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A Lifetime

Holy animation, what's a human, what's a lifetime?
All the angels, praying for me, I'm only human
For a lifetime, what's a lifetime, if you love me?
For a lifetime, you said you'd love me

Ma ...


A Watcher's Point of View

(oh la la la)...

He who thinks, thinks for himself
A woman on trip, is a hit for the mind
A true composer's hell between tears
Or pm dawn makes cause for rewind

Megaline drops along upon a ...


About Nothing

Say, say, say, why are you looking for the was,
I find you scheming on that plane, that I'm not thinking of
Say, say, say I bet you found another love or even
Found another something not to tell ...


Apathy... Superstar?

Like you...I'm trying hard to get with you...i guess I'm not so into you...
It's unfortunat I'm not used to any other space.
Lately...I've been trying to erase me...see I'm not into hating me
I'v ...


Art Deco Halos

I ran into my ignorance
I think she cares for you
Cause she's been trickin' on you for quite some time
You need to tell that bitch to change her fucking frequency
When intellectricity come in me ...


As Disappointing as Your Mercy Is

I dont' mind, do whatever you wanna do, to me
I'm the most, horrible person you know, I agree
But I see you, running
Running into nothing with everywhere to go
Baby you hurt me
Everytim ...


Beyond Infinite Affections

Mr. wonderfull you, you're thinking 'bout life
You're thinking 'bout love,
You're thinkin' 'bout the ways to break it down...
You got 18 myths and 5 different ways into the mind.
But you're look ...



In anything that you do, I will be happy for you, so ecstatic for you
Whatever you are to be, I hope that you'll think of me within your
Sweetest daydreams
Whenever you decide to die, I hope you' ...



Pas... quand j'etais une femme solitaire, j'ai pui'eppe.
Oh.. never mind me man
I'm just rhyming here
It's an old one that no one knows anyways
That's the way it goes
Kisses directions ...


Downtown Venus

Downtown venus

I'm downtown venus, and I'm trying to be by myself.....myself
Habitual dreamers, and no one dreams enought to get me home
I'm downtown venus, and they're trying to devine my self ...


Even After I Die

A question mark's on a question mark
And insecurities connect my parts
I thought you are me and I am you
So I talk to myself 'til my face turns blue
Ask me if my feet touch the ground
I drift a ...


Faith in You

I don't kiss the future like the fortune tellers do
So I can't dream with you at night
Pessimism's hunger changes everything
I wish I walked with faith and not by sight but...

You know with an ...


Fantasia's Confidential Ghetto


I was dreaming when I wrote this, forgive me if it goes astray
But when I woke up this morning could a sworn is was judgement day
The sky was all a purple there were people running everywh ...


Figure 8

I look at you, I feel invincible
See all I need form you, is the passion in your eyes baby
I look at the fountain and I watch it overflow
You blow out the candles babe
And right before my eyes I ...


Filthy Rich

Uh, yeah, that's alright.

( chorus )
I don't wanna be like you, filthy rich...
I don't wanna be like you, filthy rich...
I don't wanna be like you, filthy rich...
I don't wanna be like you, f ...


Forever Damaged

I'll be a witness forever, you see I've always known
While convincing all these chambers there's no danger in being alone
Save me a gift in your never and I shall smile for you
I'll tell everyone ...


Free from Humanity

I know some just can't understand
It's not about the downfall of man
Let's drift safely on a journey to forget the past
Where happy people cry with me
And those full of life will die with me
Ou ...



Hey yo, jai silk, you know it`s cold outside
Hey yo, be you know it`s cold outside
Hey yo, minute you know it`s cold outside
Catchin` frostbite will never let you slide

Don`t ya know it`s warm ...


Gotta Be... Movin' on Up

We be movin' on up, (la,la,la,la,la) to the eastside
Where I can do my bid in a fat ass crib in the sky
We be movin' on up, (la,la,la,la,la) to the eastside
And it looks like we're gonna ...


Hale-bopp Regurgitations

I should'a known not to watch that comet
I should'a known not to give you this
I should've known not to throw away my records
I should've never purchased compact discs

I can't remember inventi ...


I Had No Right

Why can't I keep you from the cold
Seem to know the difference faces
No matter what road you travel on
You go through the darkest places

I can't tell the angels it'll be good
For you
But wan ...


I Hate Myself for You

Don't waste your precious light, all my life
I've hated myself for you
Feel free that's alright, I'm terrified
I hate myself for you

Don't you see, I hate myself for you (x2)

Too we ...


I'd Die Without You

Is it my turn to wish you were lying here.
I tend to dream you when I'm not sleeping.
Is it my turn to fictionalize my world.
Or even imagine your emotions. tell myself anything...
Is it my turn ...


