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Саманта Фокс Саманта Фокспоп-певица

All I Wanna Do Is

Like this...like this...like this
Don't stop
Ooh...full force
Sa-sa-sa-sa-samantha fox
(go! go! go! go! go! go!
Go! go! go! go! go! go!)

All I wanna do is
All I wanna do ...

Саманта Фокс

Another Woman

I met a friend of mine just the other day
She was really sorry, I said: I'm okay!
But then she told me 'bout a boy who looked like you
On your harley-d, you were talking to:

Another woman
Ano ...

Саманта Фокс

Boundaries of Love

You say you love me
But only when you need me

You say you love me
But when you need
But only you see your loneliness
So put my arms around you
Feel that love surrounds you
Discovering the ...

Саманта Фокс

But The Pants Stay On

Just because we're dancing
Doesn't mean that we're romancing too
Boy I hardly know you - so I have to show you

That it's not as easy as it seems to be
To get all what you want from me
It ta ...

Саманта Фокс


Every once in a while, every now and then
You make a mistake, it's crying time again
So easy to do, too hard to forget
Every moment you lay in your empty bed

And now it's time to want confes ...

Саманта Фокс



I take a trip to the oceandrive
Straight up and right into the blue
Whatever it takes to get out alive
My love is coming up for you

Now I'm walking right up at the waterfront
And I'm still ...

Саманта Фокс

Do Ya, Do Ya

(m. bissel/g. richardson)

Are you strong enough
Give me what I want
Can you please me, right now

Are you strong enough
Give me what I want
Can you please me, right now
(right now, right n ...

Саманта Фокс

Do You Want Me?

Do you want me baby
Do you want my love?
Do you want me baby
Do you want my love?

So many questions demanding answers
Is the writing on the wall
Do you want me
The way I want you
Do yo ...

Саманта Фокс

Don't Cheat on Me

Don't...you ever cheat on me
I come home late, it's been a long day
You never talk, you don't know what to say
You think it's easy that I don't mind
And I don't see it 'cause love is blind


Саманта Фокс

Don't Cry Wolf

You say you want me, you say you need me
Can you tell me this time love's for real
It's all the same, it's just a game
You break the rules and break my heart again
I tell you baby that you bet ...

Саманта Фокс

Don't Wait Up

(full force)

M: hello
S: hello sweetheart!
M: where are you? !
S: I'm still here at the club.
M: you were supposed to be here at home a long time ago!
S: I don't complain when you're out wit ...

Саманта Фокс

Dream City

Jane was an actress, now she's a waitress
Steve's at the cafe parking cars
A year or two back they were going places
Now they're just staying where they are

One night in dream city
You need m ...

Саманта Фокс

Gimme Shelter

Ooh, a storm is threatening my very life today
If I don't get some shelter
Yeah, I'm gonna fade away

War, children, it's just a shot away
It's just a shot away
War, children, it's ...

Саманта Фокс

He's Got Sex

(s. mcclusky/d.wayne)

He's got all you could ever want
He's got the purpose & the style
He's got such an open mind
He's got the walk you'd never find
He's got the roughness in his voice
He's ...

Саманта Фокс

Hold on Tight

(j. david)

Okay, this is it hold on tight!

Well since you told me yes, I'm out of control
We're gonna rock this town
We're gonna watch it rattle & roll

Hold on honey, hold on tight

Саманта Фокс

Hot for You

Did you think you could keep your cool
On a night like this
Can't you feel the fever, in the air
Hear my voice callin' out for you
And you can't resist
When you taste the passion we could sha ...

Саманта Фокс

I Dream in Colours

When I dream, I dream in colours, in bright colours, yeah
When I start to dream
When I dream, I dream in colours, in bright colours, yeah
When I start to dream

I will bring you flowers, I wi ...

Саманта Фокс

I Only Wanna Be With You

I don't know what it is
That makes me love you so
I only know
I never want to let you go
'cos you started something
Can't you see
That ever since we've met
You've had a hold on me
It happe ...

Саманта Фокс

I Promise You

You never touch anything till it touches you
And oh when you touch me
I feel beautiful for you

So hold me tight tell me you'll never leave my side
Stay loving me boy - loving you boy all the ...

Саманта Фокс

I Surrender

I've got a secret I can't keep
That burns inside when I'm in my sleep
I try to hide from your memory
But you come back & it's haunting me

What will I find in this fantasy
If I go with me no ...

