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4% Pantomime

The management said they were sorry
For the inconvenience you are suffering
And mr. booking agent, please have mercy
Don't book the jobs so far apart
We went up to griffith park
With a fifth of ...

Ван Моррисон

A New Kind of Man

There's a voice cryin' out in the wilderness
All your trails have not been in vain
And you're doin' the best you know how to do
Gaining strength in the things that remain

You're part of the pl ...

Ван Моррисон

A Sense of Wonder

I walked in my greatcoat
Down through the days of the leaves.
No before after, yes after before
We were shining our light into the days of blooming wonder
In the eternal presence, in the presenc ...

Ван Моррисон

A Town Called Paradise

Copycats ripped off my words
Copycats ripped off my songs
Copycats ripped off my melody
It doesn't matter what they say
It doesn't matter what they do
All that matters is my relationship to you ...

Ван Моррисон

Across The Bridge Where Angels Dwell

Across the bridge where angels dwell
Across the bridge where angels
Across the bridge where angels dwell
Children play

Beyond the place where time is still
Beyond the place where time is
Bey ...

Ван Моррисон

Alabamy Bound

I'm alabamy bound
I'm alabamy bound
And if the train don't stop 'n turn around
I'm alabamy bound

Don't you leave me here
Don't you leave me here
The locomos ghost suite pullin' out
Leave a ...

Ван Моррисон

Alan Watts Blues

Well I'm taking some time with my quiet friend
Well I'm takin' some time on my own.
Well I'm makin' some plans for my getaway
There'll be blue skies shining up above
When I'm cloud hidden
Cloud ...

Ван Моррисон

All Saints Day

Here comes sue and she looks crazy
Skipping down the hillside gaily
Looking like the flowers that bloom in may
Won't you make your reservation?
I will meet you at the station
Won't you come an ...

Ван Моррисон

All The Bits

All the bits.
No, ya' see, ya' get, ya' get a thing goin' like that,
It's uh, uhh...
And then, you put it on the end, ya' go
Dahnt-dahn, you know, like that,
At the end of the lyrics,
Dahnt-da ...

Ван Моррисон

Almost Independence Day

I can hear them calling way from oregon
I can hear them calling way from oregon
And it's almost independence day

Me and my lady, we go steppin' (we go steppin')
We go steppin' way out on china ...

Ван Моррисон

Ancient of Days

Saw you shining in the sun this morning
Saw you shining in the moon at night

Saw you shining in the sun this morning
Saw vou shining in the moon at night
Ancient of days, ancient of days, anci ...

Ван Моррисон

And The Healing Has Begun

And we'll walk down the avenue again
And we'll sing all the songs from way back when
And we'll walk down the avenue again and the healing has begun

And we'll walk down the avenue in style
And ...

Ван Моррисон


Angeliou oh angeliou
Oh oh angeliou angeliou
Oh angeliou oh angeliou oh my angeliou

In the month of may
In the month of may
In the city of paris
In the month of may
In the month of may
In ...

Ван Моррисон

Aryan Mist

Aryan mist
Among the bridges
You hang by the river
You've been here forever
Aryan mist

What can the matter be
In a world full of glamour
Does it lift you up
Or is it railway carriage charm ...

Ван Моррисон

Astral Weeks

If I ventured in the slipstream
Between the viaducts of your dream
Where immobile steel rims crack
And the ditch in the back roads stop
Could you find me?
Would you kiss-a my eyes?
To lay me ...

Ван Моррисон

At The End of The Day

Tell me what do you get
At the end of the day
Is it all worth the while
Can you put on a smile
Does it fill you with pride
All the feelings inside
Or do you just wanna hide
Can you still walk ...

Ван Моррисон

Autumn Song

Leaves of brown they fall to the ground
And it's here, over there leaves around
Shut the door, dim the lights and relax
What is more, your desire or the facts

Pitter patter the rain falling do ...

Ван Моррисон

Baby Please Don't Go

Baby, please don't go
Baby, please don't go
Baby, please don't go
Down to new orleans
You know I love you so
Baby please don't go

Baby, your mind done gone
Well, your mind done gone
Well, ...

Ван Моррисон

Baby What You Want Me to Do

You got me runnin'
You got me hidin'
You got me run, hide, hide, run
Anyway you want and I'll roll
A-yeah, yeah, yeah
You got me doin' what you want me
A-baby what you want me to do?

You g ...

Ван Моррисон

Baby You Got What It Takes

Well, it takes more than a robin
To make a winter cold
Then it takes two lips of fire
To melt away the snow
Yeah, and it takes two hearts a-cookin'
To make a fire glow
And baby, you got what i ...

Ван Моррисон

Back on The Corner

I'm back on th' corner
I'm right back on th' corner
I've been in this condition so many times before

Back by my lonesome
I'm right back by my lonesome
Just watching th' people going from door ...

Ван Моррисон

Back on Top

You came to see me when the moon was new
Saw you standin' in the pouring rain
Left my message on the window pain
Back on the street again
Back on the beat again
I'm back on the top again

Saw ...

Ван Моррисон

Bad or Good

Everybody got some soul
I don't care about young or old
Gotta hold on when all is gone
Make out like it's fine

While we say yeah (bad or good)
Oh yeah (bad or good)
Yeah (bad or good)
Yeah ...

Ван Моррисон

Ball Chain

I've been on this roller coaster just too many times
And always it seems like
The blind keep on leading the blind
Tried to get them on the 'phone
Tried to find my way back home
Tned and failed, ...

Ван Моррисон


Spread your wings
Come on fly awhile
Straight to my arms
Little angel child
You know you only
Lonely twenty-two story block
And if somebody, not just anybody
Wanted to get close to you
For i ...

Ван Моррисон

Bayou Girl

Yea yea,
Na na na na na
Bayou girl
Can you come out tonight
Bayou girl
Can you come out tonight
Iv'e been waitin' on you
Right down by the bayou
Yea yea yea ,

Bayou girl ,
Come on and le ...

Ван Моррисон

Be Thou My Vision

Be thou my vision, oh lord of my heart
Nought be all else to me, save that thy art
Thou my best thought in the day and the night
Waking or sleeping, thou presence my light

Be thou my wisdom, b ...

Ван Моррисон

Beautiful Obsession

And it goes out, and it comes back
It is a feeling it's a feelin'
And when you do it
And the more you do it
And the more you do it
It becomes a beautiful obsession
A beautiful obsession
A bea ...

Ван Моррисон

Beautiful Vision

Beautiful vision
Stay with me all of the time
Beautiful vision
Stay ever on my mind with your beautiful...

Mystical rapture
I am in ecstasy
Beautiful vision
Don't ever separate me from your ...

Ван Моррисон

Before The World Was Made

If I paint the lashes dark
And the eyes more bright
And your lips more scarlet
Ask if it'll all be right
And it's mirror after mirror
No vanities displayed
You're just looking for the face you ...

Ван Моррисон

Bein' Green

It's not easy bein' green
Having to spend each day the color of the leaves
When I think it could be nicer bein' red or yellow or gold
Or something much more colorful like that

It's not easy be ...

Ван Моррисон


My message this evenin'
Is simple indeed
Wherever you wander
Whatever your breed
There's just one thing baby
That comes from above
When push comes to shove
Thank God for self love

Thank hi ...

Ван Моррисон

Beside You

Little jimmy's gone way out of the back streets
Out of the window, into the falling rain,
And he's right on time, right on time.
That's why broken arrow waved his finger
Down the road so dark an ...

Ван Моррисон

Bigtime Operators

Well, they told me to come on over
I made my way to new york
And they tried to have me deported
Stop me from getting work
Blacklisted me all over
They were vicious and they were mean
They were ...

Ван Моррисон

Bit by Bit

Well I'm learnin'
How to love you.
Yes I'm learnin'
How to love you
In my own,
In my own
Special way.

I been bad to you,
Baby, you know it.
I been bad to you,
Baby, don't you know it,
A ...

Ван Моррисон

Blow in Your Nose

Oh operator, give me long distance.
It's a person-to-, yeah, yeah, go ahead, yeah, go ahead, go, alright, alright, just...
We got a, we, we put an album together and w ...

Ван Моррисон

Blue Money

The photographer smiles
Take a break for a while
Take a rest, do your very best
Take five, honey

You search in your bag
Light up a fag
Think it's a drag, but you're so glad
To be alive hone ...

Ван Моррисон

Blues in The Night

My mama done tol' me
When I was a little
My mama done told me, son
A woman will sweet talk
And give you the big eye
But when that sweet talk is done
A woman's a two faced
A woman's something ...

Ван Моррисон

Boogie Chillen

When I first came to town, people
I was walking down hasting street
Everybody was talkin' about, henry swing club
I decided to stop in there for awhile
And man, when I got there
Yeah, ...

Ван Моррисон

Brand New Day

When all the dark clouds roll away
And the sun begins to shine
I see my freedom from across the way
And it comes right in on time
Well it shines so bright and it gives so much light
And it come ...

Ван Моррисон

Bright Lights Big City

Bright lights big city went to my baby's head,
Bright lights big city went to my baby's head.
I tried to tell her mama, but she wouldn't hear what I said.

So long pretty baby, you're gonna need ...

Ван Моррисон

Bright Side of The Road

From the dark end of the street
To the bright side of the road
We'll be lovers once again on the
Bright side of the road

Little darlin', come with me
Won't you help me share my load
From the ...

Ван Моррисон

Brown Eyed Girl

Hey, where did we go
Days when the rains came ?
Down in the hollow
Playing a new game,
Laughing and a-running, hey, hey,
Skipping and a-jumping
In the misty morning fog with
Our, our hearts ...

Ван Моррисон


I'm kicking off from centre field
A question of being down for the game
The one shot deal don't matter
And the other one's the same

Oh! my friend I see you
Want you to come through (alright)

Ван Моррисон

Burning Ground

And I take you down to the burning ground
And you change me up and you turned it around
In the wind and rain I'm gonna see you again
In the morning sun and when the day is done
And you take my h ...

Ван Моррисон

By His Grace

You've got to try, for the kingdom
You've got to try, for the kingdom
On high, you've got to try,
By his grace, by his grace

You've got to live your religion
Deep inside, when you try
For th ...

Ван Моррисон


I don't want no cadillac
One I got gonna take it back
Came out the house early this mornin'
Old cadillac don't give me no warnin'
C-a-d-i-l-l-a ...

Ван Моррисон

Caledonia Soul Music

This one's called
Soul music

Starts out like this
It gets
Gets low

Do a little
Little pick

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah alright

It gets low
Make it mello ...

Ван Моррисон

Call Me up in Dreamland

Well I've tried and I've tried
But the river seems so wide
And my head hurts and my hands are tied
And it's so hard
When you're standing on the yard
Every time your number comes around

Call ...

Ван Моррисон

Call My Name

When this old world has let you down
And friends no longer want you around
When you feel burdened down with care
And troubles seem so hard to bear

Call my name
Hear me talkin' to ya baby
Cal ...

Ван Моррисон


And the caravan is on it's way
I can hear the merry gypsies play
Mama mama look at emma rose
She's a-playin with the radio
La, la, la, la...

And the caravan has all my friends
It will stay w ...

Ван Моррисон


I wished I had you in carrickfergus,
Only for nights in ballygrand,
I would swim over the deepest ocean,
The deepest ocean to be by your side.

But the sea is wide and I can't swim over
And ne ...