I'll Be Waiting for You

I'll be waiting for you, even if it takes you all of your life.
I'll be waiting for you, 'till you know within yourself that you are so divine.

Baby....baby, I know what you want from ...


If I Could Be Your Star

You're too far away for me to run to
A million galaxies live within you
Why can't I cry my way to your dimension
Or a new dimension not only out of sight and sound but of mind
I'm amazed by nigh ...


If I Waz U

If I wuz you...

So surreal.. so surreal
So surreal that it can't be real
I'm just so afraid of banana peels
A wandering eye does not have sex appeal
I'm 99 and a half light years away
And th ...


If You Never Say Goodbye

Legs of a calf, head of a man
Eyes on the camera shaking everyone's hand
Vultures circle, and smack their lips
Sky goes black as the lightning rips
Stars are mute, moon without pity
As waves of ...


In The Presence of Mirrors

(that's dope...)

In the presence of mirrors I come face to face with you
In the presence of mirrors I come face to face with you
In the presence of mirrors I come face to face with you
Which i ...



A lot of strange words,
Being said.
I assure you their innocient,
But you should know what they mean.
Because no-one should take part in anything if they
Dont know what it means....

(marge s ...


Life Goes On

When the game seems like it's got you down and out
All you have to do is pick yourself up off the ground
'cause life goes on
And when he calls you and your time has come to pass
It really makes ...


Looking Through Patient Eyes

Whatever it is I do, I try to think about you.
I have a love for you that nothing hides.
Whatever it is I do, I'm always thinking of you.
I hope you look at me through patient eyes.
I've become ...


Lost in You

Take me to your soul
Lose me in your smile
Baby I don't care just as long as I get there
No need for cliches
Or silly masquerades
I'm drifting endlessly, drifting closer to you

For so long I ...


May U Always Drink Bizarre

I drink bizarre (repeat)
May you always drink bizarre

(ooo.. I drink bizarre)
Well hi hello
How've you been?
I bet you've kept your teaching scars
Instant karma catch the new flow
That kee ...


Miles from Anything

If you should ever go, don't ever think I'd never miss you
If we should ever say goodbye, what makes you think that I'll survive
Even if you go, I will always be there for you
'cause when I think ...


Misery in Utero

It's all good baby
Don't worry about it
Cause I've got all the love you'll ever need

Hey it's all good baby
Don't stress on it
Cause I've got all the love you'll ever need

*surely...I've h ...


More Than Likely

What's the use in trying
If all my senses say no place exists for you
What's the use in hoding out my arms
I couldn't find reasons if I tried to...
What's the use in floating if all it does is t ...


Music for Carnivores

You'll hear tales
Of all the great pretenders
Then it comes to you...

You'll spend hours
Practicing your smile
Then it comes to you...

You'll be do deceived by
The peaceful life
But you' ...


My Own Personal Gravity

No, there ain't nothing special 'bout my life, my egoism is so not,
But oh so comfortably confusion ins my life, pleased to meet you baby, baby,
'cause I've got infinity to bring me a little parad ...


No Further Damage

Tell me what I'm to do
I'm trying to find you
But I don't know your ways
And baby you don't love your life

Contentions kill the days for trying it your way
So I don't find it fortunate to be ...


Norwegian Wood

I once had a girl, or should I say she once had me,
She showed me her room. isn't it good. norwegian wood
She asked me to stay and she told me to sit anywhere
So I looked around and noticed there ...


On a Clear Day

Think I could find a better way,
Find a sight to see
Find a place that i...belong to
Wandering aimlessly
But I know where I can go
Somewhere across from me,
I now realize...

On a clear day, ...


Paper Doll

Paper doll ( paper doll ), paper doll ( paper doll )
Hello, imagine yourself and a link on a chain, the chain is wrapped around someones mind,
If you break off then things start to change. then yo ...


Perfect for You

It's love, not another word baby
That can show what's yours in my heart.
I'm not just enchanted, I see forever in my dreams.
I'll just just have to wait for you, to see what your plan is, baby.


Picture Perfect You

The epitome of beauty
An idea that soaks my soul
Your aura does consume me
And throws my mello out of control

I've waited all this life
To capture me a glimpse of the living end
You never sa ...



Prince sing another song, it's written on your face,
Instead I put pressure on the whole damn place,
I never liked running through the crowd with no proof,
So now I gotta flex in the steps of the ...


Puppet Show

Baby works at the puppet show...and sometimes I can't go
Baby works at the puppet show...and sometimes I can't go

I know I can disappear like shakespeare's romeo
I know that good things always ...


Reality Used to Be a Friend of Mine

( chorus )
Reality used to be a friend of mine
Reality used to be a friend of mine
Maybe why? is the question that's on you mind
But reality used to be a friend of mine
Reality used to be a fri ...


