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(feat. Paul Wall)

[Paul Wall:]
Boys talkin' down
On the sidelines watching wishin' they was playin' the game we playin'
But its all good though
Paul Wall Brooke what up baby

What ...

Брук Хоган

All About Me

If you could have heard my heart
You'd know that it was beating for you
If you could have read my mind
You'd know that I was thinkin' of you
And if you coulda touched my love
Then you'd know how ...

Брук Хоган

Beautiful Transformation

A beautiful transformation
Not enough
Woe oh
Let's go

The older I get
The more I get feelings I can't explain
Can't explain
Mostly in the city of the 99% I did not say
I've sudden ...

Брук Хоган


I can tell you see what you're liken'
This body-ody
Fought to hard and im
Fadin' to blink
Im feelin' like im ready to strike at
This party-arty
Boy im not as shy as you think

Oh oh
Don ...

Брук Хоган

Crazy Love

You're gonna miss that crazy love (you're gonna miss that)
You're gonna miss my sexy body (crazy lovin baby)

I tried to love you
I backed up off you
Didn't crowd your space
I should have kn ...

Брук Хоган

Dance Alone

There ya go
On your own
Standin' up against the wall
I hear the music callin' you
It's callin' me
Don't think that we should stall
It's in your eyes
I can see
You want to ask
But you don't ha ...

Брук Хоган

For A Moment

Lately I've been thinking about the ups & downs
We've been through together and how we almost lost our ground
We held on long enough to see all the good out weigh the bad
And I'm thankful, so grate ...

Брук Хоган

Heaven Baby

(feat. Beenie Man)

[Beenie man]
Beenie man comin' to ya
We meet again
This is Beenie man
Introducing to you Brooke Hogan

[Brooke Hogan]
I could be your smile baby
I could be your high baby ...

Брук Хоган


Hips runnin' runnin' hot
What you want I got it

He was smooth like a wave cat
Coolin' in his ray bands
Incognito in the back of the club
I almost passed him
Then I came back
Asked him ...

Брук Хоган

Letting Go

I think I'm going to take it slow
And tell you the things that are on my mind
Then you can drop me off at home for the last time
I only wanted you to know that
I always had the best of intentions

Брук Хоган

Love You, Hate You

Break up
Make up
Boy we goin' through this again
Is love
This tough
Tell me are you out are you in
Just my luck
I've fallin' in love with someone
But we don't agree
After all the arguing
You ...

Брук Хоган

Low Rider Jeans

Hey guys have you seen my dun dun dun duns
My da da da duns duns duns
I will play you just like this

Cruisin down the 101
At a stoplight
Everybody's havin' fun
Gonna get right
Platinum hair a ...

Брук Хоган

My Number


[Stack] So I
I saw you standin' over there in the corner
[Brooke] Yeah
[Stack] your names Brooke right
[Brooke] Your name's stack right
[Stack] yeah
[Brooke] So can I get your number?


Брук Хоган

My Space

Initially initially
I guided you
But you're not used to a girl like me
Pursuin' you
Basically I knew that potentially
We would wind up together

Here we are
Standin' face to face

Брук Хоган

Next Time

Oh I'm just lookin' for a guy
That's got some of a every little thing I want
Not try to play with my mind
I hope you do better next time
Oh I'm just lookin' for a guy
That's got some of a every l ...

Брук Хоган

One Sided Love

Sit down for a minute
I need you to listen
My heart is only tryin' to understand
I already stumbled and fell into your love
Like a castle falling in the sand

You were never there to hold me
Wh ...

Брук Хоган

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