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Baby Lemonade

In the sad town
Cold iron hands clap
The party of clowns outside
Rain falls in grey far away
Please, please, baby lemonade

In the evening sun going down
When the earth streams in, in the morni ...

Роджер Сид

Birdy Hop

Birdy hop - he do, he hop along
A lonely bird upon a window there
He, he, there he blow
A windy snow, he knew the snow,
I know the snow, a hoppy bird

The antelope ride around the parasole
Just ...

Роджер Сид

Bob Dylan Blues

Got the bob dylan blues
And the bob dylan shoes
And my clothes and my hair's in a mess

But you know I just couldnt care less

Gonna write me a song 'bout what's right and what's wrong
Got God ...

Роджер Сид


Oh where are you now
Pussy willow that smiled on this leaf?
When I was alone you promised the stone from your heart
My head kissed the ground
I was half the way down, treading the sand
Please, pl ...

Роджер Сид


It's an idea, someday
In my tears, my dreams
Don't you want to see her proof?
Life that comes of no harm
You and i, you and I and dominoes, the day goes by...

You and I in place
Wasting time o ...

Роджер Сид

Effervescing Elephant

An effervescing elephant
With tiny eyes, and great big trunk
Once whispered to the tiny ears
The ears of one inferior
That by next june he'd die, oh yeah!
Because the tiger would roam
And the li ...

Роджер Сид


You feel me
Away far too empty, oh so alone!
I want to go home
Oh find me inside of a nocturn - the blonde
How I love you to be by my side
They wail...
The crowd on her side
She straggled the b ...

Роджер Сид

Gigolo Aunt

Grooving around in a trench coat
With the saturn on trail
Seems to be all around in tin and lead pail, we pale
Jiving on down to the beach
To see the blue and the grey
Seems to be all and it's ro ...

Роджер Сид

Golden Hair

Lean out your window, golden hair
I heard you singing in the midnight air
My book is closed, I read no more
Watching the fire dance, on the floor
I've left my book,
I've left my room

For I hea ...

Роджер Сид

Here I Go

This is a story 'bout a girl that I knew
She didn't like my songs
And that made me feel blue
She said: a big band is far better than you...

She don't rock 'n' roll, she don't like it
She don't ...

Роджер Сид

If It's in You

Yes I'm thinking of this, yes I am
Puddle town, tom was the undergroud
Hold you tighter so close, yes you are
Please hold on to the steel rail
Colonel with gloves
-draughts leeches
He isn't love ...

Роджер Сид

It is Obvious

It is obvious
May I say, oh baby, that it is found on another plane?
Yes I can creep into cupboards, sleep in the hall
Your stars - my stars, a simple cock bar
Only an impulse - pie in the sky
Mu ...

Роджер Сид

Late Night

When I woke up today
And you weren't there to play
Then I wanted to be with you
When you showed me your eyes
Whispered love at the skies
Then I wanted to stay with you
Inside me I feel alone and ...

Роджер Сид

Let's Split

Everything about,
About to go out,
Me out, you out,
Yes and everything is out
About, out...
Out, out, out, out, out, out,
Let's split!
I'm telling you this is it!

Everything is down,
And ho ...

Роджер Сид

Long Gone

She was long gone, long, long gone
She was gone, gone, the bigger they come
The larger her hand 'till no one understands
Why for so long she'd been gone.

And I stood very still by the window sil ...

Роджер Сид

Love Song

I knew a girl and I like her still
She said she knew she would trust me
And I her will...
I said: ok baby, tell me what you'll be
And I'll lay my head down and see what I see.
By the time she was ...

Роджер Сид

Love You

Honey love you, honey little,
Honey funny sunny morning
Love you more funny love in the skyline baby
Ice-cream 'scuse me,
I've seen you looking good the other evening

Oh, you dig it, had to smi ...

Роджер Сид


Maisie, maisie, maisie, maisie...
Bad luck, bride of a bull
Strode out to meet masie in the evening light
Maisie, his illuminous grin put her in a spin
Maisie, lay in the hall
With diamonds and e ...

Роджер Сид

Milky Way

What'd you ever say today when you're in the milky way
Oh tell me please
-just to give you a squeeze
If I met you - I told you what to do
Seems a while
Since I could smile the way you do...

Ho ...

Роджер Сид

No Good Trying

It's no good trying to place your hand
Where I can't see because I understand
That you're different from me
Yes I can tell
That you can't be what you pretend
And you're rocking me backwards
And ...

Роджер Сид

No Man's Land

Tell me, tell me
Don't, if you?
Stop that, that just upset yourself
Listen, listen, if you ask in person
I'll stick to the joke, you know
Yelling and sceaming, help me!

All that in the afterno ...

Роджер Сид


Trip to heave and ho, up down, to and fro
You have no word
Trip, trip to a dream dragon
Hide your wings in a ghost tower
Sails crackiling at ev'ry plate we break
Cracked by scattered needles
Lit ...

Роджер Сид


On a distant shore, miles from land
Stands the ebony totem in ebony sand
A dream in a mist of grey...
On a far distant shore...

The pebble that stood alone
And driftwood lies half buried
Warm ...

Роджер Сид


Got it hit down
Spot knock inside a spider
Said: that's love yeh, yeh, yeah!
Said: that's love yeh, yeh, yeah!
Said: that's love - all know it
Tv, teeth, feet, peace, feel it...
That's love, yeh ...

Роджер Сид

Rooftop in a Thunderstorm

With yellow, red and roomy food, and quivered
Crouching on a golden cushion
Undressed himself to disappear
Through an infinity of pleasure
And smiled to free the running me
With am I my brother's ...

Роджер Сид

She Took a Long Cold Look

She took a long cold look at me
And smiled and gazed all over my arm
She loves to see me get down to ground
She hasn't time just to be with me
Her face between all she means to be
To be extreme, ...

Роджер Сид


There's always someone in the know
That drives that dogsled in the snow
Oh driver! I'll be bored
Why did you possess them so?
When you heard children at the door


You haven't heard t ...

Роджер Сид

Swan Lee

Swan lee got up at the running foot pow-wow,
Heading from the fire to his waiting canoe.
Chattering squaw untied the wigwam door,
The chief blew smoke rings two by two!

The land in silence stand ...

Роджер Сид


I really love you and I mean you
The star above you, crystal blue
Well, oh baby, my hairs on end about you...

I wouldn't see you and I love to
I fly above you, yes I do
Well, oh baby, my hairs ...

Роджер Сид

The Word Song

Stained, glaucous, glycerine, gold,goat, clover
Gold, local stocks, type, food, wild, national, lake, flag,
Valve, gyroscope, sect
Heat, helium, lead, bare, state, invention, medieval
Refraction, ...

Роджер Сид

Two of a Kind

Open your eyes and don't be blind
Can't you see we're two of a kind?
I've got to say this, I hope you don't mind
I love you, we're two of a kind

Just ask yourself and you will find
We go togeth ...

Роджер Сид

Waving My Arms in The Air _ I Never Lied to You

Waving my arms in the air
Love, my love, got no care
No care, no, no, pressing my feet to the ground
Stand up right where you stand
Call to you and what do you do
Laying back in a chair?
She's s ...

Роджер Сид

Wined & Dined

Wined and dined, oh it seemed just like a dream!
Girl was so kind.
Kind of love I'd never seen
Only last summer, it's not so long ago...
Just last summer, now must winds blow...

Wined and dined ...

Роджер Сид

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