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Майкл Хатчинс Майкл ХатчинсСолист австралийской рок-группы INXS.

A Straight Line

Yeah we're just watching history
Now that the dogs are barking
Take a picture for your children
Make it real in FujiColor
Life in the junkyard's hard
Even when the dogs are sleeping
But if ...

Майкл Хатчинс

All I'm Saying

You put your heart
With trust
Into my hands
I held so tight
Kept you protected from things

Did you ever think about it
Did you ever cry about it
Would you ever, ever doubt it

All I ...

Майкл Хатчинс

Baby It's Alright

It wouldn't be right to take it
It wouldn't be right lying down
I'm sick of the dogs outside my window
That's right
Take a look
You've been with a hook stuck into me

So baby it's alright ...

Майкл Хатчинс


She got the future wrapped up inside her
Every day without her feels like a crime
He wants to show her over and over
The way two people turn into one
Just keep breathing, breathing, breathing, ...

Майкл Хатчинс

Don't Save Me From Myself

I'm not keeping time
Get me outta here
Folding up my crimes
Ready for what's said to me

All that glitters shine
Love that new attraction
Animal inside
Leads me to the conclusion

Do ...

Майкл Хатчинс

Flesh And Blood

Strip away the bones and skin
Looking for what lies within
See the stars so cold above
Makes no sense of your flesh and blood

You walked the longest walk
Talked the toughest talk
You wer ...

Майкл Хатчинс

Get On The Inside

I'm never gonna make you suffer
If you want my better side
I'm gonna give you all my sugar
When it comes to taking the ride

I will never let your words be washed away
There are oceans to b ...

Майкл Хатчинс

Let Me Show You

This shattered town gets me down
My ticket's booked then you were found
I tore them up like you tore my heart
I'm black and blue from love and art

(Give it up, Gimme)
Who could take it?

Майкл Хатчинс


It's so strange
How my life's changed
I know nothing
About the people that I touched

Heard a story
It sounded easy
If you don't care
Then you're lying through your teeth

I was shoo ...

Майкл Хатчинс

She Flirts For England

Oh give her the summer
Let her live another
She warms to the kiss of goodbye
Her momma took a preacher
Her daddy pays for lovers
Her eyes like a winter sky

Hear the echoes
Calling for ...

Майкл Хатчинс

Slide Away

Are you gonna wake again?
Are you gonna take it down?
Oh babe, I don't wanna deal it
Oh, make it alright
Gimme some, my love
Away, away, away

I just wanna slide away and come alive again ...

Майкл Хатчинс

Standing On A Rooftop

Glad to make me happy
With your friends down the low
Think they got the picture
But they don't really know, oh, oh
I'm reading all about sin
There's a chapter I'm in
Do I have to wait, oh, ...

Майкл Хатчинс

The Passenger

I am a passenger
And I ride and I ride
Ride through the city's back sides
See stars come out of the sky
Yeah the bright and hollow sky
You know it looks so good tonight
I am a passenger

Майкл Хатчинс

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