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A Dying Ember

These darkened days and restless nights
Are assign by like never ending years
What is left for me to keep me bearing up against this pain
Buried deep inside my soul

All that's left are my mem ...

Heaven Shall Burn

Against All Lies

They walked and walk among us
And carry on their vileconvictions
Education is prevention
This is our struggle, this is our strife

We took just a fight
We were saved and accepted this endeavo ...

Heaven Shall Burn

Architects Of The Apocalypse

Greed and addiction drowned their pity
Washed away their thoughts of compassion and regret
A world left wounded, slaved and raped
Your paradise is hell for your descendants

Cathedrals of just ...

Heaven Shall Burn


An uprising of the lost
With courage born from despair
An end for the years of anguish;
A battle in the heart of this nation

Uprising of the lost;
In the abyss between the worlds
They all a ...

Heaven Shall Burn


A suffering race, what will remain.
My world comes down.
I'm not divine anymore.
All power leaves – My blood is gray.
My guiding light of hope – A dying sun
Darkness rises, a chill limps our lo ...

Heaven Shall Burn

Behind A Wall Of Silence

This beatiful world, it looks so nice filled whit sound and light,
it smells so fine so much bliss,
so much perfection a modern world a new society life is fast,
but I'm not fast enough.
Wealth ...

Heaven Shall Burn

Betrayed Again

No single fate, a broken generation.
Once guide by hope, now fallen into despair.
The chosen few play their game.
A man, his hands want to grasp, but they don't need him anymore.
His eyes withou ...

Heaven Shall Burn

Biogenesis (Undo Creation)

An overbearing dogma in disguise
Superstition displacing all reality
Debasing mother nature and dreaming of intelligent design

Let sanity prevail!

Adulterated doctrine,
So abstruse,
Beyo ...

Heaven Shall Burn

Black Tears

When I'm in this state of mind,
I'm wishing I was blind,
Sometimes life is more than pain to me

I feel the power of my grief,
Death would be such a relief,
All the secrets that I hide woul ...

Heaven Shall Burn

Bleeding The Death

Deceived of all your dreams
Betrayed by all your leaders
This shall no place to be
This, a dead-end future

Take a walk through grey, concrete deserts
Apathetic faces, empty eyes – the only t ...

Heaven Shall Burn

Case De Caboclo

Endliess nights of persecution.
Reopening wounds – never healed.
Always willing to suppress our attempts to be free.
Violence is always a tool in so called democraty.
Agents of the state allowed ...

Heaven Shall Burn


I don't know when it came.
This cold, it fills my soul.
I still feel a fire, but I dosn't.
Warm anynore.
Where is all energy, we once got from love?
Paralyze througths, our hands are frozen.
E ...

Heaven Shall Burn


Unrelenting, their endeavour to rule lives
Teaching you an artificial truth,
That you will grieve no more,
That you will die no more.
Narrow minded mercenaries,
Slave traders, soul collectors. ...

Heaven Shall Burn


Symbols of addiction – It won't hit your life just over night.
It creeps and wait inside you – Longing for weak moments.
Reaching control step by step, but too strong my will, too oure my oath.
I ...

Heaven Shall Burn

Dying In Silence

How many times can they bend your will until you break and die inside?
Is there still a heartfelt discomfort in you?
Deep down inside to live these lies
Addicted to goodwill

On ...

Heaven Shall Burn


More and more, this certainty will rise.
It's far too late, until you'll understand.
More than ever, I feel there is no way.
To make you see, what's so drownright.
They betrayed the generations ...

Heaven Shall Burn


Nothing, just nothing, nothing will wipe this heart out
And no one, just no one, no one will break the sun down
We are, we are, we are the final ones
We are, we are the, we are the final resistan ...

Heaven Shall Burn

Forlorn Skies

Forlorn skies
Their blank eyes stare into a forlorn sky
Disgraceful figures stumble through the mists
Sons of their nations, lost generation
A tragedy beyond imagination

Burnt by the sun, dr ...