Ван Моррисон

Carrying a Torch

I'm carryin' a torch for you
I'm carryin' a torch
You know how much it costs
To keep carryin' a torch

Flame of love it burns so bright
That is my desire
Keep on liftin' me, liftin' me up
Hi ...

Ван Моррисон

Celtic Ray

When lewellyn comes around
And he goes through market town
You'll be on the celtic ray
Are you ready?

When mcmannus comes around
On his early morning rounds
Crying hey...
You'll be on the ...

Ван Моррисон

Celtic Spring

Gotta spread the news in the regions again
I'm gonna sing my blues in the regions again
Gonna blow my fuse 'cause I wanna cut loose
In the regions again

Wanna dance by you by the light of the ...

Ван Моррисон


The more I'm with you pretty baby
The more I feel my love increase
I'm building all my dreams around you
My happiness will never cease
But nothing's any good without you
Cause baby you're my ce ...

Ван Моррисон

Checkin' It Out

We've got to put our heads together
I'm sure that we can work it out
I'm weighin' up the situation
And checkin' it out
Takin' it further
Takin' it further
Checkin' it out

This is a workin' ...

Ван Моррисон


Hey girl,
When ya' swish and sway
In your yellow dress
'cross a crowded room,
Boom, chicka-boom, chicka-boom.

Hey girl,
Freckles on your arm,
Freckles on your face,
Can't we find a place

Ван Моррисон

Chickee Coo

Chicka-chicka-chicka, chicka-cho.
Chicka-chicka-chick-oooh, chicka-cho, chicka-cho, chicka-cho, chicka-cho, chicka-cho, chicka-cho.

Ван Моррисон

City Home

I'm thinkin' 'bout a place
I'm waitin' for the day
When I will make my get away
Because as any fool can see
There's nothin' here for me but
Hurry up boy bring that water
Don't do things you sh ...

Ван Моррисон

Cleaning Windows

Oh, the smell of the bakery from across the street
Got in my nose
As we carried our ladders down the street
With the wrought-iron gate rows
I went home and listened to jimmie rodgers in my lunch ...

Ван Моррисон

Cold Wind in August

I waited for you
You waited for me
That it seemed like, seemed like a mighty long time

Baby I had to have you
Oh, I had to have you
Come rain, rain or shine

It was a cold wind in august
S ...

Ван Моррисон

Come Here My Love

Come here my love
This feeling has me spellbound
Yet the storyline, in paragraphs, laid down the same
In fathoms of my inner mind
I'm mystified, oh, by this mood
This melancholy feeling that ju ...

Ван Моррисон

Come Running

By the side of the tracks where the train goes by
The wind and the rain will catch you, you will sigh
Deep in your heart
Then you'll come a-running to me
You'll come a-running to me

Well you ...

Ван Моррисон

Comfort You

I wanna comfort you
I wanna comfort you
I wanna comfort you
Just let your tears run wild
Like when you were a child

I'll do what I can do
I wanna comfort you
You put the weight on me
You p ...

Ван Моррисон

Coney Island

Coming down from downpatrick
Stopping off at st. john's point
Out all day birdwatching
And the craic was good
Stopped off at strangford lough
Early in the morning
Drove through shrigley taking ...

Ван Моррисон

Contacting My Angel

Contacting my angel, contacting my angel
She's the one, she's the one, that satisfies
Contacting my angel she's the one that satisfies
She's the one that I adore

Got a telepathic message from ...

Ван Моррисон

Contemplation Rose

Puerto rican nursery rhymes
Angels in the snow and thyme
And I'm keeping my mind on that rose

In a church in spanish harlem
Got watchtowers and awakes for free
In the laundromat for you and m ...

Ван Моррисон

Could You, Would You

Could you, a-would you
Um, hold me in your arms
A-show me all your charms
Or make me sad or make-a me blue

Could you love me
Like I love you-ooo
Like I love you-ooo-ooo

Could you, a-would ...

Ван Моррисон

Country Fair

We stood and watched the river flow
We were too young to really know
In the country fair
Oh, in the country fair

We laid out in the long green grass
And never thought that it would pass
In t ...

Ван Моррисон

Crazy Arms

Now blue ain't the word for the way that I feel
That old storm brewin' in this heart of mine
Someday, your crazy arms will hold somebody new
But now, I'm so lonesome all the time

Crazy arms th ...

Ван Моррисон

Crazy Face

All the people were waiting for crazy face
He said he'd meet them at his favourite place
Dressed in black satin, white linen and lace
With his head held high and a smile on his face

He said:

Ван Моррисон

Crazy Jane on God

That lover of a night
Came when he would,
Went in the dawning light
Whether I would or no;
Men come, men go;
All things remain in god.
All things remain in god.

Banners choke the sky;
Men- ...

Ван Моррисон

Crazy Love

I can hear her heart beat for a thousand miles
And the heavens open every time she smiles
And when I come to her that's where I belong
Yet I'm running to her like a river's song

She g ...

Ван Моррисон

Cry for Home

I'll be waiting
I'll be waiting on that shore
To hear the cry for home
You won't have to worry anymore
When you hear the cry for home

When you hear, hear the call
You won't have to fake at a ...

Ван Моррисон

Cyprus Avenue

And I'm caught one more time
Up on cyprus avenue
And I'm caught one more time
Up on cyprus avenue
And I'm conquered in a car seat
Not a thing that I can do
I may go crazy
Before that mansion ...

Ван Моррисон

Daring Night

In the daring night when all the
Stars are shining bright
Squeeze me don't leave me
In the daring night
Galactic swirl in the firmament tonight
Oh with the lord of the dance
With the lord of t ...

Ван Моррисон

Days Like This

When it's not always raining there'll be days like this
When there's no one complaining there'll be days like this
When everything falls into place like the flick of a switch
Well my mama told me ...

Ван Моррисон

Dead or Alive

Well the new sheriff sent me a letter
Yes the new sheriff sent me a letter
He said, come up and see me dead or alive,
Come up and see me dead or alive.

Well it's a hard road dead or alive
It' ...

Ван Моррисон

Did Ye Get Healed

I wanna know did you get the feelin'?
Did you get it down in your soul?
I wanna know did you get the feelin'?
And did the feelin' grow?

Sometimes, when the spirit moves me
I can do many w ...

Ван Моррисон

Did Ye Get Healed?

(van morrison)

And now for the man, van morrison

(instrumental intro)

I wanna know did you get the feelin'?
Hey, hey
Did you get it down in your soul?
Hey, hey
I wanna know baby, did ...

Ван Моррисон

Do It

Do it.
Do it.
Do it.
Do it.
Do it, do it.
Do your thing.
Do your thing.
Do your thing.
Ssshhgguuuhh, do your thing.
Do it.
Put voices in the background,
And, uhh, uhh, ...

Ван Моррисон


Don't want to discuss it
I think it's time for a change
You may get disgusted
And think I'm strange
In that case I'll go underground
Get some heavy rest
Never have to worry
About what is wors ...

Ван Моррисон

Don't Change on Me

Girl, you're my sunshine,
Take away the raindrops,
You make it all worthwhile,
Make all the pain stop.
Just like a river,
Keep love flowin',
Don't let our world stop,
Gotta keep it goin'.
We ...

Ван Моррисон

Don't Look Back

Don't look back to the days of yesteryear,
You cannot live on in the past,
Don't look back.

And I've known so many people
That still try to live on in the past,
Don't look back, oh no.

And ...

Ван Моррисон

Don't Start Crying Now

You ain't never had to cry baby
Don't start cryin' now
You ain't never had to cry baby
Don't start cryin' now
You never did it before
Don't do you know good no how

Cry cry baby, cry cry, all n ...

Ван Моррисон

Don't Worry About a Thing

If this life is driving you to drink
Sitting round what's the use what to think
Well I've got some consolation
Give it to you if I might
You know I don't worry about a thing because
Nothing's g ...

Ван Моррисон

Don't Worry About Tomorrow

Don't worry about tomorrow
That ain't gonna help you none
Don't worry about tomorrow
That ain't gonna help you none
You've gotta live and take each day as it comes

It may not be exactly what ...

Ван Моррисон

Don't You Know

Don't ya know, don't ya know
That it hurts to be treated like a fool?
A don't ya know, don't ya know
That it's mean and it's oh so cruel?

When you said you were home
It was just a lie
You we ...

Ван Моррисон

Don't You Rock Me Daddio

Me and my daddy was comin' into town
(sail away lady sail away)
Round the billygoat leadin' a hound
(sail away lady sail away)
Hound got dumped, billygoat jumped
(sail away lady sail away)
Thr ...

Ван Моррисон

Down to Earth

Well, I wake up
And I'm slowly
A-comin' down.
I'm just tryin'
To get my feet back
On the ground.
I got more
Of an idea
Just exactly
What I'm worth.
Baby, baby, I wake up
And I'm comin'
D ...

Ван Моррисон

Drivin' Wheel

Drive and wail.
Go to jail.
You look so pale when ya' do the drive and wail.
Sock it to me baby.
One more time.
Just-a one more time.
Sock it to me baby.
Oh yeah.
Oh yeah.
Sock it to me bab ...

Ван Моррисон

Drumshanbo Hustle

I was talkin' to the judge
Just before we left the countryside,
Paper in his hand,
Tryin' to find a way.
Goin' by the book,
Man, you oughtta make a serial.
Ripped the pages out
'fore they pul ...

Ван Моррисон

Dum Dum George

This here's the story about
Dumb, dumb george,
Who came up to boston
One sunny afternoon.
He drove up from new york city,
And he was freaky,
And he wanted to record me,
And I said,

Ван Моррисон

Dweller on The Threshold

I'm a dweller on the threshold
And I'm waiting at the door
And I'm standing in the darkness
I don't want to wait no more

I have seen without perceiving
I have been another man
Let me pierce ...

Ван Моррисон

Early in The Morning

Early in the morning and I can't get right
Had a little date with my baby last night
Now it's early in the morning (early in the morning)
Well it's early in the morning (early in the morning)
No ...

Ван Моррисон


We shall walk again down along the lane
Down the avenue just like we used to do
With our heads so high smile at the passers by
Then we'll softly sigh ay, ay, ay, ay, ay

Everyone, ever ...

Ван Моррисон

Fair Play

Fair play to you
Killarney's lakes are so blue
And the architecture I'm taking in with my mind
So fine...

Tell me of poe
Oscar wilde and thoreau
Let your midnight and your daytime turn into ...

Ван Моррисон

Fast Train

Transcribed from a live performance on february 26, 2000 at the barbican in york, england. the first performance of this new song.

When you been on a fast train
And it's goin' off the rails
And ...

Ван Моррисон

Feedback Out on Highway 101

Out on highway 101.
Out on highway 101.
Cruisin' easy,
And your favorite dj
Havin' fun.

Look out, stand back,
There's a fool out on the road.
Look out,
Stand back,
The ...

Ван Моррисон

Fire in The Belly

Call of the wildest, it's got the best of you
Fire in my heart, fire in my belly too
Got a heart and a mind and a fire inside
And I'm crazy about you
You, you on your high flying cloud
You, you ...

Ван Моррисон

Flamingoes Fly

Lie by my side in the still of the night
And morning brings forth all it's wondrous delight
You couldn't have made it more plain

When I hear that soft refrain
And I hear you gently sigh
I wan ...

Ван Моррисон

Flamingos Fly

Go for a ride
In the still of the night
And morning brings forth
All this wonderful delight
Couldn't have made it more plain
When I heard that soft refrain
And I heard you gently sigh

Wanna ...

