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Another Day

Wake up, the dawn of another dull day.
Take up your dreams and on your way.
Oh, oh, oh.

Daylight, mother stands in the hall.
Last night, head against the wall.
Oh, oh, oh.


Israel Vibration


What you don't like for yourself, / don't give it.
You with your ego, glutness a greecly, won't achieve it.
Telling Jah people that you cam
When you are just in for the sham
Me say whoa, t ...

Israel Vibration

Feelin' Irie

Are you feelin' irie?
Tell me you feelin' irie!
Kinky Reggae. Rocking reggae
Pon your block we deh play
Roots rock reggae. Hip hop reggae. Block party here today.

Are you feeli ...

Israel Vibration


Now you see my face
Do you love me yea
I live a jahful way
Do you love me yea
I grow my Natty Dreadlocks
Do you love me yah

I give Praises so high
Do you love me yea
I t ...

Israel Vibration


Live and give
The best of your ability
Live and forgive
Your Brothers
And your Sisters
And if you don't forgive
How do you expect
To be forgiven
For the many wrongs
Of which ...

Israel Vibration


Oh when I wake up in the morning,
There is no breakfast on my table.
When I reach home in the evening,
There is no dinner on my table.
How many rivers do we have to cross, / Before we can ...

Israel Vibration


I am a rebel for real.
You got to know how I feel.
So brutalize I with music.
if it's a song with a meaning.
Chastise I with music.
If it's a cry from the heart.
There's got to be a ...

Israel Vibration


You're distant honey - Mr. Cool
You lock up your feelings - nobody's fool
You're facing the world
With your fist clenched tight
Tough guy - tough guy facing the fight
Don't forget to re ...

Israel Vibration


Trodding through your area, Babylon by bus.
Jah say teach the people well. Unite, them righteous.
No time to argue or debate.
Love and unity will trod from state to state.

Teach your ...

Israel Vibration


O father our ruler
Mi know you still dea Yah--o o o
And you see the activity--yea, o yea
Of them who fight against we yea, o yea
You have seen the influence of the oppressor
And the eff ...

Israel Vibration


Now the plummer's got a drip in his spigot
The mechanic's got a clank in his car
And the preacher's thinking thoughts that are wicked
And the lover's got a lonely heart
My friends ain' ...

Israel Vibration


Standing on the corner
Reasoning with your Bredren
You never mean no trouble
You never do no harm
Taking it cool and calm
And a so we a gwaan
Gwaan gwaan gwaan
Over in the ghetto

Israel Vibration


We don't want no racism
We don't want apartheid oh no no
We don't want no parshality yea
So run come come
Stand up and chant it
Run come come
Come and see wha de gwaan
Run come co ...

Israel Vibration


Don't just sit and confuse your mind
Turn yourself around and make use of the time
For you know time wait for no one
Therefore I think you should go along
Don't be a stock sitting on the s ...

Israel Vibration


See you in the morning
As the sun rise
It's just another day
For you to realize
The time is dread
Oh, Rasta Children
If you stay in these corners
They kill you with tax I say
I ...

Israel Vibration


My mother told me
’fore she passed away
Said son when I’m gone
Don’t forget to pray

’cause there’ll be hard times
Lord those hard times
Who knows better than i?

Well I so ...

Israel Vibration

Jah is the way

Clean hands and (?) pure in heart
Shall see the face of Jah Jah
A total I-nity, brother
Make it Jah love forever

So for the time at hand
Do all the good we can
Be a righteous man ...

Israel Vibration

Jailhouse Rocking

Jailhouse rocking...jailhouse rocking
Prisoner chanting cause thay want to come out

It's been a long time
My brothers and my sisters
I've been taken away for such a long time
Locke ...

Israel Vibration


Listen boy, I'll tell you a thing
I'll make you a career in the business I'm in
I'll make you rich, I'll make you a toy
I'll make you turn over into my little boy
Y'see I'm going somewhere ...

