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Baby's On Crack

You're crawling down the streets
It's too late to return
Your wonderful eyes looking
For someone who cares

This is not the life you wanna lead
But there is no way out of this one-way-street ...


Back To The Gutter

Teach us to live a life
Blinded by millions
Of lies
Save up your good advice
Turn down relation

No two faced masquerade
No Mr.Make believe

Time is right for rebellion
Back to the ...



Pure pretending
Perfect disguise
Opinions depending
On your own awful lies

No resistance
You better live with not a thing to say
Senseless existance
Identity is lost along the way

On a ...


Break Down The Walls

You stand alone – you're on your own
Don't know where to go
They say that's life – normal and rife
Spectator of the show

But you want more – life's not a bore
So cast the chains away
Agains ...


Call Of The Hunter

A man with a heart of gold
Some call a failure
Destitute people drink
The water of ruin

Many have had the chance
To learn life's big scheme
They've been taught from their birth
Yet some ne ...



Welcome to the jungle of my fantasy
A victim of my own ecstasy
Stranger in a strange land
I'm getting out no more

Screaming out for help now the time has come
Take care on me or kill another ...


Don't Go Down

Tonight I want out
I'm losing control
Pain is the name
For the way of my live
Deep in my mind
There's a feeling inside
Killing my will to survive

I got no work
No money to spend
My woman ...


Double Dealing

You told me this – you told me that
I wanna hear no more regrets
And only lies – in disguise
Do you think I'm blind

Do I deserve this pain after all those years
Time to show your cards

N ...


Eat U Alive

Back on the night
Tonight I want you inside
Fear in your eyes
Don't cry you're just gonna die

Make up your mind
To see what's behind
No doubt
A new life is waiting

Come and follow me c ...


Evil Eyes

Take a look in the mirror
See an empty face
Tears falling down
You remember now

It used to be so easy
It used to be so nice
To live in harmony
With the devil in disguise

But the day ca ...


Exception To The Rule

Everyone keeps telling me
You must be a winner
Strive for money and fame
The only way to get on
Don't try to break the rules
Society has written down for you

I'm the exception to the rule


Gods Of Revenge

They come down and promise you
To heal the world now
No, no escape
Forces standing right at your back
And they would be the healer of humanity

When there is darkness
Hand of fate c ...


Heading For Tomorrow

Mother earth is passing by
The sun seems to shine
But underneath the surface
You hear the children cry

War drums beat, no air to breathe
Mental donation is refused
They were born to lose
N ...


Hell Is Back

You will remember
Nineteen sixty five
You were sent into the east
To kill so many lives
You were a soldier
Fighting to survive
Fighting in the jungle
Pain cut like a knife

That's still in ...


Holy War

Knights of the cross or Allah's warriors
Marching off to war with helmets and steel
Salvation they will bring, killing is no sin
Here they go again, convert a whole nation

Good-bye charity – ...


I Will Survive

I am the master
Master of disguise
I am the keeper
Of a million lies

I'm the master to rule your life
So let me break out
I'm the defender of greed and fear
So let me guide you

My reig ...


In The Eye Of The Storm

Stop resistance
On one-way-street
There is no turning back
What once was so blue
Has been turned into black
So get ready to die

You are the anvil
Wait for the hammer
Bringing you down
Yo ...


Land Of Desire

Take a trip into cyberworld
You will see
All your dreams come true
The perfect way for you

And all the things you need
You get it just for free
So easily

Land of desire to rule your wor ...


Losing The Ground

You saw the world with hungry eyes
Wanted it all
Tried to explore so many ways
Kick down the walls

They said you could join them instantly
You wouldn't regret
Before you could read between ...


Master And Servant

Come to me – come for pleasure
For enjoyment and pain
So you'll be my treasure I'll obtain

Like it slow when we make it
You better behave
I will be your master – you're my slave

Welcome ...


Minute Man

I come down – like thunder in the night
Screaming guitars – all the time by my side
Like it hard – and sometimes like it fast
Heavy Metal – always is the best

Like a train – I am rolling thro ...



