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12 Noon

As of 12 noon tomorrow, say good-bye to the world as you know it
Say good-bye too...

Neutron bombs, and chemical food
Cowboy politics, and man on the moon
Murder, and rape, ...

The Plasmatics

Black Leather Monster

Black leather monster, you make me itchy
Black leather monster, you make me mean
Black leather monster, you're pushing my buttons
Black leather monster, you're a pleasure machine
Black leather ...

The Plasmatics

Concrete Shoes

They set the trap, your phone was tapped
This is "Concrete Shoes"

We know you lied, you thought I died
They set the trap, your phone was tapped
We're watching you, we know what you do
It's ...

The Plasmatics

Country Fairs

country fairs, village squares
sunday school, golden rules
be polite, do what's right
say your prayers, don't stay out at night

screaming nightmares out to get you
paranoia inside your head ...

The Plasmatics


black visions from the satellite sky
deaf ears hear not their cries
fat jackals howl at the moon
flies buzzing playing death's tune
night ends but the sun it don't rise
tombs open and th ...

The Plasmatics

Fast Food Service

If goin' all the ay ain't right, honey, lets eat out tonight

ichi - ni - san - shi

Baby lets go out tonight, honey lets go have a bite
If goin' all the way ain't right, honey let's eat out ...

The Plasmatics


ancient forces from the tomb
behold the power, the full moon
dichotomy from outer space
dominates the human race
makes the casket overflow
makes things die, and makes things grow
once a mont ...

The Plasmatics


One, two, one two, FUCK YOU

Masterplan, masterplan, masterplan

Masterplan, masterplan, masterplan
It makes you feel so sure
Masterplan, Superman, masterplan
It makes you feel secure
Mast ...

The Plasmatics

Sex Junkie

This is for all you that don't get enough.
It's called "Sex Junkie"

You live your life just to let yourself go
You are the lowest, the lowest of low
Beg for me, crawl for me, down on your ...

The Plasmatics

Sometimes I

Sometimes I feel it
Sometimes I feel it
When you're
Sometimes I feel it
When you're down on your knees

Sometimes I
Sometimes I
Sometimes I
Feel it

Sometimes I
Sometimes I
Sometimes ...

The Plasmatics

Tight Black Pants

See you baby walkin' down the street
You're the kind of guy i'd like to meet
Want to see you do what you do
Let's go somewhere want to make it with you

See you baby at the dance
See you bab ...

The Plasmatics

You're A Zombie

Got a TV brain and a pixel head
You walk and talk but you are dead
You just came down from the trees
Now I got you on your knees
You don't know what's going on
I can turn you off or turn you ...

The Plasmatics

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