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Angels With Even Filthier Souls

Just stay the night
And well see that things can work out
And this will last forever
How long can we wait for things to change
And this will last forever

Every day, this I say
Turn to dust and ...

A Day in the Life

Apparently, Hoverboards Don't Work On Water

Focus on nothing, only your face.
Follow me closely, into the night.
Just for one last time, turn out the light.
And if you wake up turn out the lights.

Oh no-not again.
My eyes are heavy again ...

A Day in the Life

Audrey In Sacramento

I don't wanna see you again
That's what she said as she waved goodbye
Audrey will live alone in Sacramento way beyond the coast

That's when she said something that shook my heart
We were leaving ...

A Day in the Life

Candycanes And Cola

It feels like I'm falling down
I turn around and you're not there
Why was everything so shallow and low
Why was I so...
Never again

Take two steps back and close my eyes
I said I would make it ...

A Day in the Life

Control Alt Delete

When you see her, please tell her
That I still care, care about her
And if she sees me, She'll tell me
That she should have, just killed me

Let's try this one more time
And get it right
Let's ...

A Day in the Life

Do You Have A Map Because I'm Lost In Your Eyes

And if tomorrow should be the last day I could ever tell you
I was in love with your smile, In love with your eyes
Tomorrow will be a-okay, just to say I loved you way too much
I should have said a ...

A Day in the Life

I'm Not Crying, My Eyeballs Are Sweating

And if my heart was broken
Could you sew it back together with your eyes
Stitch back up the pieces
Give me one more reason to say goodbye

Don't forget to try to write you, yeah
And yes I'll try ...

A Day in the Life


Maybe her eyes will shine tonight
Maybe she'll dress up and look as good as ever
I wish I lit the match that burns in your eyes
I wish I lit the fire that burns in her heart

Actually I didn't do ...

A Day in the Life

Skyline Fever

the skylines won't seem the same
cause i know, you wont be here
the last thing that you said
was wait for me.

wait for this, wait for me

whoever said you can't live forever
(whoever said you ...

A Day in the Life

The Death Of A Dream

You break my heart...then again, you break everyone's heart ...

A Day in the Life

The Flux Capacitor

Let's just hope, we can make it out alive
Nothing hurts worse than knowing
Be anywhere, with anyone again
Nothing hurts worse than knowing

It hurts so bad inside
to know that your gone
maybe I ...

A Day in the Life

The Girl That Destroyed Me

My dreams never lasted long enough to feel alright
Maybe tomorrow I wont wake up again
Shake me so I can tell you I'm still breathing but I'm lost
I haven't given up just yet...
Your eyes blind me ...

A Day in the Life

Until Her Heart Stops

I remember the time
All through the night
Trying not to close my eyes again
Too many cowards
in a stolen car
trying not to pull over and cry

My eyes so red
I just want to die
Kill me with yo ...

A Day in the Life

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