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 R.Kelly R.KellyПевец, композитор, продюсер и аранжировщик.

(Sex) Love Is What We Makin'

I touch you
You wake
All the love that we’ve been making
I can not believe that its goin on the 3rd day
No need for a clock
Cuz baby girl we wont stop
Got me wantin to keep on goin
Every ...


2nd Kelly

Hey yo, r.
Let me handle my business
I just wanna take over the show for a minute
Not the whole show, just a little bit

Now that he's outta the way
Can I talk to you for a minute?
Can I break ...


3-Way Phone Call

(feat. Kelly Price, Kim Burrell and Maurice Mahon)

[R. Kelly:]

[Kelly Price:]
Hey little brother

[R. Kelly:]
Hey sis how you doing?

[Kelly Price:]
Fine, what's going on ...


A Woman's Threat

My time, my patience, my love
My blood, my sweat, my tears
My burdens, my drama, my pain
My car, my money, my home
My ups, my downs, my fears
And my hours, my work, my strength
My fault, my th ...


As I Look Into My Life

As I look into my life
Searching for that paradise

Oh lord will you help me, find me
Take this crazy ghetto past of mine
And put it all behind me
Look down on the ghetto man
And change his m ...


Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby

Anything you want baby
Anything your heart desires
Because you've been there for me
(truly there for me)
I'm gonna give it to you

1 - baby, baby, baby, baby, baby
Baby, bab ...


Bad Man

You see really I don't
Give a damn what you may think of me
(that's right you're a bad ass nigga)
I'mma do what i'mma do, i'mma say what i'mma say
(you think you're a bad ass nigga)
Ya understa ...


Be Happy

Everyday and night I pray
Love will swing you back this way
Life without you here with me
Ain't the same without you g

Baby hear me, I never meant to hurt you
Baby come and talk to me
Let me ...


Best Friend

[R Kelly]
What up charles, hey baby
[Keysha Cole]
Hey Baby
[R Kelly]
Girl i been missin you like crazy
[Keysha Cole]
Miss you To
[R Kelly]
These fools bout to make me loose my mi ...


Big Chips

[Chorus: R. Kelly]
Big chips! (Woo!) We off in Vegas drinkin and partyin
We got chicks in swimsuits modelin
We in the twin stretch Maybachs dippin low
The way the wrist shine it's so magical ...


Break Up (Thats All We Do)

[R. Kelly]
Make up, and break up
That's all we do
Then we have sex, next thing you know
Everything is cool
Best of Both Worlds! Holla at your boy

Like we always do about this ...


Break up to Make Up

[r. kelly]
Mmmmm.. ohhhh, ohhhohhhhh
Oooohhh.. ohhh no, mmmmm

[chorus: r. kelly + (jay-z)*]
You and me, havin sex
After an argument, that shit's the best
You and me, havin sex yeahh
After a ...


Bump N Grind Remix

You know I can't see nothing wrong with a little bump n grind baby

Repeat x 4

Sit down on the couch

Take your shoes off

Let me rub your body before I tear it off

The honey lover man ...


Burn It Up

(feat. Wisin & Yandel)

[R Kelly - Intro]
Ohhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhh ohhhhhh ohhhhhhhh
Burn it up
Girl make it hot like the roof is on fire
Burn it up
Girl the way you dance you are my one des ...


Chocolate Factory

When I discovered you I discovered a piece within, joy like no other, your my
Closest friend, if you could be a number you will be a perfect 10
Right out of the skys you were heaven sent.
The way ...



Here's a story about a man coming in and finding his women in bed with
Well, listen:

It's 2 am just getin ready about to check my message
No one has called but my homies and some bill collector ...


Dancing With a Rich Man

Ay, tantas cosas que quiero
Decirte yo quiero
Hacer por ti
But first we must dancce

Private cotillion style
One lady's fantasy
Trip to milan tonight
Exclusive shopping spree
Mansio ...


Did You Ever Think

Featuring nas

[r. kelly]
No matter what y'all say or do
We gotta get this money
Watch out playa, we come for you
Take all of your honies
First of the month and rent is due
We gotta get this ...