Ван Моррисон

Foggy Mountain Top

I'm standing by my window
And I'm waiting on the summer rain
And I'm standing by my window
And I'm waiting on the summer rain
Well, I felt this way before and
I'm gonna feel this way again

I ...

Ван Моррисон

Foreign Window

I saw you from a foreign window
Bearing down the sufferin' road
You were carryin' your burden
To the palace of the lord
To the palace of the lord

I spied you from a foreign window
When the l ...

Ван Моррисон

Frankie Johnny

[l.d.] we'll take it a bit slower
This is, this is the, huh, this is the first song I ever learned, actually

Frankie and johnny were sweethearts
Lordy, how they could love
Swore to be true to ...

Ван Моррисон

Freaky if You Got This Far

Freaky, freaky,
If you got this far.
You came a long way,
But you're freaky
And we can do something with you.
If you got this far
You should be freaky,
You should be freaky.
If you got this ...

Ван Моррисон

Friday's Child

From the north
To the south,
Ya' walked all the way.
Ya' know ya' left your,
Left your home
For good to stay,
While ya' built all,
All of your castles
In the sun,
And I watched ya' knock 'e ...

Ван Моррисон

Full Force Gale

Like a full force gale
I was lifted up again
I was lifted up again by the lord

And no matter where I roam
I will find my way back home
I will always return to the lord

In the gentle evenin ...

Ван Моррисон

Give Me a Kiss

Baby just one sweet kiss,
Honey from your sweet lips
Baby just one sweet kiss,
Honey from your sweet lips
That's all I want, that's all I need
I'm satisfied

Baby just one of your smiles
You ...

Ван Моррисон

Give Me My Rapture

There are strange things happening every day
I hear music up above my head
Fill me up with your wonder
Give me my rapture today.

Let me contemplate the presence so divine
Let me sing all day ...

Ван Моррисон

Glad Tidings

And they'll lay you down low in the easy
And the lips that you kiss will say christmas.
And the miles that you traveled the distance

So believe no lies, dry your eyes and realize
That surprise ...

Ван Моррисон


Like to tell you 'bout my baby, you know she comes around,
Just 'bout five feet four a-from her head to the ground.
You know she comes around here just about midnight,
She make me feel so good, l ...

Ван Моррисон

Go for Yourself

Hey, where you gonna go for yourself?
I think you should go for yourself.
I think you should go for yourself this time.
I think this time you should go for yourself.
I think you should go for y ...

Ван Моррисон

Go on Home Baby

Here she comes on a midnight train,
She says she's gotta see me again,
She's so young, I know I should send her away.
Leave me alone, I say leave me alone, yeah, yeah, yeah,
Well, I feel so brok ...

Ван Моррисон

Goin' Down Geneva

Goin' down geneva, give me a helping hand
I'm goin' down geneva, give me a helping hand
It's not easy baby, living on the exile plan

Down on the bottom, down to my new pair of shoes
Down on th ...

Ван Моррисон

Going Home

(lead out with chris barber on trombone)

Goin' home, he's goin' home
He'll be leavin', leavin' here today
Well if he don't leave now
Won't be goin' nowhere

Well home is where the heart is

Ван Моррисон

Golden Autumn Day

Well I heard the bells ringing, I was thinking about winning
In this God forsaken place
When my confidence was well, then I tripped and I felt
Right flat on my face
Now I'm standing erect, and I ...

Ван Моррисон

Good Morning Blues

Good mornin' blues, blues how do ya do?
Good mornin' blues, blues how do ya do?
Well I'm doin' alright this mornin', how are you?

I woke up this mornin'
Couldn't get outta my bed
Oh I woke ...

Ван Моррисон

Good Morning Little School Girl

(sonny boy williamson)

Good mornin' little school girl
Good mornin' little school girl
Can I go home, can I go home, with you?
Tell your mommy and you poppy
Oh, I once was a school boy, too

Ван Моррисон

Goodbye Baby

Goodbye baby, so long girl.
I know you ain't gonna like it,
But I'm stepping right out in your world
For I'm coming to your party
And I won't be able to stay,
But I'm gonna kiss you one more ti ...

Ван Моррисон

Goodbye George

Goodbye george,
George, goodbye, goodbye.
You gotta go.
Too bad.
Goodbye, goodbye.
Here come
A-number forty-five
In argentina baby.


Ван Моррисон

Goodnight Irene

Last saturday night I got married
Me and my wife settled down
But me and my wife have parted
I'm gonna take another stroll downtown

Irene goodnight (goodnight irene)
Irene goodnight
Goodnigh ...

Ван Моррисон

Got to Go Back

When I was a young boy
Back in orangefield
I used to gaze out
My classroom window and dream
And then go home and listen to ray sing
I believe to my soul after school,
Oh that love that was wit ...

Ван Моррисон

Green Mansions

Green mansions, high upon a hill
Green mansions, quiet and still
Big wall all around
It's where my baby will be found
Waiting for that day, to come

Green mansions, high upon a hill
In the co ...

Ван Моррисон

Grits Ain't Groceries

If I don't love you baby,
Grits ain't groceries,
Eggs ain't poultry,
And mona lisa was a man.

All around the world
I'd rather be a fly
And light on my baby's head,
I'll stay with that
Woma ...

Ван Моррисон


You can make out pretty good
When you're on your own
And you know just where you are
When you wanna roam

Got the moon above your head
And the road beneath your feet
Pull into a wooded glen

Ван Моррисон

Gypsy Queen

Dance on gypsy queen
And if it's all night,
It's alright
Rave on, let your love
Come tumbling down
And if you let your love come tumbling down,
It's alright

Dance on, you know it's all righ ...

Ван Моррисон

Half as Much

I've been up and and down the highway
And I've seen what a man can do
To some little girl along the byway
That's why I sing this song to you

If you find your baby's gone
And you don't know wh ...

Ван Моррисон

Hang on Groovy

Hang on groovy, groovy hang on.
Hang on groovy, groovy hang on.
Hang on groovy, groovy hang on.
Hang on groovy, groovy hang on.
Let your hair hang down groovy.
Groovy, groovy, groovy, groovy.

Ван Моррисон

Hard Nose The Highway

Hey kids dig the first takes
Ain't that some inspiration
When sinatra sings against nelson riddle strings
Then takes a vacation

Seen some hard times
Drawn some bad lines
No time for shoeshin ...

Ван Моррисон

Haunts of Ancient Peace

Beside the garden walls,
We walk in haunts of ancient peace.
At night we rest and go to sleep
In haunts of ancient peace.
The love and light we seek,
The words we do not need to speak,
Here in ...

Ван Моррисон

Have I Told You Lately

Have I told you lately that I love you
Have I told you there's no one above you
Fill my heart with gladness
Take away my sadness
Ease my troubles, that's what you do

Oh the morning sun in all ...

Ван Моррисон

He Ain't Give You None

Little gal, little girl, lord, you know it's true,
Little gal, little girl, lord, you know it's true,
I don't wanna stop rockin' and rollin' with you.

Are you gonna let me stand alone ?
Are y ...

Ван Моррисон

Heathrow Shuffle

Ba-ba-doo-day, ba-ba-doo-day, ba-ba-doo-day
Ba-ba-doo-day, ba-ba-doo-day, ba-ba-doo-day
Ba-ba-doo-day, ba-ba-doo-day, ba-ba-doo-day
Heathrow shuffle, heathrow shuffle, yeah
Heathr ...

Ван Моррисон

Heavy Connection

In the land of a thousand dances
I dance with you
I was out I was taking my chances
When dreams came true
When you came into my dream
Like from a whisper to a scream

And it's a real heavy co ...

Ван Моррисон

Hello Josephine

Hello josephine,
A how do you do?
Do you remember me baby,
Like I remember you?
You used to laugh at me
I was a fool, fool, fool

You used to shake it over yonder
A by the railroad track

Ван Моррисон

Here Comes Dumb George

Here come dumb george.
Here come dumb george.
Here come dumb george.
Here come dumb george.
Here come dumb george.
Here come dumb george.
Here come dumb george.
Everybody together on the chor ...

Ван Моррисон

Here Comes The Knight

On the road with my sword
And my shield in my hand
Pressing on to the new day
This love will surely last forever
This love will surely last always

In the valley I see horsemen pass
Baby, bab ...

Ван Моррисон

Here Comes The Night

Whoa, here it comes
Here comes the night
Here comes the night

I could see right out my window
Walkin' down the street, my girl
With another guy

His arm around her
Lik ...

Ван Моррисон

Hey Girl

Let's go walking where the boats go by
And watch them sail across the bay
Let me hold your hand in the morning fog
Little child I want to walk your dog

Hey, hey girl
Hey, hey girl
You're so ...

Ван Моррисон

Hey, Where Are You

And the raincoat shone into the sun
As we walked down the street as one
Into the [all pleasant ? ] bloom
Of a saturday afternoon.
And we strolled the walls and kicked our heels
Upon the grass o ...

Ван Моррисон

High Summer

By the mansion on the hillside
Red sports car comes driving down the road
And pulls up into the driveway
And a story does unfold

She's standing by the rhododendrons
Where the roses are in blo ...

Ван Моррисон

Higher Than The World

Well I'm higher than the world
And I'm livin' in my dreams
I'll make it better than it seems

And I'm higher than a cloud
And I'm living in the sound
I'll make it better than it seems

Ван Моррисон

Hold on George

Hold on george,
George hold on.
Hold on george,
George hold on.
Hold on george,
George hold on, yeah.
Sock it to me.
Hold on.
Hold on george.
Sock it to me.
Do the boogaloo.
Anything you ...

Ван Моррисон

How Long Baby

How long, how long baby,
Can this love of ours go on?
How long, how long baby,
'cause I know, I know you've been doin' me wrong

You've been seen all over town
Playin' the field puttin' me do ...

Ван Моррисон

How Long Has This Been Going On?

I could cry salty tears
Where have I been all these years
A little while, tell me now
How long has this been going on?

There were chills, up and down my spine
Yes, there're thrills I can't d ...

Ван Моррисон

Hungry for Your Love

I'm hungry for your love
I'm hungry for your love
I'm hungry for your love
But I can wait now

I'm on the telephone
And I am all alone
I'm on the telephone
And we're connected

I ...

Ван Моррисон

Hymns to The Silence

Oh my dear, oh my dear sweet love
Oh my dear, oh my dear sweet love
When I'm away from you, when I'm away from you
Well I feel, yeah, well I feel so sad and blue
Well I feel, well I feel so sad ...

Ван Моррисон

I Can Only Give You Everything

I can't give you more than what I've got
I can't expect to give what I have not
I-i-i can only give ya lovin' 'till the sun goes down
And, until the leaves of summer turn to shades of brown

I ...

Ван Моррисон

I Can't Stop Loving You

I can't stop loving you
Since I made up my mind
To live in memories
Of a lonesome time

I can't stop wanting you
It's useless to say
So I just live my life
In dreams of yesterday

Those ha ...

Ван Моррисон

I Don't Want Much

I don't want much in this world
It's th' simple things I treasure
'till I die I would get by on fame, riches and sensual pleasure

I don't ask much in this life
No special consideration
Just t ...

Ван Моррисон

I Forgot That Love Existed

I forgot that love existed troubled in my mind.
Heartache after heartache, worried all the time.
I forgot that love existed
Then I saw the light
Everyone around me make everything alright.

Oh ...

Ван Моррисон

I Gave My Love a Diamond

I gave my love a diamond, a ten cent stone,
I gave her lonely teardrops and nights alone.
I gave my love a promise that had no truth,
What good is a promise without no truth ?

