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All Guns Blazing

(Judas Priest cover)

Twisting the strangle grip
Won't give no mercy
Feeling those tendons rip
Torn up and mean

Blastmaster racks the ground
Bent on survival
Full throttle hammers down
A ...

Silent Force

Broken Wings

Escape, confines run into night
Tense whispers from nearby
A life lost in my eyes
Drak image of a smile

Fraying at the edges in my mind
Reflections in the mirror

One time so I can feel ...

Silent Force

Death Comes In Disguise

Are you the one to break me?
And did you come from nowhere?
Tell me how you'll take me
Will you take me elsewhere?

Do you think you're clever?
Sneaking up behind me
I believe you're evil

Silent Force

Empire Of Future

See the fire that burns through people
It's so strong and bright
Was no error of human kindness
Didn't turn out right

In the ending the infinite danger
Had nothing to do with my life
That's ...

Silent Force

Fall Into Oblivion

Content with crooked justice
Backs against the wall
Running every way he can, finds a way avoids the fall
Always in the wrong place
Never one that's right
Wonders how he got here , ends up fi ...

Silent Force


Circus Maximus
Was a time, in a land, at a place faraway
In a place we know as Rome
Many years, torn away, fades the distant memory

Try to think, what was life, when you knew one thing
tha ...

Silent Force

Hear Me Calling

From a distant shadow
I stepped out to the light
Amazed by shapes before me
Tried with all my might
Focus on whets happening
I think I might be dead
Is this what I've wanted
I had a choice ...

Silent Force

Heart Attack

A little closer, just look in my eyes
Start noticing all of the signs
Such deep affliction, you want to know why
I'm changing face all of the time

You'd throw away all that's dear and needing

Silent Force


The ones who were lost have become all our heroes
For those who are left, left here behind
Believing that they'd return, the morning that they woke
Not knowing that it would be, the last time t ...

Silent Force

Hold On

Lead us into this world so cold
The sign of the gods are within your own

Are you searching for impossible dreams?
Can you believe in what your eyes have been seeing? (Seeing is believing)


Silent Force

I'll Be There

If I could see this through
so much to say
Here in a place I don't know
If I'll get away

I walk a line today
Wide, but blind
You know it was somewhat
of my design

In my mind, I'll be the ...

Silent Force

In Your Arms

I start to count the days
When I walk away
From the place we share, it is our home
The strength you have in me appears from time to time
I know you have to guard your heart and soul
I am as ...

Silent Force


Slowly as you're falling there
Right before my eyes, seconds till the end
Taking every ounce of energy that's left
Just to make amends

So pathetic as it eats you to oblivion
Many men have bee ...

Silent Force

Iron Hand

In the fields lush with gold
The sweat runneth over her body
Close her eyes as she wonders why she feels
Like she's rotting

She knows there's something better
He always slammed the door
And ...

Silent Force

Last Time

One night I thought I saw him walk outside my window
But I know It's in my head
Deepest recess of a mind that warped with memories
Likes to keep things left unsaid
If I ask of you
Try and he ...

Silent Force

Last Time

One night I thought I saw him walk outside my window

But I know It's in my head

Deepest recess of a mind that warped with memories

Likes to keep things left unsaid

If I ask of ...

Silent Force

Live For The Day

Grant a wish that I can come and claim
Simple reasons that are not hard to obtain
Thinking back on what I have not done
(What little to show)

There was a time when I know I was lost
Could i ...

Silent Force

Master Of My Destiny

The days of my indecision
Has brought me the ways of concern
Your message is building the walls around me

I'm trying my best not to fall
And trouble the people who care
Beside me, behind me ...

Silent Force

Merry Minstrel

The minstrel sat upon the edge of the brightly lighted stage
Every member of the court was there from the beggar to Arch-Mage

They crowded in to hear the fabled magic of the man
And whispered ...

Silent Force

New Experiment

He awakes, lying on a table
Bright lights, burning my eyes
Staring face, of a man in a dark cloud
Informing me of the ever profound

I asked, the question
His voice confirms
What happened b ...

Silent Force

No One Lives Forever

I'm entertained by the tales from shadows
Shot of life in a blinding light
Whispering through the ghostly windows
Telling me that there is no fright

They are the ghosts of warriors and kin ...

Silent Force

Once Again

So nice to meet you, the pleasure's mine
Not very often I'm feeling left behind
Don't speak the language as many do
And the sound takes me far

Fighting the silence of chosen sanctity
A ...

Silent Force

Promised Land

I have but, only one thing to say
Not in the place that I wish to stay
I knew from the time that I seen her face
Nothing was said as I felt her embrace
Ripped apart piece by piece away
Emotion ...

Silent Force

Ride The Storm

(Blinded with such fury) Blinded with such fury
The clouds deceive the truth, judge and jury
Run for cover thinking of excuses
Wrath of God prevails upon the useless

With a prayer a powe ...

Silent Force

Saints And Sinners

Storming in they rush in through the door (They knew I was there)
Take me in, in silence will be sworn (Should I be there)?
Charges brought against mankind, was it everyone?
That played a game wi ...

Silent Force

Six Past The Hour

Walk through the dark
I'm finding no simple way out
A way had appeared
no time for a scream or a shout
Here is my shadow
it seems, who didn't believe
I've given up looking
look for the pla ...

Silent Force

Spread Your Wings

[Clayton C. Cooper's Intro: "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"]

Only the child sleeps with a conscience that is clear
Closes his eyes, drifting away without a fear
The innocent mind, I envy all th ...

Silent Force

Tell Me Why

Did you see the light?
Pounding forces of the night
I don't want to die
There is no reason why

Trust and I'll take the pain
someone must show me now
Trust and I'll take the pain
Someone m ...

Silent Force

The Blade

Chaos is raining tonight
They feel a fight out in the cold
Abused, and not know the truth
Is he the one that will destroy you?
Take-you down-and cut-you with-his knife
The blood flows
Figh ...

Silent Force

We Must Remain

No way to fight this emotion
Even if it's all that I have
Send me in a different direction
Take me down a safer path

I want to stay, someplace where
The wind is blowing
Like yesterday, all ...

Silent Force

We Must Use The Power

In the mouths of Hungry children
Still they have hope in thier minds
Whispering amongst the others
What is left to leave behind
We can feel, like we have been blessed
Lucky to have roofs over ...

Silent Force

World Aflame

Are you there before me?
Placed so hard to find
Or is it just a figment of my mind
Why did you try and destroy me
Is that the way it goes?
I don' think I will ever be the same

Even your eye ...

Silent Force

Worlds Apart

Choices that we have made
All the rules we have played
Different worlds that we're passing through
Paths they twist and they turn
Every bridge that we've burned
Every door that's closed on us ...

Silent Force

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