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I'm not so young anymore
And I'm not so dumb anymore
If you've seen what I've seen
Then you'd understand what I mean

So don't say you're gonna call me if you're not
And don't say you're gonna ...

Холли Валанс

All In The Mind

Come On

I'm red
I'm green
Purple and Orange
I'm the myth you've never seen
I'm the one in your dream
I can be what you want me to be
I can be your every fantasy
It doesn't Matter w ...

Холли Валанс

City Ain't Big Enough


We met at work
And we played from the start
You were the DJ
I was working in behind the bar
Our love was sudden
You were doing something right
You started seeing one ou ...

Холли Валанс

Coktails And Parties

Cocktails and parties
Watch you
Take the floor
You move like no one I have ever seen
Ever seen before
A crush would be all right
But it's a bit more than that

You're with her
And baby sh ...

Холли Валанс


Why are you searching for another lover?
Why don't you give me some respect?

I wanna strong, sensitive guy
I want him brow, but ever so shy
A gentleman with dignity too
If you don't get thi ...

Холли Валанс


Welcome to the great unknown
Take a journey into the O zone
Feed your fire, feel the burn
And I'm learning the thing that you learn
Let's play the game
And I'm sure that you'll be so glad tha ...

Холли Валанс


Late night
Party time
All around me
The room is jumping
This feeling I can't contain it
Got me reeling
Our bodies pumping
Your eyes move
Like on my body
And the headlights
The heat is ri ...

Холли Валанс

Double Take

Keep off the track
And keep your feet
Down and you're only saving me
It's not easy staring at me
Look at the way I'm feeling weak

I'll wait for another double take
From you
'Cos I don't ...

Холли Валанс

Down Boy

Down boy
gotta Keep down boy
gotta keep u down if u want me with u

I'm the one that you would die for
The one you long to touch
The one you live a lie for
I know this much

The ...

Холли Валанс

Everything I Hate

I'm here if you want to
I got what you're into
There ain't something so new
That told me it ain't true

Let me be, let me through
'Cos I don't know what to do
I can move, what I mean
But y ...

Холли Валанс

Help Me Help You

Tell me how it feels
What you're going though
Its life a little too real
A little too real
Take another breath
Take another day
Feel a little sad
Let it fade away

Help me heal
The way y ...

Холли Валанс

Hush Now

Boy we've been talking
'Bout this and that
I like it fine but
I love this track
Here's my suggestion
Don't need no words
Get on your feet, leave your seat
Breathe deep and follow me

I wa ...

Холли Валанс


Baby come over here
And taste me
Won't you feel my lips
And take me deeper into your arms
Way you got my Venus rising
Visualising your skin melting into mine

Open up, I'm comi ...

Холли Валанс

Kiss Kiss


When you look at me tell me what do you see
This is what you get it's the way I am
When I look at you I wannabe I wannabe
Somewhere close to heaven with Neanderthal man
Don't go, ...

Холли Валанс

Naughty Girl

It's after twelve
Can't face the day yet
Reminds me how hard it can be
To forget
I said things I didn't mean
You saw things you shouldn't have seen

Been a naughty girl
Real bad so and s ...

Холли Валанс

Over 'N' Out

Do you read me
Do you read me
Do you read me
Come with me guaranteed
Everywhere we go we're gonna rip it up
(Over and out)
It's free to ride
Step inside
Keys in the ignition
Gonna burn it ...

Холли Валанс


When will you ever see?
You're killing me with the things that you say
It's all so gritty
What am I to do and do
Am I to do or do
When will you ever see?
To let it be

Don't cry
I ...

Холли Валанс

Roll Over

You've gone the same
From day one
Don't think you'll ever change
I have to laugh
Every time you screw it up
Funny how I take the blame
Why is everything designed
To try and get a rise out o ...

Холли Валанс

Send My Best

I wouldn't put my bets on me if I were you
I bet you find I'm not as balanced as I seem
I need to redecorate, I need some hum a thousand times a day
Can't hide anything day from you
Loving me ...

Холли Валанс

Somebody Out There

Who cares what I'm gonna do
Without you, without you
Who cares if I blow a few
Without you, without you
I go run after dark
I know you heard it all before
I'm doing fine without you
On my own ...

Холли Валанс

State Of Mind

You don't need, to hang around
You don't need, to talk right now

Gotta feel it, same mistake
Gotta feel it, its gonna break

Some days, some times just don't feel right


Холли Валанс

The Harder They Come

Na na na na na na na na na
Na na na na na

I don't need no one who's gonna tell me down
I need you to let me be
Why is it they always seem to come around?
I don't have time for me
Have so ...

Холли Валанс


Before I spoke
Your voice was moving here
The water safe
This way
That way
I feel his thoughts
Your choice
It's all there
There comes a time to find
Piece of mind

Take some time to let g ...

Холли Валанс

Tuck Your Shirt In

My name is Holly
And I like

I'm so glad that you asked me out tonight
Our conversation over dinner was really nice
But don't forget you still owe me dessert
It's 12 we missed the late show

Холли Валанс


Ice and a twist
And a cigarette
Starts a night I won't forget
Drinks and a dance and a word or two
Share the time with someone new


You're locked in your land
On a private je ...

Холли Валанс



So here we are boy I can tell by just your look you're hooked
You wanna get with me I think you have mistook the time
The time is not now, not tomorrow, no why
Don't want another here ...

Холли Валанс

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