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 The Black League The Black Leaguegothic metal

1% – Doomsday...Now!

Oh yeah... Oh yeah?... Oh yeah!...Goddammit!!!

Long years of labour
Endless months of rain
I 've been walking down that road
With a good deal of nothing to gain
I've learnt my lesson now,

The Black League

Ain't No Friend O'Mine

Dog-gone soul is better off dead now
Hear my words and hang your heads down
Flames are growin' higher, higher...
We're caught down in a ring of fire...

Goin' down, goin' down...

I do it o ...

The Black League

Alive Is Dead

They try to fuck us...
They always did...
They try to break us...
They never will...

You thought me dead, boe!
Well I'm alive...

They try to sweep us from the face of the earth
They try ...

The Black League

Alpha/ Omega, The Desert Song

The ROAD is LONG. For it's got NO END.
The sand is BURNING and the river's DRY.
The NIGHT is LONG when my guiding light
Is DYING OUT in the FREEZING cold.

I sing: CHAOS from HARMONY
And I s ...

The Black League


Chaos. Hysteria. Madness Millennial, Men like flies in every corner. Hell-on-Earth and
End-of-Time. These times and these places must be all wrong. It's too damn hot or too
damn cold, we must get ...

The Black League

Better Angels

So they came into being
Under a dying sun
Better angels of our nature
A job well done?
Don't under the surface
Lying dead but dreaming
Better angels of our natures
'twas a dream worth dreamin ...

The Black League

Black Java

I don't wanna wake up in the morning
And find myself in a world of shit...
Don't wanna wake up in the morning
It's a different day but the same ol' shit...

Now you might think that it's a fu ...

The Black League

Black Water Fever

Insanity with it's little teeth
Is gaving at my brain
Amd slowly driving me insane...

Black water
Black water
Black water fever's drowning me!

Black water fever...
Drowning me!

For ...

The Black League

Blood Of The Gods

So divine... And so
godlike... The substance that runs in your, runs in your, runs in your veins! (That runs
in your veins!) Ethereal... Ichor... The same substance that rinses and rinses and
rin ...

The Black League


Clean your SPIRIT.It's gonna clean your SOUL.
When that BLUESKYMAGIC makes you WHOLE.
Again! And again! And AGAIN!

Now everything's ALRIGHT.
It's kinda nice SURPRISE
When I CRAWL OUT of my ...

The Black League


You know the feeling when
you're locked in a dark and lonely place, barely alive from another Night of the
Iguanas. And instead of trying to find a door... All you can do... is bang your
skull 'g ...

The Black League

Citizen Cain

Over here, fella!.

He-hey, You Mister! Why don't you LISTEN?
A few WORDS from a POOR OL' guy now.
Just wanna tell you 'bout THAT THING
That crossed my PATH changing the COURSE of my LIFE!

The Black League

City Of Refuge

You better run You better run and run and run
You better run You better run
You better run to the City of Refuge
You better run You better run
You better run to the City of Refuge

You stan ...

The Black League

Cold Women & Warm Beer

I see her walkin' down
In her pretty dress
The bot comes 'round w/a crate of beer
I feel like a "rude ol" fesse

Raisin' hell now...
Raisin' hell now...

I sing my boogie when the lights go ...

The Black League

Crooked Mile

Dive into nothingness
Forget that we exist
And feed our souls to stray dogs
At the gates of bliss
We all shall be dismissed
To drown ourselves in pools of blood

Learn to fool ourselves
Mor ...

The Black League

Day One

Came a-crawlin' DOWN that that ROAD
What ILL-WILL-WIND came blowin'
straight into your FACE?
Well, now we know WHO's the one to BLAME ...

The Black League

Deep Waters

I see you... in a velvet robe, I feel you... from across the wave, I hear you... calling me
Deep waters... Calling men. Calling women. And calling children Deep waters... Calling men.
Calling wome ...

The Black League

Ecce Homo!


Blest' are those who cannot see reality in all its ruthless misery.
For what doesn't kill you ought to make you stronger
Yet the more you endure, the pain lasts longer and longer and lo ...

The Black League


Can you hear the BIG WHEEL TURNING?
Take a ride with the BIG BAD BLACK MACHINE!

So you wanna play a part in the so-called "BRAVE NEW WORLD"?
You say you're gonna ride that WAVE and be there wh ...

