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Album Intro

[P. Diddy (intro talking)]
Dis Bad Boy South bitch Block Entertainment
Ladies and Gentleman
Im about top introduce to you (Itz about dat time)
4 of tha realest niggaz to come up out tha hoo ...

Boyz N Da Hood

Bitches & Bizness

We gone do it like this
From the A-T-L
all the way down to the 305 MIA
Cocaine capital nigga
yeah the boyz n da hood

The bizness is bitches
the pussy i keep in my pocket
the niggas k ...

Boyz N Da Hood

Boyz N Da Hood (Interlude)

Yea Ok ok Ok ok
lets do it
boyz n da hood (alright) (waz up)
yea lets go lets go
ok ok ok ok

Its ya boy Jody Breeze
Gee (BY)
big Duke
Young Jeezy
(yea Ok) ya kno wut im talkin ...

Boyz N Da Hood

Carbon 15's, A.K.'s & Mac 11's

Geyeah! Geyeah - ayyy
Get it Boyz N Da Hood nigga, Boyz N Da Hood
Ayy, ayy

[Chorus: Boyz N Da Hood]
Carbon 15's, AK's and Mac 11's
Bout to send you pussy niggaz on a stairway to heaven
Ayy ...

Boyz N Da Hood

Dem Boyz

[Intro: P. Diddy]
Bad Bouth South,
Block Entertainment.
I see you block!
Boyz N Da Hood.
I like this joint right here.
Y'all ready?
Come on.
Lets ride.
Its Boyz N Da Hood, nigga (B ...

Boyz N Da Hood

Dem Boyz (Remix) (feat. Game, The, T.I. and Young Jeezy)

(Young Jeezy)
Bring it back, bring it back, bring it back (back, back)

Yeah, yeah yeah, ay
What it is Block?
Boyz N Da Hood
Let's ride nigga

Ay, ain't no introduction needed ...

Boyz N Da Hood

Don't Put Your Hands on Me

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
You can talk all the fuck you want (don't put your hands on me)
Betcha ass gon' get stomped (don't put your hands on me)
You better get the fuck up out my face (don't put your ...

Boyz N Da Hood


Whats up with partner, Where he live, Where he stay at
Where the ice, where the bread, where the cake at?
I'm telling you man you don't want it with dem boyz,
Everyone of them got fel ...

Boyz N Da Hood


Rock this mic
Jody Breeze, Young Jeezy, Big Gee, Duke
Eazy E, Wiz, Block E-N-T
Boyz N Da Hood, Bad Boy, E Serm, Lets Go

[Jody Breeze]
From the A all the way to Compton
They say th ...

Boyz N Da Hood

Happy Jamz

Racisim at an all tyme high and the acodimy fuked up wtf we partyn fo man

youll never hear me make no happy jamz, these niggaz love me fo who i am, i get mi muny i go get mi
frendz, sip on sum ...

Boyz N Da Hood

If U A Thug

Yup yup ok
ya ya
boyz n da hood
ay ya
lets go
ay ya
jody breeze big duke young jeezy gee


if u a thug gone show us shorty rush a nigga
if us a hustla cop ...

Boyz N Da Hood

Keep It N Da Hood 2Night

Ok ok
boyz n da hood
ya lets go
smoke sum smoke sum
lets ride ay lets ride a lets ride

well even do u look good 2night, ay we gona keep it on da hood 2night, in da hood ...

Boyz N Da Hood

Lay It Down

Gon turn this one up right here pimp if ya ballin in da club yall already kno

I lay this whole club down
(la la la la la la la la)
get ya hands up but i aint here to party

Boyz N Da Hood


Look, Look, Look, Look [x2]

You can catch me in the middle of Atlanta nigga (Look)
In the cracks and the crevises of the ghetto nigga (look)
Gone rep you is gonna catch you on a stre ...

Boyz N Da Hood

No Talkin

[Jody Breeze]
Ay, I got a .45 magnum kitted
And you will rarely see me grab my dick without grabbing it with it
If you want, I can tag ya with it
And you can tell ya fam cause I'll let ya wh ...

Boyz N Da Hood

Pussy M.F.'s

[Hook: Trick Daddy]
So you say you want it, but
If you really want it, you
Got to come and get it, you pussy motherfucker
So you say you want it, but
If you really want it, you
Got to come and ...

Boyz N Da Hood

Still Slizzard

I got my granny up knocking at my bedroom door but I'm... Still Slizzard from the night before.
I got my patna in da lac talkin bout let's go but I'm... Still Slizzard from the night before.
He ...

Boyz N Da Hood

Trap Niggaz

[[Chorus: Young Jeezy] + (Jody Breeze)
Well they done put you on a track with a well known trap and
(Hell, I'm well known myself so I might as well trap withcha)
Shit can get crazy dawg, I hop ...

Boyz N Da Hood

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