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Look into my eyes
How you sway your hips
How you bite your lips
Got me hypnotized

Your my paradise
When the lights are low
And you whisper to me
Sending shivers through me
I just can ...


Any Time You Fall

Don't cry
Don't shed a tear
There's nothing you go through
That you had to go through alone
Just reach out
I'm always near
And as long as I'm here
You're never really on your own
I'm n ...


Beautiful Day

You can’t live a life
Not following your dreams,
No need to waste your love
If it ain’t what she needs

Don’t be the one
Who wants to change the world
If it ain’t gonna change
The wa ...


Complicated Happiness

Lonely nights, Empty days
Complicated Happiness
In the endless spin

Simple Life, Busy days
Nothing else to share
With anyone who cares

You know that every time
I try to makes some se ...



Devotion, Illusion, Sensation, Possession of love
Can’t see clearly this may just be enough
Delusion, Intrusion, Pollution, Confusion of thoughts
Nothing is real, nothing is easy, it’s simply t ...


Do You Know

When I look into your eyes
Deep as only sea can be
I can never figure out
Do you really care for me

Do you know

Now we’re laying side by side
Want to tell you how I feel
You are al ...


Don't Cry

People fall in love
They start to need each other
They count the days, they count the stars
They want to be together
Some people are meant to laugh
Some people are destined to suffer
Hours ...



I’m walking away, but there’s no escape
Cos I feel closer to you with every step that I take
I’m blinded by the dreams I have of you
So how can I get through

Tell me how this story ends ...


For old time sake

Don’t you see there’s nothing left to feel
And the world is coming off my shoulders
And if anything was ever real
Was the love for you but now it’s over

Can I tell you one important thing ...


Giving in

Would it be fair
To ask you to tell me the truth
About how you feel
And what you want

Do you actually care
To know what I think
To hear what I have to say
About what we share



I watch you lying by my side
And I just can’t fall asleep
I watch you dreaming

Every time I close my eyes
Somewhere deep inside
I know you don’t need me
Like you used to



I will find the way

You know, I still think about you,
I try to keep it cool and I pretend
That life is easy without you
I am just so mad, we had to part,

It doesn’t really matter now,
I dream about you, all ...


Just for one night

Another city, another hotel room
Can't sleep, a thousand miles from you
And I can't cry. Why?
Living fast at the speed of sound
Blinding lights, feet won't touch the ground
And I can't ...


Make the world go away

Make the world go away
Get it off my shoulder
Say the things we used to say
And make the world, make it go away
Do you remember when you loved me
Before the world took you away
Well if you ...


Miss America

Early morning
A small cafe
A beautiful vision
Comes my way

I watch her hips swing
When she walks
She leaves me speechless
When she talks

I see the sunshine through her dress
Make ...



I awake to the sound of your heart on the ground, again
Somethings are hard to explain, so nothing is said, again
When there are hard times it's never the right times
When the tears broke down m ...



She can be your sunshine
Only woman you adore
Give her Love and tenderness
She’ll never ask for more

She can be your only friend
The one you need the most
In exchange for honesty
She’ ...



If you decide to walk away so easily
Just because I said some things I didn't mean
In case you changed your mind about all this
I guess it's just the way it has to be

You know that I am st ...



We never know what comes tomorrow
We hope it’s just another day
It’s strange to be in love with someone
Who changes you in every way

I have never met someone so pure,
Somehow I always fel ...


Up to you

I can always be a friend
Or I can be a stranger.
It is up to you.

I can always understand,
If you choose not to be my angel,
Cause it is up to you.

I don't want you to pretend,
That ...



Где ты сейчас? Не часы - минуты больше не для нас
Всё потерять, но и не остаться мне, и не сбежать
Каждый новый шаг, оставляя шанс, отдаляет нас
Время - как вода, неужели всё, неужели навсегда?


Сердце бьется

Огни ночных фонарей,
Я один в этом танце теней,
Рядом больше нет тебя со мной.
Голос твой я слышу везде,
Твое лицо мне снится во сне,
Я заражен тобою навсегда.

Но, но, но....

Припев: ...


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