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Фил Вассар Фил Вассарпевец, поэт-песенник

Amazing Grace

I took a drive today
Saw an old willow tree
I thought about a bedroom window
I thought about you and me
And talk about an endless summer
I'm still livin' it now
Burning in the heat of midnig ...

Фил Вассар

American Child

I was 10
I was thin
I was playin first base
With a second hand glove
And dirt on my face
In nowhere Virginia
Who'd ever figure that kid in the yard
Would go very far
Cuz 419 Lakewood had no ...

Фил Вассар

Athens Grease

If you're headin' south on
Georgia one twenty-nine
Straight into Athens past the Clark County line
There's an old Texaco right across
From the Athens Woolworth
Billy Joe Taylor's underneath tha ...

Фил Вассар

Baby, You're Right

Well maybe lately I've been acting a little bit strange
And maybe there's a few things
I need to explain
So what if I call you at work for now reason
And I sent you those flowers today
So wha ...

Фил Вассар

Black And Whites

So many choices in my life these days
So much confusion so many shades of gray
That sometimes I don't know my left from my right
But I've got these old black and whites
Well, I'm every color th ...

Фил Вассар


I was lousy at math, a failed history an'
Carlene was the valedictorian
I was quarterback in the back of the class
She was the whiz kid in the horned-rim glasses
It'd been a long time since I' ...

Фил Вассар

Dancin' With Dreams

We were eighteen and nineteen
And paired off on Saturday nights
Down in the basement, big killer stereo
Dimmer switch on the lights

Jane was a dancer, Paul was a drummer
Christine was ...

Фил Вассар

Didn't You Know She's Gone

Said the cloud to the sun, "Today's no time to shine"
Didn't you know she's gone
Said the rain to the moon, "You're not needed tonight"
Didn't you know she's gone
You can keep your magical ...

Фил Вассар

Drive Away

Things are too simple, things are too hard
Nobody's happy with the way things are
Looking for the quick fix, the short term loan
Got to rent 'cause you might not be here long enough to own

Фил Вассар

Erase You

Bad Move, baby I let you in,
Your a tatoo, under my under my skin,
And I can't wash it off,
It's a permanent mark,

I try to let it go,
I try to chill,
Still I feel I'm under your sp ...

Фил Вассар

Forgettin's So Long

One twenty-two fifty nine Oak Drive
Rolls off my tongue like a nursery rhyme
Wooden numbers on the front of your house
Where we fell in love
Little things they stick in my mind
Like they hap ...

Фил Вассар

Gone by Dawn

So much for finishing what we started
But don't take it personal if I'm not broken-hearted
I've had enough, I'll sleep you off
Your memory ain't so tough
Right now I'm hurtin'
But one th ...

Фил Вассар

Good Ole Days

I work my job all the way to the weekend
Call all my buddies, ask where you been
Let's get together somewhere, seven o'clock
Wanna pop a top, pop a top
Wanna go, wanna roll, wanna rock it

Фил Вассар

Here To Forget

Joe's drinkin Tequila Sunrise
Kati's sippin Sex On the Beach
Maria loves those blue margaritas
She likes em garnished with peach

I dig these dirty martinis
I like em shaken not stirred
I c ...

Фил Вассар


It's been three days, two hours
And a minute
Since she blasted off breaking every speed limit
As fast and far away from me
As she could get
Well, she said, you'll straighten up one way or ano ...

Фил Вассар

I Miss The Innocence

Not a worry in the world
A crazy boy and a pretty girl
Man life was simple then
Nothing that we had to do
No one to answer to
'til reality stepped in
We're growing up
We've changed so much

Фил Вассар

I Thought I Never Would Forget

I went back in time today a box I thought
I'd thrown away
Had fallen off the basement shelf,
I tripped and almost hurt myself
Scattered there across the floor
A New Year's Eve hat from '94
T ...

Фил Вассар

I'll Be the One

You'll never know, how much you touch my soul
You're so beautiful and I'm so gone
Please understand, I'm only just a man
But I'll give you all I am
From here and now on

I'll be the one
The o ...

