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Mr. Landlord Apartment 121

You Better Honour Him,Don't Jeopardize Your Stay
Put On That Perfect Smile And Start Sucking Up!
Hey! Mr. Landlord, Nice To See You Again
Always A Joy When You're Dropping By
We Pretend To Ap ...


Ted's Ballad - Attic

Watching Your Walls, Your Cracks And Your Flaws
They Are All Beauty Marks As Far As I See
One Drainpipe Is Loose, Like A Tile On Your Roof
But Your Heart Is As Great As Camelot`s

Standing Here ...


Torn By A Phrase - Garden

By Myself, I'm Here Alone In Tears, Now Days And Weeks Gone By
Still It Feels The Same, I Wonder What Made It Go Wrong

Loneliness And Silence And My Soul Is Aching, Torn Inside
Will Great Empti ...


Wailings From A Bulding

No, It Cannot Be The Morning Light
I Open Up My Eyes, Dried Out From A Worried Night
Children, It Is Enough To Drive One Round The Bend
I`m In Need For Sleep, Is That So Hard To Comprehend?

Sn ...


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