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Цитаты Адель [32]

Best For Last

Wait, do you see my heart on my sleeve?
It's been there for days on end
And it's been waitin' for you to open up
Just you baby, come on now, I'm trying to tell you just how
I like to hear the ...


Chasing pavements

I've made up my mind, don't need to think it over
If I'm wrong I am right, don't need to look no further
This ain't lust, I know this is love

But if I tell the world, I'll never say enough
' ...


Cold Shoulder

You say it's all in my head
And the things I think just don't make sense
So where you been then? Don't go all coy
Don't turn it ?round on me like it's my fault
See I can see that look in your ...


Crazy For You

Found myself today singing out your name,
You said I'm crazy,
If I am I'm crazy for you.

Sometimes sitting in the dark wishing you were here
Turns me crazy,
But it's you who makes me lose ...



Sitting on the seat, soaking up the sun
He is a real lover
Of making up the past and feeling up his girl
Like he's never felt her figure before

A jaw dropper
Looks good when h ...


Don't You Remember

When will I see you again?
You left with no goodbye, not a single word was said,
No final kiss to seal any sins,
I had no idea of the state we were in,

I know I have a fickle heart and bitte ...


First Love

So little to say but so much time,
despite my empty mouth the words are in my mind.
Please wear the face, the one where you smile,
because you lighten up my heart when I start to cry.

Forgiv ...


He Won't Go

Some say I'll be better without you,
But they don't know you like I do,
Or at least the sides I thought I knew,
I can't bear this time,
It drags on as I lose my mind,
Reminded by things I fi ...


Hiding My Heart

So this is how the story went
I met someone by accident
who blew me away
who blew me away

It was in the darkest of my days
When you took my sorrow and you took my pain
And buried them aw ...


Hometown Glory

I've been walking in the same way as I did
Missing out the cracks in the pavement
And tutting my heel and strutting my feet
'Is there anything I can do for you dear? Is there anyone I can call? ...


I Found A Boy

I thought I told you, he'd be home soon
Can't help myself, you're too good to be true!
I fall short each time,
Every time he ain't here
You and your junk creep closer in here,
Like a foo ...


I'll Be Waiting

Hold me closer one more time,
Say that you love me in your last goodbye,
Please forgive me for my sins,
Yes, I swam dirty waters,
But you pushed me in,
I've seen your face under every s ...


Let The Sky Fall

Hear my heart burst again
For this is the end
I've dreamed and dreamed this moment
So overdue, I owe them
Swept away, I'm stolen

Let the sky fall, and it crumbles
We will stand tall
An ...



[Verse 1:]
Whenever I'm alone with you
You make me feel like I am home again
Whenever I'm alone with you
You make me feel like I am whole again
Whenever I'm alone with you
You make me feel ...


Make You Feel My Love

When the rain is blowing in your face,
and the whole world is on your case,
I could offer you a warm embrace
to make you feel my love.

When the evening shadows and the stars appear,
and th ...


Melt My Heart To Stone

Right under my feet there's air made of bricks
Pulls me down turns me weak for you
I find myself repeating like a broken tune
And I'm forever excusing your intentions
And I give in to my prete ...


My Same

You said I'm stubborn and I never give in
I think you're stubborn 'cept you're always softening
You say I'm selfish, I agree with you on that
I think you're giving out in way too much in fact


Need you now

Picture perfect memories,
Scattered all around the floor.
Reaching for the phone cause, I can't fight it anymore.
And I wonder if I ever cross your mind.
For me it happens all the time.

It ...


One And Only

You've been on my mind
I grow fonder every day loose myself in time
Just thinking of your face God only knows
Why it's taking me so long to let my doubts go
You're the only one that I want



Right As Rain

Who wants to be right as rain
It???s better when something is wrong
You get excitement in your bones
And everything you do???s a game
When night comes and your all on your own
You can say I ...


Rolling in the Deep

There's a fire starting in my heart,
Reaching a fever pitch and it's bringing me out the dark

Finally, I can see you crystal clear.
Go ahead and sell me out and I'll lay your shit bare.
See ...


Rumour Has It

She, she ain't real,
She ain't gonna be able to love you like I will,
She is a stranger,
You and I have history,
Or don't you remember?
Sure, she's got it all,
But, baby, is that really wh ...


Set Fire To The Rain

I let it fall, my heart
And as it fell you rose to claim it
It was dark and I was over
Until you kissed mу lips and you saved me

My hands, they were strong
But my knees were far too weak



This is the end.
Hold your breath and count to ten.
Feel the Earth move and then
Hear my heart burst again.

For this is the end.
I've drowned and dreamt this moment
So overdue... I owe t ...


Someone Like You

I heard that you're settled down,
That you found a girl and you're married now,
I heard that your dreams came true,
Guess she gave you things I didn't give to you,
Old friend, why are you ...


Take It All

Didn't I give it all?
Tried my best
Gave you everything I had
Everything and no less
Didn't I do it right?
Did I let you down?

Maybe you got too used to
Having me around
Still, how c ...


That's it, I ouit, I'm movin' on

When we used
To say goodnight
I'd always kiss
And hold you tight
But lately
You don't seem
To care
You close the door
And leave me
Standing there
Oh, honey
That's not fair
That ...



Hold my hand while you cut me down
it had only just begun but now its over now
and your in the heat of moments with your heart playing up cold
im between the middle watching hastiness unfold
i ...


Turning Tabels

Close enough to start a war
All that I have is on the floor
God only knows what we're fighting for
All that I say, you always say more

I can't keep up with your turning tables
Under your t ...


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