The Black League

Goin' To Hell

Fair is Foul and Foul is Fair, Like all things that lurk within me
Condemn themselves for ever being there – Wanna see, Wanna see me bleed? And then.
You come. With your All-Revealing News!
I... ...

The Black League

Harbour Of Hatred

One too many times I've crossed that THIN RED LINE
UNLEASHED that Ill-Will-Wind
That blows INSIDE
I should be taken into my TRIAL
I should be put in CHARGE of my DEEDS
But I'm a COWARD and a L ...

The Black League

Hot Wheels

Theres a whole lotta jumping
And a whole lotta bumping goin on
Theres a whole lotta balling
A whole lotta mauling going on

You can get a bit of this
Get a bit of that
Come to the party
A ...

The Black League

Lost In The Shadows, I Walk Alone

Lost in the shadows...
I walk alone
Lost in the shadows...
Deep in the shadows of my soul

Lost in the shadows, I walk alone
'cause there ain't nobody home
Lost in the shadows, I walk alone

The Black League

Mad Ol'Country

Sure we had a reputation
For being weak and rude
And I guess there ain't no saying
What's the truth
We used to rather mind our business
And take care of it too
Still we like to keep to ourselv ...

The Black League

Man's Ruin Revisited


God bless me for my sins
God bless me for my evil deeds
For I've done wrong
Thatnk god for my disease
And praise the lord for my lurid needs
I fuckin' need'em!

I'm doin' fine!

The Black League

Many A Good Man

There's a man in the woods upon that hill
With a rope in his hands, with a will to kill some time...
To kill his only thing!
The thing that kept him moving on
In a life that was moving towards ...

The Black League

Night On Earth

... night on
earth... night on earth... night on earth... night on earth... It's night on
earth... It's night on earth now... It's night on earth...
It's been a long day. So bloody cold. Here in ...

The Black League

Old World Monkey

Standing still now...
In the convulsing crowd

Like a monolith from some forgotten time

Tryin' to get high
Dying to embrace the world

Come lay down next to go, home
Forget about the re ...

The Black League

One Colour: Black

To All Men Be Known:
Of all the colours in the world I had to
choose the one with none

Friends and Foes, hear these words: "The reports of my death are
greatly exaggerated!". In flesh and b ...

The Black League


I met a traveller from an
antique land who said: Two vast and trunkless legs of stone stand in the desert. Near
them, on the sand, Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown, and wrinkled lip ...

The Black League

Rex Talionis

Gonna take you ROUND the BEND
Gonna BRING you to a place
Where your LIFE will END – for good!

We all need ENEMIES! We need our NEMESIS!
And we need. Someone to HAT ...

The Black League

Sanguinary Blues

Woe to thee... Children of the Night
Hear the sweetest music playing in your mind?
Who hath "The Understanding"?
Who knows "The Final Truth"?
Couldn't care much less no more...
So go and waste ...

The Black League

Tedium Vitae

I'm not here looking for HAPPINESS
I can do well enough WITHOUT
Everything I need from this LIFE.
Just one tiny lil' bit of PEACE and QUIET

Nothing GLORIOUS about it
Nothing to CELEBRATE or ...

The Black League

The Healer


I'm sitting in your room tonite
I'm right here baby by your side
I wanna hold you by the hand
And tell you girl only I undersand

I wanna heal you!
I wanna make it good!
But I can ...

The Black League

To Suffer & To Smile

I can remember one SUMMER so LIFE-LIKE
So LONG AGO that it probably wasn't even REAL
Yet a CONSTANT LONGING keeps tormenting my DREAMS

Ignorance is bliss.
Ignorance is bliss.

All ye YO ...

The Black League

Utopia Anno Zero

YOU have been HERE before.
So YOU KNOW what to expect.
Prepare for THE WORST. And hope for THE BEST

I'm talkin' 'bout the CLOWN of CREATION!


The Black League

Voice Of God

You hear your MASTER calling like a RAGING SEA of LIES
Like a SIREN wailing in your head
– GOOD GOD don't give a DAMN!

'Tis like a LAUGH.
In the SHADOW.
Of the GALLOWS. For all night!


The Black League

We Die Alone

Hush! (... the horror... the horror... the horror... )
If you feel Emptiness. If you feel Hollow. If you are lost and you don't want to find
yourself. Deserted streets within that Ghost Town of yo ...

The Black League

Winter Winds Sing

For so very long it has
been so very, very cold. Right here where I am, For so far is the time... When
you came and brought peace to this chaos inside.
You know I have felt you deep in my blood a ...

The Black League

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