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Got no reason for coming to me in the rain running down.
There's no reason.
And the same voice coming to me like it's all slowing down.
And believe me -

I was the one who let you know
I was ...

All Sinks In

i've been turning a new direction.
and polishing my reflection.
to a dull glow, something to show.
my friends for awhile.

and i nod at the torn and tattered,
'cause my conscience is badly ...

Another Souvenir

(Doug has a vocal spliced into the song. The word he sings is: "divided.)

i see you down in the back of the bar.
accompanied and comforted, by what you are.
and there's a place in the back of ...

Any Day Now

Any day now, they'll have you down any way that they please,
Sayin' just about everything.
Any day now, cuz I hear your voice, but it's not the same sound.

All the luck, just in time to se ...


Kijk dit is mijn palet
Ja en dat mijn verfdoos
Kijk hoe ik mijn gedachten meng
Toevallig met een regenboog
Hangend in jouw vriendelijk landschap

Kijk eens naar het kleurengamma
Ja zo is mi ...

Back In Blighty

Back in Blighty

So we left New York and the sun shone down.
When we landed here there were clouds upon the ground.
And they checked our bags, and they checked our gear
and they said "What do ...


And once said "please, some more"
And not even now and then.
Some place I know you swore
That you'd never go again.

I had this feeling once
That nothing was out of touch.
I found some ...



Morning lands like aeroplanes wrecked inside my bed.
Your favorite Teenage Fanclub song is knocking around my head.
In fits and starts remembering the things I should regret
but I don' ...

Carry My Picture

You never think to occupy my time,
And you never require.
And you never lean too much.
And it's always been this way.

It's wearing thin,
Your words come crowdin' in,
But I want you to ...

Choose A Side

When they said "Who won the war?"
You were in the war.
When they said to choose a side,
It made you want to hide.
When you fell in with the rest
We were not impressed.
When they said " ...


Change whatever gets strange in your aprons and your curls.
Ah, you really got lost, but you'll string it back together.
You could never make do, and your storyline is a scream.
Change whateve ...

Doin' You

I wouldn't bet the whale that I'd ever see
The juvenile in your eyes like the one I see.
No I wouldn't climb the highs thinking that I'd find
A reason for honesty without even tryin'.

Do ...


He's home, and for the
first time ever
he walked alone
in a world he'd once known.

He's home, just might be
for the better
he walked alone
in a world he'd once known.

They cheer ...

Eyes On The Ground

Really ought to check the hair.
Or maybe you don't care.
Here it comes from the side.
You could see it if you tried.

Ought to check your shoes.
Hey, how about the shoes.
Here they come ...

Find Out

You're thinking everybody needs to know
What sets you so far apart.
On a hunch I think I could show
But we'll let you keep the part.

You gotta pull it off
When we least expect it.

Re ...

Fun & Games

Let me tear down into your heart
Let me take a seat and stay awhile
Let me tear down into your heart
Ah, fun and games.

Let me steal a glimpse from your eyes
Let me pin it up and stare ...

Get A Gun

when she came down, heading me home safe and sound,
all the rest was me.
what a laugh, neither the first nor the last.
all the rest was me.

well, you've given it all that i won't give.
and ...

Gladiator Heart

Gladiator Heart

Stepping out, hoping from the start.
Anyway, something left you breathing hard.
Your gladiator heart doesn't seem to want to let you leave the field when all the feeling's gone ...

Hey Wow

Is the sun out,
Has the wind died,
Or is this stillness here the calm between my ears?
And I know now why they put me here.

Things were clear once
'Til the clouds came,
Now I don't k ...

Hey You

Standing back before the angels get to me,
Well it seems such a sorry waste of time.
Holding back on those who want the best for me.
I guess I can't be blamed for trying.

It's really very ...

Home Today

Coming home today,
a season spent away,
it is hard for me to see,
hard for me to say.
I like your face,
but I can't anymore.

It was quite a time
and I'm sure that I'm
feeling very ...

I Suppose

Spent time far away,
spent your days lost in grey
and wishes I suppose
mean nothing when
they're tossed away.
And your form and your face,
like some place that I knew
still return t ...

If It Crumbles

And for the first and
for the last time,
I'll wait and see.
And if it crumbles all around me,
Then we'll wait and see.

Inside My Head

Inside my head I hurt a lot
'Cause I'm thinking about me
And what I did to you

I can't imagine what I have lost
I'm not bold enough to be
Man enough for you

There's no wa ...

Joke, The

here's a man who can't take a joke.
he wails and battles and bawls.
here's a man who lost his control.
and i can see, we all can see, that he'll never get that joke.

crowds of many makes a m ...