Israel Vibration

Licks and kicks

I'm sure it was the 24 (of september)
That was a day the incident happen (I remember)
My brethrens were all assembled in one ??? (ina the yard)
Minding their own personality (of I-quality)

Israel Vibration

Life Is Real

Guilt stains on my pillow
Blood on my terraces
Torsos in my closet
Shadows from my past life is real
Life is real, life is real, so real
Sleeping is my leisure
Waking up in a min ...

Israel Vibration

Livity In The Hood

The jungle jungle jungle
We're living, we're living in the hood
Just another day, riding through the hood
just another day, haning out around the way
Just another day, remember what La ...

Israel Vibration


also by Lennon and McCartney
We need it. We need it. We need it.
It's good to be loved.
Love. Love. Love. (Quench me woman.)
Love. Love. Love. (Love satisfy me.)
Love. Love. Love. (Quen ...

Israel Vibration


In the fire, it was burning.
Sweetheart, I know should be learning.
But my pockets were full of money.
And I had someone to call my honey.
But it's love that makes a good man.
Yes it's ...

Israel Vibration

Make It Work

Yo...Yo...Ayo...Right Ayo
Better get ourselves together
We gwaan have to get ourselves together
Cause that's the only way it's going to work
Get up, stand up make we get ourselves together ...

Israel Vibration

Mighty Negus

Hotter fire, Bongo Niah
Bingy I Bobo Shanty Far I
Eagle and the bear, the dragon and the harlot
Stand and identify
How long you going deny?

Mighty Negus
The man from Galile ...

Israel Vibration


I've been away in another land / For over nine years
Had to return to Jamaica now / To set my way clear
I had to go to the embassy
To be interviewed by men of authority
Who didn't want to ...

Israel Vibration

Mud Up

So the system mud-up
Pon the frontline it blood-up blood-up

Babylon you fi ease-up ease-up
you just a push and a squeeze-up squeeze-up

Cat away your evil spell
Jah will pou ...

Israel Vibration


We naw, we naw give up the fight.
Because we tell you say we know we're right.
We naw, we naw give up the fight.
Therefore we're keeping everything in sight.
The hawk, the hawk is coming d ...

Israel Vibration

New Wave

Pick a point now slowly spin around it
Seems you’re lost, so glad to see you’ve found it
Anything that makes you more than human
Breech the new attack until you feel the...

Wind is ...

Israel Vibration


The one I send to vrew right through.
In cell block two. / And to you and you and you,
over there in a penitentiary.
Here today and gone tomorrow.
Who no dey a Booth Hill gone a Tamarind F ...

Israel Vibration


Let's go out on the town tonight
My pockets are heavy with loot
And get drunk and blasted
(And loud in your dress of blue)
I've been living from hand to mouth
It must be three or f ...

Israel Vibration


I'm saying it's you
Then you come and tell me
That it's me
Then we started to fight
How could that be right?
Liberty, cause with
Carelessness you see
If you lie down with dog
S ...

Israel Vibration

Pretty Woman

[ ] = all the other Crew members
Verse 1: Luke
[Pretty woman] Ha haaa, walkin' down the street
[Pretty woman] Gir, girl, you look so sweet
[Pretty woman] You, you bring me down to the knee ...

Israel Vibration

Real And Right

Oh what a competition
But Jah is my highest region
Rocking through revelation
Chanting to Jah holy nation
Come wash your sins away little children
Wash your sins aw ...

Israel Vibration


We're gathering. We're gathering. Sanctifying your soul.
Send my sons from the ends of the earth.
We're sanctifying your soul.
Send my sons from the end of the earth.
We are gathering the ...

Israel Vibration


This one straight to a guy bumbaclot head!!!!
Waan come treat rejectedly.
Bout I man too culturally. / No want I pon MTV.
And think say you done with me.
This is a rudeboy shufflin. / Back ...

Israel Vibration

Rumours of War

There are soldiers marching on the common today
They were there again this evening
They paced up and down like sea birds on the ground
Before the storm clouds gathering

I must buy what ...

Israel Vibration

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