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3 A.M. (feat. Timbaland)

[Intro: Timbaland]
Uh, ay, uh, ay, uh, ay, ay, ay
[mumbling] Here we go, here we go
Let's get it

[Verse 1: Young Jeezy]
It's Young Jizzle and I'm back with Timbo (whoa)
With another hit, y ...

Янг Джеззи

Air Forces

I went from old school Chevy's to drop top porches
You couldn't walk a mile off in my Air Forces
And you ain't seen what I've seen
I can get a 100,000 in these Sean John jeans
I went from ol ...

Янг Джеззи

And Then What

(feat. Mannie Fresh)

First I'm going to stack my flow
Then I'm going to stack some more
Close shop then I do my count
Hide the rest of the yams at my auntie house
Get fresh and jump in o ...

Янг Джеззи


(feat. Lil Scrappy, T.I.)

Hit 'em up, peace up, A-town down
Hit 'em up, peace up, A-town down
Hit 'em up, peace up, A-town down
If you ain't from round here dog don't even come ...

Янг Джеззи

Bottom Of The Map


It's young jizzle from the bottom of the map
got a 50 round clip on the bottom of the strap
(ay) [5x]
I do it for the trappers with tha-tha-tha rocks
and them ole G niggas with th ...

Янг Джеззи

Bury Me A G


Four shots to the chest, my niggas get at me
They don' fucked around and fucked up my new white tee
I'm just livin my life, why they mad at me
Woke up this morning, I ain't see th ...

Янг Джеззи

Don't Get Caught

Shit man fuck
[Police Officer]
Drivers license and registration pleez
Hey whats up sir umm, look umm
[Police Officer]
Sir could you pleez step out tha car
O ...

Янг Джеззи


This one for the hood rite here
Song dedicated for anybody out dere got sum dreams
Dont give up on yo dreams real talk
Ya ready kiese lets go

Dreamin.....Dreamin......Dreami ...

Янг Джеззи

Gangsta Music

I'm here now you old news
Gotta couple porshe trucks, couple old schools
I'll line ya ass up push ya tape backwards
Cuz ima real nigga I don't like rappers
And that ain't this and this ain't ...

Янг Джеззи

Get Ya Mind Right

[Young Jeezy]
I'm the realest nigga in here you already know
Got trapper of the year four times in a row (what they give you?)
A lifetime supply of baking soda clientele
A Rolly Watch, two p ...

Янг Джеззи

Go Crazy

[Verse 1]
Guess whos bizzack
Still smell the blow on my clothes
Like crispy cream I was cooking them o's
Like horseshoes I was tossin them o's
Time to re-up gotta recycle the ...

Янг Джеззи

Go Crazy (Remix)

[Young Jeezy]
Guess who's bizzack (Back)
Still smell the blow in my clothes
Like Krispy Kreme, I was cookin them O's (Cookin them O's)
Like Horse shoes, I was tossin them O's
Time to re-up go ...

Янг Джеззи

Go Getta (feat. R. Kelly)

You Kno We Trap All Day Play All Night Dis Is Da Life Of A Go Getta (Ey) Go Getta (Ey) Go Getta (Yea)
U In Da Club U C A Bad Bitch Point Her Out (Oh) Yea U Damn Right Ima (Ey)
You ...

Янг Джеззи

Grey Goose

Feat. Yo Gotti And All-Star

[All Star]

Yea This iS All Star Cashvilles Prince
From Cashville M town To ATL
Wen Ya iN Da Club And its A Hater iN Your Face
Go To The Bar Order Your Grey ...

Янг Джеззи


Quit acting shorty, you know you wanna holla(You know you
wanna holla), you know you wanna hollaQuit acting shorty,
you know you wanna holla(You know you wanna holla), you
know you wanna hol ...

Янг Джеззи


[Verse 1:]
(Ay Ay Ay Ay Ay Ay Ay)
Class In Session When I Talk Then Listen But U Know How It Go Real Niggas Pay Attention Aint Talkin
Money We Speakin A Different Language The Hatin Niggas Gonn ...

Янг Джеззи

I Got Money

[verse 1]
all i no is the sky is blue and the coupe is new, if ya moneys right the coke is white, the birds fly south every year in the night, gotta get it how u
live motha fuck them hataz, get ...

Янг Джеззи

I Luv It

Ride till I die, Lord knows stay high, and I love it
Let's go!

We count hundreds on the table, twentys on the floor
Fresh outta work and on the way with some more
An ...

Янг Джеззи


[Jeezy: talking]
It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood
All's well that ends well
Outside watering their lawn and shit
Birds are chirping, dogs are barking
It's beautiful
That may be your ...

