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Тамира Грей Тамира Грейактриса и певица


I was only 17 when he
Came around and passed my way
He was the finest thing I'd ever seen
And his eyes were green
Him and the boys played basketball
While I was chillin at the park
He had a smil ...

Тамира Грей

Don't Stop (Keep It Coming)

Don't wanna listen to no radio
Don't wanna see no tv show
Cuz I been workin hard all day
So tonight I'm going out to play
Leave a message on my telephone, y'all
If you come on by I won't be home

Тамира Грей


Playground, voices speak again
Thoughts of how we were in my head
Tell me how we lost that innocence
Like a child waking from a dream
Everything's not what it seemed
U were never really a friend ...

Тамира Грей

God Bless The Dreamer

So many problems that you felt in your life
And it cuts like a knife
But remember to look for tomorrow
It's not long now
Put some love in your heart
Put some heart in your love
And don't let the ...

Тамира Грей

Good Ol' Days

It's summertime, it's so hot
I'm wearing shorts a tank top and flip flops
I see birds flying in the blue sky
And marshmallow clouds floatin' by
School's out so it's the weekend everyday
From sun- ...

Тамира Грей

Ha Ha

U don't even know me
U don't seem 2 care
If my actions are revealing
Words my mouth can't find 2 share

Cuz in my heart
I wanted 2 believe
In me and you
But my mind knew the reality
An ill fa ...

Тамира Грей

I Believe

Have you ever you ever reached a rainbow's end
And did you find your pot of gold
Ever catch a shooting star
Tell me how high did you soar
Ever felt like you were dreaming
Just to find that you're ...

Тамира Грей


I gotta say,
I must admit never thought
there would ever be someone to open my eyes
When you feelThe taste of it swept me away
Like a drug
Intoxicating, captivating
forces put me under a spell

Тамира Грей

Like A Child

Who knows?
Who knows the things she feels
Who sees?
Just how deep it really is

Cuz everyday so much pain
Cuz her world is in constant change
And if walls could talk who'd they blame
Guess we' ...

Тамира Грей

Raindrops Will Fall

There's a time 4 every star 2 shine
And a place 4 every dream 2 see the light
When u have everything
U don't need another reason 2b something

Hold on, and look to your faith
Can't let nobody, n ...

Тамира Грей


The mystery of tryin to make it happen
Strugglin just to make ends meet
You need a new change of space
A new direction
This whole thing is so confusing to me

I know you got
Dirty hands from a ...

Тамира Грей

The Only Thing

Pretty brown eyed girl
She's so sweet and naive
She met a boy fell in love
Carved their name out in a tree
What a perfect memory
There's a swing out by the creek
They would meet there
He put a ...

Тамира Грей

U've Only Got 1

Here's a story that I wanna tell
Bout a guy I used to know so well
Who lived his life so carelessly
The most popular boy in school
Who would've thought he'd fall the victim too
When his future se ...

Тамира Грей

Yesterday / Today

It's just been one of those days
When nothing seems to be going right
And no ones there to lend a helping hand
Just an ordinary day
When it all seems like a fight
Just to make it to the promise l ...

Тамира Грей

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