I gave my love ...

Ван Моррисон

I Got a Woman

Whoa sometime, sometimes I get a little worried
Well, but I wanna tell ya all, it's alright, yeah

'cause I got a woman way across town
She's good to me, she's good to me
I got a woman way 'cro ...

Ван Моррисон

I Have Finally Come to Realize

I have finally come to realise
Child don't do what I have done
Cut my nose to spite my face
Made my own odds 10,000 to one

I saw the empire slowly fade away
Tried to grasp it with my hand
Th ...

Ван Моррисон

I Like It Like That

If you want my love oh baby,
You've gotta give me all the love you've got.
If you want my love, you gotta give me all the love you've got.
Oh yeah, you know I like it like that,

It's o.k., yea ...

Ван Моррисон

I Love You

The smile you smile as you and i, see through your laughing eyes
The smile you smile as you and i, see through your laughing eyes.

O baby, in the whirlpool of them,
I can be in paradise.

I g ...

Ван Моррисон

I Need Your Kind of Loving

Well my baby's gone, so's summer
And it brings on a cool night breeze
And I wish we could go walking
By the river, by the shady trees
By the river with the shady trees

Well I love you in the ...

Ван Моррисон

I Paid The Price

See notes below

Well I'm sick and tired
Of your alibis,
And your indiscreet lies
Just won't get you by,
Over and over and over and over again.

And your family,
Your forced superiority,
Y ...

Ван Моррисон

I Put a Spell on You

I put a spell on you
'cause you're mine
Bi-a-do-ya, di-a-do-ya, dia-do-a, dia-do-a
You better stop the things you do
And I ain't lyin', no I ain't lyin'

I can't stand it
Your runnin' around

Ван Моррисон

I Shall Sing

I shall sing,
Sing my song,
Be it right,
Be it wrong.
In the night,
In the day,
Any how,
Any way,
I shall sing.
La la la la la la la la la
Na na na na na na na na na
Na na na na na na na ...

Ван Моррисон

I Wanna Go Home

(here's a very good old good one, see if you remember this one, see if we do!)
(this is gonna be nice, this is gonna be very nice)

Sailed on the sloop john b
My granddaddy and me
'round nassau ...

Ван Моррисон

I Wanna Roo You

Twenty-third of december
Covered in snow
You in the kitchen
With the lights way down low
I'm in the parlor playing my old guitar
Speaking to you, darling, to find out how you are
I wanna roo y ...

Ван Моррисон

I Will Be There

Whenever the sunshine comes through
Whenever my thoughts turn to you
Whatever you want me to do
I will be there

Whether I crawl uphill
Try to not be through the mill
Just as long as I fit th ...

Ван Моррисон

I'd Love to Write Another Song

I'd love to write another song
But nothing seems to come
I'd love to write another song
To carry me along
Make some money, pay the bills
Keep me busy too
I'd love to write another love song


Ван Моррисон

I'll Be Your Lover, Too

I'll be your man
I'll understand
And do my best to take good care of you
Yes I will
You'll be my queen
I'll be your king
And I'll be your lover too

Derry down green
Colors my dream
A drea ...

Ван Моррисон

I'll Never Be Free

Each time I hold somebody new
My arms go cold thinking of you
No one can take your place, darling, in my embrace
I'll never be free.

And when my lips burn with desire
No other kiss can put ou ...

Ван Моррисон

I'll Tell Me Ma

I'll tell me ma when I go home,
The boy's won't leave the girls alone.
They'll pull my hair, they stole my comb,
Well that's alright till I go home.

She is handsome. she is pretty.
S ...

Ван Моррисон

I'm Gonna Dress in Black

I'm walking the long road to georgia
Yeah the long road that's takin' me back
Gonna live in the hills far away in the hills
And I'm gonna dress in black

Way high in the hills in georgia
Gonna ...

Ван Моррисон

I'm Not Feeling It Anymore

Have to get back, have to get back the base
I need to talk to somebody, I can trust
Too many cooks, are tryin' to spoil the broth
I can't feel it in my throat, that's all she wrote

I'm not feeli ...

Ван Моррисон

I'm Tired Joey Boy

I'm tired joey boy
While you're out with the sheep
My life is so troubled
Now I can't go to sleep
I would walk myself out
But the streets are so dark
I shall wait till the morning
And walk in ...

Ван Моррисон

I've Been Working

I've been workin'
I've been workin' so hard
I've been workin'
I've been workin' so hard

When I come home
I make love to you, make love to you

I've been grindin'
I've been grindin' so long ...

Ван Моррисон

If I Ever Needed Someone

Lord if I ever needed someone I need you
Lord if I ever needed someone I need you

To see me through the daytime
And through the long lonely night
To lead me through the darkness
And on into t ...

Ван Моррисон

If You & I Could Be as Two

'twas on a sunday and the autumn leaves were on the ground.
It kicked my heart when I saw you standing there in your dress of blue.
The storm was over, my ship sailed through.
What is this feelin ...

Ван Моррисон

If You Live

If you live your time will come
I say if you live your time will come
So child don't mess with that cotton sack
It will scratch your knees and bend your back
And if you live your time will come

Ван Моррисон

If You Love Me

If you love me
You will give your heart
Why should we be apart
If you love me

If you love me
You will know the truth
I wasn't born to lose
And I love you

Affinity and communication
That ...

Ван Моррисон

If You Only Knew

If you only knew all the problems
That a man like me has to face.
If you only knew all the silly
Things that keep a man from his place.
I wouldn't want to sing your own song.
Your gonna have to ...

Ван Моррисон

In The Afternoon

The light is fading in the afternoon
Won't you see me baby in my room
There's something that I wanna say to you
Tell me baby am I getting through
Wanna make, wanna make, wanna make, wanna make

Ван Моррисон

In The Forest

By the sacred grove, where the waters flow
We will come and go, in the forest

In the summer rain, we will meet again
We will learn the code of the ancient ones
In the forest

By the waterfal ...

Ван Моррисон

In The Garden

The streets are always wet with rain
After a summer shower when I saw you standin'
In the garden in the garden wet with rain

You wiped the teardrops from your eye in sorrow
As we watched the p ...

Ван Моррисон

In The Midnight

In the lonely, dead of midnight
In the dimness, of the twilight
By the streetlight, by the lamplight
I'll be around

In the sunlight, in the daylight
And I'm workin', on the insight
And I'm t ...

Ван Моррисон

Into The Mystic

We were born before the wind
Also younger than the sun
Ere the bonnie boat was won as we sailed into the mystic
Hark, now hear the sailors cry
Smell the sea and feel the sky
Let your soul and s ...

Ван Моррисон

Irish Heartbeat

Oh won't you stay
Stay a while with your own ones
Don't ever stray
Stray so far from your own ones
'cause the world is so cold
Dont care nothing for your soul
That you share with your own ones ...

Ван Моррисон

It Fills You Up

There's something going on
It fill you up, it fill you up, it fill you up now
There's something going on
It fill you up, it fill you up, it fill you up now
But you don't know what it is
But you ...

Ван Моррисон

It Hurts to Want It So Bad

It's a lot like bein' little
And wantin' a brand new toy.
It's a lot like bein' little
And wantin' a baby boy
To call brother,
And it hurts
When you want it
So bad.

It's a lot like bein' a ...

Ван Моррисон

It Must Be You

The sun is shining, it's everywhere
Don't have no worry, don't have no care
It must be true, this is the season
Baby it must be you

It was raining the other day
But that lonely feeling has go ...

Ван Моррисон

It Once Was My Life

There were people on the sidewalks
Strolling down the avenues
They were sitting outside in cafes
We were looking for the muse
Well I was locked in by the system
Where no freedom is the rule
No ...

Ван Моррисон

It Stoned Me

Half a mile from the county fair
And the rain keep pourin' down
Me and billy standin' there
With a silver half a crown
Hands are full of a fishin' rod
And the tackle on our backs
We just stood ...

Ван Моррисон

It Takes a Worried Man

Oh it takes a worried man, sing a worried song
Takes a worried man, come sing a little worried song
Well it takes a worried man to sing a worried song
I'm worried now, won't be worried long

I ...

Ван Моррисон

It's All in The Game

Many a tear has to fall
But it's all in the game

All in the wonderful game
That we know as love

You had words with him
And your future's looking dim
But these things your heart can rise ab ...

Ван Моррисон

It's All Over Now Baby Blue

You must leave now take what you need
You think will last
But whatever you wish to keep you better grab it fast

Yonder stands your orphan with his gun
Crying like a fire in the sun
Look out b ...

Ван Моррисон

It's All Right

If it matters how you do it,
And how you do it it's your thing.
If it matters which way you go,
That's your way to go.
And if you get it like that,
That's the way you get it,
'cause you get it ...

Ван Моррисон

Ivory Tower

When you come down
From your ivory tower
You will see how it really must be
To be like me to see like me
To feel like me

Take a look at me I'm a poor man's son
I never did no harm t ...

Ван Моррисон

Jackie Wilson Said

Da, da, da, da, da,
Jackie wilson said
It was reet-petite
Kinda love you got
Knock me off my feet
Let it all hang out
Oh, let it all hang out.
And you know
I'm so wired-up
Don't need no coffe ...

Ван Моррисон


Goodbye joe, me gotta go down the bayou
Me gotta go, pole the pirogue down the bayou
My yvonne, sweetest one, me oh my oh
Son of a gun, we gonna have big fun on the bayou

Well, jambalaya an' a ...

Ван Моррисон

Joe Harper Saturday Morning

Well you thought I was a stranger when you looked upon me, when I came by
But to take you from disaster I cannot master, (the four winds...shy ? ? ? )
And the roamin' in the gloamin' you have brou ...

Ван Моррисон

John Henry

When john henry was a little baby
Sittin' on his mama's knee
Well he picked up a feather and a piece of steel
And said that's gonna be the death of me
Lord, lord, lord that's gonna be the death ...

Ван Моррисон

Joyous Sound

How sweet that joyous sound
Whenever we meet, whenever we meet
How sweet that joyous sound
Whenever we meet again

Oh! - I think you know it well
Whenever we meet, whenever we meet
Hey! - I t ...

Ван Моррисон

Jump & Thump

Jump and thump.
Move your hump.
Jump and thump.
Move your hump.
Jump and thump.
Move your hump.
Jump and thump.
Move your hump.
Jump and thump.
Jump and thump.
When you're drunk,
Jump and ...

Ван Моррисон

Just a Little Bit

I don't want it all, I just want a little bit.
No, I don't want it all, I just want a little bit,
Just a teeny weeny bit, baby, a teeny weeny bit of your love.

Turn your lights down low, baby I ...

Ван Моррисон

Just Ball

Just ball.
Just ball.
Just ball.
Just ball.
Just ball.
Just ball.
That's all.
That's all.
Just ball.
That's all.
Just ball.
Sock it to me.


Ван Моррисон

Kingdom Hall

So glad to see you
So glad you're here
Come here beside me now
We can clear inhibition away
All inhibitions
Throw them away
And when we dance like this
Like we've never been dancin' before


Ван Моррисон

La Mambo

La-la-la-la mambo.
La-la-la mambo, mambo, mambo.
Mambo, mambo, mambo, mambo, mambo.
Mambo, mambo, mambo.
Chicka, yeah.
Mambo, mambo.
Mambo, mambo, mambo.
Mambo, mambo, mambo.
Mambo, mambo, m ...