Just Like Us

The Young ones will step away.
How long will it take them?
How long 'til it breaks them?
Just walking into a new day.
How long will it take them?
How long 'til it breaks them?

They fig ...

Lay Me Down

Sing to me sweetley as I turn sour
Lay me down, remembering
That the wind and the rain
Played a part in that dreadful hour

And so as I pass, I too feel the power
Laying here under the ...


There isn't room in the Inn
The keeper wouldn't be my friend
I could tell in his eye
He'd never change his mind

So, I'm left to walk in the cold
The light of day is growing old
But w ...

New Boy

Sometimes I get the feeling things won't fall apart.
Sometimes I think it's gone too far.
Sometimes I have a feeling things seem pretty nice.
Then again sometimes I'd like to leave you twice ...

One Simple Word

got the rest of the day, and i'll share it with you.
but it's coming 'round to feed you.

with the sun in his eyes, starin' the 14 carat stare.
yeah he's coming 'round and his mind stops there ...

Over There

All right, pure delight
to see you stand in
all your glory.
Oh the joys when your boys
hit distant soil.

And I hope to try
to answer those who criticize you.
Lead the sheep in thei ...


Pawns for a pauper's son
Handouts for everyone
Please release me with your smile

Ashes to dust again
Save that for mortal men
Please release me with your smile

And when I rise
A ...

Running Mary

I was running Mary.
And the days were growing long.
And I was minding mine,
I was doing nothing wrong.

And the news you sent me.
and the bar's upon the door.
And this one caught me b ...


Hey there Sal, you sure are crazy
And boy you love to have a ball
Must be great with all the ladies
Watch it Sal, don't you fall.

You can cry like a loser, like a clown
But it ...

Saturday Nite (Usa)

They say you've been around
They say you've been uptown
Funny, I was with you
I just can't recall
But they say you've been around

They say you've been denied
A chance at yourself
T ...

Scotty's Lament

So surprised,
I fought windmills.
So surprised,
I saw angels.
I know my place in this...

So surprised,
I had visions.
So surprised,
You were in them.
I found my place in this wor ...

Set The Stage

i see you shuffle on the set when you stand inside it.
and there's applause raining down that won't last.
and it's the lines that i forget that keep me around, i guess.
for something better yet ...


Someone tells me somethin'--
Well I'm prepared to listen.
Nothin's goin' on, nothin's goin' on.
Standing next to no one,
Well that was my intention.
Nothin's goin' on, nothin's goin' on.

Something To Say

Oh, you never learned the "whens" and "wheres" and "whys"
And I still believe that you were dying to be everything
To everyone and for all time
Ah, the golden boy--did you stop trying?

Did ...

Speak To Me

slow down, i'm not looking for an answer.
but at least not today.
instead entertain me for the moment.
oh this won't go away.

you speak to me then sentence me.
you change me around.


Come steer me now
Leave ideas in my head.
And I'll come alive
Or cover me instead.

There's a ceiling light above me
And a song that says I will.
And it's kneeling down upon me--lonli ...

Take A Bow

i heard you ring, so you'll be there with bells.
i know you know, this side of things so well.
i'm standing here, and waiting for an answer.
and still in awe...

somehow i knew it was impossi ...

Ten Pins

All alone, you sit by the hour
You're waiting for the sun to rise
In the night you sit by the fire
You're waiting for the will to fight

But I won't see you there
Ten pins dow ...

The Bottom

The Bottom

It is the open empty bottom I swore I'd never be
The view from there is something everyone should see

So I'm a dead beat baby, I'll make a dead beat dad
I'm an old school dropout, ...

Too Gone

and what am i too gone for you?
and when am i too gone?
and what am i too gone for you?
and when am i too gone?

wasn't i once on for you?
and what am i to say?
wasn't i once on for you?
and ...


So wouldn't you like to try?
You're so alive and unusual.
I really don't think you'd mind.
It's not too dear,
it's not too difficult.

Think of this for awhile.
You might decide
it's ...


Well the steel in his strings
Cuts into his fingers
And the lines that are left
He knows so well

And the words that he screams
Sift through the smoke and sweat
While his wandering mi ...

Waiting My Turn

i asked her to stay here with me a while
oh, she said "no"
these words mean nothing, these thoughts won't fly
oh, she said "no"

and where would this lead us to anyway?
oh, she said "no"
an ...



There's a painting of Washington, and he's standing in a rowboat,
and he's crossing the Delaware, and he wants to see somebody.

How can you believe in this?
How can it inspire you ...

What Do Yout Want?

the room we're in's the only friend this evening.
if i wasn't in here i'd be leaving.
it's a room for viewing and a stage for dance.
so a dollar can buy cheap romance,
but its so on and so on ...

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