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Don't Blame Me

Leave you at the fast food forget to pay the pizza dude
You always got to feed my dog
I know it sounds crazy baby let me try maybe, maybe
My memory gets fogged
Well gimmie a chance we can go out t ...

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Everywhere you go, perfection
Follows you the wrong direction
And you will never see if for
You get all that you need and moreTesti Canzoni
You see it, you ...

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How Love Should Be

Mobile woman, buckle down your boots
If you leave me, what else can I do?
Well I've been a dancer, I’ve been a dancer all my life
But I'm not dancing ‘round this one tonight
And I know I'd be doin ...

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I Believe We Can Do It

Sun goes down on another day
Had one too many but I feel O.K.
Put me to bed, baby there I'll stay

Come to my bed, I'll show you my love
Don't try to leave, I won't cry at all
I'll hold ...

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If I'm Not Right

Love don't come easy like it use to
It's hard to get in a modern world
I struggle everyday just to make it through
All my life not a single pearl

If I'm not right
Baby, it's gotta be ...

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I miss the girl, and the cigarettes
And the more I try, the more that I forget
To think of you is a flash to find
To think of you I find my light to pass the time

You want me to be that better o ...

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It's Always The Same

Well, the bus that picks him up from work is late again
It's delayed on the other side of town
Well the street he's waiting on isTesti Canzoni
kind of lonel ...

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It's Only Love

I get high when I see you go by
My oh my
When you sigh, my, my inside just flies
Why am I so shy when I'm beside you?

It's only love and that is all
Why should I feel the way I do? ...

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Kiss On Me

Starting now I will never see my kitchen counter
quite the same babe, after we drank the final hour
I never knew you had it somewhere deep inside you,
another chance to go wild

You whispered to ...

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Last Promise

Tomorrow I'll be leavin
But tonight I'm here with you
And lately there's been no reason
And I take all I can use

Baby, I've been waitin
I've been waitin all on my own
And selfishly I've been t ...

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Meant Something To Me

Well a kiss might be just a kiss to you
But baby it meant something to me
And a night to remember might be
Just a Monday in September
Baby it meant something to me

I know you try
It's gotta co ...

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Missing You

Everytime I think of you
I always catch my breath
I'm still standing here
And your miles away
And I wonder why you left me
And there's a storm that's raging through my frozen heart tonight

I h ...

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New York Can Wait

I don't like your cats, you don't my shoes
But I love you babe thats why I'm singin the blues
You call me right up, don't even hesitate
Don't go to New York baby, ahh

Now I'm cryin I'm here all ...

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Nora Marie

I know, you know, that I just can't decide
which way my heart will lead me
But you just sit, I think
Boy what should you do now
Just wait until you sink me

Girl I don't see nothin wrong with yo ...

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Not Getting Your Name

Hello Miss... I'm sorry I didn't catch the rest
When it comes to women, baby, you know I'm not the best
Everyone I see makes it matter less anymore
Then again I've never felt this way before

And ...

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Our Time

There's a rule in the book that says
It's got to be fun
I hate to admit but my feelings have changed
Everybody expects to hear a love song
Love can't come from something baby that never was

And ...

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Picture Perfect

Darkness finds I listen
To every little thing she has to say
And when I'm all but found its
Darkness that will lead my way

And all she ever asks me to do is
Stay awake to see a picture perfect

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Pink And Black

So, yea, you said you heard this one
Maybe lived it twice
But with bias on my side

I swear I've got a different one
To be laid to line
And with a dime for your advice

You never saw a man
Ma ...

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Rolling Home

Traveling Sunday
Is fine west of here
Most folks are staying at home

If you want to come on
You better meet me there
Cause I've got some country to own

With the short stops made for runnin

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Shy Girl

Saturday mornin, shake off the sheets and open my eyes
baby, do you know what's going on tonight?
I miss someone maybe she's not a crazy girl like you
But let me tell you baby, she's gonna do

No ...

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You said I'd slide, into myself
You said I'd slide, destroy myselfTesti Canzoni
Cause when I wake, inside myself
I knew I'd take, away from you

So see if ...

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Someone Like You

Nothing good was on T.V.
Called you up got your machine
I thought I saw you in my dream last night

Think I cried myself to sleep
I thought about you had to weep
Seems the world was very mean th ...

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The Letter Song

I have been thinking, which I shouldn't do
Cause it gets me in trouble and farther from you

I don't want a sentimental
Short and sweet and confidential Goodbye

My thoughts belong in a book in ...

Тайлер Хилтон

Up Late Again

Yeah something always sets it off
Maybe someone's face and that's all it takes
What's wrong with a romantic whose soft
Here I go for days so I write just in case

Sometimes I wonder, when was way ...

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When It Comes

I study up my hollow
Piece of wood to follow
A day that doesn't come
To the lucky

And I realize there's tomorrow
But I would rather wallow
In the rain then moods that seem
So pot-lucky

Wel ...

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When The Stars Go Blue

Dancin' where the stars go blue
Dancin' where the evening fell
Dancin' in your wooden shoes
In a wedding gown

Dancin' out on 7th street
Dancin' through the underground
Dancin' little marionett ...

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You'll Ask For Me

What was that about the ballroom dancing class I asked about
It's all I thought about cuz you were saying
We might get a chance to talk and talk might lead to dancing
maybe dance might lead to date ...

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You, My Love

Oh, and tell me
Was it all because I
Brought it up for
Conversation in a bed

And I wouldn't have started
Were it not for a blue appearing
Someone's trying to please somebody else

Many men a ...

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