Heaven Shall Burn

Implore The Darken Sky

Abandonment, you've taken all I've given here's no haven anymore,
prepare myself for falling.
I'm drowning, there is no hand to reach for me.
So starving, no noble mind will feed me, will anoint ...

Heaven Shall Burn

Implore The Darken Sky (Classic Version)

Abandonment, you've taken all I've given here's no haven anymore,
prepare myself for falling.
I'm drowning, there is no hand to reach for me.
So starving, no noble mind will feed me, will anoint ...

Heaven Shall Burn

It Burns Within

Conformity, the agony of freedom.
An epidemic eats our worlds.
I know your eyes will be to weak to see the way to walk.
Not able to live the single moment.
Your skin is far to cold to feel a kis ...

Heaven Shall Burn


Golden domes and massive towers
False icons, show their perfect smiles

All joy and benefactions, they give it with a smile
Big hearted deeds and wise words
They donate it all with pleasure
W ...

Heaven Shall Burn

Like A Thousand Suns

Their shadows burnt into the walls
So many lives reduced to ashes
So many homes razed to the ground
A shine like from a thousands suns

Betrayed by their proud leaders
And executed by atrocio ...

Heaven Shall Burn

Murderers Of The Murderers

Irresponsible and unreflecting
Displacing human sense into the afterworld

Running after faint beliefs, where you just have to fall
Conceive suspicion, distrust your faith

Degeneration, dis ...

Heaven Shall Burn


Are you still the one I used to know?
Where is the fire in your eyes?
Do you remember all the things we used to share?
Your strong words gave hope to me so many times
But now there's only silenc ...

Heaven Shall Burn

Naked Among Wolves

One life, one hope – this is our life in hell punished for telling the truth, for unwanted ideals.
Innocence means nothing here – we stand and fall together, the only way to ever leave this barren

Heaven Shall Burn

Numbing The Pain

Dreams torn to pieces, broken like glass
Hope faded away, withered like leaves
Not knowing is blessing, ignorance the only protection

Nothing is numbing my pain
The fragments of my faith
Bec ...

Heaven Shall Burn

Of No Avail

The prayers we sent, of no avail
No fear of death will walk among us
Almost too limb to throw the stones
Marching into darkness,
Bowed down with grief and marked by enslavement

Al ...

Heaven Shall Burn

Open Arms To The Future

One moment further.
A connection diminished.
An increasing power.
And become a stranger.
Protected by my outside.
Continue this way of gathring.
Harmony slowly guides me.
To cross all illusio ...

Heaven Shall Burn

Pass Away

Now I know you knew it all before.
It was doomed to failure – All my love and all my dreams.
My empty eyes embrace the sky.
Impossible to penetrate your clouds.
The epidemic you created fills my ...

Heaven Shall Burn

Profane Believers

Loosing touch with reality
In your world of plenty it's easy to preach love
Holier than thou, your order that shall rule
Yet, at the walls of your cathedrals poor sinners stave to death

Ungod ...

Heaven Shall Burn

Quest For Resistance

A nation reborn
Reborn into a new world
Waken from the dark eras
Ruins of an insane dream still cast their shadows
And demons from the past still walk among us

An age that bore no heroes


Heaven Shall Burn

Stay The Course

Consistent, pushing aside all disbelief;
Abandon my friends, my home
Losing my mother tongue
But I will bear this heavy loss
Former brothers calling me betrayer
And burned the words we wrote
I ...

Heaven Shall Burn

The Bombs Of My Saviours

For years we hide in blackness,
We have to sink into oblivion
This agony of fear absorbs my thinking
This anguish suffocates my souls
I saw countless acts of treason
Once this heart was filled ...

Heaven Shall Burn

The Disease

You all have seen the suffering
You all knew it, you all know it
But your eyes lie to your heart
Morality corrupted and profit conducted

Born in a factory
Cold steel machineries
And driven ...

