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All In My Mind

Getting down to the light
somewhere in the haze
Unspoken words
that can unlock this maze
Don't worry about me
don't worry about me
I sit alone and hold my head
All day and all night
I ...

ян √иллан

Always The Traveller

It's late in the season
Leaves are falling down
Autumn shades
Of red and brown

I heard you were leaving
Mind if I go along
I could hold your hand
And sing you a song

Always the tra ...

ян √иллан

Angel Manchenio

Angel Manchenio dance on the table

Bright casino lights flicker as you dance
Warm Arabian nights, atmospheres of chance
Oh my gypsy brother you tried to take my life
You thought I'd stolen y ...

ян √иллан

Anyway You Want Me (ThatТs How I Will Be)

I'll be as strong as a mountain
Or weak as a willow tree
Yes anyway you want me
That's how I will be

I'll be as tame as a baby
Or wild as a raging sea
Anyway you want me
That's how I w ...

ян √иллан


Slow down, slow down
You move too fast
Get back
Lay back
Or you just won't last
You get up
You fall down life's grand ain't it
You be good
You be bad, you always pay for it

It's ge ...

ян √иллан

Bad News

I can't sleep, you treat me so bad
I can't sleep, you make me so mad
I can't sleep, you bring me bad news
You bring me bad news
Don't tell the truth, just tell me some lies
Maybe I'll live, ...

ян √иллан

Better Days

And we don't have much
But these four walls
And it's just enough
To keep us warm
On those cold winter nights

Let's think about better days
Not what we did
But what we'll do

And we ...

ян √иллан

Bite The Bullet

When you're thrown out of work
Got no money to eat
You've got nowhere to live
And there's holes in your feet
Bite the Bullet

When it's Saturday night
You've got no money to spend
And w ...

ян √иллан

Can I Get A Witness

listen everybody especially you girls
is it right to be left alone?
while the one you love is never home?
i love too hard my friends sometimes say
i believe i believe that a woman should be lo ...

ян √иллан

Candy Horizon

How can you win, how can you fight
How can you lose when you know
You're always right
Look at the sky what do you see
That same old burning tree
I let my hair down on the ground
I listen b ...

ян √иллан

ChandraТs Coriander

The ripples in the river
Giving way to waterfalls
The canopies of the forest
Where the ghosts of long forgotten gods
Lie at peace with simple things
And the parts of us that whisper
And sa ...

ян √иллан

Child in Time

Sweet child
In time you'll see the line
The line that's drawn between
Good and bad
See the blind man
Shooting at the world
Bullets flying
Taking toll
If you've been bad
Lord I bet yo ...

ян √иллан

Child in Time

Sweet child in time
You'll see the line
The line that's drawn between
Good and bad

See the blind man
Shooting at the world
Bullets flying
Ohh taking toll

If you've been bad
Oh L ...

ян √иллан

Clean Air Turbulence

Get up
Get right up
Get it up
Up in the sky
White knuckles and blank staring faces
Get a leg up head for them spaces

And confusion
Electric voices
Creating morbid delusions

ян √иллан

Country Lights

Everybody's rolling thru' the night
Get that city moving out of sight
I've just got time to get away
And free my mind for thirty days
Get that city moving out of sight

Bye bye city
Bye b ...

ян √иллан

Country Mile

Under a desert sky
and it's closing in
Another day gone by
and I don't know where I've been
I said it before
and it's true
All my life I give to you

Wherever I am
Whatever I do
I'm ...

ян √иллан

Dancing Nylon Shirt (Part 1)

I know it won't be easy
I've got to get you out of my mind
I don't want this way of living
The blind are leading the blind

Picking it up putting it down
I'm getting tired, too many shades ...

ян √иллан

Deal With It

Deal with it your own way
Deal with it tonight
Deal with it your own way
You gotta deal with it tonight

Something in my vision
As I'm walking down the towpath
A feeling of aggression
E ...

