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Bad influence

Artist: Robert Cray Band
Title: Bad influence

You use me to get you anything you wanted.
Oh, but I'm a changed man now, baby,
And your other friend can get you what yo ...

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Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark

Dead of the night baby
We're finally alone
I'll pull up the shades
If you'll unplug the phone

Put on some music
Marvin Gaye's real nice
Once we get settled
I'll turn off the lights

Choru ...

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Poor Johnny

[Verse 1]

Have a seat and I'll tell you a tale
It wasn't that long ago..
About a guy who turned out to be a cheater got the heater
so the story goes:

He tried the playboy-thing on two fri ...

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Right Next Door (Because Of Me)

I can hear the couple fighting right next door
Their angry words sound clear thru these thin walls
Around midnight I heard him shout 'unfaithful woman'
And I knew right there the axe was gonna ...

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Smoking Gun

Artist : Robert Cray
Title : Smoking Gun
I get a constant busy signal
When I call you on the phone
I get a strong uneasy feeling
You're not sitting there alone
I'm ...

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