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Acid Food

What happened after the storm?
Was everyone ok?
I tried to call again
I think they've gone away

(will you look the other way)

I dreamt of an ice age today
Cold and white to see
I wa ...



Of all I knew
I held too few
And would you stop me?
If I tried to stop you?

Old songs, stay to the end
Sad songs, remind me of friends
And the way it is, I could leave it all
And I ask myse ...


Dial: Revenge

arbed amser ar ben fy hun
cynnal cof ac atgofion blin
pwyth am bwyth
chwant am chwant

a pob tro dwi'n codi'r ffon
mae'n dweud "dial"
dial anweddus
nid grym arswydus
aur, thus a myrr

t ...


I Chose Horses

Mugen ni hirogaru
Ishiki no fuchi wo aruki
Koudo dake wo tayori ni
Kimi ni mukau toki
Hirakareta ao wa eikyuu no kanousei wo utsushi
Kimi to boku no kawasu kotoba wo tsunageru
Omoku t ...


O I Sleep

I wanted to see if fire would burn me
I thought I would know if four walls could hold me

I wanted to see if fire would burn me


Punk Rock:

I'll tell you about punk rock. punk rock is a word used by by dilettantes
(audience laughs), and uh, and uh, heartless manipulators (audience
laughs), about music (audience laughs)... that tak ...


Secret Pint

Ghosts are scared
Of falling down
"Its hard to see"
he said to me

Tried my best
Failed the test
Did my worst
Came in first


Take Me Somewhere Nice

Ghosts in the photograph
Never lied to me
"I'd be all of that"
"I'd be all of that"
A false memory
Would be everything
My denial
My Elimenant

What was that for? (x2)

What would you do ...


Travel Is Dangerous

Who might know of this?
The notes we left
Our final thoughts
And we knew they'd get ours out

Sink, sink
Drowned by our country
Old machine
Is crushed and forgotten
Never surface ag ...


Yes! I am a long way from home

erm, cos this music can put a human being in a trance like state
and deprive them of the sneaking feeling of existing,
cos music is bigger than words and wider than pictures.
erm, if someone ...


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