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A Memorable Fancy

Angel came, knowing my dreadful state
"horrible! For yourself dungeon
Burning hot to all eternity
You prepare, going in such career "

I muttered in a sudden and ridiculous anger which had no


Ahrimans Heart

To save this world
Transgress yourself
Ahriman's heart retains might
Sinister spells
Sorcery dodge

The shroud is swayed by the wind
Black monolith city
White flames in the burial-vault
De ...


Alone In The Dark

I'm alone in the dark
Cast and lost off the track
Left to be strong
How much I loan
With the heaviest heart
The thick unfaltering pall
Is hiding out my call
No one to find over a tide
In the ...



Decipherment of Human Genes
A Forbidden Bite Is Taken
Units of Flesh like Mirror Reflections
Replica Motherfuckers
Reconstruction without Much Trouble
Material Revolution
Raving out Machinery


Communist Skinhead

Derelict Landscapes, a Hurricane Neigh
Abstract Conceptions Are Brought In the Mire
Republican Orders Jackhammer My Weight
Daily Newsprints for Loathsome Clients

Merit Practicians Fall into D ...



Strap me, plague me, would you grip me?
Deprecation, insurrection
Still feel alive I'm confident
Yearning to cast you down
Still feel abused I'm evident to deviate from laws
Still interdicted f ...


Conversing The Dolt

"Ain't you are the ardent revolting cannon foe!"
Craned suspended greasy slug necks
Loud howling judges of the ecclesiastical court
An elder faced to justice, coarse cloth
Faintly hall-smiling r ...


Crash Crash Crash

Under Pressure in Disguise
Vividly Alerted
Meanwhile Failure Alibis
Are Hopefully Diverted
Apprehend the Danger Rush
Transcendental Donors
Implement the Bloody Slash
Together With Unholy Moro ...


Death Ought To Wait For Me

A pig has launched a pussy's forge
Malignant broods remark with hoots
They waste their time with no concern
Just serve one's turn
The matter brooks no delay

A senseless quiz to wink your len ...


Down Under Dome Of Heaven

Down under dome of heaven
Feathering of shaft
Is flying like a common warder into owned mark
Serenade of thickened epoch is gravely reaching virgin soil
Vanished rays within the tower are taking ...


Faces Of Death

Distribution, scattered brains feel no sorrow nearly taint
It's not late to demonstrate profit line

Truth and lies – tool of learn overturn now
Devour great detest, violate silence livin', dyi ...



Load of cares, we plod on our way
A certain addiction to light
Leftovers and gick, a bottle of hay
The burrow has been furnished right
Shaggy paws, bronzed chitin, membranous pinions
Look out y ...


King's Ebony Blade

Calmness of stable stones
Tight veins ain't sore no more
Brilliant open skies
Smoke-screen has melted alright
An ancient castle, smooth of a pond
Hopes of peoples – the sleeping sword

While ...


Mercenary Fields

Piercing Razors inside Me Captivate Mentality
Bits and Pieces outside Me Interfere With Sanity
Running Fires around Here Entertain Anxiety
Sparkling Traces of Anger Segregate My Vanity

Heavy ...


Mind Ruins

Flaring knots of benevolence
Nerves to cut, overgrown
Malty contracts with elegance
A crude and naked and old anthropoid for the privileged
An execration to gripe
Takes refuge in violence
Rema ...



An alarmed hive
Chorea bees whirl maelstrom
Cellars hide colossal tuns with sparkling wine
The city's awake waiting for mirth
Festive occasion, mutinous triumph

Ooh Mystery

Taverns, inns ...


Postnatal Depression

Prolapse imbues disconcerting flow
Letargized burial of pride
Lashing recontraction uterus reluctance
Muffled curse, self-seduction

Indian chief smoking his pipe

Rectal drainage pericarp' ...


Salt Of Mayhem

Stare into the aisle
Left along behind
Startled by constraint
Ghoulish inner daze
Pestilent disgrace
Demagogy casemate
Fasten the snooty eye
Outbreak hostile
Falsify th ...


Sex Optica

A Somber Contestant, a Host in Himself
He Hates Everyone Out Of His Hidden Shell
Emerges to Score and To Skip off The Mesh
He Is a Mere Shadow of His Former Flesh

Against The World's Irrevers ...



Sheitan Sheitan Sheitan
Into This World we're Ground
And After All we're crowned
A Necessary Carnage
Jihad Jihad Jihad
A Million Dead at One Slap
And Millions Wait Their Turn
Everyone Is Cond ...


Skittle Man

Spooky screams
A blow of steam
A cock-eyed budyroo
Snotty winks
A ride on the blink
Lousy tricks
The scandal leeks

Black 'n blue
Your hair 's filled with glue
Hardly revealed, hardly rel ...


Songster Of Humanitys Dawn

Far away to silent summits
Aspirated soul is flying
Where phrases change the world
Where black rivers carry bodies of unprepared

"before the entry into this life
I've been a great deal beyon ...


Soulhunters (Spiritual Archers)

Scary thoughts cast, cast lots
The hell attends my mind
A slinking shade with gentle steps acts a gloomy part
I fall a prey, I feel the pulse of its wicked lung
The goddamn stranger sucks membra ...


Stabbed By Touch

Sightless as ever
Normally kind
A cripple husband
Tried eye for eye
Giving vent to offence
A reinstated eminence
Made amends in a sense
Challenging means and ends

Winsome and precious
A ...


Take On Me

We're talking away
I don't know what
I'm to say
I'll say it anyway
Today's another day to find you
Shying away
I'll be coming for your love, OK?

Take on me
Take me on
I'll be gone
In ...


The Choice Of Flesh

The Choice of Flesh
Infamous Deeds
Incessant Lies
Tightened Ties
Subversive Greed

The Pick of Breath
Impending Staves
Conve ...


The Last Bullet Magic

Let My Story Be Your Story
The Consummation of the Deal
Even If You Take Objections
Retribution Will Begin
When One's Heart is In the Wrong Place
With No Care for a Straw
Contradiction Run Tog ...


The Riddle Of Steel

The riddle oughtest remain a riddle
Unraveled so far

Flames and winds make from the sky
From unearthly gods
While thine God is an earthly God
Thou wilt reverence

Once the giants dwelt in ...


The Time Spool

Down and round and down and round
Fervor blends with minds
Keen-set mood, resurgent hopes
Spirit's striving higher

Shut up in the grave
Malice, gall, dismay
Store equilibrium in sinister co ...


Wakening Of Lords

Weighed down with lies
Choke up with grease
Tear out your eyes fiercely
Fall down and swallow tears

Wakening of lords
You have denied
Resuscitates blessing of fair judge

Boil belly of v ...


When Madness Rules

Madness rules, obvious foresight
Loco pull violence and might
Leave your ruth, leave your twiggy hope
Terrified, fully sanctified

Eyewashing blockade
Blindfolded, intake

Madness games – ...


Your Beast Tonight

The weekend sprayed delight blasting far and wide
A point of peculiar sense
The table was laid for two
Plain candles lit the room
That bitch seemed ready to cheer
Pretty, made to fondle, nearly ...


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