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15Love Soundtrack - Symphonic

You're running through the underground,
hiding your real first name
I always said you were the real star,
you move like a hurricane
Through the pain

You said don't forget about me,
do ...

Ёмм √райнер

89 Days Of Alcatraz

You left a good drug on my tongue
And I know and I know and I know
I should write about the dizziness
'Cause I can't talk to the constellation
Like I want and I want yeah I want
'Cause I kno ...

Ёмм √райнер

A Little War

I've laid my gun to rest
Below my feet
I've forgteen how to fire,
Can you hear me?
I've dulled down my tongue,
Visitied the other side
I'm waving white, mad and sorry
But you don't hear ...

Ёмм √райнер


All the world's on hold inside this room
I try to shine like a brand new star but it's hard to do
How famous do I have to be to see you again
How much money do I have to have to buy the end
I' ...

Ёмм √райнер


I'm at Mount St. I Don't Know
I'm lookin' up
I can't see around
All the heartaches, headaches, earthquakes
I know that I
Tore things down

I go out after midnight just to see you play


Ёмм √райнер

All-Time Low

If drugs, helped, you
not black out together now.
That's(It's) so last century.

And if the rain, could, stay
pressed against the heavens now.
The sun would say we were lucky.

My tortu ...

Ёмм √райнер

Almighty Love

You donТt write back when you promise to
the moon has overdosed on night-time like me on you
I got bars of your punk rock running through my veins
I got symphonies and science but no way to expl ...

Ёмм √райнер


I swear I saw you
On page 32
Between America and Asian
In your United Kingdom Suit
If I turned the page,
Would you fall all the way to Amsterdam?
I thougth we could meet for tea
In julia ...

Ёмм √райнер


I heard he
Is missing in the river now
They say he
Is nowhere to be found
I heard she
Sang the sweetest lullaby
So that he
Was calm when he went down

Angels sing
Glory Halleluiah

Ёмм √райнер

Beautiful Things

You walked into the room
And assumed the whole world spins for you
Like all of the stars in your yard
I'm just singin' for a getaway car
All the headline news just gives me the blues
And so ...

Ёмм √райнер

Big Bang Baby

Got a picture of a photograph
Of a wedding and a shell
Just a burning ancient memory
I never kiss and tell
Turn it up and burn it
There's a hole in your head
Hole in your head
Bird's can ...

Ёмм √райнер

Big Day

Happy happy birthday
It's a good day for growing up
Up and out of baby clothes
And the boy

Virgin skirt to the cleaners
A couple effort stains too late
The London boys would party and cr ...

Ёмм √райнер

Blackwinged Bird

Night can't come quick enough
My faults shine in the sun
A train bridge of spies
watches all the cars collide

I roll my green sleeves over ruby
I don't blame you for doing it to me
Real ...

Ёмм √райнер

Boy Races

You are not of this world
Not of the great dead sea of bodies
Without sight
Minus spine
All the thieves I left behind

These words tell only half
Of the way this came alive
I onl ...

Ёмм √райнер

Boy With An Affliction

City in the snow
Heart under siege
Boy with an affliction
I'm catching your disease
Ten more dead and we're dulling songs for TV sets
If this is success I'm gonna let it be

One day
Wh ...

Ёмм √райнер

Braving December

Impossible, the frost has coated up the girl
The nature store details the great size of this world
A flicker in the sunshine
A crevice where you stay
Arms around the thoughtwaves
The thief t ...

Ёмм √райнер

Breaking News

Cars on the coast lined up hollow as ghosts and you say
You're hating the traffic how the other girls act in your sacred space.

Power lines down the storm leaving town
I am changed
Stay w ...

Ёмм √райнер

Case Of Tornadoes

Case of tornadoes when you come around.
Everything that matters goes underground.
Tornadoes, every day.
And you're trying to blow me away.

Somethings going wrong in the galaxy
But it's all ...

Ёмм √райнер


Winter hangs on just like a jilted love
Left to pass time under factory lights
Spinning on free ways for 25 years
A place in the sky where it all disappears
Street lamps flicker with stops and ...

Ёмм √райнер

Ciao Monday

Is it the future is it the past
Open my eyes I just have to ask
Underpaid, I don't know the date
And the clock gives me that empty gaze

I came alive in 1985
Made a pretty good plan by the ...

Ёмм √райнер


Wait and this will pass
Just the way winter melted so fast
Somewhere before the mountain range
Caught in the wreck of an older train

In an acre where we could be alone
You showed your ...

