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An Other Side

On the other side of our dimension
Where the truth has no name
There is pain for you and me
It's been after us for all of our lives
I've seen it all in my dreams
Now that I know the end is near ...

Raise Hell


I want you, I want you to tell me what you will and can do
I tell you all I want is you
I got to, I got to show you what I like

Come on now baby
I like it when you light my fire
Come on baby ...

Raise Hell

Back Attack

Listen to me, listen to us
This will give us the ultimate rush
With the hate in my heart the car nage will start

Bloodyparts you're bodyparts

Listen to me, this is my back attack
Listen t ...

Raise Hell

Beautiful As Fire

Tears of blood... from your fallen domination
Tears of blood... see your creation burn down

Churches and crosses destroyed by fire,
Fire that one day will embrace the earth
Crying and begging ...

Raise Hell

Black Visions

Black visions through my eyes, like tunnels in demoniac laughter
One with the night, I crushed the gates into this dimension in red
With red bursting eyes – I stare so silent and cold
I kissed you ...

Raise Hell

City Of The Damned

Just like me and you
They're crawl around in dirt
Discussed by their own souls
Just waiting for it all to end
They're all waiting for the end

The city of the damned

Like zonbies they wa ...

Raise Hell

Dance With The Devil

I know what I want to do and I don't care what they say
I do what I want 'cause I'm hunter and you are the pray

Come with me, come with us be a rebel

"Come with me and dance with the devil" ...

Raise Hell


All lined up waiting for the gunshot to start the race
All engines powered up, there is no return

Feel the thrill of the speed, this is a Deathrace
Screaming wheels in the night, this is a Dea ...

Raise Hell

Devil May Care

Nothing you offer is fine with me
I live my life with no guarantee
Taking day by day by myself
Keep the things you say to yourself

I look at you with despise in my eyes
You tried to tease
B ...

Raise Hell

Devil's Station

Can you see them
As they're walking by
Sadness in their eyes
Can you hear them
As they live to lie
The train keeps passing by...Alive!

Among the thousands
Here I'm in my seat
With tracks ...

Raise Hell


At her first day in church with her fucked up kin
They could she her sin
She looked sick like never before
And back to church like this no more

A girl left her life in her sleep with this not ...

Raise Hell

Ghosts I Carry

Outside the coffin it shouldn't be, it's a mystery
Made sure I nailed well and buried it with stones
I ckecked there was no pulse
So how can it be, is it haunting me
Hiding furthing inside my sa ...

Raise Hell

He Is Coming

He Is Coming
He Is Coming
He Is Coming
He Is Coming


Raise Hell


You hear him whisper from the shadows
Don't let your inside show
He needs your dark side to get free
Don't let the dark one grow

Digging deeper
Getting closer
Sins is on what he breeds
Hel ...

Raise Hell

Holy Target

Shotgun blast from my pipe is ripping the war filled air
With tanks by my side we grind their empty skulls
In my target I can see tears from their eyes
Let the bullet caress the holy race.

I ...

Raise Hell


It's starting to get a little lonely in here
But I always have you my friend
So shiny and cold, you always know what to say
You always been good to me

Reaching for my own hand
Drag myself an ...

Raise Hell

In My Cell

You want to know what's wrong with me?
I'm not sure you want to see
You want to know what's wrong with the world?
My world is nothing like yours

A nightmare for you, is joy for me
Torture fo ...

Raise Hell

Legions Of Creeps

You are down on your knees
For your believes of his fucking lies.
Your existence will end
With your worthless comprehension.

You blame us for being sinners,
But the truth is that you are jus ...

Raise Hell

Like Clowns We Crawl

While I keep reaching for my soul
You dig in deeper like a virus
We all came crawling from the cold
And now we struggle to survive
You keep on beating while I bleed
I gasp for breath when you a ...

Raise Hell

Mattered Out

Sipping your wine during the blessed sacrament,
Healing and feeling your weakness
Denying yourselves in the palace of enticing.
The liars amusement is the attendant's abusement
Suddenly a flash ...

Raise Hell

My Shadow

Staring eyes, we are paralyzed
Statues tremble with fear
Do you dare to turn around
To see if someone's there

We beg for mercy
But silence here will cry alone
Dying for nothing
Ripped apar ...

Raise Hell


When you think your day is over
He will wait for you
He will spy on you
Watches you go by

He's a stranger in the night
A night-watcher
Follows every step you take
Is there a night-stalker? ...

Raise Hell

No Pulse

This is a story about a transport I saw
It comes in different shapes it drags me with it's claw
I couldn't believe now attracted I got do it
I did what he told me to do so it...

It pulls me b ...

Raise Hell

Not Dead Yet

When I feel your body next to mine
I feel so fucking fine
When I touch you, when I feel your heat
Then I can't wait until we start the beat

Can you feel in to my treasure
If you do give me p ...

Raise Hell

Open Your Mind

Open your eyes, open your mind
Open your eyes... open your mind!

Broken down, deceived by liars
Why do you only fear them at night
Ferry tales of demons and fire
Created by ourselves mankind ...

Raise Hell

Raise The Devil

I've walked this earth with hate and rage in my heart,
For many years and any more.
I can not resist to hate these living creatures,
I must end their so called lives.

I spit out this hatred, ...

Raise Hell

Reaper's Calling

There he waits for the doom
So alone in a store cold room
Chained and scarred he's bleeding for his anger

Set him free
He's the one that will speak your silence
Set him free
He's the one th ...

Raise Hell


The while light approaches me
While trying to cover my eyes
But the phenomenon insists

Time rushes and reverse into the past
Is what there I was born?
In this deja-vu I thrown back
Back to ...

Raise Hell


I might be old but I am the death you know
I was the one who hammered the nails so slow

I come with thunder
I fight with fire
I got the power
I call it my desire

You take your last breat ...

Raise Hell

Superior Powers

Crowled horizons with silhouettes of soldiers,
Armed to their teeth – A great legion of demons
Spread their wings all over the earth
Their weapon the art of death rush through their
Blood – The ...

Raise Hell

The Destiny Deceiver

The first time every thing was fine
The oracle foretold me
The second time I was told about things
Happiness no more

God won't be there for you
Prayers to him will be in vain

Why will th ...

Raise Hell

The Haunted House

Wherever you may go
Faces of ghosts always appear
Whatever you may do
You sense that they always are near

You are in here
In a cradle of fear
They are in here
Never-ending nightmare

Th ...

Raise Hell

The Red Ripper

Let evil out, let madness swing through the air,
Psychotic mind with lust to kill
Watch out for the blade of death!

Slice, with your tool.
Kill, bring death to the fool.
Slayer you have done ...

Raise Hell

To The Gallows

As I walk along the path to the gallows
They laugh at me and dishonour my name
In their eyes I steel and I'm a killer
But if they knew what they did when they sacrificed

Can't you see what th ...

Raise Hell

User Of Poison

The rush in the body from the venomous drink
Makes you dizzy and makes it hard to think
User of poison, user of poison

All these venomous drinks turns you on
'cause it makes you feel like
Yo ...

Raise Hell

Wicked Is My Game

Welcome to my...wicked is my insane game...

Fighting for the real exciting challenge
Making the Devil pleased every day
I just hope that I can manage
But it's too soon to say

Wicked is my ...

Raise Hell

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