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There is no other way around it
We've come too far to turn around, yeah
You said we never should have done it
Because it complicates things now
Oooooh, but I beg to differ, don't you remember? ...

Шерил Коул

Call my name

How’d you think
I feel when you call my name
You got me confused by the way I change
How’d you think
I feel when you call my name
My name, say my name baby

Yes I love you say for the way ...

Шерил Коул

Don't talk about this love

I'm in so deep
I'm scared to death
It's like I could drown
It's effortless
I feel so juvenile
Emotions going wild

Love is brutal
My heart is fragile

Please don't talk about this lo ...

Шерил Коул

Everyone, everyone

Come on people tell me something
You got freedom
I don't know what your waitin' for
I don't even know
You still searching
You won't find it
That because it's been right there this whole ti ...

Шерил Коул

Fight for this love

Too much of anything can make you sick
Even the good can be a curse (curse)
Makes it hard to know which road to go down
Knowing too much can get your hurt
Is it better is it worst
Are we sit ...

Шерил Коул

Ghetto baby

You got a face like the Madonna,
Crying tears of gold.
Been pumping gas at the Texaco,
Road to road,

You're on the run, oh, baby,
Yeah, you're on the run, oh baby.

I'm not a trick, boy ...

Шерил Коул

Happy Hour

How can I know what you mean
If you never ask?
How can I drive you crazy
When I've got no gas?
How can we be together
When we're so far apart?
You tell me that you love me then you go and ...

Шерил Коул

Happy tears

I cried when I heard you were cheating
I cried when I said I was leaving
I cried when my heart stop believing
But I am all out of tears
Then I feel so weak but I no I am strong
So I wipe my ...

Шерил Коул


My heavens wit chu
My heavens with you girl
My heavens wit chu

I gotta die for me to get to heaven
I get a glimpse of heaven for every time i feel your lovin
And you know i aint lying when ...

Шерил Коул

Let's get down

Five days at work, two hole days of party
Waitin' for the weekend so I can move my body
I've been working working day and night and now it's time
Set this place on fire tell the DJ take it highe ...

Шерил Коул

Live tonight

Sometimes I just wanna be on my own
Sometimes i just wanna be alone
At times I only need the radio on (just the radio)
But guess who's on the radio now?
They got me pumpin' on the radio
Turn ...

Шерил Коул

Make Me Cry

If you're trying to hurt me, like I hut you
Then you win
And if you're trying to love me, like I love you
Then we win
And if you're trying to finish what we started, then we'll lose the love

Шерил Коул


I don't tell anyone about the way you hold my hand
I don't tell anyone about the things that we have planned
I won't tell anybody
Won't tell anybody
They want to push me down
They want to se ...

Шерил Коул

Rain on Me

It's a sunny day,
so I got nowhere to hide,
not a cloud in the sky,
so I'm pretending, I've got something
in my eyes, just so you won't see me cry

So I wait for the storm, Oooh
to hide a ...

Шерил Коул


You were the tree
And I was the apple
And fell to the ground
And fell brown

Hate was the wind
But love was the secret
That blew us to were we are now

And now love can grow
Without ...

Шерил Коул

Screw you

We can't love, not like this
You broke me down, do I even exist?
After everything, gave you everything, I lost everything
Love is so lonely now

Cause I don't wanna run no more
Ca ...

Шерил Коул

The flood

Turn the lights out, in the light house,
I saw you coming,
Felt the ship wreck
Saw the wreckage, I heard you yelling,
Just a mess when I saw your reflection in the sand,
Wondering where you ...

Шерил Коул

Three words

I met a guy at the club,
I let him know I'm in love.
I met a girl at the bar,
I let her know who you are.

I told her you are the love of my life
And one day you're gonna be my wife
And w ...

Шерил Коул

Yeah yeah

If you love me like that,
boy i love you right back,
we could say this is our love,
they say it's in this track.
Everytime i hold ya,
can't be any closer.
Throw my hands onto the next,
i ...

Шерил Коул

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