Dollar Bill

Unstop-able, trackmasters, rockland, come on

Na-na so sick, make your toes twitch
Get up in yo' ass and ride that shit
Oh yeah, dare you act shady with the first lady?
Let's g ...


Don't Let Me Die

[R Kelly]
Dear God, bring our P-O-Ws home
And our brothers on lockdown, home

JEAH !!! Back blocked on everybody laptop
(HOV) Hittin' niggas from da shower, hold a note ...


Don't Put Me Out

Baby now I realize
All of those times I told you I loved you
I just didn't show it
I'm sorry

Don't put me out
Don't put me out
Don't put me out
Don't put me out
Don't put me out
Don't put ...


Don't You Say No

Don't you say no tonight (ooh)
Don't you say no tonight (don't you say no baby)
Don't you say no tonight (don't say it)
Don't you say no tonight (no)

After cheesecake with all of your friends ...


Double Up

(feat. Snoop Dogg)

[R. Kelly:]
Alright now we got that out the way
Let's double up
It's your boyfriend
Look we're in the club you trying to deside whether you gonna leave with me
You d ...


Down Low

Listen girl you want me but he needs you
Yet you're tellin' me that everything is cool
Tryin' to convince me baby to do as you say
Just go along and see things your way

And keep it on ...


Dream Girl

So amazing, unbelievacle, miraculous women you are.
Incredible, unforgetable, your the worlds greatest by far.
Sensational, so lovable, my cinderella you are.
So beautiful, ghetto fablous, the re ...



Baby, I'm so glad you're over here
Now I get to show you all the things
That I been wanting to show you for such a long time
Don't say nuthin'

Picture this you and me in the kitchen babe, on t ...


Feelin' on Yo Booty

Feelin' on yo booty

1 - this is my song for real, no doubt
Said the dj's making me feel thugged out
As I walk you to the dance floor
We begin to dance slow
Put your arms around me
I'm feelin ...


Feelin' You In Stereo

Everything ain't hardcore you know
I can't sing but my man
I'ma let my man smooth that thang out for you
You know, take the edge off, you know what I'm sayin'?

[R. Kelly]
All m ...



Featuring gotti & boo

Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm
Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm
Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm
Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm...

Chillin in my four point six at the light
Bout to be vip for the night
Shorty in the d ...



Baby I have something that I want to ask you baby so sit back and listen
Hey beloved we are here, to joy each other hand and hand, no more playing house
No ,cause I want to make it real do you und ...


Forever More

Baby, I've just been sitting here thinking, how blessed I am to have someone
Like you in my life and I'm so excited so so excited about being with you for
The rest of my life listen

Looking at ...


Get Dirty

And This for my niggaz, bitches, playas, pimps
When they keep it in tha street, we keep it in tha streets [x2]
(Kellz, Chi, Do it like this, Put up a C yall)

(Chamillitary Mayne)

[Chor ...


Get This Money

[j] yeah yeah
[r] damn it's hot
[j] like a muh'fucker
[r] yo jigga
[j] whassup my nigga?
[r] pop that water
[j] fo'schizzle!
[both laughing]
[r] yeah
[j] get'cha mind right, c'mon

[jay- ...


Get Upon a Room

Baby, we both just sittin' here
We need to get somewhere private
Just you and me, listen

It's the middle of the night
And we're both just sittin' here
I'm checking out your body
The hot shor ...


Ghetto Queen

Crucial conflict come out and play, hey come on
Crucial conflict, kelly and rockland, collabo'

Funny faces is all I see
At my place, you on top of me
Playin' strip poker, sippin' cristi'
I gr ...


Girls Go Crazy

(feat. Baby)

[R. Kelly talking]

There's alot of guys out there blamin' other cats
for takin they woman
Imma put it to you like this
I tell ni99az hey
Dont bring your woman to the clu ...


Gotham City

Gotham city for the ghetto ghetto (2x)

Uhhh yo yo! everybody's talking
About the good old days(2x)
Huh I remember when me and my brothers
We used to sit up on the poarch in the
Summertime and ...


