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 Forest Of Shadows Forest Of Shadowsрок-группа

A November Dream

Obscured by night

A forest of Shadows

The silence of birds bringing peace

The whispering night it calls my name

And so I follow the path of unknown

In solitude I wonder about


Forest Of Shadows

Eternal Autumn

So sudden it seemed this tragic vision painted before my eyes

Amidst falling leaves I had found my beloved bloodstained and pale

Falling into the forever so silent

Aware of my presence s ...

Forest Of Shadows

Moments In Solitude

Embraced by darkness my abandoned soul

Screams within my mind I see

But darkness drowning in my misery

Take me away to lands beyond this bleeding earth

Thoose moments in solitude whe ...

Forest Of Shadows

Of Sorrow Blue

Of sorrow blue and clad in mist

Dancing midst the meadows of my dreams

My precious one my fallen beauty

Fallen beneath a dismal cloud

I recall that dreary morning

I ran to the sh ...

Forest Of Shadows

The Silent Cry

Trapped inside walls of grief

My dismal excistance

I am longing for you, oh queen of my desire

Alone I cry so silent

Can you hear me

Oh deliver me from my sorrow

I feel so co ...

Forest Of Shadows

Under The Dying Sun

In the fields of green

Her silhouette towards the sky

Under the dying sun

I see her die

In the fields of green

An arrow of death

A dying beauty breathing

Her last br ...

Forest Of Shadows


Awakened this dying season such a beauty to behold

Oh autumn hath arrived a tragedy painted dead

Fallen am I without thee I am lost

In a region of doleful shades I am withering away


Forest Of Shadows

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