Саманта Фокс

I Wanna Have Some Fun

Hello, it's me again
Don't you know it's hard to keep a good woman down
But then again, maybe that could be fun
Sa-sa-sa-sa-samantha fox!

Ain't it funny how when I say let's go out
You're alw ...

Саманта Фокс

I'm All You Need

When I met you, your heart was broken
You were sure that love was passing you by
Well I can help you now that you've spoken
I'll tell you something I can no longer hide

I'm all you need
So ...

Саманта Фокс

If Music Be The Food of Love

If music be the food of love, then play on
Play on, play on
Play on, play on

If music be the food of love, then baby play on, play on
Let the heavens celebrate our love
And baby, play on, p ...

Саманта Фокс

Just a Dream

I wake up, I wake up
What does it mean to dream
Is it staying alive or to fall or rise
So take it to the limit and lets dream on, dream on

I wake up, to find you
To find you next to me
I r ...

Саманта Фокс

Just One Night

I love you
And all it takes is just one night alone with me
To show you that there can never be anyone else

All I need is just one night alone
Just one night alone, one night

And as we la ...

Саманта Фокс

Let Me Be Free

Do what you wanna do, do
What you wanna do, do
What you wanna do, do
What you wanna do, do
What you wanna do, do

What you wanna do, there
Was a time, when we did all
The things we wanted ...

Саманта Фокс

Love House

Are you ready to do things tonight
That you never dreamed were possible?
Let, let let's go

Love house, house, house

Want to visit a house, hmmm?
I am ready, anything
Follow me

There ...

Саманта Фокс

Love Makes You

What you are inside you
Carry with you always
And everything you do
Is reflection of you
No matter where you are
No matter what you do
I will be there to show you
I care in the shadow of th ...

Саманта Фокс

Lovin' Don't Grow on Trees

It takes a fox to know a fox
D'ya know what I'm saying?

(lovin' don't-l-l-l-l-lovin' don't
L-lovin' don't-lovin' don't
L-l-l-lovin' don't grow on trees)

Sittin' on the back of a ...

Саманта Фокс

More, More, More_love to Love You Baby Medley

S: ooh
M: do you like that?
S: yes I do.
M: tell me how do you like it when I pump it up like this?
S: oooh
M: let's get busy 1 time
The body rocks - sa-sa-sa-sa-samantha fox
S: ooooh wee ...

Саманта Фокс

Naughty Girls

Maybe, just maybe
Naughty girls need love too

I've been told time and time again
That you can't treat love like a game
But I play rough with hearts that never mend
'cause some guys like you ...

Саманта Фокс

Never Gonna Fall in Love Again

Gotta get away, boy
And I'm never coming back to stay
No one ever dreamed we'd fall apart and drift away

Just another day, dear
And another lonely afternoon
After all this time it seems so ...

Саманта Фокс

Next to Me

Touch me baby (I wanna feel your body)
I wanna get next to you
Soft and wet (just like I like it baby)
Ooh let me give it to you

You drive me crazy
Let me be your fantasy
It makes me lazy
O ...

Саманта Фокс

Nothing You Do, Nothing You Say

I think it's time for you to make a decision
I think it's time for you to get it straight what's right
And left alone with your own intuition
You find the flame we had never burned so bright


Саманта Фокс

Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now

Nothing's gonna stop me now
Nothing's gonna stop me now

There was a time I couldn't get you out of my mind
And since the day you came you tried to take control of me
Then came the day, I tho ...

Саманта Фокс

One in a Million

The day I met you, I was so confused
I never knew anyone that could blow my fuse
And now I want you and you want me, too
My God and angel really came through

My luck has changed, my life's rea ...

Саманта Фокс

Out of Our Hands

If I had my way, I would be by your side today
Some other time, some other place
One perfect night, a vision of paradise
Away from the world and into the light

Oh, when there's no one left t ...

Саманта Фокс


You won't admit you love me
And so how am I ever to know
You always tell me
Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps

A million times I'd ask you
And then I'd ask you over, again
You'd only answer
Perhap ...

Саманта Фокс

Pleasure Zone

I want to take you for a ride
To this place called the pleasure zone, pleasure zone
I want to take you for a ride
I want to take you home, take you home


Let's do it!

I met you ...

Саманта Фокс

Ready for This Love

I'm on my way over to deliver
A message I need to give to you
It's what you've been waiting for
Finally coming true

Resisting your arms that tried to find me
I started to realize you're tru ...

