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Approaching The Storm

In the darkness they will take you to a place were silence is ruling
Distant shadows temple candles naked bodies lie on the ground

In your eyes they'll see no warning dreams come true you're no ...


Black Moon Rising

Turn to the dust, before the sun
Angels of hell full of passion
The vision of power it's taken by storm
Mercy from hell reach my soul

Freedom is here still running warm
Blessed by the red cr ...


Blood Of The Tail

I'll take your command, right out in the fields
I'm leaving my spirit when the oceans turns to sea
I'm crossing the darkness when you want me to
Kiss you goodnight

I pray for your soul in my ...



Oh...baby I'm crying, forever more
Oh...baby and now when you're gone

My head feels heavy and empty
It circles around in the sky
Between new corners it will fade away

It's just a place fi ...



I can't imagine that your love would go away
You know I hunger for your touch you wouldn't say
I dream about you baby, I'm so happy now
Remember all those years wherever you will go

When I se ...


Crimson Sun

I'm standing by the shelter lightning candles in the wind
The cold wind with no mercy kills the surface of my cheek
I'm here all-alone, someone is calling me

The pictures worth a million, raci ...


Curtain Of Fire

I never wanted you to be my sacrifice
It's in the air and you must pay the silver price

And if you're running they will come into the night
You must be waiting for the silence

They have a ...


Golden Sea

Before the curtains of the
Judgement day was here
I, now will tell you all the tales
From hell and darkness
Lightning has no end

The fear of Lucifer
Has brought this simple game
In to the ...


I'll Shoot The Moon

Now I have a reason to believe in sacrifice
Behind the curtains of my window I will look upon the stars
If you're searching for an answer you might walking on for years
Leaving everything behind ...


Losers Shades Of Hell

I'm racing from this power
Yesterday is gone
Love the way you feel the pain

Your face is filled with shadows
from this nasty war
Every breath is emptiness

Mercy is...
waiting for some b ...


Nitro Pitbull

Oh Yeah!...In for the kill!

Alone in the night with pictures of home
Ride to the valley I'm running I'm stoned
High sound of engine the heat from the pipes
I am dying

One hundred eighty-f ...



Suddenly something inside me lose control
Walking on into the straight line off today

Suddenly I can't remember what's tomorrow
Read the sign just like a fool that never lies

Beneath my wi ...


Seekers Battlefield

I'm moving fast like a hurricane
Into the night I'm the bringer of your evil
Searching for freedom I'd known before
No one to blame
I'm the seeker of the nighttime

Sailing on seas once again ...


Shadows From Beyond

Now you're gone and everything has
Turned into a nightmare of fear
This is not my last goodbye, no!
It's human sacrifice

Get into my dreams I'll be there
Haunting your desperate mind
Don't ...



My head is turning me
With the force from the killing hand
Doesn't leave, nothing it's heavenly

Don't know, you know

I'm losing everything
For the first time I'm out of love
Left behind sh ...


Standing Alone

I'm standing alone
I'm here when you're calling me

Shadows of love reach my heart when you're gone
We will be strong 'til the end

I'm all by myself
And no one can feel my pain

Whisper ...


The Breath Of Horus

This wind is rising from hell
The sand and rain can't go by
People will fear this by the name
The prince of darkness is here

You will see it's fighting with the tale it reach the end

Sens ...


The Rapture Of Canaan

Screaming right into the moonlight
Inside the vision is clear
Leading us to the land of eternity

This place made without a shadow
Still rules everything seems to be heaven
This never ends I ...


Trinity Overture

My sword is my name my name is my quitter
My heart in your hands leads me the way
Heroes are gone the ghost and the godsend spiritual signs fading away

Two broken spirits in the way dazzling t ...


Voodoo Treasure

Into the darkness morning came with disagree
The force is talking backwards painting life and death
His own solution is a legend from the past
The blood is rising stay away

My own dimension b ...


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