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 Wykked Wytch Wykked Wytchсмесь death, thrash, black и gothic metal с добавлением чисто американского хардкора

Angelic Vengeance

They Betrayed The Master
Victimized Her Down Below
Death To Hypocrites, Liars, Their Blind Slaves
Mortal Christ Has Come, Justice Is Final
We Brought Sin And Death Upon You
I Crave Blood, I Sha ...

Wykked Wytch

Bastards Are Mine

Awaited Time Has Arrived
These Killing Desires Shall Be Met
For The Last Disciples
Final Summons Serves My Revenge
Bastards Are Mine
Bastards Are Mine
Fear The Master's Intentions
Pu ...

Wykked Wytch

Cursed Destiny

Is This The Face, You Despise To Hate
My Desperation Pulling Me To The End
It's Final, It's Near, lt's Too Late

Despair I Felt For Years
Today Is A Good Day To Fade
Could I Scrape The Wounds ...

Wykked Wytch

Eternal Lies

The Sun Stop Shining
When Someone Dies Eternal Lies
Angels Are Not Saviors To The God That I Sacrificed
I Have No Weakness, My Strength You Will Fear
I'm Not A Believer Of Your Eternal Lies


Wykked Wytch

Fatal Intention

What lies Beneath, Shadow Of The Doubt
We Are The Nation, Misguided Children
Bribery Is Their Only Sources
To Keep Me Alive
Others Ignore My Existence
Cause I Have Fatal Intentions
There Are T ...

Wykked Wytch

Forgiveness Denied

On The Day After, I Came Back For Domination
There Was No Hope For The Future
No Civilisation, No Humanity
No Cure For This Crisis
This Land Lies In Ruins
They Welcome Starvation
Hunger Is Tha ...

Wykked Wytch

Fuck Your Lord

Creatures Of The Dark,
Waiting To Be Raised Awaken All The Frozen Souls
Redeeming My Crimes,
Before The Judgment CallI Come For The III Entity,
Now Pay The Price
Fuck Your Lord, I Condemn You F ...

Wykked Wytch


Looking At The Mirror Who Do I See
Dark Circles Around My Eyes
Desperate Woman
Is This Who You Wanna Be

Is It Something I Said
Why Blame Anyone
Maybe It Is Your Illfate
It Is Your Illfate

Wykked Wytch

Many Lives

Liars... Lies...
Betrayal Makes Me Realize I Have No One To Trust
Religion Is Man Made, To Make Me Fear
I Wanna Die, Don't Need Your Sympathy
Everyone Wants Piece Of Me
But I Rise Above

No ...

Wykked Wytch


Praise Your Glory; Here I Am
The Exalted Are Disguised
I'm At Their Throats
Vengeance On The World
Punish The Disciples
Put Them Six Feet Under
Let Them Praise In My Name
Enemies At Their Dem ...

Wykked Wytch

Rising From The Abyss

As I Rise From The Abyss
I Bring The Hate Of Legions Wait For My Sign
The Blood Will Fall Like Rain The Dead Will Call On Me Rise... Rise... From The
I Have Come Back To Reclaim My Throne ...

Wykked Wytch

Seduced By Fear

Fear Is Within, Like Dripping Blood
I Can't Run From It
Awareness Not Helping
I'm Lost In My Words
Sentence Me To My Despair
Mentally Mute Deteriorated
Forgive Me If I'm Deprived

I Fear No ...

Wykked Wytch

The Soul Awaits

I Send This False Being To Search My Entity
Soul I Have Not Seen Awaits For Me

Soul Awaits Soul Awaits Soul Awaits

Emptiness I've Felt Disables Me
Is There Meaning To This Senseless Fight

Wykked Wytch

To Die...Before My Time

To Die...
To Die...
Dark Shroud Covers My Soul
From Hell To Eternity
Faith Does Not Exist
That's My Destiny
All I Have Are Vicious Memories
This Is How It Was Meant To Be
Dark Shroud From Et ...

Wykked Wytch


Trauma Was My Premonition
This Can't Be Real, Why Me
Faced With This Awakening
What Is This Suppose To Be

I Lost My Innocence
Framed Is This Conspiracy
As I Saw My Child, Lifeless On The Fl ...

Wykked Wytch


Here She Comes
Wings Covered With Venom Embraces Her
From The Start Lusting For Her Desires
Feed The Hunger
Satisfy The Blood
Beware Of The Wisdom Please To Meet The Serpent
Now She Dares, All ...

Wykked Wytch

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