Ван Моррисон

Laughing in The Wind

Laughing in the wind
Cryin' in the rain
I've felt this way before
I'll feel this way again
And in a small cafe just passing time away
I'm giving you the eye
No need to wonder why

And it's h ...

Ван Моррисон

Let The Slave

(incorporating the price of experience. text: william blake)
Let the slave grinding at the mill run out into the field
Let him look up into the heavens and laugh in the bnght air
Let the inchaine ...

Ван Моррисон

Lets Talk About Us

We talked about the birdies
That fly up in the trees
We talked about the moon
And the stars we couldn't see
But you keep on pretending
You don't know what's wrong with me

Come on, let's talk ...

Ван Моррисон


You sit in silence
And the river answers
And I have loved you many, many years
I saw you standing by the wonderous river
And I have come today
To calm your fears

Those lifetimes
So many lif ...

Ван Моррисон

Like a Cannonball

Well you know sometimes it gets so hard
And everything don't seem to rhyme
I take a walk out in my backyard and go
Do do loo do do, do do loo do do

Waiting for the sun to shine
And you know s ...

Ван Моррисон

Linden Arden Stole The Highlights

Linden arden stole the highlights --
With one hand tied behind his back --
Loved the morning sun, and whiskey
Ran like water in his veins
Loved to go to church on sunday
Even though he was a dr ...

Ван Моррисон

Listen to The Lion

And all my love come down
All my love come tumblin' down
All my love come tumblin' down
All my love come tumblin' down

Oh, listen listen
To the lion
Oh, listen listen listen
To the lion...

Ван Моррисон

Little Girl

Little girl, little girl, little girl
You were on your way to school
Little girl, when you were on your way to school
You went and broke
You went and broke your teacher's rule

I passed by you ...

Ван Моррисон

Look Here

Look here, what you think you gon' be doin' next year
No lie, how you know you no gon' up and die
No doubt, soon enough your friends will find you out
Take care you know you might not have much t ...

Ван Моррисон

Look What The Good People Done

They were drinkin' his wine
They were usin' his name
They were takin' the time to take
His name in vain

Look what the good people done to him
Look what the good people done to him
They were ...

Ван Моррисон


See you smile
Angel child,
That's all I ever wanted to do.
See your laugh
In a photograph,
That's all I ever wanted to do.
See your swishin' walk,
And talk your baby talk,
That's all I ever ...

Ван Моррисон

Lost John

This here's a story about lost john

Lost john done flew the coop!


How many long gone?

Lost john standin' by the railroad track
Waitin' for the freight train to come back
Fre ...

Ван Моррисон

Lover's Prayer

Lord, lord, lord, lord, lord
Lord, lord, lord, lord, lord
Lord, lord, lord, lord, lord

Just wanna be with my love tonight
I don't want no jive artists calling me on the telephone
Don't wanna ...

Ван Моррисон

Madam George

Down on cyprus avenue
With a child-like vision leaping into view.
The clicking clacking of the high-heeled shoes,
Ford and fitzroy; madam george.
Marching with the soldierboy behind
He's much o ...

Ван Моррисон

Madame George

Down on cyprus avenue
With a childlike vision leaping into view
Clicking, clacking of the high heeled shoe
Ford & fitzroy, madame george
Marching with the soldier boy behind
He's much older wit ...

Ван Моррисон

Madame Joy

All the men would turn their head
When she walked down the street
Clothes are fine and hair that shine

Smiling oh so sweet, smiling oh so sweet
Got a taste of all religion
Comes on with the n ...

Ван Моррисон

Marie's Wedding

Step we gaily on we go,
Heel and heel
And toe for toe,
Arm and arm
And row and row,
All for marie's wedding.

Over hillways, up and down,
Myrtle green and bracken brown,
Past the s ...

Ван Моррисон

Max Wall

Spike milligan, peter sellers, michael bentine, harry secombe,
Arthur askey, tommy cooper, norman wisdom, frankie howerd,
Norman vaughan, dave allen,
Max wall, max wall, max wall, max wall

Joh ...

Ван Моррисон

Mechanical Bliss

Mechanical bliss is striking me for what I believe in
A ribbon on the line, and getting in and getting out

Huh, huh, huh ...... huh, huh huh
Was not like this

No, mechanical bliss was not li ...

Ван Моррисон


In the afternoon, baby in my room
When the lights are dim way beyond the hill
In the afternoon, baby in my room
When I'm really down get me off the ground
Melancholia, melancholia, melancholia

Ван Моррисон

Midnight Special

Well you wake up in the mornin'
When the ding-dong ring (ding 'em man, ding 'em)
Go over to the table
See the same old (damn) thing

Nothing put upon the table
And nothin' in my pan
Say anyth ...

Ван Моррисон

Mighty Like a Rose

You have drowned
A thousand sorrows
All in one,
And mixed with mugs, (? )
And millionaires
You have done.

Ya' been and gone and done it
For a quid,
And just what you don't know,
Up there ...

Ван Моррисон


Well, it's a marvelous night for a moondance
With the stars up above in your eyes
A fantabulous night to make romance
'neath the cover of october skies
And all the leaves on the trees are fallin ...

Ван Моррисон

Moonshine Whiskey

Oh, she give me moonshine whiskey
Oh, she give me southern love
Deep in the heart of texas
There beneath the stars above
Oh, she give me southern comfort
Oh, she give me moonshine love
Deep in ...

Ван Моррисон

Muleskinner Blues

Good mornin' captain, good mornin' shine
Good mornin' captain, good mornin' shine
Do you need another mule skinner,
Workin' on your new road line?

My line's been rollin'
I'm rollin' all the ...

Ван Моррисон

My Lagan Love

Where lagan streams sing lullabies
There blows a lily fair.
The twilight gleam is in her eye,
The night is on her hair.
And like a lovesick lenashee
She hath my heart in thrall.
No life have i ...

Ван Моррисон

My Little Baby

My little baby, oh oh
I love you so. oh oh
Why did you leave me, oh no
Why did you ever go ?

So many faces oh yeah
Along the way oh oh
But none replaces oh no
The one that's gone away,
Go ...

Ван Моррисон

My Lonely Sad Eyes

(transcribed from them's them again album, 1966)

Fill me my cup
And I'll drink your sparkling wine
Pretending everything is fine
Till I see your sad eyes

Throw me a kiss
Across a crowded r ...

Ван Моррисон

Mystic Eyes

One sunday morning
We'd been walking
Down by
The old graveyard
The morning fog
I looked at you
Those mystic eyes
Mystic eyes
Mystic eyes
Mystic eyes
Mystic eyes
Mystic eyes
Mystic ...

Ван Моррисон

Naked in The Jungle

Naked in the jungle, naked to the world
Naked in the jungle, naked to the world
Well, you gotta keep it humble, else it'll come unfurled

Lions and the tigers, grazin' in the grass
Lions and th ...

Ван Моррисон


I'm walkin' down the street
I'm on that midnight beat
I'm on a lonely avenue
Baby, won't you walk with me
Baby, won't you talk with me
Oh that's all I want you to do, now
Walk with me
Talk to ...

Ван Моррисон

New Biography

See you've got the new biography
Where did they get the info from
Same as before some, so called friends
Who claim to have, known me then
How come they've got such good memories
And I can't eve ...

Ван Моррисон

News Nightclub

Been workin' in nightclubs so long, can hardly stand the break of day
Been workin' in nightclubs so long, can hardly stand the break of day
Run down rooms and bad places
But it's still the only w ...

Ван Моррисон

No Religion

We didn't know no better, and they said it could be worse
Some people thought it was blessing
Other people think that it's a curse
It's a choice between fact and fiction
And the whole world has ...

Ван Моррисон

No Trouble Livin'

Don't talk to me 'bout life problems or
How you wish that things could be
'cause I don't have no trouble livin'
It's jus' dyin that bothers me

Don't offer me no sad stories or
Tell me that yo ...

Ван Моррисон

No Way Pedro

No way pedro, no way jose
I just wanna know, are you goin' my way?
Oh, I saw you standin' by the borderline
You can never make up your mind

No way cisco, no way pancho
Why don't you meet me, ...

Ван Моррисон

Nobody Really Knows

We stood outside the city,
Six feet in the snow,
And everyone was stranded
And I stopped to say, hello.
Everybody kept on walkin'
Who didn't have no place to go.
Everybody kept on walkin'
Tha ...

Ван Моррисон

Northern Muse

And she moves on the solid ground
And she shines light all around
And she moves on the solid ground
In the county down

And she moves on the solid earth
And she knows what her wisdom is worth

Ван Моррисон

Nose in Your Blow

Nosin' your blow
In the wintertime baby,
Nosin' your blow.
Nosin' your blow baby.
And, you're crazy.
You go crazy.
You're going in-sane!!!
Don't worry about it.
Have another sandwich. ...

Ван Моррисон

Not Supposed to Break Down

You're not supposed to be human
You're not supposed to really feel
Not supposed to get involved
With anything completely real
Fifteen families starving
All around the corner block
Here we're s ...

Ван Моррисон

Oh The Warm Feeling

Oh the warm feeling
As we sat beside the sea
Oh the warm feeling as I sat by you

Like a child within the kingdom
As we sat beside the sea
Oh the warm feeling as I sat by you

And it filled ...

Ван Моррисон

Old Black Joe

Gone are the days
When my heart was young and gay
Gone are toils
Of the cotton fields away
Gone to the fields
Of a better land, I know
I hear those gentle voices callin' me
Old black joe

I ...

Ван Моррисон

Old Old Woodstock

Oh don't it get you
Get you when you're through
Feel the breezes blowing all around your coat
Oh don't it get you
When you gotta roam
Hear the children singing
'daddy's coming home'

Going d ...

Ван Моррисон

On Hyndford Street

Take me back, take me way, way, way back
On hyndford street
Where you could feel the silence at half past eleven
On long summer nights
As the wireless played radio luxembourg
And the voices whi ...

Ван Моррисон

One Irish Rover

Tell me the story now
Now that it's over
Wrap it in glory
For one irish rover

Tell me you wiser now
Tell me you older
Wrap it in glory
For one irish rover

I can tell by the ligh ...

Ван Моррисон

One More Time

It's been so long
Since I seen ya smilin'
Made me think about, when you were a child
It won't be long, I'm comin' home
Gonna get you in my arms
And make love, to you darlin'
One more time

W ...

Ван Моррисон

One of These Days

One of these days I've got to get things right
I'm gonna do my business in th' daylight
One of these days you know I've got to get things right
I'm gonna do my business out in the broad daylight

Ван Моррисон

One Two Brown Eyes

I went out last night walkin'
I heard someone talkin'
You better stop stayin out late at night
A straighten up and fly right
You better stop tellin' those lies
A gonna cut you down to my size

Ван Моррисон


On a gold autumn day
You came my way in orangefield
Saw you standing by the riverside in orangefield
How I love you then in orangefield
Like I love you now in orangefield

And the sun shone on ...

Ван Моррисон

Ordinary Life

Sinking fast, hold tight
Just remember ordinary life
More trouble, than it's worth
Know it when you see the sign
Nothing feels right, step out of line
Just remember ordinary mind

Nagging wif ...

Ван Моррисон

Ordinary People

Ordinary people just don't comprehend
Ordinary people just don't seem to comprehend
The thing you feel they don't even know about

Cut yourself, that never did you no good
You cut yourself, tha ...

Ван Моррисон

Out of Sight

Got your high-heel sneakers on
You know you're steppin' new
Got your high-heel sneakers on
You know you're steppin' new
Oh lord, you're alright, you're alright
You know you're outta sight

Th ...