Ёмм √райнер

Crazy Train

Crazy, but that's how it goes
Millions of people living as fools
And maybe it's not too late
To learn how to love
And forget how to hate
Mental wounds not healing
Life's a bitter shame
I ...

Ёмм √райнер

Death Is A New Day

Aquarius the maze is here again
Bishop made a joke in the sanctuary
Soulmate's moving down to Hollywood
And I broke all my new year's resolutions
Sagittarius won't have me in his orchard
Tho ...

Ёмм √райнер

Deckchairs And Cigarettes

Well, what can you do
When all that surrounds you
Says slow down?
Deckchairs and cigarettes

They're saying 'let's go to San Diego,'
Hey, that's where all the kids go!'

Just don't ch ...

Ёмм √райнер

Die Evergreen

You picked a sound time to roll when we're near the gold
How these confused trees need cold
Did you not think my skin might sink
Like Lily Parsons so far down
Nobody hears what's left of her

Ёмм √райнер

Disco Lights

Give me disco lights
While I've got
Dishes on repeat
You're forgettable like 1993

But do you think of me when the girl is like a weight
And all the future's running late
My psychic ...

Ёмм √райнер

Divine Like You

I's been one devil of a year
Came out of my blue to find you near
You are divine
Never wanted anyone
You are divine
Never wanted anyone
Not like you
Not like you
Not like you
Divine ...

Ёмм √райнер


Do everything that you've never done
Says the man on the radio
I guess he means that the end of the world
Has arrived and is right around the bend
So I stop to think about the things I like

Ёмм √райнер

East Coast Angel

I've been driving around too much
I've been cold and confused like riverside rush
You floated up and away after the parade
And did she tell you not to speak to me?
As if a winter in exile woul ...

Ёмм √райнер

Empty Hole

put my faith in the wrong place
drunken hearts of golden boys
government by my piano bench
sings my sullen worn out voice
cuz i'm still an empty hole
floating in canadian cold

put my fee ...

Ёмм √райнер

Fast Exit

He said 'my stage is a war torn land
A band of extremes in the Asbury sand'
I said, 'stay fierce my summertime fire
The days you were mine would have never expired

If it wasn't for me
A ...

Ёмм √райнер

For What Reason

This won't be the last you'll hear from me,
It's just the start.
I hope that he keeps you up for weeks,
Like you did to me.
I will hold a candle up to you,
To singe your skin.
Brace yourse ...

Ёмм √райнер


There are times you hold the deed to my insides
And steal the sparkle from my eyes
But this could be the last time baby
This could be the last time
And back then dressed up as some kind of tru ...

Ёмм √райнер


All you need is love
All you need is love

These markers bleeding through now
And there's winstons in the air
I opened up my mouth to speak
So i guess fair is fair
Take me down
Anyway y ...

Ёмм √райнер


You can blame the Blackout
For why you didnТt call
ThereТs no saints in the metro
Taking down a New York doll

And leaving me in the summer
A renegade girl in a mess
Lighter fluid and thu ...

Ёмм √райнер

Good Riddance

Urban hello
Electric holiday
Whatever you say but you don't speak for me
You don't speak for anyone
All the paper fools downtown on the corner
Killing the trampoline delay

I am not ...

Ёмм √райнер

Green Goodnight

Green Goodnight
Trying to shake my indigo in June
I'm off to some kind of start
Running into you in the dark palace blue
I kissed a broken stray
Just 'cause you killed me when you couldn't s ...

Ёмм √райнер

Half Sorry

Thank God I've got three minutes to tell you what I did today
I left this ugly city, with a computer and your cabaret
And I am happy for you, as happy as I can be burning alive
Is Paris as gree ...

Ёмм √райнер

Headline Girl

Headline girl
Give it away
Tell it on the mountain
Tell it on the way

Don't turn red
Fending off the gossips
Singer stole the man
Singer shot the plan

Can't cry with the light on

Ёмм √райнер

Hello Aquarius

I fell in love with you in July
Tripped on my feet in the sun
No I don't want you for your money
No I don't care that you're someone
I'm younger than your scars but not by much
Drowning like ...

Ёмм √райнер

Ice Boy

You used to be something to see
Before you sent your army to suffocate me
Still breaking up in front of your crowd
Freezing up spinning spin me around

Shall i whisper it into your ear
Or s ...

Ёмм √райнер


Dear six one three
Tomorrow she goes away,
To the rage of NYC
Whre a boy will clear somee time to breathe
But all she wants is you
Dark and shaded married veins
Spilled them out to sea
S ...

Ёмм √райнер


Joan hides the blue like a pro
Like all the green things
Lost under the fallen sun

I took her laughter with me
To the edge of new york
Joan forgets the way she is adored

Joan don't be ...

