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I'm feeling like the man of the hour, tear down the house,
Throwing this money like it's no running out.
Okay, but I wanna know, can you get any higher,
And drop it down the pole like it's a fir ...

Кид Инк

Be real (feat. Dej Loaf)

DeJ Loaf:
You ain't got no whip, you ain't got no bottle
Let's just be honest, let's just be real
You ain't got no cash, you ain't got no dollas
You stay with that drama, let's just be real

Кид Инк


I got 1.5 for the red eye flight
If you tryna get high bitch just my type
Sittin' in the room full of disco lights
Pair of shades on, I'm the coolest nigga on sight
Tell 'em hide that, where t ...

Кид Инк

Body language (feat. Usher & Tinashe)

Usher & Tinashe:
It's not that a lot that you've been saying, whoa
But I can tell from your body language, ok
Let's talk about it ('bout it), Is you 'bout it?
Let's talk about it, we'll ta ...

Кид Инк

Bom Bom

I know you see me sitting on the cloud high
Fresh up like the kitchen
Broke that bitch right up on that counter top
Me and mary jane, bloody mary's in the mirror
Say my name three times, I'll ...

Кид Инк

Bossin' up (feat. A$ap Ferg & French Montana)

Bossin' up
You, you can check we bossin'

V-v-valet park my whip nigga
Hammer time for my chips nigga
Bossin' up, add it up
Your girlfriend choosin' so you mad as fuck, okay

Кид Инк

Down 4

Uhh speakers up, loud weed
Rollin in the back seat
Smokin on that loud seed
The clouds in my back seat
I just want that
I just want that
Money like an athlete
Say that I'm the realest ni ...

Кид Инк


Explain [Hook]
Double shots
Double bitches
Double chains
You could see 'em drippin'
Drip, Drip, Drip and go
I'm, I'm, I'm drippin' bitch
Wet as fuck
Spillin shit
Drip, drip, drip
I ...

Кид Инк

Feels good to be up

I hope you ready to go
We in the fast lane
Letting it blow
Moving it full speed
Foot to the floor
Now can't nobody catch me
I ain't tryna brag
Get the message
I took a seat in the back ...

Кид Инк

Fuck sleep (feat. Rico Love)

Kid Ink:
Eyes wide open…
We’ve been up all night, I ain’t even notice
Fuck sleep…
You know the money is the motive ’til the morning
I be hungry every moment, man, a nigga gotta eat
Cookin’ ...

Кид Инк

Hello world

Hello baby, guess who's back? (Yeah)
It's been a minute (I know you miss me, yeah)
Egh. Kid Ink
I said...

Hello baby, guess who back? It's been a minute
I been fiending for your love like ...

Кид Инк

Hotel (feat. Chris Brown)

Kid Ink & Chris Brown:
I said why you over there lookin' at me?
While I'm with my girlfriend
Why you over there lookin' at me and my girlfriend?
Let's take it to the hotel, let's take it t ...

Кид Инк

Is It You

Uh, We, got it hot up in this stove,
Im lookin, im lookin,
Im lookin, for, the one,
To come and get me in the zone,
Is it you, Is it you,
Come and let me know,
Is it you, Is it yo ...

Кид Инк

Iz u down (feat. Tyga)

I think your you’ve been looking at your girlfriend
And tell by the way, you’ve been dancing with your girlfriend

Can I ask? Iz u down? Iz u down?
Iz u down? Iz u down?
Can I ask? Iz u down? ...

Кид Инк

Just do it (feat. Eric Bellinger)

Eric & Kid:
If you ain't with it baby, I'm ma keep it movin, (ugh)
Cause in a minute we about to make a movie (yeah)
You a freak, bet you didn’t think I knew it (go head)
On the real, migh ...

Кид Инк

Lick It (U Nasty)

(Repeat 2x)
You gotta lick it, Before we kick it
You gotta get it soft and wet, so we can kick it
(Repeat 4x)
I said D*mn you nasty I like it like that
-No repeat-
I said D*mn yo ...