ян √иллан

Demon's Eye

I don't mind just what you say.
I never heard you, baby, never heard you anyway.
I don't care what you do
just so long as it ain't me and you.
Sly, sly, sly like a demon's eye.

Everything' ...

ян √иллан

Don't Hold Me Back

And that's what dreams are for
Knocking at your spiritual door
It's easy
Just go with the flow
I told you before
When your body is burning
You reach for the light
In the heat of the nigh ...

ян √иллан

Don't Stop

There's something about you
This I know
Part of it's real
But a lot is for show
I got some indication
That if we do it your way
When I park at the station
I'll have to pay and display


ян √иллан

DonТt Want The Truth


I don't need you you're obsolete
I don't want you hanging round my feet
Don't even share the same track
Don't want you hanging on my back
No don't even want you ...

ян √иллан

Down The Road


Time don't stand still
Don't hang around for the kill
I've been too long on the hill
Get on down I'll meet you down the road

We had our dreams
W ...

ян √иллан

Fighting Man

There's a man
Living on the kind of street that makes you wonder
Got a face that tells the life of city thunder
Here's the man

In his hand
Is a gun that says he doesn't need a reason ...

ян √иллан

Five Moons

Skies going through another change
Bright yellow skies looking so strange
We're never going home
A million souls alone with
Five moons in the sky
Maybe we can have another chance
Starting ...

ян √иллан

Fool's Mate

Lavender Sally
You got me going again
Raggedy Sally
You got me going again
I was down as down can be before
You came along
You got me going again
These fools are rising
Two foo ...

ян √иллан

Future Shock

If tomorrow is the day before we think it is
Are we doing what we've done before
If the future is splitting of infinities
Are we living in the past, can we really be sure
Is this the future sh ...

ян √иллан

Gethsamane (I Only Want To Say)

I only want to say
If there is a way
Take this cup away from me
For I donТt want to taste its poison
Feel it burn me,
I have changed
IТm not as sure
As when we started

Then, I was in ...

ян √иллан


I only want to say
If there is a way
Take this cup away from me for I don't want to taste
its poison
Feel it burn me, I have changed, I'm not as sure as
when we started
Then I was inspired ...

ян √иллан

Girl Goes To Show

What you doing?
See that badly written sign
That says
State your business
Want no undesirables
You got suits in the corridor
Where they belong
Skin's only natural
And the conversation' ...

ян √иллан

Goodhand Liza

Nobody want to help me
Nobody want to help me
I see you turn your eyes away
I live in gutters
I live in alleys
I live in your house

I am a bad reflection
I am a bad reflection
I am y ...

ян √иллан

Gunga Din

If the nets were full of holes
And all the holes were full of dreams
And the dreams were full of fortune
They'd be bursting at the seams
And if the seams were made of gold
And you could unde ...

ян √иллан


I feel so dirty
I feel so dirty
It's all worked out
You tell me I've been wrong
I got no reason to live anymore
Nothing to do but just curl up and die

But wait a minute babe
I can't se ...

ян √иллан

Hang Me Out To Dry

I can't lose
Don't want to change my situation
I can't lose
Got this strange infatuation
When my seeds were sown
Then the cold wind blowing in my face
My life was just confusion
And when ...

ян √иллан

Helter Skelter

When I get to the bottom I go back to the top of the slide
Where I stop and I turn and I go for a ride
Till I get to the bottom and I see you again.

Do, don't you want me to love you
I'm com ...

ян √иллан

If I Sing Softly

The touch of your skin
Alive and glistening
What are you doing to me
You've got a hold on me

The smile in your eye
Your breath and your sigh
What are you doing to me
When will you come ...

ян √иллан

It Would Be Nice

It Would Be Nice
If the sun shone every day
A full moon dressed in a starry night
Could put us in the mood for dancing - romancing

It would be nice
If we keep this to ourselves
If we hol ...