Ван Моррисон

Outskirts of Town

I'm gonna move you baby
Way on the outskirts of town
Oh I'm gonna move you darlin'
I said way on the outskirts of town
Because I don't want nobody
Who's always hangin' 'round

Mmm, maybe funn ...

Ван Моррисон

Pagan Streams

And we walked the pagan streams
And searched for white horses on surrounding hills
We lived where dusk had meaning
And repaired to quiet sleep, where noise abated
In touch with the silence
On h ...

Ван Моррисон

Perfect Moment

Sunset glow from a hill
Let it flow take your fill
Such a perfect moment
Mona lisa smile
One such perfect moment
Makes it all worthwhile

Autumn night crystal clear
Mystic night seems so nea ...

Ван Моррисон

Philosophers Stone

Out on the highways and the by-ways all alone
I'm still searching for, searching for my home
Up in the morning, up in the morning out on the road
And my head is aching and my hands are cold
And ...

Ван Моррисон


Told ya' darlin'
All along,
I was right and you were wrong.
A-pleasin' you,
So hard to do.
Cried all night long,
Was beatin' through.
Can't sow wild oats
'spect to gather corn.
Can't take r ...

Ван Моррисон

Piper at The Gates of Dawn

Piper at the gates of dawn
The coolness of the riverbank, and the whispering of the reeds
Daybreak is not so very far away

Enchanted and spellbound, in the silence they lingered
And rowed the ...

Ван Моррисон

Precious Time

Precious time is slipping away
But you're only king for a day
It doesn't matter to which God you pray
Precious time is slipping away

It doesn't matter what route you take
Sooner or later the ...

Ван Моррисон

Professional Jealousy

Professional jealousy, can bring down a nation
And personal invasion, can ruin a man
Not even his family, will understand what's happening
The price that he's paying, or even the pain

Professi ...

Ван Моррисон

Purple Heather

Arranged by van morrison
Well the summertime has gone
And the leaves are gently turnin'
And my love I wanna take you
To the place heart-a-yearnin'
Will you go, lassie go

And we'll all go tog ...

Ван Моррисон

Quality Street

I've seen, so many lovers cry
Lost love, makes me wonder why
I've found a love, a once in a lifetime love
Angel on high, from heaven so high above
So I thank God for sending me you

I have hea ...

Ван Моррисон

Queen of The Slipstream

You're the queen of the slipstream
With eyes that shine
You have crossed many waters to be here
You have drank of the fountain of innocence
And experienced the long cold wintry years.

There's ...

Ван Моррисон

Raglan Road

On raglan road on an autumn day,
I saw her first and knew
That her dark hair would weave a snare
That I may one day rue.
I saw the danger, yet I walked
Along the enchanted way
And I said let g ...

Ван Моррисон

Railroad Bill

Railroad bill we're gonna railroad bill
He never works and he never will
I'm gonna ride on a railroad bill
I'm gonna ride on a railroad bill

Railroad bill he was a mighty bad man
Kill anybody ...

Ван Моррисон


It's not high finance, it's called heart and soul
If it's rock and roll, got to go, go, go, go, go
Gonna keep moving on up to the higher ground
Gonna keep on moving on up, I got to stand my groun ...

Ван Моррисон

Rave On, John Donne

Rave on john donne, rave on thy holy fool
Down through the weeks of ages
In the moss borne dark dank pools

Rave on, down through the industrial revolution
Empiricism, atomic and nuclear age
R ...

Ван Моррисон

Real Gone Lover

I'm a real gone lover
I'm hip, I'm in the know
I'm a real gone lover
I'm hip, I'm in the know
And if ya love me one time
You'll soon come back for more

Come over to my pad
Come over to my p ...

Ван Моррисон

Real Real Gone

I'm real real gone
I got hit by a bow and arrow
You got me down to the very marrow
You're a friend of mine
And I'm real real gone

On the radio
Music coming and I hear
Sam cooke's voice
Wel ...

Ван Моррисон

Really Don't Know

Really don't know, really don't know
Just what's wrong
Feel like I don't belong
And I just can't get together
Today, anyway

Keep on rainin', more and more
Yeah, in a wider sense
Y ...

Ван Моррисон

Redwood Tree

Boy and his dog
Went out looking for the rainbow
You know what did they learn
Since that very day

Walking by the river
And running like a blue streak
Through the fields of streams and meadow ...

Ван Моррисон

Reminds Me of You

I miss you so much, I can't stand it
Seems like my heart, is breaking in two
My head says no but my soul demands it
Everything I do, reminds me of you

I miss you so much, in this house full of ...

Ван Моррисон

Richard Cory

Say that richard cory
Owns one-half of this here town
With political connections
To spread his wealth around
Born into society, a banker's only child
He had everything a man could want
Power, ...

Ван Моррисон

Ring Worm

I can see
By the look on your face
That you've got ringworm.
I'm very sorry but,
I have to tell you that
You've got ringworm.
It's a very common disease.
Actually, you're very luck to have
R ...

Ван Моррисон

River of Time

Heart and soul
Body and mind
Heart and soul
Body and mind
Heart and soul
Body and mind
Meet me on the river of time
(meet me on the river of time)
Meet me on the river of time

Brother of ...

Ван Моррисон

Ro Ro Rosey

Ro ro ro ro ro ro ro rosey,
Ro ro ro ro ro ro ro rosey.
You're the apple of my eye,
Ice cream in my cherry pie, pie.

She's just sixteen and she's not yet grown,
She never goes out on her own. ...

Ван Моррисон

Rock Roll Band

[false start]
We just sat there
[rock & roll band]

We just sat there
Never ever thinkin'
We'd get much older.
Layin' out on the beach
With our heads on each other's shoulder,
And we flagge ...

Ван Моррисон

Rolling Hills

Among the rolling hills I'll live my life in him
Oh I will live my life in him among the rolling hills

With my wife and child I'll do no man no ill
Oh I will do no man no ill among the rolling ...

Ван Моррисон

Rough God Goes Riding

Oh the mud splattered victims
Have to pay out all along the ancient highway
Torn between half truth and victimisation
Fighting back with counter attacks

It's when that rough God goes riding
W ...

Ван Моррисон

Route 66

If you ever plan to motor west
Take my way that's the highway that's the best,
Get your kicks on route 66.

Well, it winds from chicago to l.a.
More than 2000 miles of motorway,
Get your kicks ...

Ван Моррисон

Russian Roulette

Take it or leave it I've heard it been said
All this spring fever's just way over my head
Stealing my moments, taking up all my time
It's playing russian roulette with my mind

It's none of my ...

Ван Моррисон

Sack O'woe

Always screaming cause I'm suffering so
Life's done never such a terrible blow
Thing I'm in is just a sack o'woe
Misery company and I'm feeling low
Trouble follows me wherever I go
Thing I'm in ...

Ван Моррисон

Saint Dominic's Preview

Shammy [chamois] cleaning all the windows,
Singing songs about edith piaf's soul.
And I hear blue strains of no regredior
Across the street from cathedral notre dame.

Meanwhile back in san fra ...

Ван Моррисон

Santa Fe

Train wheels runnin' down an open track
In my mem'ry time to take me back
Are you goin are you goin'

To santa fe
Do you need it
Can you feel it in the same old way
I can feel it from the mou ...

Ван Моррисон


Let's go walkin' up that mountainside
Look down in the valley down below
And we survey this wondrous scene
Wait a minute-
Hold that dream.
Hold that dream.
Don't want to change my name and wri ...

Ван Моррисон

Savoy Hollywood

Sing your hollywood sixteen
Runnin' 'round the gravel green.
Sing your hollywood sixteen
Runnin' 'round the gravel green.
Yes, now get it, now get it together, go.
Now bum ...

Ван Моррисон

Scream & Holler

Scream and holler baby.
Scream and holler baby.
Scream and holler baby.
Oooh-oooh, yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah baby.
Scream and holler baby.
All night long baby.
Mmm ...

Ван Моррисон

See Me Through

When I feel like l'can't get over
The solid white cliffs of dover
When I don't know what to do
Baby see me through (yeah)

Well I've been too long in this storm
I feel so sad and forlorn
And ...

Ван Моррисон

See Me Through Part Ii

Just a closer walk with thee
Grant it jesus if you please
I'll be satisfied as long, as I walk, dear lord, close to thee

I am weak but thou art strong
Jesus keep me from all wrong
I'll be sat ...

Ван Моррисон

Shake & Roll

Shake and roll.
Shake and roll baby.
All night long.
All night long.
You can shake.
You can roll.
All night long.
You can shake and roll baby.
Just like that.
Mmmmm, yes, yes, yes.
Shake a ...

Ван Моррисон

Shake It Mable

Shake it mable.
You look so good.
Everytime you shake it, mable.
Hey mable,
A-where ya' gonna shake it, mable?
I'm goin' down to shake it down funky broadway, baby.
Can I come along with you? ...

Ван Моррисон

She Gives Me Religion

Down the mystic avenue I walk again
Remembering the days gone by
And I'm knocking with my heart

And all the girls walk by
In all their summer fashions
And the churchbells chime
On a summer s ...

Ван Моррисон

She Moved Through The Fair

My young love said to me,
My mother won't mind
And my father won't slight you
For your lack of kind.
She stepped away from me
And this she did say,
It will not be long love
Till our wedding d ...

Ван Моррисон

She's a Baby

Well I'm so blue
I'm thinking about you
I'm feeling so blue
I'm feeling so sad
I just don't understand
I'm feeling so sad

And in the midnight
I don t turn off the light
Until the daylight

Ван Моррисон

Shot of Rhythm & Blues

A-when your hands start a-clappin'
And your fingers start a-poppin'
When your feet wanna move around

And ya start to swing and sway
And the band begins to play
With a real cool way out sound

Ван Моррисон


Say you wanna be in showbusiness
See the man on the tv with a phoney smile
Bring you up, bring you down
He can turn your head around
In showbusiness, showbusiness

See the man on a silver scre ...

Ван Моррисон

Singing The Blues

Well, I never felt more like singin' the blues
'cause I never thought that I'd ever lose your lovin'
You got me singin' the blues

Well, I never felt more like cryin' all night
'cause ev'rythin ...

Ван Моррисон

Slim Slow Slider

Slim slow slider
Horse you ride
White as snow
Slim slow slider
Horse you ride
Is white as snow
Tell it everywhere you go
Saw you walking
Down by the ladbroke grove this morning
Saw you walk ...

Ван Моррисон

Snow in San Anselmo

Snow in san anselmo
The deer cross by the lights
The mission down in old san rafael
A madman looking for a fight
A madman looking for a fight

The massage parlor's open
The clientele come and ...

Ван Моррисон

So Complicated

So complicated, so complicated
Just wanna blow my horn
So complicated, so complicated
Just wanna know the score

Are you telling me that everything's fine
When I can't even tie my shoes
Bette ...

Ван Моррисон

Some Peace of Mind

You see me on the street, well you guess I'm doing fine
Oh but it's fantasy baby, almost all the time
I've got to get away, by myself
Oh the way it's going, soon be needing help
`cause I'm just ...

Ван Моррисон

Someone Like You

I've been searching a long time
For someone exactly like you
I've been travelling all around the world
Waiting for you to come through.
Someone like you makes it
All worth while
Someone like y ...

Ван Моррисон

Something You Got

Something you got baby
You ought to know
It's something you got baby
Make me wanna be sold

Something you got baby
And you ought to know
A whoa whoa whoa whoa
I said, my my, whoa whoa
I lov ...