Кид Инк

Like a hott boyy (feat. Young Thug & Bricc Baby Shitro)

Kid Ink & Young Thug:
I just pull up to the spot boy
Like I'm fresh up off the lot boy
Niggas say I do a lot boy
Cause I'm spending cash money like a Hott Boy
Stop thinking you the man, ...

Кид Инк

Lost In The Sauce

[Hook: Kid Ink]

Man I hear these niggas talk
When I see 'em but they don't really say it all
But we ain't really feelin' y'all
Anyway man I swear that they fuckin' lost
Lost, in the sauce, ...

Кид Инк

Love me no more (feat. Chris Brown)

Chris Brown:
Baby you know, that I cry all these tears for you
No one compares to the smile you make when
When I hit it, taste that kitty
I ain't even gotta say shit
Ten girls in the back se ...

Кид Инк

Money and the power

Money and the power
Once you get a 'lil they just want to take you down (cause)
I got the money and the power
Once you get a 'lil they just want to take you down (cause)
We’ve been going hard ...

Кид Инк

My last

I feel like every night, might be my last
I-I don't sleep at night, ev-every night might be my last, b-b-be my last
I feel like every night, night, night, night, night, might be my last
I-I don' ...

Кид Инк

Never going back

I'm riding on this money train
Pray to God that it last for ever
'Cause I'm never going back, never going,
Never going back, never going back

Never going back, I ain't never going back
Got ...

Кид Инк

No option (feat. King Los)

Kid Ink:
I take a look around ain’t nothing brand new
But the brand A clothes and a couple tattoos
City going nuts like a fucking cashew
I’m the man in my city, don’t get it confused
LA ever ...

Кид Инк

Ready 4 war

Now I been waitin' for somebody
To try and come make a move
All the bullshit to the side, side
Attitude like I got nothin' to lose
Bout to put it all on the line, line
Keep talkin' that smac ...

Кид Инк

Show me (feat. Chris Brown)

Chris Brown:
Baby let me put your panties to the side
I'm a make you feel alright
'Cause I'm a give you what you need, yeah
Mami you remind me of something
I don't know what it is
You remi ...

Кид Инк

Standing On The Moon

Oh no

Oh, you see me standing on the moon
Looking down, standing on the moon
Looking down, standing on the moon
Looking down, standing on the moon
You see me all over the ...

Кид Инк



Now, just picture me – high up with my top down

On Highland and Sunset, doin’ 85 on the top deck

See, step by step we’re walking on stars

If you’re looking for some action, you ...

Кид Инк

Take It Down

You lookin like your type
Know just how to move it
Don't be so uptight, thing only for choosing
Go and take it down for a nigga like me
And I'mma turn you out baby girl before we lea ...

Кид Инк

The New Generation

We are, we are the voice
We are, we are the voice
We are, we are the voice

Somebody gotta rep for us
Young outcast, running from the task force
In the streets, they worry 'bout the tabloid ...

Кид Инк

Time of your life

I said
You ain't gotta, you ain't gotta leave
My bad I know this ain't usually your scene
But dont worry bout it girl just be your self
And I swear I ain't gon I ain't gone say a thing
Gon j ...

Кид Инк

Was it worth it (feat. Sterling Simms)

Kid Ink:
Yeah, you been out on your own
Now tell me was it worth it
I think it's time to come home
You've been out on your own
Now tell me was it worth it

Kid Ink:
Yes, looking back on ...

Кид Инк

What I Do

Сock back and unload
I leave you niggas leaking like Amber Rose
Tell me what I gotta prove ask round who be killing shit
Every time's game time, this is just a scrimmage bitch
White t, black s ...

Кид Инк

Woke up this morning

Ok, I woke up this morning ready for the evening
Is the same shit nothing new
Yeh I woke up this morning ready for the evening
Got a bag of money
All I can think bout it's bright light and dod ...

Кид Инк

Work's never over (feat. Raekwon)

Kid Ink:
Uh, First off, no I ain't soft
Eeny meeny, any one of you will get broke off
Sayin' you the truth nigga look like false
Just talk too much and you look like narcs
More than the king ...

Кид Инк

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