An evil grin – vicious sense
Sceptical view – no self-confidence

Unfounded hate – easy to find
Senseless crime – an evil mind

Giving raw deals – that makes you tick
Positive visions – are ...


Night Hunter

I had my booze
I'm on the loose
I'm gonna make it right

I'll have my way
Prepare to pray
I'm gonna take the fight

The darkness has the power
That you won't find in the day
Now it's you ...


No Time For Heroes

I was born to be a man
But no one asked me
if i wanna live this life today
All those people, they told me:"This world
is a battlefield and you must fight to survive"

I've been fighting every ...


Nowhere To Hide

You go to sleep
In your tiny room
Rest your head on the pillow
Just one step into dreamworld
You are already expected there

Blood red eyes
Gonna salute you
Bony hands reaching for you
Deadl ...


One Law For Them

Now you're sitting in your cell
Feeling you've been sent to hell
They said you were the leader
And your rich friend was just misled
You're the instigator, evil terminator, yes

So where you a ...


One Step To Madness

A world of illusions
A world of fake and crime
Open your eyes
To read between the lines

This is the time of bits and bytes
Hypocritical device
We are prisoners in the dark
Wrong or right


Practice What You Preach

A world of misery
We live together life strangers
You are my enemy
And I am ready to kill ya

Cold hearted way of life
There is no place for emotions
To be the number one
Seems like the onl ...



Don't need a reason
Don't need much time
You're just another victim in the line

Out of my way
Get out of my sight
Make my day, I blow out your lights,
your lights

You already got one fo ...


Roll The Dice

I take a look at the way of my life
It's not ruled by me anymore
I feel like shaped by somebody else
It makes my life a lie

They try to take my phantasies, yeah
Try to take it all

Now it ...



Like a volcanic rockslide
We will invade your place

You hear our speakers roaring
The sound explode in your face

No repentance – no remorse
Wheels are turning – on our course

We're ro ...


The Calling

In the night you hear my voice
Darkness all around
There's no chance to run away
I will hunt you
I will take you away

In the heat of the night I'm calling
Calling for you
Take you away
In ...


The Final Breath

You are a part of my telescopic sight
Right out of nowhere you just stepped
into the light

If you'd see my eyes
You'd know it 's true
My gun shines so bright
It aims at you

I am your de ...


The Healer

I am the lord
Of the new church
Come to my mass
And you – you will be blessed

Welcome to the temple of peace and love
Sit down and enjoy the show
You will become a perfect sheep of mine
Yo ...



I am available for you
And make your fantasies come true
You realise I'm in your twisted mind again

You took my hand I'm here to stay
Side by side we're on our way
You want me powerful and u ...


They're Back

They celebrate
Torture and hate
The concentration camps
Are ready to kill

"Foreign Disease"
Strangers and peace
They have to fight the things
They don't understand

Watch out
For the t ...



Will I feel the sun tomorrow
Will I breathe another day
Just one minute more to borrow
Before my fate takes me away

It seems the race is run
The curtain falls
Emptiness is filling my,
My h ...


Train To Hell

You – you slam the door
We – we hit the floor
You – you hate our faith
We'll disappear without a trace

We could – not choose
We're born – to lose

We – we cry and moan
On the journey to ...



In the dirtiest part of the city
Down at the docks
We live together in backstreets
Where there are no cops
They call us the troublecrew
And we got something to say
So if you love your life
Yo ...


We Stay Loud

See the people moving around
Like robots day by day
Always quiet and don't say a word
Go the ordered way
Cut that hair, cut your tongue
Start a fine career
Don't care about tomorrow
Drown you ...


What You Give Is What You Get

You mistreat me for no reason
You get hate
Let me feel respect and fairness
Be my mate

Ignorance is your companion
You're not there
If you give me your donation
I'll be fair

So stop co ...


Whips And Chains

You are my slave
So kiss my lace
I'm domineering, spitting in your face

You want the whip
Wait for the hit
I take your dignity and make you sick

Pay for pain
It's your claim and you wil ...


You Can't Stop Us Now

Ten years now – still holding on
Got scars that made us strong
Self-confidence – it grew and grew
We know we can't go wrong

Even if we're gonna fail
While hunting for ideals
We won't ignore ...


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