Green Light

Who da fuck can stop us niggaz, it's gangsta niggaz
It's gangsta! woo! it's gangsta nigga!
All g-g-gangsta nigga, uhh!

[r] green light - go go, go-go-go, go
[r] go go, go-go-go, go
[ ...


Half on a Baby

Thanks to the person who sent this in.

*bridge 1*
Ooh, na na na ( yo... yo body) yo' body, na na na (2x)

*verse 1*
Turn the lights down low, I'm ready da break it off
Since computer love, b ...


Happy People

Ladies and gentlemen
This here is another one for tha steppas
DJ Wayne Williams
Put the record on

Whoa oh whoa oh whoa oh whoa yeah
Whoa yeah
Whoa oh whoa oh whoa oh whoa yeah

Whoa ...


Happy People

ladies and gentlemen

this here is another one for tha steppas

DJ Wayne Williams

put the record on

whoa oh whoa oh whoa oh whoa yeah

whoa yeah

whoa oh whoa oh ...


Happy Summertime

(feat. Snoop Dogg)

Happy summertime Niggas ahh yeah
We rolling [x4]
Drop up in the summer time
And we rolling through the block with the sun shining and I
Just wanna ride, I just wanna r ...


Heart of a Woman

There are so many answers to the question what y'all do for us and so many
Reasons for the word why we love on y'all for instant how ya' take us and lift
Us up and give us chance after chance and ...


Hit It Till The Mornin'

(feat. Twista, Do Or Die)

Ladies, it's ya boyfriend, I hope ya'll like to do it, like I like to do it


Til' the sun comes up, yo can I hit it til' the mornin'
I'll be sexin' yo ...


Home Alone

[keith murray]
It's gonna be a party y'all
Keith murray roacks wide and universal and most come
Combine with r. kelly and prove it can be done
Non stoppin' def squad and rockland
I here somebod ...



[intro: jay-z]
Uh, it's the boy jay-z, and the boy r. kel
The best of both worlds, please believe it
Brookland, chi-town, to all the beautiful ladies in the world
Dedicated to tt my niece, every ...


Hook It Up

[R Kelly]
She looks watt?
She looks good
She's badder than a mutherfucker
[R Kelly]
She looks good
[R Kelly]
I mean how's her heart how her head
Is ...


How Did You Manage

You made the sun,
You made the moon,
Gave seasons change,
You made the clouds,
You put the rainbow after rain
Created time,
Now this ones mine,
Gave pictures frames,
Wo ...


Hump Bounce

It's saturday
I'm ready to go out and have some fun
Get in the club around 'bout twelvish
Me my homies hoochie huntin'
Lovin' the way the dj's mixin'
And everybody's on the floor
Moet, alize


I Can't Sleep Baby

Girl I must have been crazy to say that it was over
I had to be a fool to yell out we were through
And now I'm all alone and feeling down and out baby
When I never meant for this to end, it was s ...


I Decided

I decided to stay home tonite
I decided i'ma treat you right
I decided to be there for you
Decided to be on my p's and q's
I decided to give up my friends
Decided i'ma take you out we ...


I Don't Mean It

Baby, oh baby
I know we had an argument and all
Ooh babe
And I must have said some pretty foul shit but
Mmm, mmm
I just want you to know that I ain't mean none of that
Baby, baby
None of it


I Mean

Baby, oh baby I know we had an arguementand all ooh babe and I must have said
Some foul shit but mmm, mmm I just want you to know that I ain't mean none of
That baby, baby none of it now I was sup ...


I Surrender

Yeah I know, y'know, what a calling is
I mean we all have a calling in our life, I believe
You know I'm from the dirt man
I come up in these streets, went without eatin', you know what I'm say ...


I Wish

(remix) to the homies that we lost
R. kelly featuring boo and gotti

Yo', what up, my n****
You know I was in the hood
I just thought I'd stop by
Holler at you for a minute
Pour out a little ...