Screaming at Me

I can hear me now
Telling me it's my life
I can hear me now
Telling me I'm okay at least until the sun goes down
I can hear me now
Talking to all my tears
I can hear me now
Telling me to stay ...


Set Adrift on a Memory Bliss

The camera pans the cocktail glass,
Behind a blind of plastic plants;
I found the lady with the fat diamond ring.
Then you know I can't remember a damn thing.
I think it's one of those de ja vu ...


She Dreams Persistent Maybes

Ooo woo hoo (repeat)

She dreams maybes that drive me crazy for so long, so long.
She's got downtown so much sunshine, that I can't kiss dismally and why is she divine?
She dreams maybes that d ...


So on & So On

Hey you...
I remember you, I think I'm well acquainted with your kind.
You like to make things turn around to so calm, or no calm...
No place inside my space so.
I have a newborn diamond mind.


Sometimes I Miss You So Much

There are only whispers and shadows for me
The way things are and the way things are
And with this I blow a kiss to disaster
Because I wish to perfect my heart...
I gotta check my mind...
Am I ...



Sonchyenne, tell me about mankind and all of my lifetimes with you
Dayglow, talk to me about rainbows and all of my lifetimes with you
Earth's church, tells me I've no worth nor any of my lifetime ...


Take Care of My Love

Love, love....my love.
Love, love....my love.
Love, love....my love.
Love, love....my love.

Give me all the all love you think you can give me.
Bring me a love to last my life.
Look through ...


The 9: 45 Wake-up Dream

Destiny paints the picture at about 9:45, I possess the image at about 10:15
Reality paints the picture at about 5:25, and I'm like how much sugar do you take in your dreams?
So I practice compli ...


The Beautiful


In a quest to become colorless
I exhault my eyes with a most profound trust
Yet they are masters at deception
I wonder why... a black 4 leaf clover
Prince be sends a purple valentine ag ...


The Nocturnal is in The House

Ay... yo, this is the pm steppin' to the am.
Flippin' mad styles when I prophesize the mayhems, catchin' wreck.
I'm blowin' up like tnt.
I'm gettin' filthy, nasty as lsd.
I'll make you insane, c ...


There's No Reason

Sometimes I cry for my people
What can you do to make them understand
Why can't they see things just like you do
And help their fellow man

Living in a world (a world)
Full of sin and seperati ...


Through Your Eyes

Father now my day is through
So I take the time to talk to you
Cause there's so many questions on my mind
I need ot know that when I die
I'llbe with you among the sky
Where I can see all beauty ...


To Love & Hate Seriously


A fortune, says they love me too
I think the reason for the treason
Is burning so lovely.

Yes I'm killing me with time
'cause on occasion I can see
With desperation lives fore ...


To Love Hate Seriously


A fortune, says they love me too
I think the reason for the treason
Is burning so lovely.

Yes I'm killing me with time
'cause on occasion I can see
With desperation lives fore ...


To Love Me More

When you run away with someone
To the corners of your mind
Be it time or place or space of love.
I think you know, I think you know....
Whatever magnifies you.
My heart won't let it go so,
Wha ...


To Serenade a Rainbow

I think I want to fly away.
I think I want to fly away.
I think I want to fly away.
I think I want to fly away.
I think I want to fly away.
I think I want to fly away.
I think I want to fly aw ...



And columbus would sail across the end of the world
Almost admittedly I do this unto you
As columbus would sail across the end of the world
Almost admittedly I wish I were with you

And columbu ...


Ways of The Wind

I wore a ring that was taken so hastely,
Thin king naively that it guaranteed my safety
I'm looking at eyes that have stumbled across a shooting star
Saying that's alright, I know the kind of man ...


When I Think About Love

Holding all the pictures that my life's drawn, I never find a missing love.
Remembering all the rays that have been made, but never cloudy leaving love.

Ask me what it is that makes it ...


When Its Raining Cats & Dogs

Falling leaves and broken hearts.
I believe you are the same.
Have you noticed streaks and blurs.
Interrupting all the pain...
Perish the thought of leaving you and living blind.
Ask me if I ki ...


When Midnight Sighs

If and betting on an if, and if that if might have a chance to survive.
It runs in to twelve different ways of existing each with capacity to change it's mind.
The vibe says six, so be six, now it ...


Why God Loves You

I look through love baby just like you, I hope to be all he wants me to be
So when you run from me I will always understand
But don't you want to know why God loves you?

I think I know how div ...


Yang: as Private I's

They always find you all the time...

I befriended my confusion quite some time ago
She tells me everything is gonna be alright (it's alright)
My senses make it real to me in all types of ways


You Can Count on Me

They try and keep you down
But they don't know, they don't know your dreams
The pride that leps you get throught the day
Something a nickel or a dime can't take away

(understand love for what ...


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