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I guess you're leaving soon
I can't go on without you
It's useless to try

To love you is so good
To keep you would be so wonderful
Here is my heart that I give
It's all tha ...

Moby Grape


Changes! (Changes!)
Changes! (Changes!)
I'm sure the cure is not there,
Anywhere to be found

Changes! (Changes!)
Changes! (Changes!)
Rearranging things to bring me down

People fill the ai ...

Moby Grape

Come In The Morning

Come in the morning
When the sun is shining
Bring me a dream
With the sun beams climbing

Above my head, yeah
To light another day for me

Stay with me now, tomorrow...
Come what may
Gir ...

Moby Grape

Fall On You

Yes, I know, it's fallin'
Yes, I know, it's fallin'

Did you ever get the feeling
That your baby's gonna set you free?
Won't she tell you why it's over?
Do you sit and wonder "Was it me?"
Y ...

Moby Grape


What a difference a day has made
What a difference a day has made
What a difference and more of the same

What's that song you're singing?
Just a bell ringing in my mind
What's that tune you'r ...

Moby Grape


Listen, my friends!
Listen, my friends!
Listen, my friends!

You thought never but
I'm your's forever
Won't leave you ever

Now my friends
What's gone down behind
No more rain
From where ...

Moby Grape

Sitting By The Window

I was sitting by the window
Watchin' for the rain
The reflection of your picture
Against my window pane

But just the same
I'm playin' my game
And I guess you're playin' it too
Go ahead an ...

Moby Grape


Tomorrow will come.
Though I'm not afraid of today,
That's for sure.

You laughed at me,
For the last time.
You've got to understand,
It just wasn't in the plan.

To me, your l ...

Moby Grape

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