Саманта Фокс

Rockin' in The City

Hey you
I want some action
Are you ready?

We're finished with the week
It's 5:35 come alive! (come alive!)
Pick up my check
Let's get out of this place & go wild (tonight)

Rocking in t ...

Саманта Фокс

Santa Maria

Come on! (x7)
Santa maria
(oh) santa maria

I said come on baby take me higher
'cause I'm dreamin' of your love
Dreamin' of your love
And I wanna be your heart's desire (desire ...

Саманта Фокс


Satisfaction, uh!

I can't get no - satisfaction
I can't get no - satisfaction
'cause I try, and I try, and I try, and I try
I can't get no - satisfaction
I can't get no - satisf ...

Саманта Фокс

Say What You Want

Say what you want
Say what you need now
Name your desire
Say what you need now

In the times of trouble
When you think you can't last think
Ahead now and not of the past
Put your arms around ...

Саманта Фокс

Seventeen & Holding

I'm seventeen
I'm a dancing queen
Dancing it on the street
Nine to five have to stay alive
Surviving from the heat - whoo!
Rock and roll within my soul
From my hat down to my shoes
But when I ...

Саманта Фокс

Spirit of America

Just a handful of heroes, waving flags across the world
Fast food and freedom, iron hand in velvet glove
For a fistful of dollars, anything at a price
It's always a gamble, say your prayers and r ...

Саманта Фокс

Suzie, Don't Leave Me With Your Boyfriend

Suzie, you're the best friend that a girl ever had
But something I tell you's gonna make you mad
You introduced me to the boy of your dreams
But I get the funny feeling all is not as it seems
He ...

Саманта Фокс

That Sensation

I don't why I feel this way
They say it must be love
I talked to everyone but you
And you know what we're talking ofi can't get you out of my mind
There's so much more that I want you for
And ...

Саманта Фокс

The Best is Yet to Come

If he's wearing purple, then I'll wear white
And then we'll take a ride in search of the bright,
Bright moonlight

And all the people they wonder
As we walk by
Why we behave like two childre ...

Саманта Фокс

The Reason is You

Run, run baby run, run
I don't wanna loose you
Run, run baby run, run
I don't wanna loose you
Run, run baby run, run
The reason is you

You said that everything is all right
Stop coming on s ...

Саманта Фокс

Touch Me

Full moon in the city
And the night was young
I was hungry for love
I was hungry for fun

I was hunting you down
And I was the bait
When I saw you there
I didn't mean to hesitate

This i ...

Саманта Фокс

True Devotion

We started out right, ended up wrong
For one another babe
When life is too short, we leave it too long
To find each other babe

I don't know, I don't know
Just how we got this way

Inside ...

Саманта Фокс

Walking on Air

So did you think that maybe I'd refuse
Or did you know I'd fall for you
You made a pass, I trembled in my shoes
It's a fairytale coming true
You've been the theme of a million ...

Саманта Фокс

Want You to Want Me

One touch like never before
Calling out for loving
Calling out for more yeah
Heartbeat was never the same
Since you called me honey
Won't you call me back again

You know, you know what I w ...

Саманта Фокс

Wasted N. R. G

Oh wasted energy
Wasted energy
Energise my love

I'm feeling kind of crazy
Boy, what you come here for
Do you feel the same as me
Let's hit the floor close together
I can feel the vibe

No ...

Саманта Фокс

Watching You

Nice and easy
Take it nice and slowly
Let's relax and just enjoy
Each other my baby

We've so little time to be
Alone together
Watching you
Watching me
Let's break free

I can lie in your ...

Саманта Фокс

What You See is What You Get

C'mon I'm in the mood!

Not stoppin', body rockin'
Whatever takes you thru' the night
A good heart is the place to start
And I'm giving that away
Make a deal, make it straight
When love mak ...

Саманта Фокс

Where is The Love

Oh where is the love
Where is the love
Your mood all around me
You give me such a hard time
You think you might change me
But you're leaving all your love at the back of your heart

Such a ...

Саманта Фокс

Wild Kinda Love

It takes a wild kinda love
Wild kinda love

Well I'm not the kind of girl who
Wants roses & bottles of perfume
I just want to live fast & feel good
Have fun & do things like the boys do
I d ...

Саманта Фокс

You Started Something

In the beginning I wasn't certain
We said we'd take it day by day
I thought that you were like all the others
Then you stole my heart away
I thought we'd come to some kind of understanding
I ...

Саманта Фокс

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