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...But No One Cares

Pain, pain inside my brain
I'm going just insane
When I see these times
Now, it's getting dark

Greed, greed is ruling the world
A voice that can't be heard
Wants to save their souls
...But ...


A Little Piece Of Death

Many people 're trying to forget
Too much pain is in the world
Many people don't need to regret
See their eyes are turned away

Lies, disease, sorrow
Get it all away
War, rage
Get it all aw ...


Behold The Lion

Behold the Lion of Judah
Who came first as a child
Living in the rotten slums
Murdered by society
Killing technowar
But now he comes as king of kings
To rule in glory
Behold the lion of ...


Black Tongue

Bastard black tongue, black tongue
Come test my patience throw caution to the wind
Take no fucking prisoners breathe oblivion dust and chant
Black tongue, black tongue
Unchained and hungry venti ...


Blood Red Halo

Oblivious to true lies until he crossed the sea a victim of seduction
In a dark land he stayed paying homage to his queen embrace precious enemy
Starring deep into your secrets where Lucifer does ...


Devils Backbone

Anti devils back bone
Come drink from my fire enrich your desire make it clear deeply sincere
I have the key can't step with in completely trusting the stick thin
In cold blood you strip me and w ...


Don't Fear Your Life

We'll be what we will be
The future's not ours to see
Step by step I will claim my aim
I'll keep my inner flame

Who wants to live, to love and to give?
Open your eyes and please,
Tell me no ...


Don't Wanna Be Like You

Hey, once upon a time
There was an intact scene
Heavy meant to live
Not blaming the friends
Instead of helping hands
They trust in trends
Everyboy fights against each other

I don't wanna b ...


Down And Out

So many lucky days in lifen, I loves my children and my wife
I thought I have no time to show them what I feel

'Cause my highest aim was making just another step
Of the ladder of career, only ...


Eat My Sin

Enter through pain eater of sin cast a blind eye
To resolve rejection trading one pain to numb deep pain taking to dead end
Road chosen to mask your shame, shame, shame, shame goodbye
Every fear ...


End Of The World

World seems to turn into grey
I lost my longin' to stay
All warnings of nature simply have failed
People have lost their ways
This is the end of all days
From zero to none all life has gone



Enjoy The Silence

Words like violence
Break the silence
Come crashing in
Into my little world
Painful to me
Pierce right through me
Can't you understand
Oh my little girl

All I ever wanted
All I ever ne ...


Facing The Death

Everlasting ice
Built on thousand lies
On your trip to hell
No longer time!

Praying on your knees
You'll spreading the disease
Living bombs
Are longing to be free

Everlasting ice
Mean ...


Fade Away

I caught myself
In endless darkness
A blood red moon will be my light

Emptiness has paved my endless search
Please free my soul
And wash my sins away, away
And wash my sins away, away

W ...


Faith Or Fury

The greatest story every told
Dictating interpretation
Condemnation or devotion
Controversy campaign outrage
Blessing turn to
Conflict of interest
Warning shots
Embodiment struggle
Watching ...


Free Your Mind

Believe in what you used to be
Many people do not see
Try to think and use your brain
To swim against the human grain

I hate these guys
Believing their own lies
Tear down your wall
Live be ...


Friends For Life

Yes, I don't know what's going wrong

Thought that we are friends for life
I trust in you like no one else

But now I feel your knife

You know what I should do
No one will save me

Th ...


Hellcome In Heaven

Your life's been changing
Leaving your past
You wish you'd wings to fly
To leave reality
No one hears your call

Living in fear
So many years
You wish you'd wings to fly
To leave reality


Hellcome In Heaven

Your life's been changing
Leaving your past
You wish you'd wings to fly to leave reality
No one hears you call
Livin in fear
So many years
You wish you'd wings to fly to leave reality
Never s ...


Hold On Tight

You are wasting your time and wasting your life
You have to do a lot of needless things
But now you're changing your life, changing your mind
You can't deny your dreams you hold on tight
Yes, I ...


I See The World

I see the world living from the poor
I see the world scared inside
I see the world always on the run
I see the world killing just for run

Money rules the world. Living on the edge
Hate inste ...


In Zaire

Once there was a battle there in Zaire
in Zaire
Hundred thousand people there in Zaire
in Zaire
All those people gathered there in Zaire
in Zaire
To see the rumble in the jungle there in Zai ...



Welcome to the shadow world where living ghosts walk alone
Displaced inequality social curse driven to extreme measures
Unequal status of gender sex preference neglected
Suffering rejected abused ...


Kamikaze Nation

Obey your commanders scavengers of the west
International saviours kids with bullet proof vests
Razor wire lullaby eat swallows and burn
Precious bastard nation shut up listen and learn
World se ...


Left Bleeding (By Love)

Build your conscience earn your future exercise your freedom to offend
Year after year on angry silence consumed with passion love is blind
Consoling with others only deepened the hurt torture liv ...



You will catch the speed of light
Seeming like an aimless fight
You gonna hide yourself
From your illusions

You wanna tear me up
You wanna break me down
Live your life!

You will be no l ...


Live Everyday

Do you wanna know what is right or wrong?
Do you wanna know if you would be strong?
But I don't wanna know what is right or wrong
To fight my inner fears 'cause I'm strong!

There's one thing ...


Low Budget Heroes

Show your soul for fame and money all frontiers blown away
Be a clone for the whole nation you are a superstar

See these new time heroes
Another cute cheap thrill
Strangers live their live ...


