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Altered From Catechization

The demon lord's son, now a ruler of only one nation
Spreading his gospel among millions
Empires fused and bound together by the fingertips of their distinct leader
A flesh parade of a converted ...

Job For A Cowboy

Bearing The Serpent's Lamb

This virgin churns on the back of her own indisposed and throbbing body
Nauseated she chokes on her own vomit emitted from her distended and desiccated throat
With an abdomen beginning to flourish ...

Job For A Cowboy

Catharsis For The Buried

No, please, no, no!
I have to please, please, please!
Let me out!
Let me out!
Let me out!
Let me out!
I don't deserve this!
Oh my God...


Job For A Cowboy

Coalescing Prophecy

And he opened his mouth in blasphemy deluding their designated god
His men and women all carry a sacrament of his number
These followers with their morality of conscionable age have left behind
T ...

Job For A Cowboy


An incision leads to the future of the new world
A mark buried deep under the skin and flesh will divide and distinguish man
Signatures implanted on the hands and forehead
Reoccurrence of modern ...

Job For A Cowboy

Entombment Of A Machine

It breathes.
What stands before us is not a machine,it breathes, it will bleed, and it will sleep.
Its body is covered in hundreds of wires.
The mouth attempts to speak but,
Only murmers collaps ...

Job For A Cowboy

Knee Deep

His landscape has been scorned with death.
Once a city nowlaid to ash.
A decaying father has left his bastard son with his addcitions at his side.
Chased away, consumed from his fixations, this m ...

Job For A Cowboy

Martyrdom Unsealed

The sound of trumpets echoes throughout the world
Advocates lean before the demon's son
Worships and prayers compose under a restrained landscape
Succeeding to only withered murmurs and whispers

Job For A Cowboy

Reduced To Mere Filth

Over time in a world where religion has dispersed
Modern times have shown these connections to slowly deteriorate
With empires alleging their holy books to have absolutely no flaws
All accepting ...

Job For A Cowboy


Her mouth stands to convey swarms of plague,
time slowly corrodes as her jaws have locked into place.
At the grips of her own hands this woman carries
her victims to their passing, they hold back ...

Job For A Cowboy

Strings Of Hypocrisy

As if this country was reborn, birthed and raised in monarchy
Cracked open from its adolescent and fully disfigured shell
A throne sits in the center of government buildings
With a ruler imposing ...

Job For A Cowboy

Suspended By The Throat

Goodbye, I'll mend your loss.
Your ashes and embers will soon light up the skies.
The carcass of your martyr burns, in the process of punishment.
You only have yourself to blame, so take my hands ...

Job For A Cowboy

The Divine Falsehood

I stood in the sand from the mouth of the sea and watched a serpent rise from its depths
Upon his horns rested ten crowns as the discord of trumpets grew unnerving
Its perception giving an overrul ...

Job For A Cowboy

The Rising Tide

Blood begins to spill from an open sea, dead bodies churn within the tide.
They drift against a now reddened sea.
These rising waters blush as their bodies decompose.
Dozens of corps ...

Job For A Cowboy

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