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Here we are so what you gonna do?
Do I gotta spell it out for you?
I can see that you got other plans for tonight
But I don’t really care

Size me up you know I beat the best
Tick tock no time t ...

The Veronicas

A Teardrop Hitting The Ground

Look out brother, she's my sister
Ain't stopped crying, since you kissed her
Turn around (turn around), turn around (turn around)
And you better keep on going
Got you down (got you down), got you ...

The Veronicas

All I Have

I was missing you
You were miles away
He was close to me
I let him stay
Then I closed my eyes
He almost felt the same
But when the morning broke
I cried out your name

If I'd only known
It w ...

The Veronicas


All my life you've had an opinion
Doing things for the wrong reasons
Well not today

Don't you know I think for myself
I get on fine without anybody's help
Don't care what you say

I'm breakin ...

The Veronicas

Did Ya Think

She asked if you could stay
did ya think about me when
you almost turned away
did you think about me when
you picked up the phone
should have let it just ringing
And made it seem like everything ...

The Veronicas


I want you mine
Coz when I see your eyes
I'm wanting you to stay
Why am I running away?
Coz when you hold my hand
I try to pretend
I'm not feeling like I do
Do you feel it too? (Do you feel ...

The Veronicas

Everything I'm Not

Oh no
Don't go changing
That's what you told me from the start
Thought you where something different
That's when it all just fell apart
Like you're so perfect
And I can't measure up
Well I'm no ...

The Veronicas

Heavily Broken

Everyday I sit here waiting
Everyday just seems so long
And now I've had enough of all the hating
Do we even care, it's so unfair
Any day it'll all be over
Everyday there's nothing new
And now I ...

The Veronicas

Hook Me Up

I'm tired of my life
I feel so in between
I'm sick of all my friends
Girls can be so mean
I feel like throwing out
Everything I wear
Starting over new
Cause I'm not even there


The Veronicas

How Long

Saturdays, will never be, the same
Its even hard mentioning your name
Lookin back I don't know what went wrong
But suddenly it's like I dont belong

So how long must I wait?
And ...

The Veronicas

I Can't Stay Away

This is wrong
I should be gone
Yet here we lay
'Cause I can't stay away

Roses bloom
In your dirty room
I come to play
'Cause I can't stay away
No I can't stay away-ay

I'm conflicted
I in ...

The Veronicas

I Could Get Used To This

You make me breakfast in bed
When I'm mixed up in my head
You wake me with a kiss
I could get used to this

You think I look the best
When my hair is a mess
I can't believe you exist
I could g ...

The Veronicas

I Don't Wanna Wait

I don't wanna wait
I don't wanna wait
I don't wanna wait
I don't wanna wait
I don't wanna wait for you
I don't wanna wait
I don't wanna wait
I don't wanna wait
I don't wanna wait
I do ...

The Veronicas

In Another Life

I have known you my whole life
When you were ten, you said you'd make me your wife
Eight years later you won me over
Just as I took the world on my shoulders

I got used to living without you
En ...

The Veronicas


[Whispers] Sleep Sleep Sleep

I can't sleep most of the time
Try to cancel you from my mind
Never liked you that much anyway
Got to try sleep through to saturday

Can't seem to keep my eyes shu ...

The Veronicas

Leave Me Alone

I'm getting tired of you pushing me 'round
Dragging me down
Making a sound because you wanna
I guess that's why I like messing with you
Putting you through
A lesson or two, because I'm gonna
Bef ...

The Veronicas

Mother Mother

Mother mother
Can you hear me
I'm just calling to say hello
How's the weather
How's my father
Am I lonely heavens no
Mother mother
Are you listening
Just a phone call to ease your mind
Lif ...

The Veronicas

Mouth Shut

I kept my mouth shut from the start
I guess I left you in the dark
You thought you knew me but you don't
You say you'll love me but you wont
When you find out who I am

I kept my mouth shut ...

The Veronicas

Nobody Wins

Hold your head up high
You're never wrong
Somewhere in the right you belong
You would rather fight than walk away
What a lonely way to breathe the air
What an unlovely way to say you care
Now we ...

The Veronicas


Pop, pop! Pop, pop!

I hate to say it but they play this dance song in every club
But it's me so I'll show love
But it's me so show me love

When I walk into the room people stop and stare
It's ...

The Veronicas

Revenge Is Sweeter (Than You Ever Were)

I saw it in the news
You told me they were wrong
And I stood up for you
'Cause I believed you were the one

You had all the chances in the world
To let me know the truth
What the hell's wrong w ...

The Veronicas


I am temperamental
Like a heart without a home
I am sentimental
But you don't know me at all

I have expectations
I wanna be the one you call
And I want a conversation
But you don't know me at ...

The Veronicas


You're a little obsessed with me
And I'm a little bit scared of you
The way you look and stare at me
Maybe it's time I let you know

You could call me six times but still I won't pick up the ...

The Veronicas

Someone Wake Me Up

We got the same friends
We're gonna have to see each other eventually
So won't you tell me how we're gonna deal with that
(how we're gonna deal with that, how we're gonna deal with that)
My CD's a ...

The Veronicas


Feels like I have always known you
And I swear I dreamt about you
All those endless nights I was alone
It's like I've spent forever searching
Now I know that it was worth it
With you it feels lik ...

The Veronicas


Oh yea

Watch you walk away
I didn't say the words I wanted to say
Now I'm sitting all alone
thinkin' bout the times I had you here to hold

Giving you my reasons why
I feel this when we ...

The Veronicas

Take Me On The Floor

The lights are out and I barely know you
We're going up and the place is slowing down
I knew you'd come around

You captivate me, something about you has got me
I was lonely now you make me feel ...

The Veronicas

This Is How It Feels

You keep calling my phone non-stop
Don't you know I won't pick it up
You never leave a message
Look how you've changed

You got nothing to say, gettin' in the way
Show up at my house
Your gett ...

The Veronicas

This Love

I, I,
I can see it in your eyes
Taste it in our first kiss
Stranger in this lonely town (this lonely town)
Save me from my emptiness (save me)

You took my hand
You told me it would be ok
I tr ...

The Veronicas


I go ooh ooh, you go ah ah

I wanna wanna wanna get get get what I want
Don't stop
Give me give me give me what you got got
Cause I can't wait wait wait any m ...

The Veronicas

When It All Falls Apart

I'm having the day from hell,
it was all going so well (before you came)
And you told me you needed space,
With a kiss on the side my face (not again)
And not to mention (the tears I shed)
But I ...

The Veronicas

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