Heaven Shall Burn

The Dream Is Dead

One voice, one power, the people's will arose,
Slew the tyrant and burned his castles, brought down
A supreme blooded pestilence once more

Under the same dawn advocates of wealth and freedom s ...

Heaven Shall Burn

The Drowned And The Saven

Tell me what is left from life, if no sunrise lights your world?
Can't believe you've been through all this pain, all this pain
I know your eyes saw the same sky as i see today,
You smelled the l ...

Heaven Shall Burn

The Few Upright

To see the world with sober eyes, if everybodies mind is paralyzed by thumping lies.
Looking in the face of their fake savior, this assassin of humanity, without respect, without fear.
Wee see the ...

Heaven Shall Burn

The Final March

This is the call to arms, the final call
Exchanged the shuttle for the sword
For generations we slaved away in the shadows of their towers
The world we know, a torture-chamber
Born as servants, ...

Heaven Shall Burn

The Fire

The grass is green today, here where my brothers lay.
Buried in this goddanm ground, where I lost my life forever too.
How can it be? – the sun, it shines today over fieds and hills – where we liv ...

Heaven Shall Burn

The Fourth Crusade

Mortified by the lack of conscience
Our sanctity bears no relevance
Insignificance is our existence
Hear the litany of life's persistence
Our pleas for mercy fall upon unhearing ears
Take my ...

Heaven Shall Burn

The Greatest Gift Of God

False prophets rule your life!

The whole world absorbed by the darkness in your heart
Only flames of sorrow light your way through the night
Your hands will never touch his face

False prop ...

Heaven Shall Burn

The Martyr's Blood

Last words of confidence still penetrate the cannonthunder,
so many daring dreams will fall, the vision of a better world dies in the bombingrain.
No time to say farewell, the world shall hear abo ...

Heaven Shall Burn

The Only Truth

A generation raised in darkness
Controlled, polluted – fed with the truth
A truth that blinds their view
Their ways and fates decided – implanted sorrows kill their needs
A common way to happine ...

Heaven Shall Burn

The Weapon They Fear

Words – these words of freedom
A bequest – never to be silenced

In this world of lies, the truth, it means resistance
To make the masses see and sense their needs

He healed so many aching ...

Heaven Shall Burn

The Worlds In Me

Deep inside my heart, where their reign will get no power.
Where their violence can not hurt me.
I will breed the thoughts and ideals, that bring them down, down to their knees.
Their poisoned so ...

Heaven Shall Burn

To Harvest The Storm

Risen from the ashes, the ashes of the dreams you burned
So many wars these eyes have seen
So many agonies my soul went through
I died with them so many years ago
Just in darkness my eyes see th ...

Heaven Shall Burn

To Inherit The Guilt

To erase three generations.
To slaugther millions of dreams.
A monument of suffering.
Build from human flesh.
A world taken away from ever.
Existence turns to ashes.
How many poets dies, how m ...

Heaven Shall Burn

Tree Of Freedom

Kept away from daylight
Deprived from all the songs I loved
These walls may hold my body captive,
But my soul is attending every sunset
This is the hardest there was to walk,
But nothing I regr ...

Heaven Shall Burn

Trespassing The Shores Of Your World

Blood trickles away in the sand
All hope crushed, perished in the border fences of a secure stronghold

We crossed this lost world, so much distress we have seen
The home we left behind, it off ...

Heaven Shall Burn

Voice Of The Voiceless

See them die!
They Die!

A rain of blood should cover our world
Stench and decay should be the only thing we sense
But hidden in the dark and erased from our heads
Barbarity and slaughter are ...

Heaven Shall Burn

Whatever It May Take

One by one they fall – and I just close my eyes.
It won't be over soon – do you regret this time?
I thought so many things were certain.
So many friends turned to the ones I hate.
You fade away ...

Heaven Shall Burn

Where Is The Light

Out of my hands.
The world lies in debris.
I carry the load.
But I am alone.
Where is the ligth.
That once filled my world.
Where is the fire.
That once warmed my soul, all turn away.
Walk a ...

Heaven Shall Burn

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