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All Night (Original Mix)

All night, all night

All night, all night

(Can you feel it?)

I can't stop when I feel it

I can't stop working out on the floor

Don't hold back, got to do it




When I'm upside down

You turn me right side up

By the simple words you say

When I'm south of you,

Well your north of me

And I know your here to stay

well your finge ...


Anyway You Want It

Come on, makes no difference what you like.

Come on, whatever turns you on is all right

Gonna have some fun tonite.


Anyway, anyway you want it,

You've got what every ...


Believe In Angels

You say we're all the same

And girls just like to tease

We like to play the game

And keep you down on your knees

You got a broken heart

So now we're all to blame

Boy she ...


Broken Dreams

Looking out my window pane,

Sitting by the door alone

She's left me once again,

Cheap wigs and long black hose.

It's an every night affair,

With someone new she says

I've los ...


Can You Feel It

I woke up late this morning

I pulled myself right out of bed.

Right outside my window,

The rain was fallin' hot as lead.

So I drank a pint of rum,

'Till rushed up to the top of m ...


Cast The First Stone

Set sails, for distant shores,

In the lap of the shining sea.

They made anchor, on foreign ground.

For kingdoms of gold they seek.

Hail the King, the battle rages on.

Hail t ...


Chicken Soup

Standin' there, by the old town clock.

With my coat in my hand,

I thought I'd go for a walk

Like my Momma said: "You'll never be poor",

But can you really be sure

You've got to h ...


Chinese Whispers

A little secret never meant to reach me

You made them promise but what fun would that be

You think you say it and it disappears well

All the things you say they seem to always

Find a ...



Everyday I try to change my ways,

Still I find I'm calling your name.

Try to stop myself right from the very start,

But to be in love has torn me apart.

I've made it clear I wan ...


Gavin Friday

Angel - Gavin Friday

Angel, hold on to me

Love is all around me

Angel, hold on to me

Oooh, come closer

To me, don't go

Don't leave me


Got Love If You Want It

Talking fast later, with the mood and the flavor, to keep you by my side.

I'm gonna shake you down, I'm gonna spin you around.

I got a fever in my brain, in my heart a burnin' flame of desir ...


I Just Wanna Tell You

That wonderful day

The day that you came

That you came into my heart

You looked in my eyes

And asked me if I

would share a sweet kiss with you

Now sin ...




thats how we do

yea yea

thats how we do

uh huh uh huh

here we go

whatchu always say, and whatchu do, it dont matter, long as we go

evry evry day we always pla ...



yea yea

thats how we do

yea yea

thats how we do

uh huh uh huh

here we go

whatchu always say, and whatchu do, it dont matter, long as we ...


Just A Dream

The stillness of the night arrives,

And leaves a dream that few survive.

It brings the past and future lives,

And drifts before my tired eyes.

I'm standing by the empty stream,


Just The Way I Am

Hey you

Whatcha gonna do

Get out of my way cos the girl's coming through

I'm proud I'll say it out loud

Never sitting pretty

Standing out from the crowd

If I want it, I ...


Lessons In Love

I heard you, you were back in town

But before me you were playin round

You left a trail of broken hearts

And now your back and asking all my friends

How I've been and how can yo ...


Long Time

Sitting in my old and dusty room

I tell myself that things will change

But you see, when I wake up from my dreaming

It's still the same,

I can't believe you've gone away

Writing lette ...


Love Is

Love is being a chair that a tired man can sit in

Love is being a shade from the sun and heat to rest in

Love is being a soldier fighting for what you believe in

And love is giving



Mama's Little Girl

Here's a little story

'Bout a girl I know

And this is how the story goes

Never fitting in

That was the life she chose

All the other girls gotta be so mean

Always tr ...



I'm an old man on the sea,

Sailed the straits alone, my ship and me.

Wait each day for her last call,

The night will come and she will take it all

Take me where the winds have b ...



Magic swords with many lords for treasures that abound me.

Battle cries that fill the skies with pain.

Images I see, make my destiny.

Reflecting back to me, that which is to be.