Ёмм √райнер


Tattooed and wide-eyed
Eastern standard time
Car smoke and people
Filling in outside

Sent satie to the love police
Below the 45th
One more date the writer wrote
Go on and live w ...

Ёмм √райнер

Julie Ocean

So sad to see you've got silver
She's gonna break your dancing heart
Nothing good lasts forever
And sometimes nothing starts

Julie Ocean, always on fire
Julie Ocean, crazy desire

You c ...

Ёмм √райнер


A corporate nightmare on a Sunday night
A grown-up reminder that I am still alive
I don't need another friend maybe you do
The speedway burned to nothing and I thought there might be you
I cal ...

Ёмм √райнер

Last Day On Earth

Way up north where the river runs
I've gone to bury you
Erase the things that you've done, oh
Till now I've been the little one
Always so scared to move
Out of your eclipse of the sun

As ...

Ёмм √райнер

Leftover Love

Day 1 of this love gushed like Niagara Falls
You said I was too good to be quiet
Day 2 I unraveled you as much as one girl can do
This storm was something to be inside it

Was to be alive
W ...

Ёмм √райнер

Lonely Boy

Saw a face
From my childhood days
A smiling girl
Not a friend
Milky red funny face
Smiling smiles
Mother and son
Stood by a dad
You sure eat a lot of snacks
Now & then I ...

Ёмм √райнер


All the stars above I named for you
Constellations spun like a see of aquablue (aquablue)
Now where do I find us
Without love or kindness
Piecing up these broken scenes
Burning down my tee ...

Ёмм √райнер

Mary Jill

Yes it's gonna be
Yes tt's gonna be

I'll save you from the demons
You shake hands with
I'll savae you from the dragon's kiss
Yes you have love
Yes you wear that ring on your invisible fi ...

Ёмм √райнер

Moorlough Shore

Your hills and dales and flowery vales
That lie near the Moorlough Shore
Your vines that blow by borden's grove
Will I ever see you more?
Where the primrose blows
And the violet grows
Wher ...

Ёмм √райнер


he record's all done and life's moved on and I'm
A little bit wiser a little bit more tongue-tied
You got your girls and I got my boys
I don't think I'll ever make a better noise

I still rem ...

Ёмм √райнер

Northern Holiday

Drive to the kicked in radio
The sunshine leaves me stoned
We're gonna drink and forget they let me go
For all the glitter I have seen
There's no rebels in between
So I'm alone but at least ...

Ёмм √райнер

Parting Song

Should I not survive this, you should take this song with you
So you know I loved best and that you were my finest truth
There were none who ranked above you
Drew me open like the sky
Added se ...

Ёмм √райнер


A corporate nightmare on a Sunday night
A grown-up reminder that I am still alive
I don't need another friend maybe you do
The speedway burned to nothing
And I thought there might be you


Ёмм √райнер

Phonecall 45

I used to be contagious
Like the blue waves on my wall
The 19 years I didn't know you
I still love you for them all
Climbing out of highway crashes
Throwing away your gun
Do you ever think ...

Ёмм √райнер

Santa Monica

What are you doing out in Santa Monica?
You said you were tired of the sun
You miss the winter here, snow fell beside my tears
And I still dream of you

You dodged the cops through Santa Moni ...

Ёмм √райнер

Saturday Night In Nowhere

Quiet sirens never get it on
Turn the lights off and summer love is lost
Well it's just the way you said it babe
Just like any other scene
And I laugh over letting go, 'cause you're still here ...

Ёмм √райнер

Sea Song

You look different every time
You come from the foam - crested brine
It's your skin shining softly in the moonlight
Partly fish, partly porpoise, partly baby sperm whale
Am I yours? are you mi ...

Ёмм √райнер


Dust from a dim southern star
Digits flash in double time
San Diego just hold on and never mind
Faded again in the lounge
Blood and wine and the water downtown
Here winter kicks out the summ ...

Ёмм √райнер

Shining Light

Roman candles that burn in the night,
Yeah, you are a shining light.
You lit a torch in the infinite,
Yeah, you are a shining light.
Yeah, you light up my life.

You have always been a thor ...

Ёмм √райнер

Siamese Star

Oh do do...
Oh do do...
Oh do do...
New York is getting dark
Though the orange lights embrace the clouds
Still I don't know where you are
And I went running through your homeland
Every s ...

Ёмм √райнер

Song 2

Woo hoo!
Woo hoo!
Woo hoo!
Woo hoo!

