sun

I can feel the morning sunlight

I can smell the new-mown hay


Race To The End

There is but one freedom

Man running along

Each step that he's taking

A step to his soul

The passion and courage

It takes to be there

The spirit of freedom

Alive in the air

W ...


My reverie is a portrait of you,

your smiling face all in soft shades of blue,

my reverie leaves the world far behind,

each time you say that youll always be mine.

My reverie is the win ...


Tu sei romantica,

tu sei per me, s o forse no.

Tu sei romantica,

tu sei per me mia, non so.

Morir senza un tuo bacio adesso,

io ti prendo e ti spoglio, voglio,

desiderio tu dai, ...


Shadows of a thousand faces keep on turning in your mind,

and forgotten names and places never really left behind.

Is it here imagination seeking shelter from the rain,

or a long self conve ...

So Dreamy

How was I to know

That from our very first hello

I'd feel so dreamy (so dreamy)

You came rushing in

With all the promises of spring

When I was lonely (so lonely)

Everything s ...

Sometimes When We Touch

Strawberries, cherries and an angel kissing spring

My summer wine is really made from all these things

I walked in town on silver spurs that jingled to

A song that I had only sing to just a ...

Song For The Free

Mmmmm mmm mmm mmm mmmm mmm mmm

Mmmmm mmm mmm mmm mmmm mmm mmm

Mmmmm mmm mmm mmm mmmm mmm mmm

Mmmmm mmm mmm mmm mmmm mmm mmm

Didn't throw away my life

Going to release my time

Saw it ...

Summer Wine


Strawberries, cherries and an angel kissing spring

My summer wine is really made from all these things

I walked in town on silver spurs that jingled to

A song that I had onl ...

Sweet Sixteen

I'll do anything

For my sweet sixteen,

And I'll do anything

For little run away child

Gave my heart an engagement ring,

She took ev'rything,

Ev'rything I gave her,

Oh sweet sixt ...

That Once In A Lifetime

True love had found us and vowed to be around us

till the end of the time (baby baby)

And we were the lovers who once could show the others

how a poem should rhyme (oh didnt we baby)

Th ...

The Other Woman

Early morning lover....amber colored eyes

hair as dark as midnight, she was my paradise.

She took me through the hard times,

never thought my heart would compromise.

But the other woman

The Promise

Wir trafen uns im Sonnenschein

ein kurzer Traum vom Glcklichsein


er ging viel zu schnell vorbei

es kam der abschied fr uns zwei.

Nun denke ich nur noch daran

wie ich dich wied ...

This Song

You say we should find out

what other songs there are to sing about.

You leave no doubt, you want from me

the key to start a new and different melody.

Well if you find he's what you want ...

Una Favola Per Grandi

Si racconta che una volta cera un posto

senza schiavi e senza re

dovera bello vivere.

E quel posto si chiamava Paradiso,

niente guerre fra di noi

e niente sangue per gli eroi.

Fo ...

Vagabund Der Liebe

the promise that i never asked foryet somehow i long for was my only possessiona shelter and changing through fire and raina reason to go on and live fornever took the game for and afraid of the sea ...

Viso Di Donna

Erano sapori, profumi e colori

di unaltra primavera.

E mia madre era fra gerani di ringhiera.

Il pi bello per me.

Poi un giorno mi trovai

pi grande per pi solo

e alla prima ma ...

We Shall Dance

We shall dance, we shall dance

The day we get a chance

To pay off all the violins of the ball

We shall dance, we shall dance

The day we get a chance

To get a dime to buy back our ...

When Forever Has Gone

When you lie close to me ,my heart is a flame

just the brush of your lips and I call out your name

Then I rest in your arms and I know,that you are true

but you still understand that's the ...

When I'm A Kid


When Im a kid

Ill go and play

With misty wind

Singing along,

tapping along

Clapping away.

When I a boy

Ill go back to my good old toys

Singing along,

Winter Rains

In the early morning rise,

you bring tears into my eyes,

but I know that well be true

forever, oh, together.

Summer shines and winter rains,

falling leaves from willow trees,

ther ...