ян √иллан

Lay Me Down

She lay me down
I said it's a sin
Started to pray while she did her thing
She had to move
Had to curse me
I's coming firstly
I ain't complaining
But she did it underhand
I ...

ян √иллан

Let It Slide

Feel me rushing through you
Just another sixty second ride
Help me stay longer
Make me stronger and stem the tide

Let it slide

I know I leave you aching
And it's worse a second time

ян √иллан

Loving On Borrowed Time

... and then she said
I'm gonna love you 'til the day I die
I turned around and saw a tear
In the corner of her eye
Sitting on the fence
The next afternoon
It didn't make a lot of sense

ян √иллан


Ah Lucille
Baby do your sister's will
Ah Lucille
Baby do your sister's will
Well you went up and married
But I love you still

Ah Lucille
Baby satisfy my soul
Ah Lucille
Baby satisf ...

ян √иллан

Mad Elaine

Me and my girl now we really look a treat
She's a looker but she ain't too sweet
She don't hold back when we get into a fight
Comes in swinging with a left and a right

Oh Mad Elaine
No non ...

ян √иллан

Mercury High

Maybe I can see at night
Maybe I can touch the sky
A few feet above the ground
A few more with every bound
Got to get higher, got to get higher
No-one can see me trying
Dreaming of flying

ян √иллан

Money Lender

Fat spender you're a money lender
Message sender you're a mind bender
Oh you worry me

Money you got it hot dawg

I made my mind up to go for the kill
I'm gonna fight with you, gonna clim ...

ян √иллан


And so what else can I tell ya
It was looking pretty well
And you could say
The place was going up in smoke
We had the music playing loud
Laughing faces in the crowd
But poor old Bill
He ...

ян √иллан

Mr. Universe

Are you god are you man do you live in fear
Are we trash in your can a bubble in your beer
I just need some information
Tell me what's my destination

If we run will we fall mr. Universe ...

ян √иллан

My Baby Loves Me

My baby loves me
Never does me wrong
Every time I'm feeling down she's on the telephone
To say she loves me
My baby loves me
She loves like a woman
Teases like a child
Turns me on so bad ...

ян √иллан

Night Ride Out Of Phoenix

The desert air was cold
And the moon was shining bright
As I rode out of Phoenix
There was tension in the night
Someone was walking on my grave
I said I know
That something is happening to ...

ян √иллан

No Good Luck

AinТt got no good luck
Missed the good luck turn
AinТt no good luck baby
I missed the good luck turn
All my life
You put my heart in misery
You ainТt been good to me baby
And now youТre ...

ян √иллан

No Laughing In Heaven

I used to be a sinner used to have my cake and eat it
They warned me of my fate but I was quite prepared
To meet it
You'll go to Hell they smiled at me
And told me of the roaring fires
But I ...

ян √иллан

No Lotion For That

She was a rude girl baby
With a bye-bye notion of love
She gave no warning
Did a handbrake into my life

It's all too much for me

She said what's up
I said not much
We live, we die

ян √иллан

No More Cane On The Brazos

There ain't no more cane on the Brazos
They ground it all up in molasses
Captain don't you do me like you done your poor shine
Well they drove that poor Billy 'til he went stone blind

You wa ...

ян √иллан

Nothing But The Best

I see you on the same route every day
I climb on the bus even though it's not going my way
As luck would have it I took a longer look today
And saw your brown eyes peeping up over your book
Yo ...

ян √иллан

One Eye To Morocco

I don't know where I'm going
I don't know what I'm doing
But it feels alright

I have one eye to Morocco
I only have to follow
Through the scented night

Is fading away

ян √иллан

One Eye to Morocco

I don't know where I'm going
I don't know what I'm doing
But it feels alright

I have one eye to Morocco
I only have to follow
Through the scented night

Is fading away

ян √иллан

Poor Boy Hero

Rockin' to the poor boy he'll be my king
Really got to shiver when he sings
He is the image of my fantasising
Now we got the whole world listening
He will be the biggest thing in history
Cau ...