I got my head checked
By a jumbo jet
It wasn't easy
But nothing i-is, no

Woo hoo!
When I feel heavy metal
Woo hoo!
And I'm pins and I'm n ...

Ёмм √райнер

Southern Dreamer

Waste it all in Reno or laugh it down the drain and I am
Standing right beside you now
Morph into a creature that no one understands and I will
Lay my life beside you now

And you're raci ...

Ёмм √райнер


Rainon the Soho Grand
Icicles and tired houses
Burning two grooves in the six
Dreamers always dream like this
You used to be just a face
Now all the sound waves rush to surround you
Coming ...

Ёмм √райнер

Staurday Night

Quiet sirens never get it on
Turn the lights off and summer love is lost
Well it's just the way you said it babe
Just like any other scene
And I laugh over letting go, 'cause you're still here ...

Ёмм √райнер


March on by like stardust in the sky
Brave or blinded I'm not sure which am I
Is the devil suit me or what would you tell me?
His whisper's gone but his soul keeps you alive
Jean sings Isabell ...

Ёмм √райнер

Straight To Hell

If you can play on fiddle, how's about a British jig and reel?
Speaking King's English in quotation, as railhead towns feel the steel mills rust
Water froze, in the generation
Clear as winter i ...

Ёмм √райнер

Straight To You

The towers of ivory are crumbling
And the swallows have sharpened their beaks
This is the time of our great undoing,
This is the time that I'll come running
Straight to you, for I am captured

Ёмм √райнер


If I had the chance,
One good chance
To dry your heavy rain
To swim your sea of pain
To hold you near

If I had the chance,
One good chance
To drive you far from here
To drink your so ...

Ёмм √райнер


I used to be contagious
Like the blue waves on my wall
The 17 long years I didn't know you
I still love you for them all
Climbing out of highway crashes
Throwing away your gun
Do you ever ...

Ёмм √райнер


All the girls shiver in the nightclub queue
I'm not one of them and boy I'm not one of you
They write me off like angel dust
A dark-haired dancer just begging for love


The word c ...

Ёмм √райнер


You're running through the underground, hiding your real first name
I always said, you were the real star, you move like a hurricane
Through the pain

You said, don't forget about me, don't for ...

Ёмм √райнер

The Day We Hit The Coast

I'm going down to the river, I'm going down to the river
Walking on the rocks in the water, I'm going down to the river
I felt the cool commotion, as it poured into the ocean
I remember that day ...

Ёмм √райнер

The End

Hide up high by the landslide
Sirens don't make it to Heysham
This time of year empty time of day
Drain away the maze OK
No one needs to say a word
Burn the M6 and forget the world
Nothing ...

Ёмм √райнер

The Good You Make

It's the start of the month
One of twelve I don't like
I'm too upset to even try to write
But I will
There's nowhere else to go
There are scars too deep to heal alone you know
Why do you r ...

Ёмм √райнер

This Mad

I'm falling to pieces
But I put my request into god by the deadline
I wrote - would you drink the sea
If yelling has dried up your language by this time
Then I would have a way to drive away

Ёмм √райнер


I'd sing to you at Carberry's
I'd sing to you in my sleep
But I've been living life on the surface
Time to dive sea deep

You say you never get to Enniskillen
And she's got her own life now ...

Ёмм √райнер

Waiting Room

I am a patient boy
I wait, I wait, I wait, I wait
My time is water down a drain

Everybody's moving
Everybody's moving
Everything is moving,
Moving, moving, moving

Please don't leave ...

Ёмм √райнер

Wisdom Bus

I don't think I'm going to Soho for spring
You wouldn't be caught alive at the Garrick with me
Did I die with the daisies
Did I go with the wind
Did I did I burden you with this
I seem to pa ...

Ёмм √райнер


Can you see the yellow on the road
Lying there for quite some time
Here my hands shaped like your hold explanation
Helps nothing, how dare you make me cry
I utter vows left and right and east ...

Ёмм √райнер

You Do Something To Me

You do something to me, something deep inside
I'm hanging on the wire for a love I'll never find
You do something wonderful then chase it all away
Mixing my emotions that throws me back again

Ёмм √райнер

Young As The Night

I'll take carbon monoxide and whiskey
All the pressure this brings me
Find me joy
In suffocated hearts
Burned-out buildings stolen cars
Your eyes
Like turbines on the sky smile

Ёмм √райнер

Young Rebel

1:45 and I feel barely alive
I think of you in these times
Soundcheck handstands in an icicle land
Carbon monoxide hymns in your hands
Young rebel with your head in the sky
You're never comi ...

Ёмм √райнер

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