I'll Never Leave

Shut up
I don't ever wanna hear you say that again
Baby, I'm not goin; nowhere
Look at me, you understand me?

What gave you the silly idea...that I'm about to leave,
Girl, who you be listeni ...


I'm A Flirt (Remix)

[Chorus: R. Kelly]
(i'm a, i'm a, i'm a, i'm a) flirt
Soon as i see her walk up in the club (i'm a flirt)
Winkin eyes at me, when i roll up on them dubs (i'm a flirt)
Sometimes when i'm wi ...


I'm Your Angel

No mountain's too high for you to climb
All you have to do is have some climbing faith, oh yeah
No river's too wide for you to make it across
All you have to do is believe it when you p ...



I mean everybody say "What if." What if I could fly? What if man could fly for real? Wouldn't that be something? Man I
would surely touch the sky if I could just fly. [laughs] You know we have our ...


If I Could Make The World Dance

Ba-da-ba-da (woah)
Ba-da-ba-da (woah)
Ba-da-ba-da (woah)
Bu-da (you)
Bu-da-bu-da (woah)
Bu-da-bu-da (woah)
Bu-da-bu-da (woah)

Signs and wonders that the television shows
Hate and p ...


If I Could Turn Back The Hands of Time

How did I ever let you slip away
Never knowing I'd be singing this song some day
And now I'm sinking, sinking to rise no more
Ever since you closed the door

1 - if I could turn, turn back the ...


If I'm Wit You

I don't understand
I do all this for you
You contemplating on me
Or is it him
Or is it me
Or is it him
He told you he'd be there for you
And he wasn't
I told you I'd be there for you
And I ...



Now, usualy I don't do this but uh... give em a lil preview of the remix

No I'm not tryin to be rude,
But hey pretty girl I'm feelin you
The way you do the things you do
Remind me of my lexus ...


It Ain't Personal

Man, they go and tell me like
You never know who your true friends until you ah umm
Both got a little bit of money
I mean cause y'all both broke
Then there's no strain on the relationsh ...


It Seems Like You're Ready

Temperature's rising / and your bodies yearning for me / girl lay it on me / I place no one above thee / oh take me to the ecstasy / it seems like you're ready

It seems like you're ready

Seems ...


It's Your Birthday

Girl I bet you thought I had went and forgot
It's a special day
Your gift will be something you will remember
For the rest of your days

(So get ready and I'll take you ...


Just a Touch

I was on my way
To getting close to you
Until you flipped the script on me
Another personality
I was just that close
To putting karats in your ring
Until I peeped your card
Now you threw it b ...


Just Like That

Oh baby , if I could explain the joy I feel .......

Oooh if I could explain the joy I feel
All this love makin is oh so real
Oooh like winter time by the fireplace
Oooh like traped ...


Kickin' It With Your Girlfriend

I've been kickin it with your girlfriend
Oh what am I gonna do?
Cause God knows that I really didn't mean to hurt you
I know it's bogus, but I felt that you should know the truth


Ladies' Night (Treat Her Like Heaven)

Uh, yeah, uh huh, uh
Go ladies, go ladies
Go ladies, go ladies
Go ladies, go ladies
Go ladies, go ladies
Uh, whoo!

She's like the sun shining bright
A romantic moonlight
Like white ...


Leap Of Faith

There is strength deep inside me that I never knew I had
There's a fire within burnin' bright
There is a love inside of me that I never thought I'd feel
Until the day you came into my life, ye ...


Leave Your Name

[Verse 1]
You have reached R.Kelly
Unfortunately, I'm sleep
Been out partying all night
And I'm blasted off that Hennessey
I hop to hotel lobbies
Going to them after parties
Throwing u ...


Like a Real Freak

You know
2000, tp, c'mon uh uh
C'mon yeah c'mon
Rock land baby, c'mon
This is how we do it
Money, cash, cars, clothes (c'mon)
Money, cash, cars, clothes (c'mon)
Boys and girls, ...


