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30 Days In The Hole

Roll My Tape
Ooh, Ooh, Ooh

Thirty Days...
Anyone Doin' That One?
I'm Doin' That One

30 Days In The Hole
30 Days In The Hole
30 Days In The Hole

All Right All Right All Right All Righ ...

Kick Axe

Alive And Kickin'

Cut It
Got Your Arm Around
All The Rules Are Gone
We're Gonna Get Away With Anything
This Time

And Whole Responsibility
Lose All Your Sensibility
Come On Let's Break The Law And C ...

Kick Axe

All The Right Moves

Well Hey Have You Seen Her
She's All Over Town
Oh Hey Have You Seen Her
She Sure Gets Around
All Those Talks About Her
There She's Goes
(She Goes Right Down)
Who Will The Next Clown Yeah
Wel ...

Kick Axe

Can't Take It With You

Sweet Nothin - What's Sweet About That
What's The Sense In Holdin' It Back
I'm Fired Up Baby Let's Ignite
You Say "Maybe" Honey I Say "Now"
Don't Go Sayin' That You Don't Know How
The Sooner ...

Kick Axe

Comin' After You

[Endless Highways, Following The Sun
Flying By The Light Of The Moon
A Caravan Of Renegades A Band On The Run
Knowin' City Lights Will Be Visible Soon
And As We Drive Down Broadway
The Wor ...

Kick Axe


In This Place I Am One With The Sound,
Just One Last Chance I Hope You Can Be Found,
In My Dreams I Hunger After You,
If Only You Would Make My Dreams Come True,
There Must Be Some Way I Can B ...

Kick Axe

Dreamin' About You

Beyond The Words
Of Beauty And Desire
A Memory Of You
Sets Me On Fire
Your Voice Was Magic
Your Eye's Will Paralyze
I Fell Out Of Your Spell
I Was Mesmerized

I Wish You Would M ...

Kick Axe

Feel The Power

Feel The Vibration So Electric
It Can Really Shake You Down
This Current Flows Inside Of Me
It's Like A Shock Wave Underground

I Feel My Blood Surge, I Feel My Primal Urge
I Feel The Power

Kick Axe

Feels Good - Don't Stop

I Feel So Hungry And You're Such A Treat
Unwrap The Candy Ooh It Tastes So Sweet
My Engine Roars Every Time You Turn The Key
Foot To The Floor, Now You're Drivin' Me

Ha Ha - What You Doin?
Ah ...

Kick Axe


Step Aside, Run And Hide
The Beast Has Broken Loose From Inside
See Me Laugh, Hear Me Howl
It Won't Be Silent Till I'M Satisfied

I Feel The Heat
I Got The Fever
This Fire's Outta Control


Kick Axe


When I see what I want
I'm going to take it
If it's against some law
You can bet I'll break it
My need to feed
Gives me the will to survive
I gotta find it fast
To keep me alive

I can't ...

Kick Axe

Magic Man

The Smell Of A Fiest Was In The Air
And Street Merchants Everywhere
In The Caverns Brave Men Told Stories
Of Mystic Lands And Magic Glories

In His Flowing Robes He Stood, High Above The Crow ...

Kick Axe

Make Your Move

It's The Name Of The Game
We're All Standin' In The Middle Of The Firing Range
Oh The Line, Outta Time
And Surrender Is The Ultimate Crime
No Mistake - Got To Take
The Winners Aren't The Ones

Kick Axe


Look At Whose Comin Now Movin' Lion Unleashed
Lickin' Her Lips She's Ready To Begin Her Feast
Hips Cocked In A Tailspin Knees Scrapin' On The Floor
Know Just What To Give Her As She Screams And ...

Kick Axe


Just How Many Men, Have Paid The Price Of Your Gaze?
An How Many Blinded Heros Spending Lost Days In Your Maze
It's Power It's Reflection, Your Image Was Shown
I Turned Turned Around Then,
I T ...

Kick Axe

Never Let Go

When All The Walls Come Crashing Down
And The Whole World Turns Upside Down
When Everyone Else Who Was Here Is Gone
And The Dusk Never Makes It To The Dawn
Whatever Happens, You'll See
There'll ...

Kick Axe

Nothin's Gonna Stand In Our Way

The fortunate ones
To be fast and free and young
I want to count myself among
The fortunate ones

We won't be denied
We know that time is on our side
We've got the passion and the pride
We ...

Kick Axe

On The Road To Rock

I See It
Start Your Motor, People Let's Go
You Can Feel It, Let It Go
I Wanna Hear You Shout (Hey) Shout It Out Loud
I Wanna Hear You Scream And Scream That I'm Proud

Get On The Road To Rock

Kick Axe

Red Line

Here I Am,
Standing In The Rut Again,
In The Man,
I Tell You Where And When

Oh 'cause I Got The Fire,
A Hearts Desire,
Raging Passion Gone Out Of Control,
I Mean What I Say,
And I'm Taking ...

Kick Axe

Running Wild In The Streets

I'm Looking To Beat Hell, Looks Like
I've Got To Run To Be The Leader
As My Forces Yell, You Can Hear 'em, Can't You Hear Them?

All The Way-We'll Go The Distance
All The Way-Stand Behind Me No ...

Kick Axe

The Chain

Listen To The Wind Blow
Watch The Sun Rise

Run In The Shadows
Damn Your Love
Damn Your Lies

And If
You Don't Love Me Now
You Will Never Love Me Again
You Would Never Break The Chain

L ...

Kick Axe

The Great Escape

We May Not Make It,
We're Runnin, Runnin For Our Lives
Our Freedoms At Stake And Time Is On Our Side
Break The Chains And Over The Wall
Hide In The Shadows We'll Fool Them All,
The Siren Sounds ...

Kick Axe

Too Loud... Too Old

1 - 2 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4
Well This Ain't Heaven And This Ain't Hell
Just Somewhere In Between
An Awesome Sight, It's Dynamite
Like Nothing That You've Ever Seen

With A Mighty Roar, F ...

Kick Axe


We Sense The Mighty Swarm,
Right Like Before
We Hear The Thunder Knocking Down The Front Door
The Threat Is Near,
We'll Take No More
We Close Our Gates Now,
It Looks Like War

Call For The ...

Kick Axe

We Still Remember

In The Days Of The Haze, The Color Was Deep Purple
And Our Heads Would Never Be The Same
A Distant Metal Voice, Gives Us No Choice
We Ride The Killing Machine

Like A Wheel That Keeps On Turn ...

Kick Axe

Welcome To The Club

Now When He Was Young And A Crazy Reckless Boy
He Was Out To Get His Kicks, He Was Out To Enjoy
If It Gave Him Pleasure, If It Got Him High
If It Makes Him Cool It Was Worth A Try
But Now He's G ...

Kick Axe

With A Little Help From My Friends

What Would You Do If I Sang Out Of Tune
Would You Stand Up And Walk Out On Me
Lend Me Your Ears And I'll Sing You A Song
And I'll Try Not To Sing Out Of Key

I Get By With A Little ...

Kick Axe

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