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Are You Crying

When I was young,
I would always cry.
Mom, Dad, always fighting,
I guess, so was I.

I'd just close my eyes,
and try to fall asleep.
Oh, it was sad.
Now I see, how it's made me what I
am a ...

Black Symphony

Black Symphony

Part I

From the heavens above, from the
heavens above, we find innocence.
From the depths, the depths of hell,
comes everlasting darkness.
The paths we crossed, led us to that
choice we mad ...

Black Symphony

Black Symphony (Part 2)

In confusion we live
In confusion we die
I must obey the rule of thy land
To serve and protect our holy ground

Execute thy unholy man

Thou shall not kill

The angel signs, though week ...

Black Symphony


Breathe deep, you're free to speak,
You're free to walk, you're free to

Forever free, watch what you say.
Watch where you walk, we're
confined away.

Are we free like they say?
Are ...

Black Symphony


An angel appears from the heavens
That angel calls all the people to join him
They do believe they can trust him
They will follow him
Let them to their destiny

Darkness encompasses them
The ...

Black Symphony


He lays awake almost dreaming
Feeling numb he thinks cleary now
The voices in his head have gone to sleep
As his heart slows into silence

The wind it blows across the field
People stand and ...

Black Symphony

Forgive Me

First he smiles as he feels no pain
His soul hovers beneath the sun
Then a darkness appears from the abyss
Submerging forever into everlasting night

Crying for help, into a wall of silence
C ...

Black Symphony

I Am Hate

Tell me sweet little eyes about fishes and loaves
And how god sends his promises on the wings of the dove
You are a cancer, tearing souls to bits
You crush my heart with a hammer, but still you l ...

Black Symphony

Into The Dark

Come ride next to me, be with us
Come indefinitely, you can trust

Live with me, live in trust
The world you know, shall turn to dust

Step into our world
Step into darkness

You'll find ...

Black Symphony

It Remains A Mystery

I was brought into this world
They told me this was the way
My eyes close shut I understand
And presume it everyday

My way is the only way, and I am right

It remains a mystery, which god ...

Black Symphony

Left In Confusion

Who is my damn god, where is my damn god
Who do I obey, to whom do I pray
Who is my damn god, where is my damn god
Who is my damn god, where is my damn god

Left in confusion I am
For I must ...

Black Symphony


Listen carefully
A message we bring to you.
Listen carefully,
The message he brings to true.

The spirit sees into your heart,
To take you away from the dark.
It is written between the lines ...

Black Symphony


Never touch, never feel,
Never see, never dream,
Never learn, never laugh,
Never cry, never scream,
Never hold, never love,
Never give, never take,
And never live again.

Once full of life, ...

Black Symphony

Over And Over

Lost in time, the seventh sign
His children cry, and sever their ties
We will die in a war no hope

Over and over the wars continue
Over religion over christ
And here we are believing a lie

Black Symphony

Period Of Mourning

All alone, your by yourself.
You want to cry, you can't cry.
Flowers on the table are long,
long dead.

I remind you...

Of cryin' and cryin',
Over and over.
You cried all night long.


Black Symphony

Take Me Down

I am feeling dizzy I can't see straight
I have lost my balance, I must sit down
In the state I am in I feel no pain
I pull the trigger, the bullet enters my brain

Take me down, take me there

Black Symphony

Tears Of Blood

Tears of blood from an angel
Flow like a wound bleeds

The sky is crying tears of blood
Expelled from heaven so he cries

Is this a dream
I open my eyes
In fire I burn
Never again, will I ...

Black Symphony

Tears Of Blood (Part 2)

Fire burns the book once lived by
O holy rule smokes into darkness

Angel eyes shed tears of blood
Shattered hope religion dies

Life in a world where our hope was gone
If we'd paid attenti ...

Black Symphony

The Edge

I am lost down an endless road.
Which path do I follow?
Which path do I follow?
I have all I need, and I still
want more.

Greed is inside of me, it won't leave.
Give me more, cause I need m ...

Black Symphony

The End Of Your Life

Fear for your life as you hide from their law.
Deep in your heart you know you're about to die.

Fight for your life, it all belongs
to you. You must engage in war, if you want to live.

Pla ...

Black Symphony

The Poor

Get up off your ass,
Or don't say a thing.
You complain, no one cares.
Stop whining.

No money, no food,
No shirt on your back.
Depressed all the time.
What do you expect?

Blame someone ...

Black Symphony

The Wind

The wind calls out to you,
Her innocence, mesmerizing.
She's not confused in her direction.
Her kiss is now your addiction.

On and on and on the wind blows.
On and on she's calling you.


Black Symphony

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