Looking for Love

Out of all the girls I've loved before
Out of all the stages I've performed on
Out of all of the cities I've been to
I bless the day that I found you

I bless the day I found you and that's my ...


Love Signals

Yeah, yeah, yeah
Woah, woah, woah

There are
So many people around the world lacking love
So many people don't know how to love one another
So many people walk around low self-estime
An ...


Love Street

Hey yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Oh woah woah oh
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Woah woah oh

It seems we've lost our touch
Used to be so in love, yeah, uh
But somehow we've gotten off-track
And we ...


Mo' Money

(feat. Twista)

That nigga let his fuckin flow go
Niggaz tryin to switch up the flows on niggaz
Hit niggaz, slip niggaz with a micky
Drop that joint

Yeah yeah (it's the remix ...


Money Makes The World Go Round

Money make the world go round
Money make the world go round
(what? go money)
Money makes the world go round

Yo, for those who live the way that I live
We came a long w ...



Baby, what we gon' do?
I need you to talk to me, c'mon

[r. kelly]
Suddenly, I feel the need - to pull you close to me
But I don't know, if it's what you want, baby
Girl show me some kind of ...


Not Gonna Hold On

Can't you see we were meant to be, oh baby
Down for each other for eternity, oh baby, baby
Let me know if you're out of my life
(don't hang on) don't hang on to my heart and say bye-bye
I used t ...


One Man

Baby, I'm sorry
(not gonna let you down)
Sorry for the things that happened to you, babe
For what he did
I'll show you that I'm not gonna do those things that he did to you
I'm gonna love you I ...


One Me

There can only be one me(can't nobody can't nobody do your body like me)
Verse 1
I wanna make you moann
Do it all night long
Once I get you home
Baby girl it's on
I'm gonna kiss yo ...


Only The Loot Can Make Me Happy

In my life
Uhh, track masters
You're all I need in my life
Make money
You're all I need in my life
Duece, duece
You're all I need in my life

Uh huh, yo, yo, yo, yo
I remembe ...



(Peace) it's what I prayer for
(Peace) oh my
(Peace) all around the world
(Peace) it's what I prayer for
(Peace) oh my
(Peace) hurry

Come on in this house children ...


Playa's Only

(feat. The Game)

"I hope yall got yall playa's card cause yall aint getting in unless ya do
Its Kell's yall still got the world surrounded for the non-believers"

Bounce, it's the ...


Prayer Changes

Somebody just look back over your life and
See where he brought you from
How many of you know?

Prayer changes (I heard that)
Prayer changes (I believe that)
Prayer changes (I know that) ...


Pretty Girls

Uhh, y'all know what this is
Now would be a good time to start bobbin your heads
Kels, and it, and it, uhh

[R. Kelly]
Excuse me miss, don't mean to interrupt
But you're the hottest chick ...



[chorus (jay-z)]
The power of the p-u-s-s-y,
Thatz why every mutherfucka in the world dress fly.
Every baller
That can afford it they cop the best ride, for the power of the p-u-s-s-y.
(let's h ...


Put My T-Shirt On

Here... Put This On..... listen ......

Wonna sex u in my white T
Do you in my white T
Freak you in my white T
Gurl put on my white T

[Verse 1]
Lyin here up in the bed checki ...


R B Thug

Ooh, ooh, ooh
Ahh, ahh, ahh
Uhh, uhh, uhh, yeah, yeah, yeah
Ooh, ooh, ooh
Ahh, ahh, ahh
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Mmm, mmm, mmm

In the playa's club
Checkin' at your body baby
Steadily tossin that ...


Real Talk

Do I know yo friend who?
At a club
Who was there?
Girl I wasnt...
Wait a minute calm down,I was at a club with who?
Get the fuck...man

U kno what,girl im not about to sit up here, and ...



She didn't have a house, a house up in the hills
I never heard her ask for some car with the chromed out wheels
But all she wanted was some love and affection
But all I did all the time was negle ...