Ван Моррисон

Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child

Sometimes I feel like a motherless child
Sometimes I feel like a motherless child
Sometimes I feel like a motherless child
Long way from my home

Sometimes I wish I could fly
Like a bird up in ...

Ван Моррисон

Sometimes We Cry

Sometimes we know, sometimes we don't
Sometimes we give, sometimes we won't
Sometimes we're strong, sometimes we're wrong
Sometimes we cry

Sometimes it's bad when the going gets tough
When we ...

Ван Моррисон

Song of Being a Child

When the child was a child
It walked with arms hanging
Wanted the stream to be a river and the river a torrent
And this puddle, the sea
When the child was a child, it didn't know
It was a child ...

Ван Моррисон


I'm a songwriter and I know just where I stand
I'm a songwriter, pen and paper in my hand
Get the words on the page
Please don't call me a sage,
I'm a songwriter

I'm a songwriter and I do it ...

Ван Моррисон

Spanish Rose

The wine beneath the bed,
The things we've done and said
And all the memories that come glancing back to me
In my loneliness
You're standing in the breach
Beyond that stretch, but our love will ...

Ван Моррисон

Spare Me a Little of Your Love

Why not lie here
In-a my arms
And just listen to the night.
You must know that you have
Certain charms,
And I feel,
And I feel the time is right.
Spare me a little,
Spare me a little,
Spare ...

Ван Моррисон


When you've given up hope & you're down in despair
When you've given up hope & you're down in despair
When you've given up hope & you're down in despair
When you've given up-
And you sit in your ...

Ван Моррисон

Star of The County Down

In banbridge town in the county down
One morning last july,
From a boreen green came a sweet colleen
And she smiled as she passed me by.
She looked so sweet fronn her two bare feet
To the sheen ...

Ван Моррисон

Start All Over Again

The way you see me walking on
That's why I'm telling you in song
There's only one way to get ahead
You've got to give it up instead
Start all over again

You see me standing on the bridge
I s ...

Ван Моррисон

Starting a New Life

When I hear that robin sing
Well I know it's coming on spring
Ooo-we and we're starting a new life

I've been shovelling the snow away
Working hard for my pay
All I gotta say is we're starting ...

Ван Моррисон

Stepping Out Queen

Put on your lipstick
Apply your makeup
Sometimes you're living in a dream
And then you go steppin' out queen

Well you go to a party
And you laugh loud and hearty
You stay all night you know ...

Ван Моррисон

Stepping Out Queen Part 2

It seems like it must have been something that I said
Something that somebody must have done

This is a song
It's got a whole lot of soul
When I seen you by the way before
In new york city
I ...

Ван Моррисон

Stomp & Scream

Stomp and scream baby.
Oh baby.
Stomp and scream baby.
Wail baby.
Do the thing.
Move it 'round.
Just a little bit.
Come on baby.
Ya' got a good thing goin'.
Yes, yes.
Stomp and scre ...

Ван Моррисон

Stormy Monday

Call it stormy monday
Lord, but tuesday's just as bad
You know they call it stormy monday
Lord, but tuesday's just as bad
And wednesday's are worse
And thursday's oh so sad

The eagle flies o ...

Ван Моррисон

Street Choir

Street choir sing me the song for the new day
Don't make it long and remember to sing it the old way
Let it all out, let your voice ring in the street now
My fun, will be this one to complete now ...

Ван Моррисон

Street Theory

Come on out child
We gonna ring doorbells and run
Come on out child, child
We gonna ring doorbells and run
We gonna shake up the neighbourhood
Lord, we're bound to have some fun
We can take a ...

Ван Моррисон

Streets of Arklow

And as we walked
Through the streets of arklow
Oh the color
Of the day wore on
And our heads
Were filled with poetry
And the morning
A-comin' on to dawn

And as we walked
Through the stree ...

Ван Моррисон

Summertime in England

Can you meet me in the country
In the summertime in england
Will you meet me?
Will you meet me in the country
In the summertime in england
Will you meet me?
We'll go riding up to kendal in t ...

Ван Моррисон

Sweet Jannie

Oh sweet jannie won't you come out tonight
Oh sweet jannie girl won't you come out tonight
I want to take you walkin way out in the clear

Oh baby come on and take me by my hand
Oh b ...

Ван Моррисон

Sweet Sixteen

Well, well, I loved you
Like I never loved before
First time I saw you
Standing home at your front door
Do you remember
You created quite a scene
When you were walking
Down by the village gre ...

Ван Моррисон

Sweet Thing

And I will stroll the merry way
And jump the hedges first
And I will drink the clear
Clean water for to quench my thirst
And I shall watch the ferry-boats
And they'll get high
On a bluer ocean ...

Ван Моррисон

Ta Mo Chleamhnas Deanta

Ta mo chleamhnas deanta o athru areir
S'ni mo na go dtaithnioonn an bhean liom fein
Ach fagfaidh me I mo dhiaidh i
'gus imeoidh me liom fein
Ar fud na gcoillte craobhach

My match it was made ...

Ван Моррисон

Take It Where You Find It

Men saw the stars at the edge of the sea
They thought great thoughts about liberty
Poets wrote down words that did fit
Writers wrote books
Thinkers thought about it

Take it where you find it

Ван Моррисон

Take Me Back

I've been walking by the river
I've been walking down by the water
I've been walking down by the river

I've been feeling so sad and blue
I've been thinking, I've been thinking, I've been think ...

Ван Моррисон

Tell Me

Tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me
All about your love, all about your love

Every little bit
Every little bit of my heart sings
Every little song
Every little song that your love brings
And ...

Ван Моррисон

Tell Me Something

You say the world is mad
You say that you've been had
You don't like your part in the floor show
You say it's all a bust
There's no one you can trust
Well, tell me something that I don't know

Ван Моррисон

Tell Me What You Want

Tell me what you want, tell me what it is
Tell me what you want, tell me what it is
Everybody's got me moaning
Every single night and day
Can't stand it anyway
Everybody's got me moaning
Tell ...

Ван Моррисон

Thanks for The Information

Thanks for the information
Never give a sucker an even break
When he's breaking through
To a new level of consciousness
There always seems to be more
Obstacles in the way
Thanks for the inform ...

Ван Моррисон

That's Life

That's life
That's what the people say
You're riding high in april
Shot down in may
I know I've got to change my tune
When I get back up on top in june

That's life
Funny as it may seem
Som ...

Ван Моррисон

The Back Room

In the back room (in the back room)
In the back room (in the back room)
I waited for you (waited for you)
Ya waited for me (waited for me)

Rain came down, pitter-pat
Say, what you think, it's ...

Ван Моррисон

The Ballad of Jesse James

Jesse james was a man
And he killed many men
He robbed the glendale train
And he took from the richer
And he gave that to the poorer
He'd a hand and a heart and a brain

Oh jesse had a wife t ...

Ван Моррисон

The Big Royalty Check

I'm waiting
For my royalty check to come,
And it still hasn't come yet.
It's about a year
Over due.
I guess it's coming
From the big royalty check in the sky.
I waited and the mailman
Never ...

Ван Моррисон

The Dead Girls of London[W_frank Zappa]

Do you see what they are
Do you hear what they say
People it is sad but true
They're dressed really stupid
But they think they're o.k.
And they got no use for you
The dead girls of london
Why ...

Ван Моррисон

The Eternal Kansas City

Chorus (choir singing)
Excuse me do you know the way to kansas city?
Excuse me do you know the way to kansas city?
Excuse me do you know the way to kansas city?
Excuse me do you know the way ...

Ван Моррисон

The Great Deception

Did you ever hear about the great deception
Well the plastic revolutionaries take the money and run
Have you ever been down to love city
Where they rip you off with a smile
And it don't take a g ...

Ван Моррисон

The Healing Game

Here I am again
Back on the corner again
Back where I belong
Where I've always been
Everything the same
It don't ever change
I'm back on the corner again
In the healing game

Down those anc ...

Ван Моррисон

The Last Laugh

From the sailing to philadelphia album

Don't you love the sound
Of the last laugh, my friend
Don't you love the sound
Of the last laugh, at the end

Down in the gutter
With the mad old soldie ...

Ван Моррисон

The Master's Eyes

How the light shone from the master
How the light shone from the master
How the light shone from the master's eyes

Or how the truth shone, from the master
How the truth shone, from the master

Ван Моррисон

The Mystery

Let go into the mystery
Let yourself go
You've got to open up your heart
That's all I know
Trust what I say and do what you're told
Baby, and all your dirt will turn
Into gold

Let go into t ...

Ван Моррисон

The New Symphony Sid

Symphony sid is grooving
Man this whole house is moving
Symphony sid is grooving
Symphony sid

Symphony sid is swinging
That radio is ringing
Symphony sid is swinging
Symphony sid

Bing-ba ...

Ван Моррисон

The Story of Them

When friends were friends
And company was right
We'd talk and talk and sing
All through the night.
Morning came leisurely and bright
Downtown we'd walk
And passers by
Would shudder with delig ...

Ван Моррисон

The Street Only Knew Your Name

Your street, rich street or poor
You should always be sure of your street
There's a place in your heart,
When you know from the start
And you can't be complete without a street

Keep movin' on ...

Ван Моррисон

The Way Young Lovers Do

We strolled through fields all wet with rain
And back along the lane again
There in the sunshine
In the sweet summertime
The way that young lovers do

I kissed you on the lips once more
And w ...

Ван Моррисон

The Wobble

Do the wobble baby.
Do the wobble.
Do the wobble.
Do the wobble baby.
Do the wobble baby.
Do the wobble baby.
Come on baby,
Do the wobble.
Come on baby,
Do the wobble.
Do the wobble.
Do t ...

Ван Моррисон

There There Child

There there child, there there child
Don't it make you feel alright
There there child, don't it all look good tonight
And you feel like going but you gotta stay
Ain't no time for to hop on a fre ...

Ван Моррисон

These Are The Days

These are the days of the endless summer
These are the days, the time is now
There is no past, there's only future
There's only here, there's only now

Oh your smiling face, your gracious prese ...

Ван Моррисон

These Dreams of You

I dreamed you paid your dues in canada
Left me to come through
I headed for the right way
I knew exactly just what to do
I dreamed we played cards in the dark
And you lost and you lied
Wasn't ...

Ван Моррисон

Think Twice Before You Go

Think twice before you go
Baby, this'll be the end
Think twice before you go
Baby, this'll be the end
Can you leave me one time
Baby, you will leave again

Stay and suffer with me, baby
Then ...

Ван Моррисон

Thirty Two

I see, you see, we'll get a guitar,
Yeah, we'll get a guitar
And, oh, we'll get, we'll get three guitars,
No!, no!!, we'll get four guitars
And we'll get herbie lovelle to play drums,
And we'll ...

Ван Моррисон

This Weight

This weight is weighing on my heart
This weight is tearing us apart
This weight is weighing on my soul
And it just won't leave me alone

You know I'm talking about this weight
You know I'm tal ...

Ван Моррисон

Till We Get The Healing Done

Down those old ancient streets
Down those old ancient roads
Baby there together we must go
Till we get the healing done
Till we get the healing done

Till you're satisfied with your life
Till ...

Ван Моррисон

Times Gettin' Tougher Than Tough

A well money's gettin' cheaper
Price is gettin' steeper
I found a little woman
But I just couldn't keep her

Times gettin' tougher than tough
Times gettin' rougher than rough
Well I make alot ...

