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2 Of You

[Verse 1: D. Woods (Group)]
You make me hotter than Jamaica (oh)
Proceed with caution, 'cause you're dangerous (oh, maybe it's 'cause)
Maybe it's just 'cause you're patient (oh)
'Cause every minut ...

Danity Kane

Ain't Going

(feat. Day26 & Donnie)


Ah, ah, ah...

[Day26] (Q)
(Yeah, yeah, yeah)

[D. Woods] (Day26)
Ah, ah, ah, ah

Yeah, yeah, here we go

Danity Kane

Ain't True (Interlude)

I don't wanna hurt you
Please believe me I do
But there is no easy way to say that lately

[D. Woods - (Group)]
Lately I've spending time
With this other guy (Other guy)
Thoug ...

Danity Kane

Bad Girl

(feat. Missy Elliott)

When the red light comes on I transform
When the red light comes on I transform

Look in my eyes covered in Maybelline
Looking like something fresh out a magazin ...

Danity Kane

Come Over (Interlude)

[Aubrey - (Group)]
I know you wanna come over
You can come over

Baby I'm alone tonight
I don't wanna feel alright
You already know what I like, boy
(If you come over)
I will lay it d ...

Danity Kane


Do-do you got a first aid kit handy
Do-do you know how to patch up a wound
Tell me, are you patient, understanding?
Cause I might need some time to clear the hole in my heart and I

I ...

Danity Kane


(feat. Rick Ross)

[Rick Ross:]
It started with a Monte Carlo
Then went and got a beamer
Her mom call me a D-boy
She said yes he is a dreamer
2 tickets to the matinee
Me and shorty way back in ...

Danity Kane


Uh, this is dedicated to you...
Crosses paths, I saw the past
Realized how good it was

The smell of your scent, feel of your touch
Memory had me gone

[D. Woods]
But you' ...

Danity Kane

Hold Me Down

[Intro - Aubrey]
Yeah... you know what baby
Not matter what I go through,
No matter what I do
You're always there
To hold me down
And that's real

[Verse 1 - Aundrea]
You tell me th ...

Danity Kane

Home For Christmas

Dashing through the snow
In a one horse open sleigh
O'er the fields we go
Laughing all the way

[Verse 1:]
I look out the window
And see it starts to snow
The neighbors putti ...

Danity Kane

I Wish

When you said that you were leavin'
I didn't understand the reason
And all I wanted was to keep you here
Cuz you know I really need you here, oh
And you know I ain't been sleepin'

Danity Kane

Is Anybody Listening

Waiting to see the light
Been waiting all my life
Show me a way, would you show me a way

I wanna come out of the dark
But taking away is so hard
Show me a way, just show me a ...

Danity Kane

Key To My Heart

Someone took the key to your heart
Someone took the key to your

Could've swore I had it right here with me
Susy told me no one else could take it away (away)
So maybe I just misplaced it
Check ...

Danity Kane

Lights Out


[Verse 1:]
I'm so hot when I walk I leave smoke in my tracks
Don't leave your man with me cause he won't come back
I'm dangerous
It's when the lights go out

I'm a girl that's not afrai ...

Danity Kane

One Shot

[Verse 1 - Aundrea (Dawn)]
You all in my ear (I hear you talkin' dirty)
You wanna give me your name
But you aint sayin' nothin' new to me (new to me)
Are you sure that you can handle me?
U ...

Danity Kane

Ooh Ahh

[D. Woods:]
C'mon keep it going
Aubrey talk to em'

Lately I've been looking for a man
Who got it so good i'll be eatin' out his hand
Got me talkin' about him to all of my fri ...

Danity Kane

Ooh La La

Ooh la la la la la
My skin is gettin wet
My clothes is comin off
Ooh la la la la la
Too many on the floor
The club is gettin hot [2x]

[Verse 1]
He wants to step but
I'm no ...

Danity Kane

Picture This

Picture This
after a thousand words
said we still
couldn't undersand what was
in each others heads
complete content
some rised to sunset
so fly like stars,
you were everything
I wish for ...

Danity Kane


When I stand in a crowded room
I feel alone like nobody's there
And when u speak so cold to me
I can see your breath in the air
It's taking it's toll on me
In the bathroom taking showers
So u do ...

Danity Kane

Pretty Boy

[Chorus: Aubrey]
Pretty Boy listen up I can put you on
To the ne-next level that you should be on
Pretty boy listen up for a night in town
It's soakin over here come and wipe me down

[Verse: DA ...

Danity Kane

Ride For You

[Verse 1 - Aundrea]
Lately, I've been tryna fight whatever's pulling us under
it's got a hold and really making me wonder
what it takes to get through
I gotta stick with you, my baby
Baby ...

Danity Kane

Right Now

Oh boy
Oh no no no, touch me like that
Ohh my god, baby, no, no, no, no, no

[Verse 1 - Aundrea]
Go slow, you just don't know
What I'd do to you
If the situation was different ...

Danity Kane

Secret Place

Aww baby you have no idea where we're bout to go, just sit back and enjoy the show

I got a secret place, I wanna take you there, you got an invitation, so won't you open it
I go ...

Danity Kane

Show Stopper

[Hook - group, Shannon lead vocal:]
We in the car, we ride slow
We doin' things that the girls don't do
The boys stare, we smile back
All my girls in the rainbow Cadillacs, yeah

[Aubrey: ...

Danity Kane

Show Stopper Feat. Young Joc

We in the car, we ride slow
We doin' things that the girls don't do
The boys stare, we smile back
All my girls in the rainbow Cadillacs, yeah

Show stoppin' at the latest (Spot) ...

Danity Kane

Sleep On It

[Verse 1 - Wanita]
I might like to get to know you but I can't hear you right now, you're competing with the music but the music's way too loud
Why don't you write down your number ...

Danity Kane

So What

So what you think you got a hold on me
You think you got my heart on lock and key
But I changed the locks, told ya, kick right out
And now i don't know if i'm ready

i will admit ...

Danity Kane

Stay With Me

[Verse 1]
Raindrops, Fall From, Everywhere
I Reach Out, For You, But Your Not There
So I Stood, Waiting, In The Dark
With Your Picture, In My Hands
Story Of a Broken Heart

S ...

Danity Kane


I got a proposition if u want it (if you want it)
Dare you to let me run some game on ya (game on ya)
Undress me with your eyes
Your in a for a surprise
What's underneath my exterior-r ...

Danity Kane

Sucka 4 Love

I'm a sucka over love
Smooth slick talk
Anything he wants
I could provide it, I'm a rider
Fulfill your desire
Tell you baby what you want uh uh
I could be there if you want uh uh
I could model ...

Danity Kane

Touching My Body

Would You Like That?
Do You Like That?
I Know You Like That!

Starin At Me All Night While Im Out On The Floor
It Was Clear What You Wanted
So You Pushed Up On It ...

Danity Kane

Want It

Baby can we take it further
Ooh, can we take it further?
Cause you got my body wanting
And I'm all I've got, but can't deny it
Baby can we take it further
Ooh, can w ...

Danity Kane

Want It From Me (Take It Further)

[Intro- Dawn]
Can we take it further oh?

Baby can we take it further
Ooh, can we take it further?
Cause you got ...

Danity Kane

Welcome To The Dollhouse

Once upon a time
There were five little girls
Shannon, Aundrea, D. Woods, Dawn, and Aubrey
These girls had a dream
To make music and entertain
They go by the name of Danity Kane
Welcome ...

Danity Kane

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