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Across The Loveless Horizon

"This solitude is all I have
cold nothingness is all I share
with myself"

Embittered, by time and the loneliness
so loveless
is our horizon of emptiness

Final sunset of our lives
never ...

Throes of Dawn

Autumn Winds

"Sad whispers in dead trees,
a graveyard of
yellow leaves, rising of the
northern wind
breaks their peace..."

With the reaping winds came coldness,
the coldess that crawled from
the heart

Throes of Dawn

Binding Of The Spirit Onto Earth

There is a tragedy deep within this soul
A dark aura
made of stones of sadness
and vast void of longing

On songs of sorrows maiden
the swans drown in grievance
On silver waters springs
Thi ...

Throes of Dawn

Black Carbon Snow

The sun looks down
from his high astral sphere
and pours down below
Its sad bacterial light

Upon this infection
Wounds of world burning
All the names that travel to void
in the fields of c ...

Throes of Dawn

Cosmic Seas

I drown into ocean, into the shoreless
ocean of eternity, stars pull my soul
into the breath taking views of the abyss,
the abyss has no end, an endless journey
through the stars, abyssic black ...

Throes of Dawn

Dreams Of The Black Earth

We travel into the world of woe
through the portal of dream descent
Of human sorrow I dreamed
a twilight garden of tomorrow
Where torment means living
in this world of dreadful dream

"Behol ...

Throes of Dawn

End Is Silence

Mournfully, the same sun rises again
the times of yesterday are away wind howls the sights of those
lonely, forgotten times

"Even time will come to an end"

We could hear the birds sing thr ...

Throes of Dawn

Halo Of Flies

And all the good people
From the streets
Came to witness
The miracle of death

All the children were there
Inhaling the foul air
Smiling at death
In infant glory
Their eyes shining
Bright ...

Throes of Dawn

Hollow Reflection

Deeper thoughts unknown to hope
lightyears of drowning
into the cosmos of the lonely
I was lost from your world
into the mazes of delusion
into the vast halls of the Night

Did you see me en ...

Throes of Dawn


Grey clouds of slumber
Move across the ether
Bury us under their lead
Fill our veins
With oblivion's wine

Above Hyperion smiles
I remember the sun in your hair
The wind on our skin
Descen ...

Throes of Dawn

Master's Garden

Deep traumatic illusions
opens the gateways within
Into the surreal Master?s garden

The hallway...............
leads to the chambers of Silence

We would be seated around
the table of Sil ...

Throes of Dawn

Of Scarlet Skies Made

The Heart of the Wanderer
has been sewn into my breast
The Soul of the Hermit
has been blown into my shell
The Icy nails of Misanthropy
are hammered through my chest
to remind me of pain...
o ...

Throes of Dawn

On Broken Wings Of Despair

Haven?t we lost it all, allready...
Blue skies turned to evergray
Each dawn turned blacker
so deep the embrace of dismay

( We could see
our fantasies decaying
We could hear
our dreams brea ...

Throes of Dawn


I lost you to the distance
I sealed myself away
For nothing you said
Could touch me anyway

There was something you said
Can't remember your words
Something about dismay
Didn't know what to s ...

Throes of Dawn


From the heart of northern storms
after several lifetimes go by
I, the coldness arise

Touching the sky, turning the light
to frosty shine, forming to frost
I am a ghost, the lord of frost

Throes of Dawn

Quicksilver Clouds

The hand that smothers all dreams
Can never be lifted
From your tormented lips
Flew the infinity of pain
Cut down the voice
And let the echoes rise
To those dark clouds above
That hate our fr ...

Throes of Dawn

Spring Blooms With Flowers Dead

the Devil dances
through the awakening spring field
In the music of mourning
from the weepings of the broken hearted (created)
...Drunk from their tears
"O, their sweet songs of sorrow" Sorrow is ...

Throes of Dawn

The Blackened Rainbow

Rain falls black from the skies gray
as tears they fell from the throne
of the Almighty...Cosmos

Beholding a star
that has been lit above me
I fall before its beauty
In this rainraped eveni ...

Throes of Dawn

The Destroying Angel

White flowers of mould
decorate your skin
(Deterioration of soul
I hear you sing)
My broken arteries
flooded with your sleep

Lead me through asphyxia
into the white fields of amanita
Thro ...

Throes of Dawn

The Hermit

I held the stars on my hand
the nightsky in these robes
The world under this wand
in the garden of the misanthrope
I felt the fading starlight
the folding hope of a soul
in the screams of the ...

Throes of Dawn

The Last Rainbow Warrior Is Dead

Bitter funerals in silence held twelve coffins laid to earth
To dust all human hope to wither
The last rainbow warriors is dead

Ours is the world of tragedy
Ours is the world of grief

For ...

Throes of Dawn

The Night Belongs To Us

there it lies, under a midnight sky
a stony sign of your ended life
in moonlight I buried my bride
hopeless I cry
"Why did you have to die?"

The wind whispers your name
I miss your sweet em ...

Throes of Dawn

The Wanderer

Shadows dance
on visions fabric veil
Reality becomes obsolete
as I walk through the wormholes
Through the forlorn stars
by thoughts gone too far
So many realms held
open in this night

I w ...

Throes of Dawn

The Warprophet Dreams

Under the constellations of ruin
Under the cruelest crescents to witness
They march with the pearly tearflow
following their path
Hollow troops of Yersinia pestis
Natures own misanthropic art

Throes of Dawn

The Weeper

Silence is born from sorrow
eternal seem the ages now
since we grew
in the garden of longing

Wind sang of loneliness

Touched, my soul was
from the winds weeping
a forlorn melody
so gri ...

Throes of Dawn

The Withering Goddess (Of Nature)

I found my Way into the heart of the forest
where the early mornings dew
still rested upon the sleepy grass
Where the evergreen trees
sleep their enchanted dreams

Echoes of grief and sorrow

Throes of Dawn


Your warmth is false
Inside your hollow bosom
You'll hide the solitude
Of the distant stars

In your party none celebrates
Grey autumn transcendence
Minutes turn into oblivion
Our voices to m ...

Throes of Dawn


Take me down
Into your black grotto
Where the air is thick with insects
Touch me with your secret

I close my eyes
And let the vertigo
Touch my mind
I close my eyes
And let your vertigo
D ...

Throes of Dawn

Watcher In The Tower

I dream...
moon came behind the clouds
a black tower, this tower rises in
reality, yet I?ve been there several
times... in dreams

Life was nothing, never, until I found
th ...

Throes of Dawn

Where Once The Sun Rose

Solitude wanders
where once the sun rose
in essence of a silent wind
teasing my tired limbs

Time forgot me
into the lonely eternity
Standing against the wind
beaten by hail and rain
Alone ...

Throes of Dawn

Winter Romance

Chrystal snow falls from the
clouds above,
winter the bitterest, I have heard
your lullaby and seen your figure
through the sky, into my arms I
take darkness... blessed and
renam ...

Throes of Dawn

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