On And On

As time goes on,

I feel the morning light it seems,

Seems like I've been here far too long.

Every time I feel this way,

Thinking of you always makes me stay.


So ...


On The Rocks

The sky was blue and the night was young,

We were havin' just a bit of fun.

But the I heard the front door slam,

And I knew that it was time to run.

You daddy saw me jump the front g ...


Over And Over

Well it's plain, to see,

what you're doing to me.

You can have, anything,

if you think that that's the way it should be.

When you move up close to me,

and call out my name,

I ...


Pressure Point

Runnin' everywhere

From the corner to the square

Goin' up and down around all day.

Lookin' for booze, got nothin' to lose,

Gonna show you what I wanna do.

Slash with fingers, fee ...


Sommaren I City

Jag minns det som igГҐr, fast det redan gГҐtt ett ГҐr. Aaaha

För en sekund så fanns du här.

Jag kan se dig framför mig, i mina tankar ser jag dig. Aaaha

Och om du ändå vore här.


Sommaren I City

Jag minns det som ig?r, fast det redan g?tt ett ?r. Aaaha

F?r en sekund s? fanns du h?r.

Jag kan se dig framf?r mig, i mina tankar ser jag dig. Aaaha

Och om du ?nd? vore h?r.


Stick Like Glue

I got a word, a word or two,

I'm gonna say to you.

You're drivin', drivin' me wild,

When I see you smile a smile.

There's nothing you can do or say,

That will keep me far enough ...


Sunday Morning

So it began that day on royal grounds,

She met the Prince that she would try to tie him down.

He held the reigns of power, and many victory,

And won the hearts of women with his chivalry ...


Telephone Exchange

I tried to call your number,

But there's just no answer.

Maybe there's no one there at all.

I wait to hear from you,

But it's just no use.

So I'll try again tomorrow.

Over ag ...


That Magic Touch

It's Friday and late after hours,

And still I haven't a date.

Waiting by the moon,

Sipping Whiskey sours.

I'll think I'll wait here 'till noon.

It really could be days,

'Til ...


The Fortune

Empty are the castle grounds when dusk arrives,

Silence echoes loudly, for three lives here.

Seagull, flying high above the open sky,

Flying high and free, past each wistful eye.



The Winter Song

Winter is here, and it's cold this time of year.

There's snow everywhere in sight, falling on this winter night.

By candle light, we share this chilly night.

There's frost on the window ...


Three Small Words

We come home beat and tired

Asleep and wired late at night

We get to talkin about our

Feelings and we fight and it's the

Same old story we never work it out

You say it's not ...


To Forgive You

I saw you in the headlights

It's gonna be a long night

Cause suddenly those memories

Came flooding back to me

But as much as I keep trying to

I can't seem to forgive you




Wind is raw, the air is stale

On this cold winter's night

Sent alone to tell a tale

From the land of Delmite

Journey starts at the edge of town

With the stars as my guide

The ...


Ultra High Heels

ooh yeah.. oh baby

That wonderful day

the day that you came

that you came into my heart

You looked in my eyes

and asked me if I

would share one sweet kiss wi ...


Under Suspicion

Well we met upon a hill,

You know the night was cold,

And the air was kinda still.

All I needed, was to look in her eyes,

No matter what would occur,

I was falling in love w ...


White Lightning

Diamond rings all dressed up in black

Ridin' down the strip in a Cadillac.

She'll cruise all nite, but keeps herself intact.

She'll swallow awhile and then break your back

Choru ...


Wild Guess

I want to confess

All these thoughts that I've been thinking

Get it off my chest

After just one kiss I'm sinking

I know that you want me

You know I do

Don't try to read ...


You Could Lose Me

Forty, has got you turning green.

You talk too loud, and you run around all night.

You tell lies, but your eyes don't show it.

I've had enough, and I think you know it.

You better ch ...


You Release Me

Never found anybody to understand

Never found a lover to take me as I am

Oh oh

So many emotions caged up inside

Nowhere to run wound up way too tight

But you know just what to do ...


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