Red Carpet (Pause, Flash)

Oooo Yeah Yeah Yeah Ooo Yeah Yeah Yeah Check 12 Its the piper
AKA Kellz I'm in the bulding
Right now and im looking for nothin
But steppa Tell me where
Tha steppas Where r all the steppas


Reggae Bump, Bump

(feat. Elephant Man)

[R. Kelly:] This is big!!!!

[Elephant Man:]
Chi Twon girls have di badonkadonk (OH!!!!)
ATL junk in di trunk a bounce (OH!!!!)
Jamaican girls pat yuh fr ...


Religious Love

Dearly beloved, why did you go
When being with you forever is all I hope
Slowly the rain is falling in our home
Come back and start right from going wrong
I'll be still until I hear from you
An ...


Remote Control

Baby I think its time for us to do what we came to do...
Here come closer to me... I wanna make you feel so good tonight I'll do anything you say...

[Verse 1]
Baby (baby) here we are lyin in ...


Rise Up

"The Victims are what mean the most to us and that we cared so much about. And we're
Friends with, and had our classes with. I just really feel that we are going to be known as
The school that o ...


Rock Star

Lights, thats the stamina action
Ima rock star
Check the crowd reaction
Im like lights, thats the stamina action
Ima rock star
Check the crowd reaction
Im like

Hey, you's ...



Rolling coming out them fruity color candy doors
Rolling catch me hopping up and down on 24's
Rolling hey watch me Rollin Hey, Watch me Rollin Hey, Watch me rolling
Rolling When I was ...



This song goes out to my mother - the one I loved and the one I lost - when it
Comes down to thinking about what my mother's done for me, the love she's given
Me. - it makes it easy to do a song l ...


Same Girl

[R. Kelly]
Yo Ush..
What up Kells
[R. Kelly]
Let me introduce you to this girl. Think I really love this girl.
[R. Kelly]
Man she's so fine.
Str ...


Sex In The Kitchen

Girl you're in the kitchen
Cooking me a meal
Something makes me wanna come in there and get a feel
Walk around in your t-shirt
Nothing else on
Strutting pass, switching that ass while I'm ...


Sex Planet

Venus and Saturn
I'm leavind Earth girl to explore your galaxy
Ten to zero
Blast off here we go
We'll be climax until we reach Mercury
Girl, Tell me are you ready girl


Sex Weed

Light it up, light it up
Smoke it up, smoke it up
Exhale, exhale
Now let's sex to the cut

Girl, you got that sex weed
I just want to hit it all the time
Sex so good that it ...


Shake Ya Body

[r] uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh

[chorus: r. kelly + (lil' kim)]
Uh-huh (shake ya body body, move ya body body)
Uh-huh (twist ya body body, switch ya body body)
Uh-huh (dip ya body body, wor ...


She's Coming Home With Me

[R. Kelly]
Fellas, a few tips, when you're in the club
You must watch your girl, because she may end up with me

[R. Kelly + (Jay-Z)]
TrackMasters (uhh... turn the music up)
Rock Land
H ...


She's Got That Vibe

A yo r. kelly
What's up man
You been spending a lot of time with this girl man
I don't know man
She just got that vibe you know what I'm saying
Aiight tell em the script
Aiight bet

Vibe, vi ...



[tone aka trackmaster]
So I told shorty I be producing, I be making those beats
Be making those hits, ya know
So I told her my name, my name is tone
She said town!!
You know like she never hear ...


Slow Wind

[Verse 1]
Girl I want to be alone with you
Just To See what you can do
Ow you'r dancin' all over me
Baby this is like some kind of fantasy
The way you move your teasing girl
So tonight I ...


Somebody's Girl

[j] the sixty second assassin
[r] trackmastahhhhhhhhhs
[j] turn that music up!
[r] rocklaaaaaaaaand
[r] hovahhhhhhhhh
[j] woo! yes, yes

[r. kelly + (jay-z)]
Somebody's girl is at this party ...


Spendin' Money

1 - all that money I spend
All those places I been
I can't forget you babe
Here's life without you
Working hard for this loot
Girl I wanna spend it with you
I want you with me babe
Here's lif ...



