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And Innocence

Beautiful body on the floor
You're so pure and I write
Little messages in blood
On your shining white skin
It's so nice to here
keep it quiet my dear
Forsaken enemy and friend
Cold as ice in ...



Under this dead and faded sun
I disappear and turn to stone
Wake me now

Like a secret mission inside my brain
Falling underneath
The sign of contortion
Bleeding little creatures
da ...



And our father will try again
to reach our bleeding hearts
Whithin sub minds are fragments
of a never ending war

Despite the sorrow
and the loss of reason
His sickened soul will try to touc ...


Closing A Memory

My fire Devine
fit into your lies
And fly
Come Dvine
Wisdom unwise
Pieces entwine

What sis we find at
the end of the path?
Knowing only the cruel guides
the pitiable angel
As we walk si ...



Obsessed by reason
Condemned by treason
In the fait of evil you now lie
Hand on the trigger
I'm no forgiver
So into purgatory you shall burn

Burn the last flame in my eyes

Enchant my ve ...


Eternal Voice

Last dawn be...
It just felt like be already knew
She killed him with all her senses
He was ready to fall

She wanted this what so ever
So attracted to all the pain
She hoped it could last f ...


For The Sake Of Mankind

In a shape of you is despair
I will follow everywhere you go
And break the spell

And just
for the sake of any kind of mankind
You will have to bleed
And bring yourself to rest


I'm Not Dead

To get away from all my grief and my pain
I know there's only one conclusion
I don't remember how my life used to be
but still I've got the right solution
take my life take my life...
now I'm ...


Killing My Thoughts

Don't resist me
I despise all the critical behaviour
All I grudge is your pain
So suffer...

I'll kill your wishes and your future
Sending all your thoughts...

Now you' ...



How can you leave me like this
I can not live or die
I'm in a state of no mind
And all the fear all the pain
Won't ever fade away
It kills me time after time

I connect with your lord answer ...


Left Behind As Pieces

His arm reaches to hit the sun
In a crowd with no one
But it's painted on the wall
Next to all the naked bodies
trailed by mist
Eating the forsaken puzzle
No sign of remorese just a vision
to ...


Lullaby For The Dying

Touch my eyes with yours
Find my hands with yours

I am still I'm not
Decayed and vanished I am
Still I'm not

Forever gathering the stones
From all his dark and shattered walls
The powe ...


Peace? No Peace

I'm inside you
I'm within your mind
All around you
No peace

To terminated
I reclibe you I tebuild you
I decide your breath
Better believe me
Without tension without motion



Black silence in my heart
grey chaos in my head
white loneliness in me
questions tearing me apart
love and hate fighting in me
and it hurt's like I hurt you
like you hurt me
it's all a nightm ...



Where did she take me
can't see a thing here
I try to move but my body doesn't conform me

Just try to rest soon we'll start our journey
then why am I looked up in this cage
now someone opens ...



This dream about her eyes makes me cry...
Night after night...
I can't take this much longer
I need her empathy
I need her to be around me...
Hasn't been here for a while now where is she proba ...


Sound Of Tranquillity

This silence never touched by noise and we're reaching out
I touch the dark spot of your heart
I bring peace...
Why do you bring me to this lake of sorrow
is this some kind of joke
you'd better ...


The Claustraphobic Journey

Drowning in my emptiness
Love is no subject if my hate isn't there
Strangled by the curse of loneliness
pleasure's no subject if pain is not there

I'll take your hand and I will help you figh ...


The Fall

You've got your self
Into this
Into this
Into this bad excuse of a life
I don't now
I don't now
Don't know how

I don't want this it feels like a conspiracy
Blinded just like a
Light of d ...


The Final Thrill

Tied up in a rope of hate
Inside a world of no retreat
She begs the one to let her go
But it's too late

Clouds are passing right outside
As if today were still alive
But she just know this ...


The Moment She Died

Far away from sanity
your screaming gives me pleasure
the only reason I let you live...
is that I want to feel your fright

I fear for my life
I sensed it tolate
the journey has come to an e ...


The Seeker

I'm inside you
I'm within your mind
all around you no peace

I feel him getting closer
nothing to do but wait
just a helpless spectator
as his personality changes
he's here now in my living ...


Through The Eyes Of Sense The Children

Yesterday you killed me
Today I'm only a moment away
You can never escape this
Can't annihilate what you never can see

This is no dream
It is for real
He rules your life

Now that the so ...


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