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A Kiss Is Worth A Thousand Words

She said, I don't even know you anymore
We're barely friends, we used to be lovers
I remember when I was all that you were living for
Now, we're just living in this house like strangers
I tried to ...

Арон Лайнс


Ohhh Yeah
Oooooo Yeah, Yeah....

Across the miles, it's funny to me....
How far away you are....
But how near you seem to be.
I could talk all night, just to hear you breath
Can spend my life j ...

Арон Лайнс

Dance To The Radio

(Aaron Lines/Blair Daly/Tommy Lee James)

Your daddy wouldn't like it if he knew what
I was thinking right now
But the way you look this evening girl it's hard to keep
Your feet on the ground
It ...

Арон Лайнс

Good Liar

(Brett James/Frank Rogers/Troy Verges)

It was a pretty good performance
Yesterday out on the street
Maybe they should give me an Emmy or an Oscar
Cause you didn't suspect a thing
We made small ...

Арон Лайнс

I Can Read Your Heart

Well, I don't claim to know everything
But some things aren't hard to figure out
I can tell your love for me has been fading
And I know what you want to talk about

Cause I can read your heart
I ...

Арон Лайнс

I Can't Live Without Your Love

Baby how's we wind up,
this far apart?
Using words as weapons.
Like daggers to our hearts.
This stand off of indifference,
isn't solving anything.
But baby I've been thinking,
But would I stand ...

Арон Лайнс

I Wanna Be That Man

(Aaron Lines/Chris Lindsey/Aimee Mayo/Troy Verges)

Baby, when you smile at me
I know that you're all I'll ever need
You're my favorite song to sing
You're my raincoat when it rains
With all my ...

Арон Лайнс

I Will Be There

I don't need no sign.
Don't need no map.
Baby I know right where I'm at,
With you.
I never thought there'd be a time,
But when I felt you're hand in mine,
I knew.

So if you're thinking this i ...

Арон Лайнс

If I Could Do It All Again

(Rivers Rutherford/George Teren)

If I could do it all again
I'd look more in the mirror
Instead of finding someone else to blame
If I could do it all again
I'd do a lot more praying
Less cussi ...

Арон Лайнс

It Takes A Man

She locked her fingers and bowed her head
She said I'm late, and I'm really scared
You can go, but I hope you stay
I'm gonna keep it, either way

In my daddy's el camino
In her driveway in the r ...

Арон Лайнс

Knock On Wood

i've never been the kind of guy
who walks around ladders
and open up umbrellas when im inside
black cats that cross my path,
they never mattered
but i've never had this much at stake
dont wanna ...

Арон Лайнс

Lights Of My Hometown

(Aaron Lines/Steven Dale Jones)

They're not really expecting me
But I know where they hide the key, under the welcome mat
There's no better place than that
Don't know how long I've been gone
Al ...

Арон Лайнс

Living Out Loud

Living Out Loud: Aaron Lines

I'm tired of living in this bubble
So today I'm changing everything
Well, my dream's been buried in the rubble
It's time to set it free
No more keeping quiet this l ...

Арон Лайнс


Where am i, what was that
That made my heart beat so fast
I'm somewhere now that I've never been
So far from the world I was living in

Baby, I'm lost, but I'm not afraid
I know you're the one t ...

Арон Лайнс

Love Changes Everything

Na na na na
Na na na na
Na na na na na na na

Well Bobby had everything
He thought he'd ever need
A fancy new car
And a master's degree
Still he's feelin lost
With no purpose in life
And not ...

Арон Лайнс

Lovers On The Run

(Aaron Lines/Chris Lindsey/Aimee Mayo/Troy Verges)

He said let's steal a car, get outta here
I got money for gas and beer
Let's point this car down a two-lane road
Just follow where the headligh ...

Арон Лайнс

Old Days New

It's Friday night, county road
Seventeen, off we go
It's summertime, not a care in the world
Well I remember

My two best friends and me
Takin' a trip to feel the ocean breeze
Nothing but dream ...

Арон Лайнс

Seeing Things

(Aaron Lines/Blair Daly/Gordon Sampson/Troy Verges)

That night, that dress
Baby, I must confess
I was tongue-tied, but inside
My mind got way ahead of me
I'm stuck in this confusion
Trapped in ...

Арон Лайнс

She Called Me Kansas

We sat and watched the sun come up
With a blanket wrapped around us
We spend all night out on that beach
Couldn't hold her close enough to me
That was love I won't forget
And I still remember wha ...

Арон Лайнс

The American Way

(Aaron Lines/Mark Irwin/Josh Kear)

I grew up under normal conditions
Mom was the radio, Dad was the television
They both were doing the best that they could
Working 50 hour weeks and knocking on ...

Арон Лайнс

This Ain't Living

It's been over ten thousand minutes since you said good-bye
And I've thought about that moment at least a million times
You were standing at the kitchen counter with a single tear in your eye
The d ...

Арон Лайнс

Turn It Up

I like the sound of the ocean crashing
Waves making their way to the beach
I like the sound of the gulf breeze blowing
Holding your hand, the sand on our feet

I like the sound of raindrops danci ...

Арон Лайнс

Turn It Up (I Like The Sound Of That)

I like the sound of the ocean crashing
Waves making their way to the beach
And I like the sound of the Gulf breeze blowin'
Holding your hand, with sand on our feet
I like the sound of raindrops da ...

Арон Лайнс

Twenty Years Late

(Aaron Lines/Monty Powell/Troy Verges)

Hey mom I know that it's late, hope I didn't wake you
Yeah, everything is O.K., just needed to talk to you
Today I had one of those days
But I didn't call ...

Арон Лайнс

Waitin' On The Wonderful

It's way too easy to live this life with your eyes half closed and don't I know.
I spend half my time bored out of my mind sleepwalking.
Well I wake up to this fools parade and I watch the leaves fa ...

Арон Лайнс

What Beautiful Is

First time I saw you girl you lit up the room
How was I supposed to know
Beyond the way that your smile caught my eye
You had something deeper to show

But the power of this emotion has revealed

Арон Лайнс

You Can't Hide Beautiful

She says don't stare at me
She's afraid that I might see
Those 5 extra pounds she talks about
Man, I don't know what she's talking about

She looks through magazines
With every page she dreams o ...

Арон Лайнс

You Can't Hide Beautiful (Corrected Version)

She says don't stare at me
She's afraid that I might see
Those five extra pounds she talks about
Man, I don't know what she's talking about
She looks through magazines
With every page she dreams

Арон Лайнс

You Get The Picture

Barry White, he woke me out of my sleep
"Love Unlimited" on infinite repeat
I live alone, so why's the shower running?
My mind is groggy - my memory's foggy
The smell of incense lingers in the bed ...

Арон Лайнс

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