Ван Моррисон

Tir Na Nog

We were standing in the kingdom
And by the mansion gate
We stood enraptured by the silence
As the birds sang their heavenly song
In tir na nog

We stopped in the church of ireland
And prayed ...

Ван Моррисон

Too Long in Exile

Too long in exile
Too long not singing my song
Too long in exile
Too long like a rolling stone
Too long in exile

Too long in exile
Baby those people just ain't, just ain't your friends
Too ...

Ван Моррисон


Over in killarney
Many years ago,
Me mither sang a song to me
In tones so sweet and low.
Just a simple little ditty,
In her good ould irish way,
And l'd give the world if she could sing
That ...

Ван Моррисон

Tore Down a La Rimbaud

Showed me pictures in the gallery
Showed me novels on the shelf
Put my hands across the table
Gave me knowledge of myself.
Showed me visions, showed me nightmares
Gave me dreams that never end

Ван Моррисон


From the ancient sun to the old heart stove come the troubadours
From the city gates to the castle walls it's the troubadours
On a sunlit day it was bright and clear
And the people came from far ...

Ван Моррисон

Try for Sleep

It's four o'clock in the morning, and there's a new full moon
Shining down through the trees
But don't leave the room now, leave it in doubt
Pretend not to know what I'm talking about
I try, all ...

Ван Моррисон

Tupelo Honey

You can take all the tea in china
Put it in a big brown bag for me
Sail right around the seven oceans
Drop it straight into the deep blue sea
She's as sweet as tupelo honey
She's an angel of th ...

Ван Моррисон

Turn on Your Lovelight

Got a woman, broke my heart
Took it darlin' , tore it apart
You left me sitting by the fire cryin'
You said your love for me was dyin'

And I'm beggin' you baby
Baby please
I'm beggin' you ba ...

Ван Моррисон

Twilight Zone

The rain is all over, it's only stopped for an hour
And I stop you, and I stop you
When you go too far
And you stop me when I go too far
And it tried to freak me
But I should have known
It's n ...

Ван Моррисон

Twist & Shake

Twist and shake baby.
Twist and shake baby.
Do the twist.
Do the shake.
Baby, hey, hey, hey.
Twist and shout baby.
Do the twist baby.
Twist and shake baby.

Do the shake baby.
Shake it up ...

Ван Моррисон

Underlying Depression

Underlying depression, have to crawl into my room
Underlying depression don't want to know about the moon in june
Outside there's a cavalcade of clowns but they`re bringing me down
With underlyin ...

Ван Моррисон

Up Your Mind

Up your mind,
If you've got a mind.
Up your mind,
If you've got a...
I think you've got
About one living cell in your brain.
But that's alright, that's cool.
Up your mind.
Wooo-oooh-oooh-ooo ...

Ван Моррисон

Vanlose Stairway

Send me your picture
Send me your pillow
Send it through krishna
On the vanlose stairway

Send me your bible
Send me your gita
I want to reach you
On the vanlose stairway

And your stairwa ...

Ван Моррисон

Venice U. S. a.

Found myself, found myself
Oh, in a restaurant in venice
Found myself
Oh, in a restaurant in venice
I was talkin' to my baby
In a restaurant down in venice
When I found myself
Down in venice

Ван Моррисон

Village Idiot

Did you see the lad, on the corner
He was standing drinking wine
Wears his overcoat in the summer
And short sleeves in the winter time

Takes his holidays, down at the bookies
Well he knows ho ...

Ван Моррисон

Virgo Clowns

Let us free you from the pain
Let us see you smile again
Let us unlock all the chains
You're broken-hearted

Let us help you to forget
Let us help you unlock it
It's not nearly time to quit

Ван Моррисон

Waiting Game

On a golden autumn day returning
Where each moment never is the same
Sometimes pure joy it comes with patience
When I'm waiting on, waiting game
When I'm waiting on, waiting game

There must b ...

Ван Моррисон

Walk & Talk

Walk that walk.
Talk that talk.
Walk that walk.
Talk that talk.
Walk that walk.
Talk that talk.
Walk that walk.
Talk that talk.
Walk that walk.
Oh, talk that talk and walk that walk.
Talk ...

Ван Моррисон

Want a Danish

You want a danish?
No, I just ate,
I've just aten.
D'ya' want...
Like, I want some bread up front.
Oh, bread up front. you want a sandwich?
Have a danish.
Want a sandwich?
Have a sandwich ...

Ван Моррисон

Warm Love

Look at the ivy on the cold clinging wall
Look at the flowers and the green grass so tall
It's not a matter of when push comes to shove
It's just an hour on the wings of a dove

I dig it when y ...

Ван Моррисон


When I become was and we become were
Will there be any sign or a trace of th' lovely contour of your face
And will there be someone around
With essentially my kinda sound

When am turns to was ...

Ван Моррисон

Wasted Years

Wasted years been brainwashed by lies
Oh yes I have
Oh wasted years
I'm talking about wasted years
Oh I'm not seeing eye-to-eye
I just can't see the things I should see
Wasted years, baby
I w ...

Ван Моррисон


This is a song about your wavelength
And my wavelength, baby
You turn me on
When you get me on your wavelength
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
With your wavelength
Oh, with your wavelength ...

Ван Моррисон

What Would I Do

If you leave me, if you grieve me
What would I do without you to see me through.
If you hurt me, if you desert me
What would I do, without you, to see me through.

What would I do
Tell me I wa ...

Ван Моррисон

When Heart is Open

And when heart is open
And when heart is open
You will change just like a flower slowly openin'
And when heart is open
You will change just like a flower slowly openin'
When there's no comin'

Ван Моррисон

When That Evening Sun Goes Down

I want you, be around
When that evening sun goes down
I want you, be around
Keep my both feet on the ground
When that evening sun goes down
I want you, understand
Little girl, take me by my ha ...

Ван Моррисон

When The Leaves Come Falling Down

I saw you standing with the wind and the rain in your face
And you were thinking 'bout the wisdom of the leaves and their grace
When the leaves come falling down
In september when the leaves, com ...

Ван Моррисон

When Will I Ever Learn to Live in God?

The sun was setting over avalon
The last time we stood in the west
Suffering long time angels enraptured by blake
Burn out the dross innocence captured again

Standing on the beach at sunset al ...

Ван Моррисон

Whenever God Shines His Light on Me

Whenever God shines his light on me
Opens up my eyes so I can see
When I look up in the darkest night
I know everything's going to be alright
In deep confusion, in great despair
When I reach ou ...

Ван Моррисон

Who Can I Turn To?

Who can I turn to
When no body needs me
My heart wants to go
So I must know
Where my destiny leads me
With no star to guide me
No one beside me
I will go on my way
And after today
The darkn ...

Ван Моррисон

Who Drove The Red Sports Car

Who drove the red sports car from the mansion
And laid upon the grass in summer time ?
And who done me out high time fashion
And made me read between the lines ?
And who said, follow the man, ...

Ван Моррисон

Who Drove The Red Sports Car?

Who drove the red sports car from the mansion
And laid upon the grass in summer time
And who done me out high time fashion
And made me read between the lines
And who said follow the man it's you ...

Ван Моррисон

Who Was That Masked Man

Oh ain't it lonely
When you're livin' with a gun
Well you can't slow down and you can't turn 'round
And you can't trust anyone

You just sit there like a butterfly
And you're all encased in gl ...

Ван Моррисон

Why Don't You Love Me

Why don't you love me like you used to do?
How come you treat me like a worn out shoe?
My hair's still curly and my eyes are still blue
Why don't you love me like you used to do?

Ain't had ...

Ван Моррисон

Why Must I Always Explain?

Have to toe the line, I've got to make the most
Spent all the years going, from pillar to post
Now I'm standing on the outside and I'm waitin' in the rain
Tell me why must I always explain

Bar ...

Ван Моррисон

Wild Children

We were the war children
Born 1945
When all the soldiers came marching home
Love looks in their eye

Tennessee tennessee williams
Let your inspiration flow
Let it be around when we hear the s ...

Ван Моррисон

Wild Honey

Open your arms in the early mornin'
When the light comes shinin' through
Can't you hear my heart beat just for you?
It's beating so wild, honey.
And light comes shinin'
Singin' my song
And th ...

Ван Моррисон

Wild Night

As you brush your shoes
And stand before the mirror
And you comb your hair
And grab your coat and hat
And you walk, wet streets
Tryin' to remember
All the wild breezes
In your mem'ry ever.
A ...

Ван Моррисон

Wobble & Ball

Wobble and ball.
Wobble and ball baby.
Do the wobble.
Do the ball.
Do the ball.
Do the wobble.
Down broadway baby.
Do the boogaloo
All 'round broadway baby.
Do the ball.

Ван Моррисон

Wonderful Remark

How can you stand the silence
That pervades when we all cry?
How can you watch the violence
That erupts before your eyes?
How can you tell us something
Just to keep us hangin' on?
Something ...

Ван Моррисон

You Can Count on Me

Let's talk it over, let's get get it straight
Don't let th' situation escalate
You know there's always problems when a man is wrapped up in his art
But don't you worry baby you can count on me to ...

Ван Моррисон

You Don't Know Me

You give your hand to me and then you say hello
And I can hardly speak - my heart is beating so
And anyone can tell you think you know me well
You don't know me.

Now if you don't know the one ...

Ван Моррисон

You Don't Pull No Punches but You Don't Push The River

(da da da....)

When you were a child, you were a tomboy
Gimme soul satisfaction
Way back in shady lane
Do you remember darlin'?

And it's the woman in you, and it's the woman in you
Gimme ...

Ван Моррисон

You Gotta Make It Through The World

Well let them take you for a clown
And they're bound to bring you down
You got to make it through the world if you can
Think they're doing you wrong
But you got here on your own
You got to make ...

Ван Моррисон

You Just Can't Win

One more coffee
One more cigarette
One more morning trying to forget.
If I had the chance
To join your dance
I wouldn't like to bet,
Your game is something yet
It's a shame,
Ain't natural fo ...

Ван Моррисон

You Know What They're Writing About

You know what they're writing about
Baby you know what they're writing about
It's a thing called love down through the ages
Makes you wanna cry sometimes
Makes you feel like you wanna lay down and ...

Ван Моррисон

You Make Me Feel So Free

Some people spend their time just runnin' round in circles
Always chasing some exotic bird
I prefer to spend some time just listening for that special something
That I've never ever heard
I like ...

Ван Моррисон

You Move Me

I like my coffee in the mornin',
Crazy 'bout my tea at night.
I like my coffee in the mornin',
Crazy 'bout my tea at night.

If I don't get my sugar three times a day,
Boy, you know I don't fe ...

Ван Моррисон

You Say France & I'll Whistle

You say france
And I'll whistle.
You say france
And I'll whistle.
I'll whistle,
You say france.
No, you say france and I'll whistle.
No, no, you whistle and I'll say france.
No, no, you say ...

Ван Моррисон

You Win Again

The news is out, all over town
That you've been seen, out runnin' 'round
I know that I should leave, but then
I just can't go
You win again

This heart of mine, could never see
What ev'rybody ...

Ван Моррисон

You're My Woman

You're my woman
And you're my woman
You bore my child, lord
You bore my child, lord
I want to thank you
I want to thank you
And no one else will do
And no one else will do
And no one else wi ...

Ван Моррисон

Your Mind is on Vacation

Sitting there yakkin' right in my face
Coming on like you own the place
If silence was golden
You couldn't raise a dime
Cause your mind is on vacation and your mouth is working overtime

You'r ...

Ван Моррисон

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