I can see my destination , I can hear my call
No more hesitation this time I'm going for all
Cause I know where this road leads to and therefore I will rise,
I know this dream will come true, ...


Step in My Room

Yo. what's up baby?
I don't see any sign on my door that says it's closed

Step in my room 'cause I got a little something for you
In my room and I know you're gonna like it baby
Step ...


Step in The Name of Love

Many lovers has come and many lovers have gone.
Sing your love to an old fashioned song.

(1000 years from now you'll be still putin' me down, my baby.)

You can change the frame but the pictur ...


Step In The Name Of Love (Remix)

Many lovers has come and many lovers have gone.

Sing your love to an old fashioned song.

(1000 years from now you’ll be still putin’ me down, my baby.)

You can cha ...


Step Into My Room

Yo, what's up baby?
I don't see no sign on my door that says it's closed

Step in my room
'cause I got a little something for you baby
In my room
And I know you're gonna like it baby


Steppin' Into Heaven

It's the Piper y'all
I just wanna know what y'all are doin' this weekend
Ha, ha
I got somethin' goin' down
And I just want y'all to be there
To share this dream of love

You're invited ...



(feat. Foxy Brown)

[Intro: Tone (R. Kelly)]
Yo, Duro, tell Rob to hurry up back in the booth, man
We got the Track joint
Yo, this Tone the referee, while I got your attention
I gotta we ...


Strip for You

Hey baby...
What you doin'?
Well, stay there.
I got a surprise for you.
I'm on my way over.

Suddenly I feel like I wanna break loose
Jump in my six and come and see you
Girl, I'm gonna do ...



1 - i say the easiest thing in the world
Is to love you
And the hardest thing in the world
Is to lose you

Said I tried and tried again to keep you
But it just ain't no use
I'm baffled cuz of ...


Tempo Slow

What's up baby
I know what you're thinking
What did I call you over here for
I wanna take you somewhere

Tempo slow, lights down low
Let me take you to a place
Where only love grooves ...


Thank God It's Friday

Finally the weekend's come
And everything is goin' down
Nine to five and now it's time
For me to get around
Good poppin' ain't no stoppin' everybody's in the mood
Mind blowin' once you feel the ...


The Best of Both Worlds

[j] yeah, yeah, it's here niggaz! (wooo-weee!)
[j] rockland/roc-a-fella collaboration
[r] what, what, what, what..
[j] tone the referee - the best of both worlds
[r] welcome to the best of both ...


The Champ

Ladies And Gentleman The Champ Is Here
The Champ Is Here
The Champ Is Here
Get Your Mutha Fuckin Hands In The Air
The Champ Is Here
The Champ Is Here
The ...


The Chase

This is player hater one reporting from phd base. over.

This is phd base, go ahead hater one.

Yeah, we have our talent in sight
How would you have us proceed? over.

Hater one, this is your ...


The Diary Of Me

Umm pum-pum-pum
Pum-pum, pum-pum, pum-pum

Look behind myself
As I reflect on all the memories
The times they come and go
Lost everything from friends to Family
If I could turn back the ...


The Greatest Sex

From beyond this bed of mine I see
Ceiling fans with you on top of me
And the window blinds are filled with rays of sun
And all your secret fantasies thou will be done-done
And inside of yur wal ...


The Greatest Show On Earth

How many of you can step?
Who can step? Can you step?
Can you really step? Can you cut a rug?
Aight, so what we gonna do is slow it down
And see if you can step to this one
Another one for t ...


The Opera

Enter into my room
Dim the lights and hop right into bed with me
I will satisfy your needs going half on a baby
Are you down with me

Dearly be are you down with me
Half on a baby are you down ...


The Return

Halt! Who goes there?
It is I sire Tone from Brooklyn.
Well, speak up man what is it?

[Verse 1: Jay-Z (R. Kelly)]


The Return (Remix)

(feat. Doug E. Fresh, Slick Rick)

[Intro: Tone (Doug E. Fresh)]
Yo, this Tone the referee, knawhatimean?
And I'm about to bring y'all some history
We got the best of both worlds
And I go ...


