Ain't Gonna Stop

(James Otto / Big Kenny / John Rich / Nikki Sixx)

I got a blonde bombshell in my black Corvette
Burnin' down the rubber like a hot cigarette
Ain't found nothin' that will hold me yet
Feels a ...

Damn Right

(James Otto / Monty Powell)

You can always find me here
Raisin hell and drinkin beer
With all my good-time buddies
Cuttin up and havin fun
Yeah the jokes can be on me
And I dont mind usua ...

Drink & Dial

(James Otto / John Rich / Vicky McGehee)

Well my good buddy John likes to tie one on
And get drunk on Friday nights
And hes just fine till the beer and shine combine
Then hes Jekyll and Hyde

For You

(Jim Brown / Liz Hengber)

You could call me anytime and Id come running
Id go to hell and back to rescue you
Id give up my soul and everything I own
If thats what you want, Id do that for y ...


I wonder where she is tonight
Is she alone or did she find
What she needed from me
I guess I got what I deserve
How could I do on hurtin' her that way
And think she'd stay
I found it sittin' ...

Just Got Started Lovin' You

1st Verse

You don't have to go now, honey
Call and tell 'em you won't be in today
Baby, there ain't nothin' at the office
So important it can't wait

1st Chorus

I'm thankful for the weekend ...

Last Thing I Do

I've been livin' on truck stop coffee
Cigarettes and vitamin C
It's a wonder that the Devil ain't caught me
I guess he's tired of playin' hide and seek
I've been drivin' like I'm struck by lig ...

Long Way Down

Sittin' in the seat of my old Olds
Pretty city lights down far below
Sittin' there soakin' up all of the heat of the fire
You slide a little closer and whisper in my ear
Never even get around to o ...

Lowdown On The Highlife

He played guitar in a honky-tonk band
He drank Jack Daniels, black label brand
He was the life of the party
Till they closed down the bar
In the eyes of a young boy, he was a star

(Chorus:) ...

Miss Temptation

I pick up the phone that's ringin' inside my head
It's your old familiar voice drippin' like honey
Sayin', "C'mon, c'mon, let's tie one on
Your know I can be there in a heartbeat, baby, if you' ...

Misspent Youth

Seventeen and innocent
I wonder where all the years went
Lookin' back on a youth misspent
God, I miss those days

All the chances that we took
Always leaped and never looked
I tell you I co ...

Never Say Goodbye

Your bags are packed
And your cab's out back
Guess it's too late to change your mind
But before you leave
Do one thing for me
Just turn around
And look me in the eyes

And say y ...

She Knows

She walks around late at night
In my old Allman Brothers t-shirt
And not much else
There's a hint of her perfume
In the air, she lets her hair dry
All by itself
Then she shits down next to me an ...

Song Of The Violin

The last fifty years
Have seen laughter and tears
And your hair slowly fade to gray
Your children are grown now
And it's hard to believe
How the years have just all slipped away


Sunday Morning And Saturday Night

My ol' man was a contradiction
A real hard man to figure
He'd read the King James Bible
While sippin' on corn liquor
He'd get drunk, and he'd get to preachin'
Right out on the porch
Alternat ...

Sunset Man

(James Otto / Shannon Lawson / John Rich)

I used to wake up early every day
Just to feel the sunrise on my face
Me and my woman in the front porch swing
Listenin to the mornin mockingbird sing ...

The Ball

If I hadn't dropped the ball, I would've took it all the way
Homecoming '89 with ten seconds left to play
We were drivin' toward the goal line, they were screamin' in the stands
I had the chanc ...

The Days Of Our Lives

Well I left for work in a hurry
I rushed out the door without saying goodbye
I didn't tell her I loved her this mornin'
But I'll tell her tonight I thought to myself

An as I hurried off towards ...

The Man That I Am

(Cory Mayo / Craig Wiseman)

Where do you go when no ones watching
Only you can see
I want to know how hot is that fire you burn for me
Cause all my life girl Ive been waiting
On a love tha ...

These Are The Good Ole Days

(James Otto / Shannon Lawson)

Im wastin half of my life just lookin back
Thinkin all of my good times were in the past
Aint no joy to be found livin life like that
I couldnt feel the suns ...

When A Woman's Not Watching

(James Otto / Kim Williams / Larry Shell)

First thing he does when he boards the plane
Is slip off that wedding ring and orders a stiff drink
Theres a blonde in the window seat
Shes lookin go ...

Where Angels Hang Around

(James Otto / Monty Criswell)

A hundred miles out of Little Rock
Windshield full of rain
I-40 eastbound drivin while I pray
Shes asleep in the backseat
Holdin tight to her teddy bear
Shes ...

You Don't Act Like My Woman

(James Otto / Monty Powell / Jay DeMarcus / Roger Riley)

Weve been fussin and fightin about what I dont understand
Theres a distance between us and tonight youre forcin ...