Фил Вассар

I'll Take That as a Yes (The Hot Tub Song)

You like a dozen wine-red roses
Candle light on a porcelain set table, and that's fine
I'll go out of my way for you anytime (that's right)
The fire's warm, so you take off your sweater, now it ...

Фил Вассар

I'm Already Gone

I suppose I could stop it now
And say I didn't need it anyhow
Just walk away and let it go
Tip my hat and try to play it cool
To keep myself from being made a fool
I could pretend you don't a ...

Фил Вассар

In a Real Love

Well I was eightteen, making minimum wage
With a letterman jacket and a Chevrolet
Thought I was cool
Yeah, I ruled the school
You were cum laude with the strawberry lips
Had the whole world d ...

Фил Вассар

Joe & Rosalita

Joe and Rosalita, look'em up in the year book
Even then they had that wild-in-love crazy look
Joe's car on Friday night, after the ball game
Steam so thick on the windows
They could write ...

Фил Вассар

Just Another Day in Paradise

The kids screamin, phone ringin
The dog barkin at the mailman bringin that stack of bills, overdue
Good mornin baby, how are you?
Gotta half hour, quick shower
Take a drink of milk but the mil ...

Фил Вассар

Like I Never Loved Before

I guess I gave myself to someone
Maybe a time or two
Well I tried, I went through the motions
What was I supposed to do
Well I spun my wheels, I wasted so much time
And then with you I f ...

Фил Вассар

Lucky as Me

Ain't got a BMW
I've got a truck note overdue
I ain't a millionare it's true
But I got it all when I got you
The rich man's got nothin' on me
No there ain't anybody

As lucky as me, I ...

Фил Вассар

Nobody Knows Me Like You

If I said I'd be fine on my own
Oh no, it wouldn't be true
I'd be half the man that I am
Oh nobody knows me like you

So many troubles in this crazy, crazy world
And sometimes it's just too m ...

Фил Вассар

Rose Bouquet

We were something, you and me
Yeah, we had them rolling in the aisles
We got it right once, didn't we
We had our shot and missed it by a mile
Forget the bitter end
Can you remember when

We ...

Фил Вассар

Six-Pack Summer

Winter sure was cold and miserable
Cooped up, shut down, baby it was pitiful
Anyhow, it's over now
We owe to ourselves to have a little fun
The pace car's pacin' now the green flag's wavin' ...

Фил Вассар

Someone You Love

My moment of need was my finest hour
But all I needed was someone to make me
Turn myself around
I could see by the way we never talk
And how we're always separated
By the room
'til all t ...

Фил Вассар

Somewhere in Between

Sometimes I forget, then I remember
Sometimes I hold on, then I let go
Sometimes I fight, then I surrender
Losing you's been harder than you'll ever know
I'm just caught here halfway there

Фил Вассар

Stand Still

In the spring I dreamed of summer
To feel the sunlight on my skin
But in the heat I'd start to hunger
For that autumn chill again
I always spent my time anticipating
Things to come
But now ...

Фил Вассар

That's When I Love You

When I hear you stop and laugh out loud
When you're falling fast asleep
You're in the middle of the crowd
When you're lying close to me
When I hear you softly say my name
When you're high and ...

Фил Вассар

This Is God

Hey, this is God
could I please have your attention
there's a need for intervention
Man, I'm dissappointed in what I'm seeing

Yeah, this is God
you fight each other in my name
treat life l ...

Фил Вассар

Time's Wastin'

We could sit around and talk about the ins and outs
Of why we shouldn't take a chance
Be so afraid it's gonna rain we sit and miss a sunny day
To avoid the circumstance
There's a million and one ...

Фил Вассар

Ultimate Love

Never seen the Mona Lisa
Never walked across the moon
Never been to Casa Blanca
But I've been to Cancun
I'll never make the Fortune 500
On what I get paid

Please don't pity me,
'Cause I ...

Фил Вассар

What Happens in Vegas

All the girls at the office win every year
They come back with secrets and cheap souvenirs
They beg her to go
They say you don't know what you're missing
But her boyfriend, Bobby, was a cl ...

Фил Вассар

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