The Storm is Over Now

I was in a tunnel
And couldn't see the light
And whenever I'd look up
I couldn't see the sky
Sometimes when I'm standin'
It seems like I done walked for miles
And my heart could be cryin'
Dea ...


The Streets

Dear god.. how can I explain myself?
[j] oh God bless me indeed
When I'm so confused
[j] enlarge my territory
[j] place your love and protection over me at all times
Help me!
[j] keep me away ...


The World's Greatest

I am a mountain
I am a tall tree
Ohhh, I am a swift wind
Sweepin' the country
I am a river
Down in the valley
Ohhh, I am a vision
And I can see clearly
If anybody asks you who I am
Just sta ...


The Zoo

I wanna see (your body)
I wanna feel (your body)
I wanna touch (your body)
I wanna kiss (your body)
I wanna freak (your body)
Wanna sex
It's nothing like (your body)
(Your bo ...



(feat. Nivea)

[R Kelly:] Baby, I wanna do something different tonight aight?
[Nivea:] Okay, what you wanna do?
[R Kelly:] I want you to sing to me, while I sing to you, while we do this.
[ ...



Hit it hard from the back
Roll around on the front
I know you've heard a lot of tracks
But 12 play is what you want
Just let me call the studio
Then we can go all night
Girl I hope you can han ...


Trade in My Life

Trade in my life
Oh for you, oh yes, oh yes
Trade in my life for you

Sittin' here wonderin' how did things go wrong
Every night asking myself what happened to our happy home
Will I ev ...


U Saved Me

I was riding in my car one day
In the express lane rollin on the freeway
And suddenly the phone rings then I
Reached down beside me then i look
On the floor felt on the backseat
See I was ...


Up & Outta Here

From shaft soundtrack

I was so wrapped up in all of the finer things
That I never took the time to show ya
What you meant to me
Money, cars and ice blinging off clothes
I thought that I was h ...


Use to Me Spending

Featuring nokio & jaz-ming
From in too deep soundtrack
* this song interpolates fuck you tonight by the notorious b.i.g.

Take your clothes off
Uhh, bad boy
Knahmsayin? we wanna..
Uh-huh, uh- ...


V. I. P.

Rock on, come on, come on
Come on, come on, come on
Chillin' at the club
Showing niggas how we ball
Ever since the drought
It's been nothing but the trump

Can you really blame me for getting ...


We Got Em Goin'

(feat. Memphis Bleek)

Uh, uhh, uh
Uh, ah, now Hov's in the building, Hov's in the building
Uh, uhh, uh
Kels in the building, Kels in the building
Uh, uhh, that's right
Hov's in the bui ...


We Ride

Uh, huh, I remember when I back in the days when I ain't got shit
But now that I got shit, niggas wanna keep up shit
But it's all good watch me do this shit

Yo yo yo yo ay y ...



1-2-3 L-O-V-E (love-love yeah)
What's up America and the rest of the World
It's the piedpiper, your music weatherman
It's love-o'clock and we're broadcasting live
Right here from the Chocola ...


What I Feel_issues

I'm sick and tired of the games you played
Every move I make your ass got something to say
Scandalize my name when you see it in the paper
Trying to turn it all around when it wasn't that way
Ev ...


When a Woman's Fed Up

I'm standing here looking in the mirror
Saying damn to myself
I should have known the day would come
That she would find somebody else
And all the things I took her through
Shit, I shouldn't ha ...


When I Think About You

When I wake up in the morning time and see the sun I say
Hallelujah, thank you Jesus for waking me up today
I think about his goodness and the wonderful things he's done;
Forgiving me, setting ...


You Remind Me of Something

You remind me of something
I just can't think what it is

You remind me of my jeep; I wanna ride it
Something like my sounds, I wanna pump it
Girl you look just like my cars; I wanna w ...


You Saved Me

I was riding in my car one day

in the express lane rollin on the freeway

and suddenly the phone rings then I

reached down beside me then i look

on the floor felt on the backsea ...


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