Янг Джеззи

Keep It Gangsta

You niggas doing way too much nigga.
You tryin to bite my style, steal my swag.
You wanna know how to do it I'll give you the recipe.
Let's go.

I keep it gangsta an ...

Янг Джеззи

Last Of A Dying Breed

(feat. Trick Daddy, Young Buck, Ill Will)

[Young Jeezy verse:]
Welcome to da life of a young thug nigga (jea)
Only hang out wit dem criminals and dem drug dealers (ayyy)
I'm from even wher ...

Янг Джеззи

Let's Get It / Sky's The Limit

Tryin to get Boston George and Diego money
And stack it all up like Lego money
Played with them blocks call it Tetris
Real talk a hundred carats in my necklace
Look up in the sky and tell me ...

Янг Джеззи

Mr. 17.5


[Verse 1: Young Jeezy]
New shoes on the range rover, good one man (vrrooomm)
Motherfuckers acting like I aint' supposed to shine
I aint' the 1, definately not the ...

Янг Джеззи

My Hood

Every time I do it I do it for my hood [repeat 2X]
And every time I do it I do it for yo hood
And every time I do it I do it for they hood
It's understood I do it for the hood

The streets ...

Янг Джеззи

Over Here

[Chorus: Young Jeezy]
We getting money over here what it do pimpin
See you boys tipping but you boys ain't tipping
Hold up a yeah it's something wrong wit it
If the money gon' nigga be the fuck ...

Янг Джеззи

Soul Survivor

(feat. Akon)

Akon and Young Jeezy
Tryin' to take it easy
Only way to go
And So...

[Chorus (Akon):]
If you lookin' for me I'll be on the block
With my thang coc ...

Янг Джеззи

Standing Ovation

[Young Jeezy]
Ay, jeah
Jeah, ay, ay, ay

[Young Jeezy]
I told 'em straight drop this and ziplock that
Right on my waistline is where I kept that strap (yeeeeah)
I re ...

Янг Джеззи

Still On It

Ya ya ey ya
Im back muthafuckas ya
Haha haha haha
This sounds like one nigga
I aint tryna sale 10 million copies nigga
Im tryna sale a million 10 times nigga
Its anotha anthem right ...

Янг Джеззи

Streets On Lock

Ay….Ay….Ay….Chea….Ay ….Ay….
Let’s get it

[Verse 1]
These niggas just hating they ain’t talking bout shit
I’m a grown ass man I flip my own brick

Янг Джеззи

Talk To Em

Like the person needs his soul ?uh huh, jeah?
Fight the will ?ay? to need his own ?ay, ay, ay?
?Just talk to em for a minute, ay just talk to em for a minute?
Like the baby ?ay? needs to cry ?uh ...

Янг Джеззи

Tear It Up

(feat. Lloyd, Slick Pulla)

[Girl] Jeezy?...
[Jeezy] What up.
[Girl] Where u at?
[Jeezy] Shit I?m in tha hood where u think I?m at man ya kno, shit...
[Girl] Still commin ova?

Янг Джеззи

That's How Ya Feel

Yeah, ay
Ay nigga
If you at the light right now nigga
And the nigga sweating you my nigga
Looking at you cause you got the big boy shoes on ya shit my nigga
Ay roll down ya motherfu ...

Янг Джеззи

The Realist

[Young Jeezy: Talking]

Ride on these niggaz
I ride on these niggaz
I ride on these niggaz (hahaaa)
I ride on these niggaz

Let's get it!

[Verse 1: Young Jeezy]

Super charger, the sam ...

Янг Джеззи

Thug Motivation 101

Ay, ay, check out the man, check out the man,
Ay, ay, check out the man check out the man
"lets get it"

I used to hit the kitchen lights "lights" cockroaches everywhere
Hit the kitchen lig ...

Янг Джеззи

Trap Or Die

(feat. Bun B)

[Young Jeezy]
Last time I checked I was the man on these streets
They call me residue, I leave blow in these beats
Got diareah flow, now I shit on niggaz
Even when I'm cons ...

Янг Джеззи


I'm a t-r-a-p-s-t-ar
Got the city on lock, big shoes on the car
And she likes it (she likes it nigga) Ay
And she likes it (chyeah)
(Lets get it) Got the city on smash
Streets on click cloc ...

Янг Джеззи

U Know What It Is

[Intro: Shwaty Redd]
Ay bruh, I'ma tell you on some real shit homie
You know what I'm sayin', you can't let this shit get to you dog
Know what I'm sayin', it aint no pressure out there my nigga

Янг Джеззи

What You Talkin' Bout

When I done it you know I did it to death (death)
So sit back and hold ya breath (just hold ya breath)
I don't know about them
I really ran these streets
So listen up as shit get deep (Let's G ...

Янг Джеззи

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