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Gimme de woman who fi
love up she man properly.
Me nah wah de gal dem
wid de wrong recipe.
She haffi ha de lovin
and de right mentality.

And she don't wanna trick me.

You never kne ...



why?why do you
love me?
what have i done to
deserve you lately?
if the poorest ones could
feel this energy
they need nit fear the
cursed son nor the
devils night

there i lay with ...


Big City Life

Big City Life,
Me try fi get by,
Pressure nah ease up no matter how hard me try.
Big City Life,
Here my heart have no base,
And right now Babylon de pon me case.

People in a show,
Al ...


Clear And Present Danger

Pray tell sweet
are the times what
they're supposed to be?
Is leadership the same
as treachery?
Will knighthood silence

Sorry for the hurt.
Sorry that the dest ...


Everyone Around You

They always told me,
in the beginning,
there was life and there
was sin.
That was only a story to
explain the state we're in.
You got a life that's not
your own.
You need to take car ...


Gangster Blues

I, I know itґs only time
Only time until,
You pull the job that skill
You say youґ ll never do it
Again but you know
You will
Call your boys who know the drill
It pains me to see how y ...


I To You

In so many ways,
I'm not a fighter
I'm a lover.
And this aint the
old days.
And I'm a 21st
century brother.

And if you don't know,
who I am you
will never know.
You don't know,



Did I ever call for
your fame?
Why do we fight in
your name?
Is it really true that
you're there?
And do you ever
answer my prayers?
We are calling for
so why don't you



all i wanted was to
live without the
all you needed was a

chance to say," i told you so"
when youґre cold and
battered all you want
is to know you matter
to someone

i ...


Passer By

She said no words when
I chose to stand away.
In the backround of my
Mind when the sund rose
I chose the shade
Never wanted never
Needed all the priceless
Things to say
But i know th ...


The Forgotten

Vacuum not even a court room
Just me in a small room
That has become a tomb
Converted, disadvantaged
Nothing granted
Will they ever get my message
And how soon will i
Have to think whe ...


The Means

Haead rests,
a sore mind behind these
red eyes.
Watch the television,
sweet escapism,
game shows and racism.
war crimes behind disguised

All for a cause tha ...


To And Fro

I had a thought of you
Insolitude without rescue.
Your Thoughts are in the pouring rain,
And you feel the way you did before i met you.
Now I see the pain forcing you the blame,
The only m ...


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