ян √иллан


Cast no shadow on the ground
Scream and there is not a sound
You can be free when you're with me
If I'm not me who can I be
Watching in the darkest night
When you cast your opal light
You ...

ян √иллан

Prima Donna

I tried to believe you
but you're so unbelievable
You did what you had to do
It wasn't good
but you knew that anyway
didn't you
hear me crying
Give it one more shot

You came as a tro ...

ян √иллан


Let's try Scarabus pie
Leg of dog and lizard's eye
Come into the wizard's lair
Breath of goat and dead man's hair
What do you want to be
I'm the king of sorcery
If you care to serve me tru ...

ян √иллан

Secret Of The Dance

I saw her in the gloom
As she moved across the room
The animal was burning in her eye
She took him by the hand
But he didn't understand her
He wouldn't be the one to satisfy
Got to wait no ...

ян √иллан

Sky Is Falling Down

They say the weather's getting better
I don't know, it sure feels like rain
If you ask me 'what's your pleasure?
(I'll have)
Anything but more of the same

We're going through another phase ...

ян √иллан

Sleeping On The Job

Big Ann is a working man
Sleeping on the job
She works the night shift does the night shift
Sleeping on the job
She uses so much energy
There's never any left for me
Big Ann is sleeping on ...

ян √иллан

Sleepy Warm

When you wake up in the morning
you're still dreaming
And your kisses
sleepy warm
So I come on home to you
when I can
Yes I get on home to you
when I can

There's a bright moon in the ...

ян √иллан

Smoke on the water

We all came out to Montreaux
On the Lake Geneva shoreline
To make records with a Mobile
We didn't have much time
Frank Zappa and the Mothers
Were at the best place around
But some stupid w ...

ян √иллан

Speed King

Good golly, said, little Miss Molly
She was rockin' in the house of blue light
Tutti frutti was, oh, so rooty
Rockin' to the east and west

Lucille was, oh, so real
She didn't do her daddy' ...

ян √иллан

Sugar Plum

I haven't got a job
'Cos they say they couldn't use no freaks
I want a position at the top
No training and a two day week
Won't you take me
To the land of flood and hunger
Won't you lead m ...

ян √иллан

Texas State Of Mind

Skipping stones
Down by the water
And you ain't doin'
Doin' what you should

Living so high
Rolling along
Times like these
How we gonna make it

Been driving for days
You on my min ...

ян √иллан

ThatТs Why God Is Singing The Blues

We took the p out of paradise
just to produce this hell
And all we're going to leave behind
is this decaying putrid smell
We've lived in this world
seen her used and abused
That's why god ...

ян √иллан

The Sky Is Falling Down

They say the weather's getting better
I don't know, it sure feels like rain
If you ask me 'what's your pleasure?
(I'll have) anything but more of the same

We're going through another phase

ян √иллан


If you're looking for trouble
You came to the right place
If you're looking for trouble
Just look right in my face
I was born standing up
And talking back
My daddy was a green-eyed mountai ...

ян √иллан

Trying To Get To You

I have been travelling over mountains
Even the valleys too

I've been travelling night and day
I've been running all the way
Baby, trying to get to you

Ever since I read your letter
Wel ...

ян √иллан

Ultimate Groove

I've got an aching head
And my eyes on fire
I think I'm paralyzed
With desire

I know
You know
Oh oh

There's a place not far from here
Where wolves howl at the moon
If you click ...

ян √иллан

When A Blind Man Cries

If you're leaving close the door.
I'm not expecting people anymore.
Hear me grieving, I'm lying on the floor.
Whether I'm drunk or dead I really ain't too sure.

I'm a blind man, I'm a blind ...

ян √иллан

You Sold My Love For A Song

You called my tune
day by day
You called my tune
you made me pay
I was lost in my room
When you called my tune

Such sweet surrender
I fell in line
Such sweet surrender
every time

ян √иллан

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