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A Farewell To Friendship

In a dream
In a place
Where the far reaches of this mind
I have seen a true nightmare
With the kiss of lovers lips
What a friendly offer
Just a memory
It still hurts
When i think that once
Sh ...

A Change of Pace

A Song The World Can Sing Out Loud

I won't buy a word you sold me
I'm going places you never dreamed about
So tired of stupid stories
I'll write a song the world can sing aloud
We'll break the mold they gave us
We're going places ...

A Change of Pace

A Vague Memory

Tears from yesterday carry on through tomorrow
These words were to soft spoken and I don't want to regret anything
No letter could express this fear I feel inside
But I'll write it anyway

Your n ...

A Change of Pace

Asleep At The Wheel

Asleep at the wheel a red light mistake
take my word for what its worth
life at a stand still not one second passes
and in the asphault I see a best friend
(crashing through the window)

dont mo ...

A Change of Pace

Black Truth

NO safe from the silence still haunting me
Away from this place where I've been to long
A mejestic sunset lays in wait for that beatiful day
That was never meant to be

When time and space collid ...

A Change of Pace


I trip on my words when I hear her voice
The thoughts in my head keep running over
Again your redundant sympathy for me
could never make me feel any better

I'm falling, further, away from you
I ...

A Change of Pace

Christmas On The Coast

I'm so close
Close to standing at your front door when it gets
Cold, colder outside
And my hopes
My hopes are high for this winter to be spent
Just right

Oh no
Don't forget the snow
D ...

A Change of Pace

Death Do Us Part

You cant live to make mistakes
When you're dead and gone
With your heart held in my head
The memory of your bloodstains
All over broken picture frames

How could you tell me that I was wrong? (I ...

A Change of Pace


should have seen this coming
way too good
for anyone but me
think about it
because we know
you do

we start in december
we'll end in november
this time
we start in december
we'll end in nov ...

A Change of Pace

Every Second

The last drop of the bottle fell out
Reluctant not to crash
Enter fading lights
From top of the stage
Set in broken glass

And all these tears and pain
Silent but screaming
Out every name that ...

A Change of Pace

Goodbye For Now

And when the smoke clears nothings left
Black ashes still fall from the sky
I see a figure standing far away
And a shadow on the ground, but I don't know why

I've lost all hope in you
I want ou ...

A Change of Pace

Home Is Where The Heart Is

say something anything right now
you know im choking on
how bad it hurts
to say goodbye
trust in the words i say to you
its killing me to see you desperate
believe in what you want

just tell ...

A Change of Pace

How To Rape A Country

The beat of war reigns on
Can you hear the sound of marching drums?
And bullets filled the sky
Men kill to show their nation's pride
The smell of death and blood
Lingers off your loved one's clot ...

A Change of Pace

I Never Knew

Everyone is waiting,
for you to come back,
come home.
Everyone is waiting for my
bad habit to start.
And no matter
how hard we try,
things come and go and
eventually pass by.

But not me,
I ...

A Change of Pace

I Wanna Be Your Rock & Roll

Now everybody put on your dance shoes
Its time we all got footloose
Just follow me
I’m making time to cut up the floor
Its in your eyes and I want so much more, that you’re not giving

You’re sh ...

A Change of Pace

I'm Alive

I’m alive when I’m missing you

I’m heading out for the lone star state and flying over Santa Fe
I’m looking out at a mountain range
I brace myself for the life I made
We’re too young at heart, h ...

A Change of Pace

Know One Knows

Cut me open
let me bleed for what I've done
Tell me straight faced
that I'm the only one
Destroy me
Am I not everything you need?
Don't move, don't breathe
As I take every breath from you

Kn ...

A Change of Pace

Loose Lips Sink Ships

So i made you lie!

And we both hope
This will pass by
Through are life lines
Standing broken

Come on tell me
You cant hurt me
Dont ignore the
Lies your bleeding

Entranced in noise
And ...

A Change of Pace

Pearl Summer

You're my Sun, my Moon, my Skies,
your my everything...

You're my Sun, my Moon, my Skies,
Your my everything
And everyday being with you, makes me
Think, what a new day will bring

You're my ...

A Change of Pace

Prepare The Masses

Prepare the masses, cause this means war
And if it's a fight they want, we'll bring the hell they're looking for
With bullets blazing, the cowards hit the floor
Stand up and fight like men, let God ...

A Change of Pace

Queen Of Hearts

My perfect angel, starring at the stars above
I put my hand to your cheek
For one last kiss goodnight, one more small goodbye
So that I don't lose my mind

I can't put this into words through voi ...

A Change of Pace

Recipe For Disaster

To all those listening, this is my story
About a confused girl and a boy that's boring
So either look at me, stupid and awkward
But you leave and tell me it seems much better

So she'll run away ...

A Change of Pace

Safe And Sound In Phone Lines

I found out what I've been missing
You are enough to keep me wondering through the nights that I've spent
In hotels we are only voices
Kept safe and sound in phone lines
The distance ...

A Change of Pace

Sell Out

There are no goodbyes only see you agains
And Minnesota is to far away to picture your eyes
So here's to a love that will be a dying flame
I'll wait for you to come back home

Don't say goodbye j ...

A Change of Pace


There are no goodbyes only see you agains
And Minnesota is to far away to picture your eyes
So here's to a love that will be a dying flame
I'll wait for you to come back home

Don't say goodbye j ...

A Change of Pace

Shoot From The Hip

picture perfect turned to worthless
bittersweet the taste is like ash in my mouth
love we had it you're a bad habit
I'm ready to give you up i give up

silly me for thinking honesty is something ...

A Change of Pace

Take Care

I’m chasing time
Looking for a beat
Open your eyes and repeat after me
You try so hard to find a rhythm in your heartbeat
The less you know the more you want
To try to justify the secrets of your ...

A Change of Pace

The Thin Red Line

Let go!

I don't know
I don't know
How to save you
Breathe into your lungs it's almost over now

Let go!

Hold on tight
Don't let go
I could save you
I could save you
I can't save you any ...

A Change of Pace

War In Your Bedroom

It's a war in your bedroom baby
I’d cut off my tongue for just a taste
of a piece of your flesh my darling
We've got no time to hesitate

The bathroom’s fogging up with our heartbeats, sweat from ...

A Change of Pace

Weekend Warriors

[Note: This song has two versions, the version from the CD, and the Pre-CD version.]

[CD Version:]

Weekends are for the warriors
All those late nights
Walking through front doors at daybreak

A Change of Pace

White Lines And Lipstick

No trigger
This be true
It's our last wish too
Our minds cause us so much that damage boys
You drink our body too
Give me those bright blue eyes
And those luscious lips
And I'll sing this song ...

A Change of Pace

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