Make Your Day

Time is no good healer
Malice desires to harm
Your body is getting weaker
No chance to survive

"Uncurable" said the doctor
"Soon you must die
Total loss of memory
Amnesia in your mind"
So ...


My Last Goodbye

I'm lost in emptiness – never ending mess
Since these foolish games have torn me apart

I'm feeling far away – and all my thoughts begin to freeze
When I'm thinking of these good and honest tim ...


New Sun Rising

There's a new son rising in the world today
Common man condemned to live as a slave
To a unseen menace elusive not brave
Unforgiving the innocent pay
There's a new son rising in the world today


No One To Blame

I can't imagine why people always cry
They are never satisfied with what they own
Always on the run searching for their fun
But they forget that they will lose
What they should love

No one to ...


Nothing To Believe

You are a liar
Many people trust in you
You know exactly
What they want to hear

What's your aim in life
What do you want to be
You need drugs to hide yourself
To wear your masquerade
I do ...


Nowhere To Hide

Hello again, see you in hell
The way down deep with no believin'
Nowhere to go, nowhere to hide
You can't control your beast inside

Hello again, see you in hell
The way down deep with no bel ...


Out Of The Dark

Improve your situation
Try to make a step
Life is not too short to feed your brain

You were not kissed by luck
And got no chance to learn
It's worth to realise what you could be

Turn the ...


Painful Lust

You sacrifice you whole life
To the holy church
You've changed your life completely
Since the day you've lost your way

In the name of god
Living under rules
You don't need to understand
Wh ...


People Are People

People are people so why should it be
You and I should get along so awfully

So we're different colours
And we're different creeds
And different people have different needs
It's obvious you ...


Punishment Of Luxury

Consequence immune conflict at arms length
Regulate the blame in a dog eat dog world
Born with a silver spoon buying innocence
Kabitual offender escaping in need of none
Shitting on loved ones f ...



Ah yeah
Rap – for me it's stroying
In other words it's only boring
A silly groove, a stupid beat
Sorry, I can't move my feet
Move to the beat!

Ah yeah
The hoipolloi enjoy the music
For so ...


Rules Of Life

A strange voice calls from afar:
"Can I chase away my fears?"
Life is out of our hands in spite of our plans

Separation is our fate but it will be my gate
To meet again is our hope, please te ...


Scaring The Winds

Scaring the winds, the wind of hate
Nothing is left not even their fate
Nature dies every day
The tables are turned, don't you see?

Scaring down the winds
Winds of sacrifice
Nature turns ...


Show Me The Way

Your life is going wrong
Spits you in your face
Thinking there's no better act of grace
Is it your right to try suicide?
Learn to fight and do not hide!

But your solution's named – suicide


Silent Mandarin (Unit 731)

This is an S.O.S. call
Going out to the whole of the world
An S.O.S. to all with any common
Decently and respect
For human life
Unearthed is a lost colony
At pigfan in a Manchurian
Province i ...


The Eternity Of A Day

You are the one who's playing with risk
Searching the ultimate kick
You are the one who's fuckin' his fate
Dancing on a razor blade

Feeling the speed
'til your brain will bleed
Your blood r ...


The Final Daylight

Follow the sign
The sign of the light
Shining and sparkling so bright

In a land of mystery
Of love and honesty
Let me take you far away in my dreams

Don't be afraid
We touch the day so ...


The Man Who Never Was

The world lies down in ruins
The dogs of war are mad
Suppress the weak and sad
Their last chance was the bomb
They need someone to spy
Fascism rules the nation
The Wehrmacht fights for g ...


The Meaning Of Life

Say yeah! The meaning of life

You're hanging around and get nothing to do
Hope that your dreams come true
You act like a fool but you don't realise
Hope that you will find...

The meaning ...


The Prophecy (Follow Me)

Scared, scared for life
Scared, nothing but lies

I will go but you will follow
I will go my time has come

Scared, scared for life
Scared, nothing but lies

I will go but you will follo ...


The Prophecy (The Final Sign)

I will go but you will follow
I will go but time has come



The Wanderer

Oh well I'm the type of guy
Who will never settle down
Where pretty girls are
Will you know that I'm around
I kiss'em and love'em
'Cause their needs are all the same
I help'em and I squeeze'm


Thinking Allowed!

Pray to as many different Gods
As there are flowers in the world
Which one is the real one? Let me know!

To avoid the same old questions
We have to ask ourselves
Why do we make the same mist ...



Time, time is runnung fast
Thoughts are in the past
You will never leave me be

All hope that I would live
Was lost by emptyness
Although I've never lived before

Pain, pain in my brain
F ...


Time Doesn't Wait

You don't know why
You have lost your will
You have lost your will to live
Never thought
That you could scorn your wife
And that you want to take her life

You wanna live? – You wanna die!


To Die For (...Your Sins)

I don't want to believe what man can do
Many people want to act like god
But heaven will remember all their sins
And they will come to take their revenge

Yes, can you smell the dark?
Your mi ...


Under The Cross

As long as human beings are
The cross means hope and pain
Too many despots used the cross
To get though their bloody reign

So many burning times nailed to the cross
Abused as a symbol of per ...


Whose Afraid Of Yellow Snow?

I wanna live my life with my own attitude
No one tell me what I have to do
Isn't worth a say
Forbidden things and frontiers
All the time and all the way
It makes me ill and sick
You mot ...


Wrong Time Wrong Place

Wrong time wrong place
You get nothing to do
It seems like somebody's playing with you
You fall down
But you forgot to stand up
Shut up, I don't care what you say!

You wanna feel me
You wa ...


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